The Pest

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Sometimes you get what you deserve


It had been a hard night the night before. That sometimes happens on business trips. People take you out to dinner, ply you with wine, and more wine, and brandy, and dump you back in the hotel at three in the morning. And you take all your clothes off and collapse into bed. That's what had happened to me. I'd have made excuses and left, but the girl they had deputed to entertain me was a rather attractive redhead and I'd thought I might get off with her. I mean I'm a cool kind of a guy, I have a way with the ladies and I am rather good looking in a boyish sort of a way! I mean when you come to audit one of the branch offices they like to make you welcome. I shouldn't do it of course, after all it would put me at a disadvantage to have got off with one of the office girls. But hey! This bloody tedious job has to have some perks! She was called Fiona, girl they'd deputed to take me out to dinner, the office bicycle I suppose. So I flirted with her in the taxi on the way back to the hotel, much to the amusement of the taxi driver, I mean I have a way with girls and a taxi is as good a place as any to give them one. Not so lucky this time, she must have been one of those man hating feminists.


So that was why I didn't get up till nine, and why I had ordered breakfast in my room, and why indeed I was in the room with no clothes on when the chambermaid came in. It was the usual quick knock on the door, the quick shout of 'Housekeeping', and in she walks. I mean it's always happening isn't it? I mean the previous time it had happened, after I had made the usual routine apology for being caught in the altogether, as if it was my fault, the girl had just opened the curtains, and started chatting, as if it were perfectly normal to be conversing with a completely naked total stranger. Just normal chat, I'd showed her my cock, asked her if she fancied earning a quick twenty quid, the usual thing. They're usually quite willing. I mean twenty quid's a lot of money for a chambermaid for five minutes giving a guest an extra, isn't it? I mean you girls who are reading this, and I know you enjoy reading these stories, you'd be willing wouldn't you? I mean you're thinking 'I wish I'd been that chambermaid'. You're wishing you'd been the one to catch me with no clothes on and seen my cock aren't you?


This time though...


"Hi," I said, "sorry, don't mind me," but instead of not minding me, like they usually do, she went bright red, stammered something incomprehensible, and rushed into the bathroom to start work there.


I shrugged my shoulders. She was a pretty little thing and as my back seat flirt hadn't quite done the job, so I went in after her. I pointed to my cock. "Fancy earning a quick twenty quid?" I said. But instead of doing as she was told, I mean hotel employees are supposed to to what guests ask aren't they, she started screaming. Bloody girl! What on earth was I going to do now. Get on with getting dressed I supposed. She'd stop good time after all and I was supposed to be starting the bloody audit at ten.


But then there was another knock at the door.


"Housekeeping!" Thank god! Somebody who could cart Screaming Annie off.


"Come in!" I shouted, and a big rather officious girl bounded in. I suppose I should have put some clothes on, but you don't think about that sort of thing do you?


"Sir!" she said, "looking horrified, "you've got no clothes on."


"Well it is my room. Don't tell me you've not seen a cock before."


"That, Sir, is not the thing... Or rather it is the thing... And a rather obvious one at that... What on earth is going on!"


"Well your mate started shouting. Just because I offered her twenty quid. Must have been the shock. I suppose the going rate's only ten quid in this dump."


"You offered her twenty pounds! What for?" "For next to nothing. Twenty for five minutes work. Most girls pay me for the privilege."


"Sir!" "You mean you want thirty?"


"I do not mean anything of the sort. Come along Sharon," the first girl appeared to have recovered her composure at last, "we'll have to see about this." And off they went. Probably to discuss if twenty was enough. So I thought. Five minutes later there was another knock at the door.


"Come in," I shouted looking for my wallet and the twenty quid I kept for 'special' occasions. And in come the two girls followed by a lady of about thirty, with short dark hair, red lipstick and a rather stern demeanour. A bit like the sort who go around spanking the naughty boys in femdom videos. Not that I watch them you know. Not unless I've got nothing else to do.


"What is the meaning of this?" she demanded to know.


"The meaning of what?" I asked. Oh no! She was going to be one of those wretched feminists who complain that a little bit of banter is 'sexual harassment' as they call it.


