Cindy and Annie

Cindy and Annie

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The further adventures of Cindy, a horny little girl... actually an adventure earlier than "Cindy"


The further adventures of Cindy, a horny little girl... actually an adventure earlier than "Cindy"


Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



Cindy and Annie


"What do you want to do tonight, Cindy"? asked Annie.  Annie was Cindy's very best friend even though she was a little older than her. The girls were spending Saturday night at Cindy's house.  They were all excited because Cindy's parents were going to be out late and they had the house all to themselves.


Cindy had had some sexual thoughts about Annie when she masturbated the other night. She wondered if Annie ever thought about her. That was the real reason for tonight’s invitation.


"Oh, I don't know" answered Cindy with a twinkle in her eye. "You know what I did the other night" Cindy said conspiratorially to Annie. "I shaved my pussy just like you said and, boy was that exciting."


"What was exciting?" Annie retorted teasingly.


"Well, you're my best friend so I'll tell you". "I couldn't stop playing with my pussy, it felt so good."


"You masturbated your shaved pussy and you liked it just as I told you, you would."


"But let me tell you something else" Cindy said.


"Well, Ok but let's turn out the lights.


The girls got undressed and got onto Cindy's bed and giggled as they looked at the other's exposed body visible in the dim light from the street. "Hmm" Cindy thought," her pussy looks very sexy. I hope she thinks mine does too".


"So what was it you wanted to tell me?"


"I let my daddy watch me!" "Watch you what?" Annie asked breathlessly.


"I let him watch me playing with myself."


Cindy related to Annie how she got her father horny and left her bedroom door open so he could watch and how he masturbated while watching her. She was very detailed and could tell she was getting to Annie. She told her about the sexy story "Becky" that she found. How she listened to her daddy masturbating after she teased him.


"Yeah, my dad's got stories like that too. Turned me on too."


"Don't your parents do it? He shouldn't be horny"


"I think my mom doesn't like to do it anymore - I hear them arguing about it at night sometimes."


"Your dad doesn't have anyone right now though. Do you think he wants to fuck you?" Annie asked.


I don't know but I sure was excited when I knew he was watching me.


"Yeah - it was incredible. I'm getting horny just thinking about it. Do you want to watch each other doing it".


"OK" said Annie tentatively.


They started very shyly. Cindy's pussy was already wet when they started and she slowly slid one finger all around her pussy, spreading her girl-juices all around her pussy lips, making them glisten in the dim light. She stroked her lips up and down watching Annie start to play with her shaved pussy.


"Ohhhh," Cindy said, "you look sooo sexy". "You too" answered Annie.


Nothing was said for the next few minutes while they masturbated watching each other intently. Cindy was getting wetter and wetter and her pussy was starting to signal that an orgasm was going to come soon. She started to caress her breast with her other hand - running her fingers lightly over the breast and the nipple and then grasping it harder and then gently pinching her nipple.


"Ohh, it's so good, Annie". "Yeahhh" was the only answer Annie could utter, so wrapped up in her self pleasure.


All that was heard for the next minutes was the two girls breathing louder and louder - each becoming more and more aroused by watching the other one. Annie also started to play with her own nipple - she loved it when she pinched it - she had found that the pain/pleasure helped make her orgasm more intense.


"Oh, God Annie. I'm getting close. You look so fucking sexy... fuck your pussy with your hand... you're gonna make me cum soon."


Annie was now deeply involved in her self pleasure. She didn't notice how Cindy was now staring at her body. Cindy  suddenly thought how delicious Annie's little tits looked and had an urge to kiss her. As both teens were rubbing their respective pussies, getting closer and closer, Cindy leaned over to Annie, who had her eyes shut in concentration on that spot between her delectable thighs, and, just as both started to cum, Cindy clamped her mouth onto Annie’s breast and sucked on it and bit the nipple gently.


That sent Annie on an intense cum. Cindy’s was less intense as she was focusing a little on the task of making Annie cum hard.


"Oh, my god Cindy. I'm cumming... cumming.... you're making me cum...more...arghhh"




Several minutes passed until Annie recovered her breath. "Wow Cindy, that was awesome. What made you do that".


"Well, I don't know. You looked suddenly so scrumptious and thought I'd love it if you did that to me".


"It sure felt good - made me cum real hard."


Cindy had read some sex stories the last few days and found that some of the girl-girl stories really also turned her on. That made her think about being together with Annie the last time she masturbated - and she liked the thought.


"You know you're so pretty and sexy lying there. If I was boy, I would want to just munch you up". "Did you like watching me finger myself?"


"Yeah... it really turned me on."


"Me too... in fact I'm getting horny again just looking at you" said Cindy dropping her hand down to her pussy. She started to again gently stroke herself and sighing as she started to feel herself on the road to orgasm city.


"Oh, God" said Annie. " you're getting me horny too" and she too started to masturbate herself.


Cindy stared at Annies bare pussy wondering if she had the nerve to lick it. "Annie, you look so hot... and your pussy's getting so juicy. Have you ever had anyone lick you there... I bet it feels so great!"


"Yeah" answered Annie dreamily. "Really great I bet"


"Let's try Annie" said Cindy and before Annie could protest, Cindy leaned down and licked Annie's pussy as Anie was rubbing her own clit. "Oh my God..that's so good... you are a nasty little girl... mmm...more Cindy... more..."


Cindy was pleased that Annie liked it. She loved the taste of her friend's pussy, She licked and then slowly inserted her finger into that tight pussy and Annie stopped rubbing herself and held Cindy's head as she moaned. Annie had never been as hot as she was getting.. her pussy was giving her the most intense pleasure she could imagine.


"Oh, Cindy... suck me.. lick me... ohh... fucking pussy feels so good"


"Yeah, tell me Annie. Talk to me tell me what you want you horny cunt."


"Yeah, suck my cunt.. more... make me cum into your mouth... ohhh fuckkkk.. I love your mouth sucking me baby...cummming... cummming.... ahhhhhhh...."


An Annie came as Cindy slurped her cunt juices up, as she experienced a mini-orgasm along with Annie.

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