The Treatment

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Stripped and examined

Sharon and me - now and then we select one to get the treatment.  Just now and then.  I mean we couldn’t do it too often could we, and then a suitable subject, or should I say victim, doesn't turn up that often.  He has to be young, but not too young, good looking, good figure and above all obedient. Somebody who will do what nurse tells them.  No matter how embarrassing.


You see Sharon and me, we work in this clinic where we do routine fitness checks.  People sign up for them you see, because they want to know if they're fit, or like their company sends them or something.  Sharon minds reception.  I do the tests.  The trouble is it’s boring.  That’s why Sharon and me like to select the occasional one to get the treatment.  It livens things up. 


I’ve got a kinky side you see.  That’s why I’m doing this job.  I got 'asked to leave' the hospital where I worked because they said I was ‘unprofessional'.  Well, I mean, girls like me go into nursing because we're bossy.  We like to tell people what to do.  That's what is so special about the treatment.


There's only Sharon and me working this little clinic.  The test results are sent off to some specialist for reporting.  I just do them.  Sharon does the admin.  Sharon is a bit kinky as well.  I mean it was Sharon who set up the 'audition'.  I mean not just anyone gets the treatment.  They have to audition first.


I'll let Sharon describe the audition.




Miranda will have told you about the game we play.  We call it the treatment.  We have to choose a good subject.  I mean you wouldn’t want to give some subjects the treatment would you?


So what makes a good subject?


1.  The right age.  Twenties perhaps.

2.   Good looking

3.   Easily bossed about.

4.   Nice body.  Big cock.


Well the first two are easy enough.  I can see that when they come through the door, but how do we find out about number three.


The questionnaire that's how.  All the people who come have to fill in a health questionnaire. You know the sort of boring thing.  How much to you drink? Do you smoke?  How much exercise do you take?  Well, if they look a likely candidate for the treatment they also get the special questionnaire.  The one with the special questions.  You know the one.  You’ve probably seen it.  It determines your personality.  And buried among the questions are ones that show if you’re sexually dominant or submissive.  When I find a nice submissive we go on to the final point.


You see Miranda, she likes men with big cocks.  We only take men with big cocks for the treatment.  How, you are asking, do we know who's got a big one.  It's not really a thing you can put on a questionnaire is it?  So that was when Miranda came up with the idea of the audition.


We tell them to take a shower.  Quite a reasonable request.  And of course they are submissive.  They do what they are told.  And it was easy enough to install one of those little spy cameras in the shower.  So Miranda and me could watch.  Most men can’t resist getting it up in the shower so we can judge.  Subject J. looked promising.




I thought I would take up the offer of a routine check-up.  I mean you can’t be too careful can you.  It’s nice to know that everything is in good working order.  The offer was waiting for me at the hotel when I checked in. Half price at The Clinic.  It looked good.  I checked the website 'I left fully satisfied', said the last entry.  That sounded good.


'We'll check everything is in good working order,' that's what the girl on reception said.  Sharon, according to her badge.   She was a pert little thing, slim, dark, brown eyes, pretty in an elfin sort of way.  However she had that streak of bossiness you often see in receptionists.  She gave me a little grin.  Sexy little thing.


'Fill in this questionnaire,' she ordered me, 'and... she paused for a second and took out a second sheet of paper.  We are carrying out a special survey this week.  Could you complete this questionnaire too.'


Well, the first questionnaire was boring, but the specific survey.  It had some rather personal questions.  I seem to remember "Do you like to be sexually dominated' and "Do you find nudity sexually exciting?'


Oh well.  I’d better answer it truthfully.


I handed those questionnaires back.


'Er...' I said, 'rather personal questions but... er... I tried to answer truthfully.'


'I should hope so,' she said in her bossy receptionist way.


I hoped she wouldn’t read my answers, they made me sound like a dominatrix's dream client.  But she did.  She picked up the paper, read through the answers, and gave a big grin.  I went bright red.  Obviously.


'The changing room is through that door,' she said, 'you'll find full instructions inside.  But first you'll need to take a shower.'




Sharon rang through to say we had a potential subject.


'About time too,' I said, 'turn the telly on. I’m coming through.'


We settled down in the viewing room.  It was a good quality camera and a nice big screen.  We waited in expectation.  And in he came.  Oblivious of the excellent show he was about to put on.


'Wow!' said Sharon.


And I must say it was impressive. Nice body. Nice bum.  Nice legs and.... Not the biggest I've ever seen, but impressive all the same.  Gosh.


Sharon had hitched her skirt up and was pulling her knickers down.


