Tuppence Suspended

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Naked and Funny

Tuppence loses her clothes again



"Yes Tuppence," Sally put her mobile phone to her ear. What had the girl done now. Tuppence was adorable but she did keep getting into tizzies; and when she got into tizzies she got into scrapes. Scrapes in which she always seemed to end up with no clothes on. Like at the picnic. Tuppence had lost all her clothes at the picnic when she had got into a tizzie... Sally tried to blot the memory of the picnic out. It had, after all, been all her fault. Tuppence had looked adorable with no clothes on, but still... It had all been Sally's fault.




"Yes Tuppence?"


"I think I've done a silly thing."


Sally suppressed a groan. She knew what must have happened. Tuppence had got into a tizzie and it was all going to end in disaster. She just knew it.


“What happened?”


“I got into a tizzie.”


“It was some man I suppose,” it always was a man. Sally groaned aloud. When a good looking man spoke to Tupppence she always got into a Tizzie. Then she would do anything. Sally knew this. Tuppence would get taken advantage of when she was in a tizzie.


“Tuppence, you didn’t get taken advantage of did you? You mustn’t let men well… You know.”


Tuppence had always been too keen to let men well you know… in Sally’s opinion. So she had told her, had told Tuppence she was being taken advantage of, that she shouldn’t let men use her to satiate their carnal lusts. In fact that she should keep her legs together. And Tuppence had agreed, although it didn’t stop her getting in a tizzie. After all Tuppence had carnal lusts as well, and those legs that she was supposed to keep together seemed to have a will of their own..


“No. I mean not really. Well not in the way you mean only…”


“In what way if it’s not the way I mean.”


“Well you know I’m doing media studies. I’m not clever like you doing French and Spanish and all that stuff.”


“Yes,” Sally wasn’t quite sure where all this was leading.


“Well I chose to do photography and I met this man called Alastair, you know, at the picnic; he’s ever so good looking, and he asked me, and I got in a tizzie, and I said yes…”


“Said yes to what! Not to…”


“No, no not that.” Tuppence sounded disappointed.


“What then?”


“He asked if he could take pictures of me.”


“You mean like be a model?”


“Yes, and I got in a tizzie and I said yes and…”


“Well what’s the problem. It’s only taking some pictures.”


“Yes but it was artistic pictures.




“That’s what he said, but he meant with no clothes on. Oh Sally! I agreed to to be photographed with no clothes on!”


Sally breathed a sigh of relief., on the standard scale of Tuppence’s scrapes this was relatively minor.


“Well you’ll just have to take your clothes off won’t you or tell him you’ve changed your mind”


“But Sally! I can’t tell him I’ve changed my mind or he’ll never see me again. And I'll get upset. And I’ll fail my exams. And I’ll get thrown out. And I thought if I took my clothes off then I’d get in a tizzie. And I’d want him to take advantage of me. And he would. And I wouldn't be able to keep my legs together. And you’d get cross with me. And I'd fail my exams anyway”




“So I asked him if I could bring a friend. And I thought you might come with me.”


“Go with you. See you photographed in the nude. Gosh!”


If Sally had been the sort of girl who got into tizzies this would have sent her into one. Sally wasn’t a girl who went in for boyfriends. She had seen Tuppence in the nude before and Tuppence was adorable in the nude. If she had to watch Tuppence being photographed with no clothes on she’d be wanting to take advantage of her herself.


“You will do it won’t you? Please say you will. After all you do owe me a favour. After the picnic I mean. It was all your fault wasn't it?”


“Yes!” Sally had suddenly realised what it was to be in a tizzie. And it had been her fault. What had happened to Tuppence at the picnic.


All the gang had gone on the picnic - though she couldn't remember a guy called Alastair. All had brought food, except Tuppence who left hers behind. All had brought drink, except Tuppence who had left hers in the shop. And all had brought swimsuits, except of course Tuppence who had left hers somewhere but she couldn’t quite remember.


