A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match A Perfect Match

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A professor stops for lunch and meets a waitress with whom he forms an immediate sexual bond


A professor stops for lunch and meets a waitress with whom he forms an immediate sexual bond


Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



A Perfect Match

They didn't know it at the time, but they were perfect for each other in one of those unexplained coincidences seemingly cast by the fates in life. Allan entered the restaurant about one o’clock, having driven many miles and was looking for a simple meal offered by the eatery in this small town. Sadie was working that summer between her freshman and sophomore years at the UC Berkeley. She was only seventeen, looked about fourteen, and had a precocious brain that allowed her entry into the University system just after her 17'th birthday.

He looked up after studying the menu at the table and met deep dark brown eyes of Sadie. His heart gave a lurch especially when he looked at the rest of her. She had a tight figure, small firm breasts, and a perfect ass sheathed in jeans that were a second skin. His weakness, he knew, was young girls and she seemed the perfect image of his pornographic dreams. Teaching high school classes was always a problem as his very satisfying and continuing affair with Cindy proved.

Sadie it turned out was very attracted to very intelligent older men, and this new customer seemed to be in his forties or older, not super handsome but pleasant looking nevertheless. She had had dates with some men that passed through town but she was turned off by the truck driver mentality of most of the men and refused to go out with anyone that was married. Some of the professors on campus were attractive but she studied very hard and had no time – and besides most were married!

“Hi, I’m Sadie your waitress. Can I get you something to drink while you decide on what to have?”

He stumbled out an answer feeling very foolish in front of this gorgeous young girl. He watched her sexy ass receding as she left to get him a coffee but was “busted” when she quickly looked back over her shoulder at him – and made a little smile as she laughed to herself. He composed himself, decided on what to do when she returned and again looked at her as she walked back to him smiling. He wondered if she had a brain at all – being a waitress in a small town didn’t leave much hope for a smart girl. He not only liked girls young, but also smart.

“See anything you like?” she said with a smile.

He liked the double entendre and answered “Who… er.. what do you recommend?” and smiled right back.

“Well the burgers are actually the best deal here. We use the best leanest beef - and I understand your waitress has a lot to recommend her.” She retorted with a giggle.

He laughed and said “well OK, I’ll take the burger – we can discuss the other later”

As the meal progressed, with his heart pounding, he worked up the nerve to ask if she had any plans after work and if she’d like to get together and chat. Much to his shock and to his delight she agreed to meet him after her shift ended at nine o’clock. “Why don’t you meet me in front of this place at nine thirty – I want to go home and shower and change”

Allan checked into the motel, took a nap, and showered to remove the travel dirt and changed into light summer slacks and a silk shirt to meet Sadie.

When Sadie got home after her shift ended she ran to the shower shouting “gotta hurry Mom – have a date” She washed her self and then shaved her pussy, She loved the feel of her pussy against various materials because she kept her pussy totally devoid of hair – and it felt  lot better when she masturbated. Sadie is a very sexual girl who seemed to be horny a lot and liked being horny. She dressed in a short denim miniskirt, put on a tank top wore no bra of course so that her  delectable nipples would show through, and put on her favorite thong. She also put on no makeup knowing she looked even younger than her seventeen years and loved the looks she got. She had a hunch about Allen after her pussy twitched when she saw him ogling her.
When Allan saw her at nine thirty his cock gave a lurch as he was confronted with the ultimate teen wet dream - at least as far as he was concerned. She looked to be no more than thirteen or fourteen. She had on a very sexy short denim skirt and a black tank top that left no doubt that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Let's go for a ride in your car and I'll show you the mountains around here" she said. "That will make it easier, and more private, to chat"

She directed him on the road out of town and up in the nearby mountain untill reaching a valley with a lake. The moon was out and lit the whole scene. As they drove along, he told her a little about himself - a PhD in Physics and teaching at a high school.

He repeatedly glanced over at her and noted that she allowed her miniskirty to ride way up so he could see almost to her pussy. She giggled when she caught him looking. "As I said before, do you like what you see?"