'Sorry Babes,' she said, 'I'm going to have to...'


Well you do, don't you?  I didn’t keep my knickers on for long.  His cock had gone up, rigid, bloody heck!  What was he doing!  I couldn’t get my knickers off fast enough.




The instructions were to take all my clothes off, shower, get dressed in the small pair of paper pants provided then then put the towelling robe on.  Well, I suppose if it was what I was supposed to do.  I stripped naked and crept into the shower.


I’m always self conscious showering naked.  And I had this feeling, as if someone is watching me.  Nonsense of course, but all the same, I could feel eyes looking at me.  The effect was at the same time both embarrassing and arousing.  My cock went up.  Oh heck!  It was a good job no one was watching.  I gave it a little stroke.  Then a big stroke.  Then a quick hard wank.  I could here sounds of laughter coming from somewhere in the building.  I stopped wanking and went back to washing.  Thank goodness no one had been watching.




Sharon and me looked at each other.  Definitely a case for the treatment.


The thing about the treatment is that the victims have to be absolutely convinced that what we are putting them through is a genuine part of their examination.  That is of course until... well more about that later.


This means that to start with everything has to be by the book and absolutely thorough.  Not that everything is absolutely by the book of course.  The little paper pants for a start.  Rather than the big black pair of boxer shorts the normal clients got, the victims were given something very special to wear.  Something to make them very self-conscious indeed.




I took the disposable paper pants out the packet.  They looked like ladies paper knickers.  Had I been given the wrong pair?  I thought about asking the receptionist, but I was too embarrassed, after her reading the questionnaire and everything.  I put them on, they were skimpy and almost translucent.  I was sure my private parts could be made out through the material.  I looked at myself in the mirror.  They couldn’t, but the panties were so tight the outline was obvious.  Oh dear!  How embarrassing!  Still, if that was what I was supposed to do.  I put the towelling robe on and went through the the examination area.


The nurse was blonde, what might be described as buxom, snub nose, freckled face, wearing a white uniform dress with a blue belt.  A little badge identified her as Miranda.


'We'll start with the eyesight test,' she ordered.  She had that bossy nursey way about her, 'slip the robe off and stand over here.'


I hesitated for a second.  Why would I have to do an eyesight test in my panties?  I opened my mouth to ask, then got too embarrassed to ask and took the robe off.  Miranda took it and hung it up in a cupboard.  I stood there in my see through paper pants.


She picked up the phone, 'Sharon,' she said, 'could you come through.  I need a chaperone.'




Well I like to watch as well.  Can’t let Miranda have all the fun.  And a chaperone is important isn’t it.  Can’t have the victims, I mean clients, behaving improperly can we?


There he was standing in the middle of the room in his Little Paper Knickers, face bright red.  We had chosen the paper knickers carefully.  Big enough to be just about respectable, but tight enough and transparent enough to be really embarrassing.  They were clearly ladies knickers, but the victims never objected.  I mean we chose the sort that wouldn’t object didn’t we.


He didn’t object to being made to do the eyesight test in his knickers either, although judging by how red his face was he was excruciatingly embarrassed.  And with good reason.  His cock was clearly visible through the thin material.  Still it was good preparation for him, preparing him for the time I was looking forward to, that special time, the time when his knickers would come down




'Q G er... T...'  I read out the letters on the board.  Standing there in a pair of tight paper pants while the girls chatted in a bored fashion.  Why did I feel so embarrassed.  They must do this dozens of times every day.  They wouldn’t be bothered because they could...   I glanced at myself in the full length mirror on the wall.  In the bright light of the examination room the panties were completely sheer.  My cock was plainly visible.  I went redder than ever.  The girls could see my cock.  'W... J...' I stammered my way through the letters.


Miranda stopped chatting.


"Okay,' she said, 'Breathing test...'


And so it went on.  Breathing test, hearing test, ECG... until.


'Okay.. that’s done...  height and weight next...  panties off and on the scale...'


'Oh...  er...'


'Nude height and weight.  To calculate the BMI.  That’s very important..'


'But..' I looked at Sharon the receptionist come chaperone.  She gazed in a bored way across the room.


‘Come on...  you’re not shy are you?  We’ve seen it all before...'. She stood hands on hips in her crisp white uniform giving me orders.


"Yes... of course,' she was a bossy girl in a uniform.  I didn’t have a choice. My panties came down.


'Right off...'


'Yes... of course...'


I stood with them in my hand.


'Give them here...,


I handed them over and she chucked them in the bin.