There was food to go round, so that didn’t matter; and there was drink to go round, so that didn’t matter. What there wasn’t though was swimsuits to go round. It was a hot day, the river was clear and cool and Tuppence hadn’t brought her swimsuit.


“Oh Tuppence," said Sally, "You idiot. You're going to miss out on the swimming.."


“Oh, said Tuppence, "I thought I could perhaps just wear my bra and panties. Would that be all right, because you know I rely on you to tell me if I'm doing something silly."


"Are they decent?” asked Sally.


"I think so," said Tuppence.


"There you are then, if nobody objects," Sally had perhaps been overinfluenced by the thought of Tuppence in bra and panties.


Nobody objected. After all the sight of Tuppence in her bra and panties wasn’t a sight you saw every day of the week.


So Tuppence took off her nice white sun dress and went in in her bra and panties. She thought they were quite respectable. Just like a bikini really. Sally just shook her head. They weren't decent at all, but it was too late now. Both skimpy bra, Tuppence had neat little breasts, and even skimpier panties were thin white cotton and the outline of Tuppence’s dark areolas and her girly triangle of black curls could be clearly seen under bra and panties respectively. But before she could say anything or stop her Tuppence was in the water and what Sally feared the most happened. The wet material became almost transparent. Tuppence might as well have not been wearing anything for all the good it did.


"Tuppence!" shrieked Sally, "get those off! Everybody can see everything!"


She hadn't actually meant that literally, but Tuppence had her panties half way down her thighs before Sally was able to stop her.


"Not here you little idiot," she shrieked, "I didn't mean out in the open. Go and hide in the bushes take those wet things off and put your sun dress back on."


Tuppence did as she was told, hanging her little white panties on a tree to dry in the sun, a constant reminder to everyone that Tuppence wasn't wearing any.


"Where's the studio then?"




It was the following day and a rather nervous Tuppence was leading Sally along Kensington High Street. 


"Yes studio. You know the place where photographers photograph girls with no clothes on."


"Oh," said Tuppence, looking rather shifty. Sally looked at her. Something was up. Tuppence wasn't a good liar..


"This Alastair," asked Sally suspiciously, "He is a real photographer isn't he?'


"Suppose so," said Tuppence.


"What do you mean 'Suppose so'. Who is he? How did you meet him?"


"It was... It was... Er... Like I said, at the picnic. And he asked me if I liked photographyphotography. And I said yes. And he said could he take pictures of me. And I said yes. But I didn't know he meant in my birthday suit! And then I got in a tizzie. And you'd said I had to keep my legs together. And..."


"Let me get this straight," Sally was exasperated, "what you're actually saying is that you met some bloke and you agreed to let him photograph you in the nude! Oh Tuppence! How could you! He might be well... Anything!"


"Oh it's all right," said Tuppence, "he won't be able to take advantage. You'll be there. And all the other people."


"What other people?"


"Well... Tourists and the like."


"Tourists? Where on earth..."


"Hyde Park Corner," said Tuppence, "Of course."


Tuppence of course had been wearing nothing but her little white sun dress. Her panties were still hanging out to dry when they started to play the game.


Even so the eventual outcome with the eventual exposure and embarrassment of Tuppence could not have been foreseen. At least that was what Sally told herself. She was not to blame. That was what she told herself.


Tuppence however had thought otherwise. Was that why Sally felt so guilty. Was that why she felt obliged to help her in her current madcap scheme.


She had actually agreed to strip naked outside Buckingham Palace. What was the girl thinking of!


"There he is!" shouted Tuppence.


Sally looked across the road and saw an imposing looking figure holding an impressive looking camera. At least, thought Sally, he looks like a proper photographer, not just someone out to manouevre some little innocent like Tuppence into posing nude in public.


"Come along girls," the figure gestured to them, "Get your butts over here."


Sally looked at Tuppence. Her eyes were already glazing over and she was starting to simper.


"Right you gals," Alastair started waving his arms vaguely in the direction of one of the guards outside Buck House, "bare those asses and go stand by that guy over there."


