Cindy and her Teacher

Cindy and her Teacher Cindy and her Teacher

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Cindy seduces her teacher


Cindy seduces her teacher


Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



Cindy and Michael


Summer vacation was week starting next and Mr. Williamson, the math teacher, was looking for someone to help tutor for the summer. Cindy was among the best students in the class and she had entered her name on the list of possible tutors. Much to her delight he chose her as this summer's helper. She had always had a schoolgirl crush on her math teacher and her heart fluttered as he chose her.


After class was over, he asked her "Can you get together with me before we start the summer tutoring program?" "Sure, when would it be convenient for you" she answered breathlessly.


"How about tomorrow night at my house - say about 6:30." "OK Mr. Williamson." Cindy walked home from school, her heart all a flutter, and with a big smile on her face.


That night as she lay in bed she thought about her crush teacher, Mike. She squeezed her legs together as she got that warm feeling between her legs that always preceded a masturbation session. Cindy was a very horny girl and she found out early in her life that her girl slit could be the source of great and almost endless pleasure.


She imagined her teacher kissing her  as her fingers started on their journey through the folds of her bare, shaven, pussy. She got wet very rapidly and she used the vee between her first and middle fingers to slide them over her clit so it was trapped between them. Oooohhhh it felt so good as she was getting increasingly excited as she masturbated and imagined Mike kissing her on her lips... and then on her nipples. Her other hand rose to caress her breast with its turgid nipple then pinching it to increase the feeling.  Maybe he would even kiss and lick her between her legs. As those naughty thoughts flittered through her mind her fingers became more and more frantic as she sought that orgasmic goal.  She flipped over onto her stomach so she could muffle the noise she knew she would be making soon. She repeatedly slammed her hips into the bed burying her two fingers deep inside her pussy as she got close and closer.. and closer... and THEN YESSSS... ahhhhhhh...she screamed and moaned into her pillow as her orgasm washed over her making her body twitch all over and her pussy clenched in repeated orgasmic release, her girl juice soaking her hand. "Whew," she thought to herself after she had calmed somewhat, "I wonder if  IT will ever happen" as she drifted off into a satisfying sleep.


Cindy wasn't the only one with an ulterior motive. Michael Williamson was hoping that the nubile teenager would volunteer. He had noticed her burgeoning beauty as the school year progressed and she was more than once the object of his masturbation fantasies. She was one of the sexiest girls it was his pleasure to see at the high school. And besides that she was smart, a characteristic that always drew him in. He did wonder if he were dreaming since he was 35 lusting after an 18 year old girl. He  had always had fantasies about having sex with a teenager - some how young girls excited him more than girls/women his age.


Well "tomorrow" night, as well as Cindy, arrived finally. She had decided to wear her very tight black short-shorts, no panties, and a white tank top that was cropped to just under her breasts and, since her nipples pushed the very soft material out, made it clear that there was no bra underneath and white tennis sneakers. Her shorts were cut low on her hips and were tight enough to show the indentation her shaved pussy lips made. They also showed off her sexy little bubble ass because they fit so that the seam in the back was deep in her ass crack and separated each delightful cheek.


"Wow. Love your outfit" Mike exclaimed, his cock lurching in his pants as he looked at the sexpot in front of him. "Why thank you sir" she smiled with a twinkle in her eye."…And you look nice too" Cindy complimented. He looked devilishly handsome in the white polo shirt and silky gray slacks.


"Well lets get to work."


The next hour was spent in Mike going over the material that he wanted to cover that summer session. It turned out, he told Cindy, that she would be also assisting another girl, Michelle Jones, that had taught last summer and that had come back from her first year at the teacher's college for the summer and had agreed to help out too. Cindy remembered her from last year. She recalled that she was very athletic, a terrific tennis player, and was quite good looking too. "I've set up an appointment for you here next Wednesday when I'm busy all day. It's OK to use the house. I've given Michelle a key."


