You've all seen those videos

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Another Marcella and Simone story.

You’ve seen those videos.  Well, you have, haven’t you.  Admit it.  You know the ones I mean.  The dominant one stands there, whip in hand, or struts around examining the victim from all angles, deciding where to start,  The victim is kneeling on a chair.  Naked.  Stark naked.  Nude body displayed and vulnerable, ready to be used to satisfy the desires of the dominant.  Ready to be whipped naked.

"Why do they do it?" I asked Marcella, as I watched her flick the whip over the naked body.

"My sweet Simone," she answered, "there are three types of people in this world.  There are the Alphas.  Those who are born to command.  Those who command, by the force of their will and their personality.  Then there are the Betas.  Those who are born to serve the Alphas. Then there are the Gammas.  They are nature’s victims.  They are there to be used by the Alphas.  And if we choose to use their naked bodies to provide some innocent amusement, that is what we do."

"But, I mean, how do you... why do they..." 

"Sweet Simone," she said, "we are Alphas, they are Gammas.  They do as we say."

"You think I’m an Alpha then?"   I was a bit surprised.  I never saw myself in the same class as Marcella.

"Sweet Simone," she said, "You are one of the world's natural Betas.  But you have potential.  With training.  With teaching.  Who knows.  Find me a nice fresh Gamma and I’ll show you how it’s done."


Simone, my new secretary, was sex on legs.  Her beautiful, olive brown skin, her long shapely legs, her pert bosoms, her beautiful face.  Fuck me shoes.  Fuck me skirt.  Fuck me blouse.  Her whole outfit just shouted "Fuck Me".  And did I want to fuck her!  You can be bloody certain I did.  I dreamt of fucking her at night, and I plotted how to fuck her during the day.  But of course I didn’t.  I didn’t even flirt with her.  I was far too shy and nervous.  Strong women made me go wobbly,  my mouth went dry, I became tongue tied.  My chances of fucking Simone were precisely nil.  She was out of my league.


I looked at him.  My new boss.  Well, he was supposed to some sort of manager, I was never quite sure who he managed, or what managing he did. He was trying to give some instructions to a stroppy young lass, with no success at all.  I realised as he stood there stuttering out some more pointless instructions, what he was, he was one of life's Gammas.

I looked at him and my nipples went hard.  Marcella had suggested I find her a Gamma. I imagined him naked, controlled, awaiting his fate.  He was good looking, blonde, slim, vulnerable looking.  He probably didn’t have a big one, but so much the better, it would increase his embarrassment when it was on display.  He was my perfect Gamma.

I gave him one of my special smiles.

"My friend Marcella said she would like to meet you," I said.


I couldn’t sleep that night.  My cock was hard and I couldn’t keep my hands off it.  Simone had invited me to meet her friend Marcella.  Not just meet Marcella.  To stay the night.  And she had given me that look.  That fuck me look.  Maybe.  Maybe.  Perhaps I was in with a chance.  My hand went back to my cock again.

I didn’t have a big cock.  That was my worry.  Perhaps Simone would be disappointed.  Not that it was little or anything, just average I suppose  but Simone looked like a girl who was used to big ones.  The sort of girl who could get any size cock she liked.  On an impulse I Googled 'Big Cocks'.  Oh my gosh!  They were huge.  I suddenly felt very inadequate.


I picked him up to take him out to Marcella's place in the country.  That was the first lesson.  Strange place, somebody else’s territory, isolation, no independent way of leaving.  It would give him the feeling that he was entirely at our mercy.  We would be two dominant females on our home territory.  He was one submissive male, isolated, nervous, in a strange place.

Marcella showed him to his room.  A large bedroom on the ground floor.  Large picture window.  No curtains.  En suite bathroom. He had to feel on view.  Which of course he was.

"Er...." he looked around nervously, "Very nice... er.  Thank you."

We left him to it.  The softening up had begun.


It was a lovely room.  I went over to pull down the blind as there were no curtains.  There wasn’t one.  I wondered if I had missed something.  Perhaps I had better ask Marcella.  But I felt a fool.  What would she say if I made some silly comment about curtains.  Marcella looked the sort who wouldn’t be very impressed by fools.  She looked like the sort of strong willed girl who ate men for breakfast.  Ebony skinned, fine chiselled feature.  Wearing tight shorts and a tee shirt her figure was slim, but muscles were firm and contoured.  I didn’t like to ask her.  It must be all right or they wouldn’t have put me in there.  What did it matter anyway.  The room just looked out over open countryside.  