"Mmmm, yes. You look absolutely ravishing - and I love your outfit." It was a favorite one of his; spaghetti strap tanktop that let her nipples push out when they became excited and errect and below a denim miniskirt VERY short.

"Thanks - it's one of my favorites too."

"Isn't this a gorgeous place?" she said when they arrived at the place toward she had directed him.

"Wow, This is a gorgeous place"

"Let's get out and walk" she suggested.

"Well let me tell you a little about myself" she said as they started down a well worn trail toward the lake, She told him that she was between quarters at Berkeley and was interested in Biochemistry or Astrophysics. "That's a good coincidence that you're a Physicist". He was impressed.

She asked him some questions about theories of Black Holes and the origin of the universe and they had a lively discussion about UFOs. They both were very impressed by each other and the original attraction just got stronger.

As they walked down the path Allan put his hand around her shoulders to see how she would react. She snuggled into him so he dropped his hand to her waist cupping her hip pulling her closer to him. As they chatted, he slid his hand up her side and gently touched the side of her firm young breast with his fingertips. She just sighed as she felt his fingers brush her breast and didn't do anything to discourage him.

Sadie was getting all excited. She was very attracted to Allan especially when he displayed the intelligent maturity of an older man. She knew he was attracted to her and when she felt him gently stroking the side of  her right breast, she knew her pussy was getting wet and her very sensitive nipples popped up. His gentle approach pleased her after having to fight off some of the crude other men that tried to get into her panties.

"Oh, Allan" she gasped turning to him "I think we're going to get along great. Kiss me" as she turned towards him and put her arms around his neck. He kissed her very gently and licked her lips and then gently slid his tongue into her mouth. "Hmmm" moaned Sadie as they broke appart, "you kiss great". She turned her back to him so his arm was around her again as the looked at the moonlit scene in front of them. She leaned into him and turned slightly more so that her breast slid right under his hand. She reached up and pressed his hand against her breast to let him know that she wanted the contact.

Allan was pleased and almost couldn't wait to touch and feel her naked breast. He pulled at her top until it came out of her tight jeans and slid his hand up to cup the naked tit. Ohhh it felt so sexy. He could feel her nipple, all erect and hard. He leaned down and gently sucked her nipple into his mouth, rubbing his tongue over it. He could feel it getting even harder and sucked her whole tit into his mouth.

"Ohhh," she exclaimed, "I love to have my nipples sucked like that... more... more please" she pleaded. "and now also the other one"
He moved his lips over to the other delectable breast, drgging his tongue ove her dewy skin. He sucked her other nipple into his mouth, nipping it gently with his teeth. "Ahhh...yes.." she moaned.

He slid his hand up her leg to her thigh - he loved toughing her thigh with its silky smooth skin - he went higher since she spread her legs slightly. As his fingers arrived it their goal he was surprised that she wore no panties and her pussy was shaven smooth. His fingers touched her pussy lips, stroking up and down, feeling it getting wetter and wetter. He slid it up and down getting his fingers wetter and wetter and eliciting moans from the teen. "God yes, that feels soooo good... I want more."

Sadie was getting horny and she needed more. She surprised Allan as she slid her heand between the to his pant covered cock and caressed it through his pants. He liked that she seemed to have an agressive streak in her approach to sex. She squeezed his cock and ran her fingertips over where she felt the tip of his cock was, causing his cock to emit some precum.

As the stood there sexing eachother up, it was clear they were not going to stop at just kissing and touching.

"Let's get back to town" he suggested, meaning of course his motel room.

As they got into the car and started the drive back, they continued to touch each other's genitals to keep the excitement up. His fingers were burried in her teen cunt now really getting wet with pussy juice. She unzipped his pants and stroked the cock tip through his underwear. She snuggled up to his shoulder and whispered into his ear, "I can't wait for you to eat my pussy" she boldly whispered, "and I want to taste your cock."

He almost drove off the road thinking about what he would do to this teen sexpot, as she got hom hotter and hotter.