"What?" he spoke in a strange American way and Sally was having difficulty following his meaning.


"Bare those cute little asses and go stand by that statue."


Sally looked at Tuppence. She had gone all girly and starry eyed and had actually started unbuttoning her blouse.


"Tuppence!" Sally led her out of earshot.


"What on earth's going on? Who is this bloke?"


"Like I said, I met him er... At the picnic."


"What does he mean 'asses'?"


"He wants us to take our clothes off to be photographed."


"Us! Both of us!"


"Well..." Said Tuppence, stammering slightly, "I might have said you wanted to be photographed nude as well..."


"You might have said! What do you mean 'you might have said'? Did you say it or not?!"


"Oh Sally! He said I had to bring a friend. And if you didn't come I wouldn't have seen him again..." A large tear rolled down her cheek, "Oh Sally! Please do it! Please say you'll do it! After all the picnic was your fault wasn't it. You do owe me something don't you?"


The picnic! That bloody picnic! Tuppence standing there in her white sun dress and nothing else, her gorgeous figure silhouetted every time the sun came out. And then the game and the disaster. Well disaster for Tuppence that was. Not for anyone else. Not for the firemen she supposed. No especially not for the firemen.


Still it had been a disaster for Tuppence, and Sally had been to blame. Perhaps she did owe her.


"Hey you gals," the voice of the American bloke called over to them, "bare your butts and get over there."


There was something commanding in his voice and Sally realised that there was now an inevitablility about the situation. There was no way out of this. And she did owe Tuppence. 


She started to undress.


It had been a stupid game. Why did the gang always play stupid games on picnics. That was their way supposed Sally.


Tiggy Kiss or whatever you wanted to call it was not a game for grown ups. It was a game for ten year olds to play in the school playground. Tiggy (or tag as it might be called in some parts) might have indeed been thought a kids' game. But Tiggy Kiss! Well, if you won a kiss from the girl (or boy) you tigged then it could be fun for grown ups as well.


The picnic was at a popular spot beside the river, just where the long rickety suspension footbridge took the public footpath from one side of the river to the other. You were skinch on the footbridge of course. That was to say you could run there and take refuge without being tigged. That was of course if you didn't want to get tigged. And you didn't always want to!


Sally could see Tuppence was in a complete tizzie. She was standing in the middle of the street, in public, wearing nothing but a pair of cotton panties! She couldn't believe what they were doing; how had she let things get this far, but once they had got this far she didn't know how to stop them. She was dressed only in her panties herself


Enough was enough, thought Sally, I'm not going any further, no way are my knickers coming down. Not here. Not in public.


But nobody could stop Tuppence when she was in a tizzie. She already had her panties down to her knees.


"Come on you," said the man, "get them off. I haven't got all day."


And Sally realised. If she was going to support Tuppence, and she owed Tuppence after the picnic, her knickers were going to have to be sacrificed. She hooked her fingers in the waistband, took a deep breath, and pulled them straight down. Ot there in public. In front of all the gawping tourists.


Tuppence looked at her smiling.


"Oh Sally!" she said, "I'm sorry!"


Sally thought Tuppence was right to be sorry. She couldn't understand how she had let herself be talked into doing this. Tuppence's bottom deserved such a smacking. Tuppence's bottom! Oh no! She could see Tuppence's bottom. Sally suddenly for only the second time in her life realised what it felt like to go into a tizzie!


Blushing bright red she took hold of Tuppence's hand and looked round for the photographer. He was nowhere to be seen. Neither were their clothes. What there was to be seen was a very large policeman.


"Oh dear," said Tuppence, "I have to run!"


Sally hadn't wanted to play tiggy. Stupid kids game! Why should grown ups play stupid kids games? But of course in the end she had agreed. She had agreed because Tuppence wanted to play it and Sally always looked out for Tuppence. She needed looking out for, Sally thought, that was why she did it; not because she wanted an excuse to give Tuppence a kiss. Not at all. That was never the reason! Or so she told herself. No, she had to look out for Tuppence, that was why she joined in. That was what Sally told herself anyway.