I decided to have a bath.  Like the bedroom, the bathroom had no curtains, but it just looked out over the front drive.  There was no one there.  What did it matter.  I ran the bath and got undressed.  I was just about to step in when the door opened and in walked Marcella,

"I thought you’d need some towels" she was quite unabashed at catching me naked.  She looked me up and down and smiled.  

I turned bright red and stammered a thank you.  Modern girls.  They weren’t bothered about things like nudity.  

"Very nice," she said, "Very nice indeed."  She walked round me as I stood there embarrassed and vulnerable, unable to move.  She took her time, scrutinising every inch of my naked body.

Her eyes fixed on my cock as I stood there transfixed, my face burning.  It was extraordinarily embarrassing, and at the same time extraordinarily arousing,  I felt my cock start to go up,  I couldn’t stop it.  I just stood there immobilised by her intense gaze as she admired my naked body.

Her eyes went to my cock again.

"Very nice indeed," she said.

And I could only stammer out another "Thank you."

She fixed me with her steely eyes.

"My pleasure," she said and walked out.

My hand went to my cock.  It had been intensely embarrassing and at the same time so intensely arousing.

And then it struck me,  She'd seen my cock.  She’d report back to Simone.  I imagined their conversation.

"I wouldn’t bother.  Six inches at the most I’d say..."

I imagined the look of disappointment on Simone's face.  The shrug of the shoulders.

"Oh well, if you're in luck you might just get a fuck tonight."

If only.


"Five and a half, six at the most," Marcella smiled, "That's good,  They're more insecure when they’ve only got a little one.  He's going to be easy."

Marcella always liked to size them up in advance.  Catch them naked.  Soften them up.


I got in the bath and played with my cock.  Marcella had seen me naked and it had been so arousing.

I climbed out the bath and turned round.  And...  I’d forgotten about there being no curtains.  With the bathroom light on I was spotlit on a stage.  Nude.  And outside there were Marcella and Simone watching. They waved and smiled, and automatically I waved and smiled back.  What was Imdoimg!  I was in the nude and they were watching me.  I rushed through to the bedroom and there they were again.  Just watching.  I was performing for them nude, and they were watching.

My cock went up again.

She'd said I might get a fuck.


"Six inches I’d say," I thought Marcella had slightly underestimated him, "he put on a good show though.  He knew we were watching and he put on a good show."

"Of course he did.  He's a perfect Gamma.  Totally submissive.  He gets aroused from being watched.  And we’re going to arouse him a good deal more tonight.'

'And he might get a fuck?'

'if he's good enough.'

And she showed me her equipment.  It was quite impressive,


"That was a nice show you put on for us," said Marcella, "we could see you enjoyed it."

I’d been so nervous going back into the living room to see the girls.  What would they say?  And Marcella had fixed me with her steely stare and said I’d put on a good show.  I blushed scarlet.

"I... í"  I didn’t know what to say.

"You did enjoy it didn’t you?"

"Well... I suppose..."

"Of course you did.  And that’s why you’re going to put on a show for us this evening."

"A show..."

"Of course.  A special show.  Take your clothes off."


"You heard.  Take your clothes off.  You’re putting on a show..."


"Take your clothes off,"  she fixed me with that steely stare and her voice took on a hard commanding tone, "I don’t want to have to ask you again."

All resistance crumpled.  Marcella was boss.  I knew she was boss and I knew I had to obey.  And it was so arousing.

"Yes Miss."


"Yes Miss."


"Yes Miss."

In two minutes I stood in the middle of the room naked.  Simone picked up my clothes and took them away.

Marcella smiled that enigmatic smile again, "It's so arousing to be naked and obedient isn’t it?  For me to have control of your naked body and do what I like with it.  Nude and vulnerable.  So arousing isn’t it?"

"Yes Miss," and it was.


She'd got him to strip naked.  Once the Gamma is naked the Alpha is dominant, that’s what she had told me, that was my first lesson.  And once the Alpha is dominant then it is only a matter of time before his naked body is at her mercy.