"Yeah, I can't wait to taste you juice and lick you everywhere and then ..." leaving the next step unspoken. "You are one wonderfully sexual girl."

They got to the motel room both breathing heavily - he had to sneak her in because he didn't want to be discovered being with a teenager.

As soon as they were in the room they turned toward each other and clung in a long and sexy kiss, tongues intertwining..

She pushed him onto the bad so that he lay on his back and she almost jumped on top of him kissing some more and humping his cock through his trousers. She sat up and pulled her sexy little tank top off revealing her perfect little breasts to his gaze. He reached up to play with her breasts and nipplesshe momentarily slipped out of his grasp but he was quickly rewarded with feeling her hands on his belt, opening his pants and pulling them off along with his underwear. His cock was very hard and she sat so that she could rub her bald teen pussy against his cock. He moaned as he felt her warm wet pussy on his cock... she was still wearing her tiny mini and it looked somehow sexier that if she was totally naked. His cock was getting wet from her pussy juice.

He decide he wanted to taste that delicious teen pussy, so he flipped her over before she could do anything and then they were exactly reversed - he was on top of her. He slid down until his tongue and lips were even with her bare pussy and he licked her the length of her slit.

"Ohhh, fuck that feels fucking good!" she gasped, "mmm more please..more".

He loved tasting her pussy, it was so good.. and hot... and he tasted her teen cuntjuice. He licked and sucked her clit and while doing that, slid a finger into her pussy. He wanted to drive her to such heights that she would beg to be fucked. She was moving her hips as he liscked and sucked at her pussy.

 "Oh God, Oh God" she moaned... never this good...ooooh,,, I gonna cum... you're making me cum... ahhhhh.... NOW FUCK....ohhhhh cummming.... suck my cunt..."

He felt her pussy muscles clench his finger as she orgasmed.... juice running out of her pussy....

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.... you're making me cum again....mmmmnnnnhhhh... stop.. I can't take any more...."

He licked her more, attacking her clit and licking and sucking the little nub as he played with her nipples... and she came again... and then he stopped to let her recover.

He slid up and held her in his embrace - smellingher hair and gently caressing her breasts.

She caught her breath and then said "This babygirl is gonna fuck you so good, you'll feel like an 18 year old again"

She rolled slightly til she was on top again and this time inserted his cock into her pussy.. sucking it in like a mouth.

"Do you like babygirl's pussy?" She seemed to catch on that he liked the younger girl fantasy, which she did as well.

"Yeahhh Babygirl, fuck your nasty daddy" "Yes Daddy" she giggled back to him." There it was out in the open and the both played off each other - the daddy daughter fantasy.

"This baby pussy is going to send you to cum heaven" she said as she started a slow fucking rhythm - sliding her pussy almost all the way out and then slowly slide his cock deep within her cunt. She knew how to use her Kegel muscles to squeeze his cock as she fucked him.

He grabbed her tight little ass to set her fucking strokes but at first she went slowly even though he wanted more. But then she started to speed up and he used his hands on that cute ass to drive her cunt onto his belly driving his cock deep within her. She leaned over so that she could kiss him and rub her breasts and nipples against his chest. As they kissed he could feel his cock getting ready for his orgasm. It was soo sexy to see her in that little skirt, fucking him.

"Oh God Sadie... am gonna cum... keep fucking me babygirl.. yeahhh....fuck!!! cumming... NOW"

"Yes daddy, cum in my little pussy... I'm on the pill... just cum...now"

At the words "cum in my little pussy" his body went taught as her words washed over him as he spewed his cum into her cunt in an orgasm whose intensity surprised him. "FUCK" he screamed as she milked his cock  and took him through his orgasm by degrees. Her pussy clenched through another orgasm quite unexpectedly. She had never cum so much in a session. She was pleased at how she made her older lover feel.

It took them several minutes to recover from their exertions... they lay in  each other arms slowly coming down off their sexual frenzied highs.

"WOW that was something special" he murmured to her as she turned and spooned him

(to be continued)

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