Who Dares Loses

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Don’t play games when you don’t know the rules

Nobody quite knew how Vanessa had got invited. Ten years on from graduation the idea of a little reunion party had seemed a brilliant idea. The Gang of Four they had called themselves while at Uni; always up to madcap scrapes before settling down to their sensible lives as schoolteachers, civil servants, lawyers, housewives etc. Vanessa though had taken over the gang. She was always too bossy, always muscling in where she wasn't wanted, but she had kept in contact with everybody, had inevitably heard that the reunion was taking place and had inevitably invited herself. So it was the four of them that had met up for the evening at Nathalie's little house in her quiet suburban street.


Nathalie had organised things. Not a stuffy dinner at a stuffy restaurant, but a re-creation of the old days: a party in her house with pasta to eat, wine to drink and a good natter about the old days afterwards.


She was surprised at how good everyone looked. They were all now in their early thirties but they seemed no older than when they had last met - that wild party after their graduation. Only Vanessa seemed somewhat more mature - wearing too much makeup and clothes that were too expensive and smart for the evening - a sort of long black silk evening dress and too high heels.


She seemed anxious to get on with everybody. Trying to be nice, trying to be helpful, but somehow always being Vanessa and annoying people.


She came into the kitchen while Nathalie was preparing the pasta.


"Let me help," she said.


"Thanks," said Nathalie, glad of a little assistance.


"Oh I always like to help," said Vanessa, "you know me - always willing to make sure things are done properly."


Nathalie groaned inwardly. Vanessa never changed. Nathalie watched as Vanessa made her way over to the pan where the penne pasta was bubbling away.


"How long do you boil it for?" She enquired.


"Oh I don't know. Until it's ready. About thirteen minutes perhaps."


"Oh my dear!" Exclaimed Vanessa, "far too long. Eleven and a half at most," she poked it with a fork, "it's done. Come on dear take it off immediately it'll be ruined."


Nathalie rushed over to drain the pasta, but Vanessa had already moved on to the chocolate soufflé.


"Hurry up dear," she cajoled, "these need turning out."


Poor Nathalie who had been in total control until a couple of minutes before was now running round like a scalded cat.


Vanessa picked up the wine and looked at the label, "Valpolicella," she said, "this needs more chilling. You'll have to put it in the fridge dear,..."


Twenty minutes later a totally frazzled Nathalie plonked the meal down on the table.


"Aren't you lucky you had me to help," said Vanessa, "the meal's bad enough as it is, goodness knows what it would have been like if I hadn't been there."


Nathalie, chewing on her half cooked pasta and surveying the remains of her chocolate soufflés, just glowered.


The girls were anxious to get rid of Vanessa after dinner but she made no attempt to go.


"You'll miss your last bus," said Nathalie; Vanessa didn't drive so surely she'd be away soon.


"Chrissy goes my way. You'll give me a lift won't you Chrissy?"


"Oh," said Chrissy forced to think something up on the spur of the moment, "I'm not actually going home. I'm staying here the night, aren't I Nathalie."


"Oh yes, yes, of course," said Nathalie rather too quickly.


"Oh well," said Vanessa, as if this were a personal affront (which it probably was), "No problem. I'll ask Mr Simpkins, he'd love to come and pick me up."


She took out her mobile phone and rather vehemently barked orders at Mr Simpkins.


"He's my next door neighbour," she said, "He’ll do anything for me."


"But we're going to play games and you know how you hate games," Nathalie was getting desperate.


"Nathalie dear, I absolutely adore games. I can keep you right with them - make sure nobody cheats."


The girls shrugged - they were stuck with Vanessa.


"Well we're playing Truth or Dare - you wouldn't like that Vanessa."


Surely that would get rid of her.


"Absolutely love it," said Vanessa, "you're all just worried because you know I'll keep you right!"


In truth Vanessa had no idea how to play the game, but for some reason she so rarely got invited to parties nowadays she wasn't going to miss out on this one. She never understood why she only ever seemed to get invited once - she always tried to be so helpful.


"Right Vanessa,' said Nathalie, "Truth or Dare?"


"Truth," said Vanessa, having no idea what was coming next.


Nathalie paused - she would ask a really embarrassing question; that might get rid of her.


"When did you last have an orgasm Vanessa?"