'On the scales with you...'


'Yes Miss...'




That’s the bit I like best.  The bit where the knickers come down and their cock goes on full display. The point where we start to put them through their paces.  We got a good view of him now, standing on the scales completely nude, in the bare, everything on display.  Just the way we liked them, red faced, trembling, really embarrassed.  Ready to get the treatment.


'I'll do the measurements,' I announced, 'you note down the results Sharon.  Height 180 centimetres.  Weight 65 kilos.  Waist...'


'Waist size?  Do you really need that...' he stammered, falling into the trap immediately.


'Well, I thought you'd know that,' I snapped, 'some people are really ignorant.  Tell him Sharon.'


'Health risk is linked to waist measurement.  Your waist should be half your height.  Even I knew that...'


He blushed even more.  He wouldn’t want to display his ignorance again.


'Waist 91 centimetres...'




'Waist 91,' she said, 'you'll have to watch that.'


'Yes Miss,' I mumbled, feeling completely stupid about not knowing about waist size.


'Hips?' asked Sharon.  I didn’t like to ask why.  I didn’t like to show my ignorance.  Miranda but the measure round my hips.


'Can you hold his bits out the way while I put the tape round?'


Oh gosh.  Sharon held my penis up as the tape went round.  I gulped.


'Well say thank you,' said Sharon, 'not every girl would do that to help a man out.'


'Thank you Miss,' I said.  Gulping again.


'Inside leg,' said Sharon.  I didn’t like to ask why they needed that measurement, and show my ignorance again.


'Legs apart,' ordered Miranda, 'look Sharon.  You’re going to have to hold his you know whats up if I’m going to do this properly.'


Sharon let out a sigh of exasperation.  She got up and came over again, grabbing my testicles and yanking them roughly up to allow Miranda to position the tape measure at the top of my inside leg.


I winced slightly.  She looked at me with eyes expectantly open.


'Thank you Miss,' I said.


'I should think so too.'  She sat down again.


'What's next?' Miranda looked across at Sharon.


'Penis length.'


‘You’re going to measure my...' I was to embarrassed to say the word.


'Indicates testosterone levels,' Miranda explained as if expecting this to be queried, 'part of cardiac risk factor calculation.'


'Yes, of course,' I said, as if I had known all along.


'Well Sharon?'


Sharon stomped over, grabbed my penis and...  oh my gosh pulled to its full length... I blushed bright red....




'Yes?'  Miranda looked at me as if I was stupid.  It must be standard..  I felt sure I’d even read about it somewhere...


"Er...   Nothing...' I said.


Miranda measured the length.


'Humph...' in a rather disparaging tone, 'not much risk there then.'




I could hardly control my laughter.  It was really hard trying to keep my stern face on.  I didn’t dare look at Sharon.  She'd played her bored receptionist role to perfection. We'd got him stark naked with his cock erect and he still hadn’t suspected a thing.


'Fifteen centimetres Sharon,' I said, 'not much risk there then.


'Is that Small, Medium or Large?' asked Sharon.


'Benefit of the doubt.  Medium,' I replied


I turned to our victim.  Time to push things up a notch.


'Fetch the camera,' I said to Sharon.




Miranda explained why the photographs were required.  It was in order to determine if significant bodily changes had occurred between examinations.  Why had I been so stupid as to ask.  I felt more of a fool than ever.


'Just stand here.  Arms away from the sides.  Feet apart.  That's it..'


'Front view,' said Sharon, 'side view, rear view.'


'Close ups,' said Miranda, 'face... feet... hands... and... penis... oh!  ...  good.   Now the flexion and extension pictures...'


I stood with arms outstretched above my head.


'Tiptoes...  higher..'


I stretched up, back arched, straining to reach as high as possible...


'And just hold it there a second...  Sharon...  make us a cup of tea will you...  I’m parched...'




I looked round to see if I could relax.  It was a strain holding that position.


'Just hold it like that a second.  Sharon'll take the pictures after she's made the tea...'


'Yes Miss...' what else could I say.




I like to keep them stretched up like that.  Completely nude.  Stretching up.  Their leg muscles firm, buttocks taut, cocks...  well it gives you a nice view of their cocks.


'Just hold it there a second...' I say, as Sharon an me settle down for our tea and biscuits. 


They're nice and compliant.  They do as they're told.




I kept stretching while the girls took a break.  I didn’t know what else to do.


'Okay Sharon.  You can set up camera again.  Front, side... and rear.'


It was a relief to relax again.


'And now the flexion...  Bend forwards and touch the floor.'