Tuppence took great pleasure in running round, getting tigged, squealing with mock alarm when she got tigged; and for some reason people seemed to like tigging Tuppence. And getting a kiss of course. Knowing Tuppence was quite naked under her sun dress.


Sally didn't get tigged. She watched as Tuppence got tigged again, watched her squealing as she got a decorous peck on the cheek. Tuppence would be 'on' now; she would have to find somebody to tig.


Tuppence looked at her with a naughty look in her eye. "I'm going to tig you," she said, and poor Sally was overcome by conflicting emotions. She ran onto the bridge to be safe. It was a little rope suspension bridge over the gorge. Tuppence wasn't allowed to tig her on there. Not that that would stop Tuppence. She ran on to the bridge after Sally and Sally pushed her. Oh why had she pushed her. Was it because she couldn't trust herself to be kissed by Tuppence, to feel that naked body under the flimsy cotton sun dress. She didn't know; but she had pushed her. Hard!


Sally had never felt so nude in all her life. Nude and alone. Tuppence had totally disappeared


Sally stood there nude in the middle of the street trying hard to cover her naughty bits with her hands. Unfortunately she seemed to have more naughty bits than she had hands. A crowd had gathered round staring and laughing. Sally almost hoped she'd get arrested - it would be less embarrassing than having her naked body on view to all and sundry.


"Good morning officer," she said, trying to sound confident and in command of the situation, "Have you come to arrest me? Please!"


"Now why should I do that Miss? And you enjoying the morning air? Aren't you a bit chilly dressed like that."


"I've got no clothes on."


"I can see that Miss. Tell me Miss, what's it like standing in the street with no clothes on with everybody looking at you?"


"Well it's rather embarrassing! Everybody's laughing at me."


"And they have every right to Miss. Tell me, why did you take all your clothes off?"


"Please officer, can't you see how embarrassing it is. People are looking at me with nothing on."


"Why have you got nothing on Miss?"


"Well my friend said.."


"Would that be this friend Miss," the policemen indicated Tuppence who had reappeared fully dressed.


"Tuppence! What's going on!"


"That's all right Miss! Smile, because you're on..."


Realisation dawned on Sally. Horrible realisation.


It was in a way fortunate that Tuppence had caught her foot in the rope when she had fallen off the bridge. On one way fortunate, as otherwise she would have gone in the river. On the other hand being suspended upside down wasn't that much fun. The sun dress had immediately fallen over her head simultaneously rendering her unable to see and expposing her naked body to absolutely everybody. Perhaps she shouldn't have struggled. But then she didn't like not being able to see. She struggled and struggled until the dress fell off leaving her hanging upside down completely nude.


She shrieked.


"You're on You're Caught Naked!" And the pretend policeman pointed over to where the hidden camera had fimed the whole thing.


"Tuppence!" Yelled Sally, "Tuppence! You come here at once!"


"I'm ever so Sorry Sally," she said, "I got in a tizzie and Alastair said it would be funny and all I had to do was get you out her and get you to take all your clothes off and you would be on television and you'd really like that he said and it would be getting my own back for you pushing me off the bridge and me hanging upside down in my birthday suit and everybody laughing and the firemen having to rescue me and..." Tuppence had finally run out of breath.


Tuppence and Sally sat in front of the television watching the programme. At least they had pixillated out the naughtiest bits. Only the very naughtiest bits though.


Sally watched as Tuppence wriggled uncomfortably on her chair. It had been Sally's recompense for allowing her exposure to be broadcast.


Tuppence had such an adorable bottom and it really had deserved a good smack.


Submitted: July 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Hilarious and well written as always, Joe. I love how you mix stories together as you do.
What an adventure!

Sat, July 25th, 2020 5:17am


Thank you. If you enjoyed this you might enjoy Tuppence in a Tizzy - my other story with these characters!

Sun, July 26th, 2020 10:11pm

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