"Now for the show."

"The show Miss?"

"As I said, you’re putting on a show.  And it’s going out live."

"Live..." I didn’t know what to say.  My mind was in a whirl.  What was going out live "but...  I... er..."

"This way..."

Marcella fixed me with her steely stare and her voice took on that tone of command.

"Yes Miss..." it was hopeless to resist.

She led me through into the next room


You might wonder how Marcella can afford such a big house, and such a flashy car and...  well everything that Marcella has.  Well you’ve all seen those videos haven’t you.  They aren’t faked.  People pay good money to watch a genuine naked humiliation video.  Especially when it goes out live.  Watching the victim being led in live, looking at the naked body, the look on the face when they see the room, when they realise what is going to happen to them.  And watching in real time as the punishment is administered.  Most videos are faked, people pay good money when they’re not.  And they were clicking on Marcella's video stream in satisfyingly large numbers.


I looked at the room.  It was made to look like a sort of dungeon.  A chair stood in the middle of the room. Four video cameras were set up.  And they were pointing at the chair.

Don’t be nervous," said Marcella giving me a sardonic smile, "just kneel on the chair."

"But the cameras are pointing at the chair and I’ve got no clothes on."

"Yes, and they are broadcast right now."

"You mean people are watching!"

"They are."

"But I’ve got no clothes on!  I’ve got no clothes on." I looked round wildly.

"Of course," said Marcella, "and that makes you feel excited doesn’t it.  Aroused.  Naked and vulnerable with people watching."

And she was right.  I was aroused.  My cock was rigid.  People would see me naked with my cock erect.  My legs were shaking with a strange mixture of arousal, embarrassment and fear..

"But..."  I croaked, "what..." I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

I did as I was told.  She was Marcella and I was naked,  of course I did as I was told.  I knelt on the chair, naked and helpless in the middle of the room.  Four cameras pointing at me.

Marcella slipped off her robe.  Underneath she was dressed in a black basque, fishnet stockings, high helped thigh length boots and in her hand she held a long whippy cane.  And suddenly I knew exactly what was going to happen.

"Please..." I said, "No... Please..."


I give the viewers what they want.  For example they want the victim to look like a victim.  They don’t want some big fat hulk.  They want slim, smooth rather submissive.  They want the victim to look submissive.  They want to see a nice cock, it must be up, but it mustn’t be too big.  A little cock goes with submissiveness.

And they want a real victim, not some overpaid porn star.  They want someone whose been tricked, stripped and rendered helpless.  And they want them to beg.  He was perfect.

"Please," he begged.  I patted his buttocks with the cane. Just a little indication of what was to come.  He needed a little encouragement. "Please... I didn’t...  I mean I don’t..."  He was babbling.  It’s always good when they babble.  I gave him some more encouragement.  A sharp tap.  "Please..."

I flexed the cane.  One camera on his face, one from the side and one on his buttocks.  And of course one on his cock.  The girls do like a nice view of their cocks.  Time for the show to begin.


It’s worth the money.  Twenty pounds that’s all it costs to watch.  I show it on the big screen and all the girls come to watch.  You see, you see it live, in real time.  Not some boring video.  In real time, that’s what's so exciting.  

"Cor, he’s got a nice one!" Debbie always likes to comment on their cocks.  This ones cock was rigid.  Their cocks are usually up and his was no exception.  And he did have a nice cock,  a nice bum as well.  Marcella always picks ones with nice bums, that’s what’s do good about the site.  They’re genuine victims:  nervous, embarrassed, knowing they are about to be punished in the most humiliating fashion and helpless to do anything about it.  And they have nice bums,

He knelt nervously on the chair.  The screen showed the performance from the side with inserts displaying his face, his bum and his cock, so we could see all four simultaneously.  Marcella swished her cane.  The fun was about to start.


I didn’t know what to do. She was standing there tapping my bottom, holding the whip in her right hand.  My cock rigid.  All those people watching.

"Please," I whimpered, "not the cane... please...   oooooow!"  She brought the cane sharply across my bare...  well you know...  bare bottom.  It stung and I writhed and gasped, the realisation dawning on me.  I was completely bare, she could land the cane on any part of my nude body and there was nothing I could do. I was at her mercy.