I struggled.


'Legs further apart.  That will help...  further...  further...  excellent...  Sharon front, side... and rear....'


Oh no!  Bending over.  Legs wide apart.  What was going to be visible from the rear.  I was soon going to find out.


'And the close up of his orifice,' she smiled at me, ‘important for the record,' she said.


'Yes Miss,' I replied.


'Good that’s the photos done.  Next I'll demonstrate how to examine your private parts, but first I'll need a sample.  If you could just pee into this,' she handed me a small glass jug.


'Yes if course... er...'




'I mean..  er... where...'


'Where what?'


'Where do I er... provide the sample?'


'Oh... just do it here.  You don’t want to go wandering off down the corridor with no clothes on do you?'


'Well...  I suppose not...  it’s just that..'




'I can’t...  not with people watching.'


‘Why ever not?'


'Because...' I didn’t know what to say.


‘It’s easy enough.  Stick your willy over the jar and pee.  Just get on with it.'


'Yes Miss...'


'Oh really...  Sharon...  turn on the taps...'


Running water.  That does it.  The urge to pee came over me and...


'At last...  see...  you can when you want.  Look at that Sharon.  And he said he couldn’t.'


The girls watched as I filled the container.


'Good, now let's give your privates a squeeze.  I’m going to show Sharon how to examine your private parts.  She needs to know these things.'


'Er... yes Miss.'


'First of all note his penis size.  As we have mentioned he is of, well we gave him the benefit of the doubt didn’t we, average dimensions.'  And I always thought I had a big one, still I suppose Miranda had seen a lot.  ‘Now look ar his testifies.  It is normal for the left to hang lower than the right.'


'I didn’t know that,' said Sharon.


'Well, you can see here his does.  So that is the one we get hold of first.  You try.  Gently, gently...Hold, squeeze...  and... pull...'


'Ow... ow... ow...'


'I said gently!   Now the other one... hold... squeeze... and pull...'




‘Now both together... tight grip and... squeeze and pull...  and squeeze and pull...  and squeeze and pull




It was Sharon's turn to do the bollocking and she's quite vigorous.  I mean, as she says, if you’re going to do a thing may as well do it thoroughly.


I watched her.  She had him by the balls squeezing and yanking them for all she was worth while he wriggled and squirmed.


'Sorry, about that,' I barked, 'a little bit uncomfortable I know, but it is important.'


Those four little words 'but it is important' and they'll let you do anything.  Sharon scowled, gave a final tug and let go.


'Any problems?' I asked ingenuously, 'it is important you know...'




'Any problems?' asked Miranda.


I thought Sharon had been a bit vigorous with the examination of my private parts, it had been more than just uncomfortable.  I opened my mouth to say something, but she added '’s important' and I didn’t want to seem like a fool for questioning it.


'Er... that’s fine... er... thank you Miss.'


'Good, we just need to the proctological inspection now...'




'Stick a finger up your bum.  It is important...'


'Yes...   well...  of course...'


'Good, now just kneel on the bed... that’s right...  bottom in the air so as to show me your anus...  that’s your bum hole...'


'Er...  yes...  of course...'


I knelt as instructed.


'Now Sharon...  I'll explain what you are to do...  nicely lubricated...  massage his anus to relax it...  gentle insertion...  and push as hard as you can...  right up..  That’s right...  and again... and again...  '




It was Sharon's turn to administer The Treatment.  She had inserted the strapon and was fucking him hard.  His cock was up.  I could see from the expression on his face that... well they always know they’re being fucked but by this time they want it don’t they?  That’s why his cock was up why he was about to...




I was being...  well you know...  from behind up my bottom.  And I didn’t want her to stop...


'Please Miss...  harder Miss...  please Miss... harder...'


And she went harder until...


Waves of ecstasy passed over me, my whole naked body tingled...


‘Yes...  yes... yes...  oooooooooh!'


I paid Sharon at reception as I left.


'I do hope we gave satisfaction,' she said smiling as I tapped my PIN into the machine, 'do give us an assessment on the website'.


I did, 'I left,' I said, ‘completely satisfied'.




















Submitted: August 08, 2020

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Nice one. I do enjoy the way you mix S&H with comedy.

Sat, August 8th, 2020 9:18pm


Very hot. Nice slow buildup. Why not describe his ejaculation?

Mon, August 10th, 2020 1:56pm


Great story, really enjoyed it. Would be great to have some SPH in a story of yours. I liked the part where they measured his size and when they took photos.

Mon, August 10th, 2020 6:47pm

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