"What!" Cried Vanessa aghast, "I can't answer that."


"Well you know the rules Vanessa," said Chrissy


"Yes but..."


"Answer the question or pay a forfeit..."


"A forfeit?"


"Yes you know what to do if you don't answer. A piece of clothing has to come off. Take off a shoe and throw it into the ring as a forfeit."


Vanessa sighed with relief - anything was better than answering that question. She just couldn't admit her little secret. She took off her shoe and threw it in.


"Your turn now Vanessa."


"Truth or dare Chrissy?" She asked.




Vanessa thought she would get her own back.


"When did you last have an orgasm Chrissy?"


"You can't ask the same question twice Vanessa!"


"Of course you can. I told you I'd keep you right. Come on answer!"


"Well if you say so Vanessa. Last night and it was really good. I met this guy and he had the biggest..."


"Well we don't really want to know that," said Vanessa.


"Oh yes we do," said Nathalie, "you asked the question Vanessa and you know Chrissy has to convince us it's true by giving us the details - otherwise it's a double forfeit. All the details now Chrissy. The minute details."


Chrissy expounded her adventure of the night before much to the amusement of the girls. This was after all what the game was about.


"Okay - we believe you we believe you, “said Nathalie, "your turn now Chrissy."


"Okay Vanessa," said Chrissy, "when did you last have an orgasm?"


"But you can't ask that again," protested Vanessa.


"You kept us right on that Vanessa," said Chrissy, "you distinctly told us you could ask the same question twice."


Reluctantly Vanessa threw her other shoe in. She turned to Ruth. Surely quiet little Ruth wouldn't ask her that dreadful question.


"Truth or dare Ruth?"


"Dare," said Ruth, rather mischievously for the quiet one.


"Well," Vanessa couldn't think of a dare, in the end all she could come up with was, "take off a shoe and throw it in the ring."


It was innocuous at least so she couldn't expect any awful reprisal.


"Ooooh! We're allowing stripping dares are we Vanessa! Good for you!"


Vanessa looked abashed. She hadn't really thought of it that way.


"Right,' said Ruth, "Vanessa, Truth or dare."


"Why does everyone keep picking on me," said Vanessa.


"Because we can" answered Ruth, "come on - Truth or dare."


Vanessa knew what would be coming if she asked for truth, "Dare," she said.


"Take off an article of clothing and throw it in the ring."




"Well you were the one that introduced stripping dares!"


Vanessa was stuck. She had taken off her shoes. She had only her tights, her underwear and her dress left. Her tights would have to come off. Rather indecorously she pulled them down and threw them in the ring. Surely they wouldn't keep picking on her. And if they did she'd just leave and catch the bus home.


"Nathalie," she snapped, "Truth or dare"


"Double Dog Dare!" Pronounced Nathalie provocatively.


Vanessa had decided it was about time Nathalie started losing some clothes.


"Take your dress off," she said triumphantly. She'd show her.


"Ooooh!" The girls cried I'm unison, "You’re playing seriously Vanessa."


"I certainly am," said Vanessa, and she looked on with a smile on her face as Nathalie was forced to step out of her dress to reveal her sexy white underwear underneath.


"Come on then Vanessa," said Chrissy.


"Come on what?"


"Take your dress off."


Vanessa looked puzzled.


"Take your dress off. That was a double dog dare. You have to do it as well. You know that of course. After all you're the one that's keeping us right."


"Well of course," said Vanessa, who had known no such thing and was now left with the choice of removing her dress or looking foolish and ignorant. Poor Vanessa was in a total dilemma. Always so staid and proper on the outside, she was wearing skimpy sexy semi-transparent knickers and bra underneath. But she just couldn't bring herself to admit that she was ignorant of the rules of the game. The dress would have to come off. She would take off her dress and then declare that she had to go and she would get the bus home. The shrieks of the girls when they saw her standing there with her dark brown nipples and abundant pubic hair clearly visible through the see-through material turned Vanessa bright red. And Vanessa was somebody who just never ever blushed.


"I'm going," blurted Vanessa, "give me my clothes back and I'll catch the bus."


"But you know the rules of the game," said Chrissy, "You’re keeping us right. You can't get your forfeits back until the end of the game and then only after doing your forfeit."