As he talked to her, they're eyes met several times and, when he touched her to emphasize a point, she slid closer to him, letting him know that she liked his attention. They were getting increasingly closer and he stopped withdrawing his hand from her leg - ohhh her soft sexy leg! She almost lost track of his instructions several times - what was that, how do you complete the square and then oh yes, integrals expressed areas below the curve and yes, I remember the trigonometric identities... and so it went...


Mike could not help himself. He loved the touch of her silky skin. He almost subconsciously started sliding his hand up and down that soft skin as he talked. Every time he looked into her eyes he almost lost his train of thought. She had the greatest dark eyes that one could drown in.


Cindy was beginning to go crazy trying to pretend she wasn't horny for her teacher. She almost moaned aloud when his hand started to stroke her leg - higher - she was trying to will his hand - touch me more - she thought to herself. She could tell her pussy was starting to get wet and pretty soon he would notice a dark stain on her shorts. The odor of a horny pussy started to waft over them she wasn't sure whether she wanted him to notice or not - it was starting to embarrass her.


The next time her turned toward her she turned toward him, lifted her arm up, and touched his neck and offered her lips up in an unmistakable move - that he answered. He leaned down and kissed her gently on her lips.


She reached up and put both arms around his neck and opened her lips to a much deeper kiss than he had intended. The kiss went on and on becoming more and more passionate - his tongue entering her mouth - hers answering and sucking on his tongue....


"Whew" he said when they finally broke apart, "this is leading us into dangerous territory - you know how everyone feels about teachers messing around with their students."


"I don't care" Cindy said hotly, "I won't tell if you don't." "Kiss me more - I want more" the hot teen gasped.


Mike was only happy to oblige the horny girl. He had become aware of that familiar odor and was amazed that the young girl was so hot.  He reached around her and kissed her again. This time he put his hand on her bare belly and slowly slid it up until he was touching and then cupping her firm, soft breast.


Cindy gasped has his hand caressed her breast, playing with the nipple and softly stroking it. She wanted more. She grabbed his other hand and slid it up her leg to her awaiting pussy. The material of the shorts was thin enough he could feel her pussy lips through them and he stroked it up and down.


"Yea, with me touch me more.. please."


Mike then picked her up and carried her to his bedroom - lips still kissing each other. He put her down across the bed and pulled of the very tight shorts. She helped else it was going to be a frustrating evening. When he saw her bald, shaven pussy, and how wet it already was, he went crazy with lust. He loved the thought of having sex with a very young girl and this was perfect. He buried his face in her crotch licking and sucking at her pussy - tasting the wonderful girl juices that her pussy was producing. He licked and sucked her labia and he sucking each side in turn into his mouth. He was determined to make this as intensely sexual for her as he could. He licked slowly and alternately sucking her clit into his mouth.


"Ahhh... God...yes eat my pussy.. lick me.. suck it... make me... make me... uhhhh... cum."


He slid one, then two fingers into her horny little cunt, masturbating her while sucking and licking and sucking her clit. He slid another finger underneath and stuffed it into her sexy ass.


"Oh you're a nasty little girl aren't you. You like for me to suck that little pussy, don't you. And you love to have your sexy ass played with" He whispered to her.


"Oh God... yes, I'm a nasty little girl," she played into the role instinctively, "that loves this...I'm gonna cum ....yeah.. yeah.....ohhh fuck... NOW... SUCK ME Michael!!! Arghhhhh"


This was better than she had imagined. Her pussy was on fire, incredibly sensitive her clit was going to explode - it was so close and so intense. His tongue felt so sexual on her clit. Her body stiffened and pussy leaked even more girl juice. Then a shudder went through her entire body as she orgasmed. She screamed in delight as her pussy came again, so intensely did she feel the sensations. It was like a double shot of orgasmic ecstasy.