I gripped the back of the chair hard.  Why did I just stay there presenting my bottom to be caned you’re asking.  But what else could I do.  I was nude and there was nowhere to run to.

And...  and... there was something arousing... so arousing about being caned in the nude with all those people watching.  My cock was hard and it was twitching, and with good reason.


My bottom was burning, my face was burning and my cock went even harder.


Ouch!  She really let him have it that time.  A bright red stripe appeared on his bottom and we could see the surprise on his face.  He wasn’t expecting that.  Four more to go.  It was one of Marcella's rules.  The victims got six.  She didn’t want to be nasty, just enough to show them who was boss.. and to make them whimper of course.  Six was enough for that.  And they would feel it every time they sat down for a week

"Give him a star, go on!" said Debbie.

There was a system.  You could award the victim stars for how good a show they put on.  If they got five they got a reward.  You could also make comments.

"Too soon," I said, "but I’ll give him a bit of encouragement.   What should .I say?  It didn’t take much thought.

'Nice bum,' I typed in the comments box, 'stick it out more'.

If he did he'd get a star.



There was a camera in front of my face and a screen. There was a counter showing the number of girls watching. 100... 200... 500... 543...  Suddenly comments started appearing on the screen.

"Nice bum,' it said, 'stick it out more.'

Involuntarily I stuck my bottom out.



 Marcella really gave it some whack.  


He stuck his bottom out further.  A nice obedient victim.

Whack!  Marcella didn’t hold back with that one..  A nice whippy cane and a really tempting target.  That must have really hurt!  The girls cheered.  They were enjoying this.  I gave him a star.

You see it’s not just about giving them a red bottom, it's about domination and humiliation.  By submitting to having their bare bottoms caned they are submitting to female domination.  That’s what the girls enjoy.  And of course it does hurt.  Marcella made sure if that.  It wouldn’t count if it didn’t hurt.  Would it,

Whack!  You could see from his face that it hurt.  And there were still three to go.  He must have found it arousing though.  We could see his cock twitching.



My hands gripped the back of the chair tightly.  The comments were coming thick and fast.  

"Give it to him Marcella."

"Let the little brat have it."

"Get your cock up you little wanker."

There were no more compliments on my bottom.  

Two more stars appeared.


My bottom was stinging.  My face was burning.  Tears ran down my cheeks.


I looked at the count.  533!  At twenty pounds each nearly ten thousand pounds and the pleasure of caning a bare bottom.  It’s an unfair world isn’t it?  A world of pleasure and pain.  I got the pleasure.  He got the pain.  And the greatest unfairness.  I got all the money.

Still he had four stars now.  If he got one more he’d get his reward.

You know there’s a technique to caning a bottom.  The first five strokes are aligned one below the other so they look like a musical stave.  You then leave it a couple of minutes for the nerve endings to become sensitised.  Then when they are at their most sensitive you place the last stroke across the other five.  It’s like being caned five strokes at once, on your supersensitised bottom.  You leap five feet in the air.  I mean I know.  I don’t inflict anything I haven’t experienced myself.  Five feet is an underestimate.

I raised the cane to aim the final stroke.


One more!  Only one more!

The cane swished.  I gripped the chair back and...


My bottom was on fire.  I leapt up and ran round the room holding my bottom and shouting.  Marcella was grinning.  Simone was laughing.

"Here," said Marcella, "Simone will rub some cream on.  And look.  You’ve got five stars. And that means a prize."


He’d got his five stars and was getting his reward.  The girls were putting their panties back on. I mean the show is quite stimulating isn’t it and you don’t want panties on when you're watching something like that.

Buttocks heaved as the cock thrust in and out rhythmically.  Yes, he looked like he was enjoying his reward.  She didn’t look too unhappy either. Not with the big black strapon,  it really did the business


I'd been promised a good fucking.  And that's what I was getting.  It didn’t matter that 533 people were watching or that my bottom was still burning.  It was all worth it.  Simone was fucking me hard and it was the best day of my life.


Submitted: January 04, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Loved the story. His reaction to finding no drapes on the windows felt right rme. But if it was dark outside would the girls have been visible? And if he saw them wouldn't his first reaction been to cover his genital s with a towel o r his hands while crouching? But my main objection is his reward seems too generous. A hand job would suffice.

Sat, February 20th, 2021 3:51am

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