"Oh," said Vanessa, "when does the game finish."


"Well I think one more round," said Nathalie.


Vanessa thought. One more round and she could go. She was bound to be picked on again and wondered about just going back on the bus as she was. But she didn't wonder long. She couldn't catch the bus home in see-through knickers.


"One more round then," she agreed.


"Vanessa," poor Vanessa knew what was coming, "Truth or dare."


Vanessa was in a quandary. She would be bound to lose her bra or even her knickers if she said dare. She would have to say truth and just tell the truth. The idea was appalling but what else could she do?


"Truth," she muttered.


"What was that Vanessa?"


"Truth!" Yelled Vanessa, "I want to tell the truth."


"Oh Vanessa! Tell us about your last orgasm then!"


And so she had to. The thought of making something up never occurred to her. Vanessa was incapable of any such imagination. So she had to tell them about Big Willy. How she had bought Big Willy from a mail order catalogue. How she liked to switch him on and slip him right up until he tickled her pleasure spot. How she played with him every night. The admission was excruciatingly embarrassing, but she had no choice and anyway she found recounting it strangely arousing.


The girls listened open mouthed as Vanessa went into every detail; her large dark nipples standing erect and her pale blue knickers becoming damp as she spoke.


"Oh Vanessa!" Exclaimed Chrissy, "I didn't know you could make up something like that."


"But I didn't make it up!" cried Vanessa.


"Of course we know you did," said Nathalie, "you've never had an orgasm in your life. We know that! Get them off!"


"What," Vanessa was aghast.


"Get them off! Double forfeit for telling lies. Bra and knickers off Vanessa."


"But I wasn't lying."


"Come on Vanessa. You're always keeping us right. Play the game. Bra off - knickers off."


Vanessa just stood there rooted to the spot. She who was usually so confident, so assertive, standing in her damp knickers had lost all her accustomed authority.


So she just stood there as Nathalie removed her bra, "that's for the chocolate soufflés", and pulled down her knickers, "that's for the pasta".


Vanessa stood there still, an object of ridicule, totally nude except for the choker necklace round her neck. Her big bossy girl’s bosoms stuck out proud in front of her, her nipples with their large dark areolas standing proud and erect. Her blush extending right down to her mound of pubic hair, and all the way round to her bottom. Chrissy looked in amazement. She had never seen a bottom blush before.


"Can I go home now?" whimpered Vanessa rendered totally subservient by her nudity, her nipples and the moisture between her legs.


"Well Vanessa, you have to pay your forfeit before you go you know."


"Yes Chrissy."


"Hands and knees Vanessa."


"Yes Chrissy."


"Good dog," said Chrissy, patting her on the head.


"Woof woof," said Vanessa, it was somehow quite comforting for Vanessa to be a doggy than to be herself. She looked up at Chrissy and panted.


"Walkies," said Chrissy, putting a piece of cord through her choker necklace and leading her out through the door.


Once to the end of the street and back would be sufficient she felt to recompense the girls.


It was as she was approaching the house on the return journey, Vanessa obediently on all fours behind her stark naked, that the car drew up in front of Nathalie's house.


A middle aged gentleman got out.


"I'm Mr Simpkins," he said, "I'm looking for Vanessa."


Chrissy handed him the lead, "She's ready to go home now."


Vanessa looked up, "Woof woof," she barked excitedly wagging her tale. Mr Simpkins stared and opening his car door allowed her up on the back seat.


The girls watched the car depart.


"That was a bit cruel," said Ruth.


"Oh, I don't think so," said Nathalie, "something tells me she'll not be needing Big Willy tonight."

Submitted: April 29, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Nice story. I don't recall seeing this one before (though of course I may have) and it's not quite what I was expecting from Joex.

Re your other stories, if it's any comfort I posted most of my old stories in one big post and got a grand total of two comments. Comments are nice, and I'm always grateful to those who take the trouble, but it's the read count that proves people like your stories (112 for this story in one day as I write this).

Wed, April 29th, 2020 8:31pm


Well, I do write in different genres. My favourite is naughty and funny so I've created a new house called Naked and Funny. I hope people enjoy it.

Wed, April 29th, 2020 11:33pm


Very funny

Thu, April 30th, 2020 4:12pm

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