He brought her down from her peak slowly.. slowly pulling his fingers and mouth away from her and sliding up next to her, holding her close to his body. He hugged her as she tried to regain her breath,. It was as though she had run a 100 yard sprint.


"Oh, wow. That was fantastic."


"Yes, you did seem to enjoy this and that makes me not only glad, but makes me hotter"


They lay together and she noticed his cock under his pants poking outward. Sfe dropped her hand and slowly caressed him through the pants. "My pussy has never felt so good, you were and still are, wonderful. But now it's my turn to pleasure you. How about I take care of that sexy cock of yours.. just lean back and let me do the work... I'm gonna make you feel like a sixteen year old again." Cindy promised. She unzipped his pants and he helped slide them off and also removed his "bunhugger" underwear.


She turned and pushed him so that he lay along the bed, his hard cock lying along his belly. She crept down and held his cock and started to lick it up and down and then finally suckled on the tip. She elicited a groan when she slid her tongue along that ridge - tasting his salty pre-cum. She licked up and down on his shaft and ran her fingers over his balls. She could tell he was getting close to cuming. But she wanted him to cum in her horny little cunt. Her experience with Alan was paying off.


"Ahh... yes Cindy baby.. you do that so well... ohh yessss... more baby...oh don't stop" he said as he stopped feeling her lips on his cock.


"Don't worry...I want you to cum in my pussy. I gonna fuck your brains out." She sat over his cock and slowly - agonizingly slowly - slid his cock into her pussy - deeper and deeper. She loved the power she had over men. She knew they would do anything to get to her pussy.


She then lay down on top of him and started her hips moving up and down - his cock sliding in and out without him having to move. This was way beyond his expectations.


"Oh, God... that's so fucking sexy... and so good... yesss... fuck my cock with your pussy.. ohhh... more baby girl.....more...!" he gasped.


Her sexy ass bounced up and down. He held her ass and helped her motions. He loved feeling her ass as she fucked him. She loved having the control that this position gave her, She would slow down and fuck slowly but deeply. And then she would speed her motions and just keep the tip of his cock at her pussy lips - just rubbing the very sensitive tip of his cock. She rubbed her clit against his hard cock and knew she too would be cuming soon. She leaned over him so he could feel her breasts and nipples against his chest. She continued that age old fucking motion.


"Slide a finger into my ass again." she said breathlessly. "I'm gonna cum again fucking  you... want your  cum in my pussy....cum in me..," as she felt he was getting  close. "Cum into my bare nasty little girl cunt." she said in a sense wise beyond her years, understanding his forbidden desires for a young girl.


"Yes, I want to cum into your tight cunt...yes little girl, fuck me... fuck me with your bald cunt.. and cum with me..." he yelled getting lost in his sexual haze, feeling the cum rising.


"Ohhhh... now.... FUCK ME....cumming...ohhh shit...your fucking cunt is so good" he screamed in ecstasy as his cum erupted into her young pussy.


"Ahhh... cumming too..." she felt her cunt convulsing in the familiar orgasmic spasm and  imagined his cum spewing into her. She collapsed on top of him.. both drenched in sweat and sex juices.


"Ohh I'm still cumming...never so good..." he gasped marveling at the intensity of it... and suddenly realizing that Cindy had played to his "young girl" fantasy making the experience so intense.


After they had caught their breaths he said "You are an amazing young lady. I'm no virgin but you're the best I ever had. You do have a 'nasty' turn of mind - and I loved it. I had really never known that about myself."


"Did you like me playing 'Little girl'? I loved it. Maybe next time I'll call you Daddy"


"Yeah, I did - very much so. Oh I think that's sooo sexy if you called me daddy. Drove my cock crazy. Sort of scary though."


"Well, we better keep this our secret." he said. "Now we better jump into the shower and clean up - you have to go home soon."


They took a leisurely shower together playing and cooing like lovers have always done. She bade him adieu with a lingering and passionate kiss at the door.

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