"This sexual harassment," she said. I knew it. I just knew it. Still I could deal with her sort. "What sexual harassment? This young lady barges in when I've got no clothes on. Offers to perform what I can only describe as a lewed act for twenty pounds, and when I politely decline shouts for her friend and they try to blackmail me!"


That should sort them out! I reckoned. It usually does in my experience, "Is this true girls?" she asked.


"No Miss McGonagle," they replied in unison. Well they would wouldn't they. She looked at them.


"If there's one thing in this world I cannot stand it's liars," she pronounced.


"Quite right,' I said. May as well lay it on thick. "They deserve punishment to the full extent of the law."


"Quite right," I'd teach those girls to go telling lies about me.


"So you agree I should hand you over to the police!" "What me!" I yelled, "it's not me that's lying. It's these girls."


"On the contrary. I know exactly who is lying. And it's you. And do you know how I know?" "How?" I said as sceptically as I could. "Because that...," she said, pausing for effect and pointing at my cock, "is vertical. And in my experience a vertical male appendage is a sure sign that a man is lying. Hence the expression 'a cock up'. Now, shall I call the police?" Oh my god! She'd got me. She was right. My cock had gone up! And plainly visible for all to see.


"No no, don't," I said, "it was just a bit of banter. Just a joke. You girls can take a joke can't you?"


"Take a joke! You expect us to take this as a joke."


"Just a bit of joke. Any decent person can take a joke can't they?"


"Even when it involves what I can only describe as naked humiliation!"


 "Absolutely! Of course! They're the funniest of the lot!"


"You don't say."


"You have to believe me. Look! My cock's gone down!"


 I was getting a bit desperate. I couldn't have them call the police. They'd probably send one of those women policemen who hate men and think you're harassing girls just because you show them your cock.


"I still think I should call the police."


"No, no. You can punish me. I know, why don't you spank my bottom..." well, as I said, she looked the sort who'd be handy with a hair brush.


"Spank your bottom! That is the last straw. Trying to get me to indulge your... Your... Sexual fantasies!"


"But... But... I only thought..."


 "You'd enjoy a spanked bottom wouldn't you?"


 "I thought you'd enjoy spanking me. With a hairbrush perhaps."


"And you give me permission to spank you."


"Absolutely. Of course. Any time."


 "You, Sir, shall leave my hotel right now. Immediately. And not return!" She seemed to have worked herself up into a state of rather extreme annoyance. But at least she wasn't calling the police anymore.


"Yes Miss. Of course Miss," the time had come to be conciliatory, "just let me get my clothes on Miss."


"I said now! Right now!" and she flung the door open as the two girls pushed me out into the corridor and slammed it shut behind me. And before I knew it I was being marched along the corridor towards the hotel lobby. Completely in the nude.




The news that 'he' was coming to do the safety audit again was not welcome to us girls in the office. Not after the last time. Not the sex pest.


 Definition of sex pest as follows: suggestive remarks passed off as banter, positioning to look up skirts and down blouses, hands patting bottoms and pressing up against breasts, and worst of all offering twenty pounds in return for certain services. The cheek of it! A mere twenty! And any attempt to challenge him was met by denial and an accusation that the complainant was lying.


 This time, we all decided, was the time to teach him a lesson. Fiona was to take him out to dinner. If he made pestered her the trap would be set and if he walked into it, it would be sprung. It was a complex plan, but surprisingly easy to put into effect. The Majestic is always in need of temporary staff, so Sharon and Tracey took a couple of weeks off on sickies and applied for jobs as chambermaids.


 As a sex pest he would be bound to show his willy off to the chambermaid (it was by all accounts an impressive one at any rate) and if he did she knew what to do. I would masquerade as the manager under the, rather appropriate I felt, name of Mrs McGonagle and I would spring the trap. After his behaviour in the taxi the trap had been set, it had been sprung and now we had him. Marching down the corridor to his fate. Stark naked. He'd said he could take a joke involving naked humiliation. We'd soon see if he could.




Why on earth had I let them do it. What with the threat of the police and everything, I'd let them push me into the corridor and it looked like they were going to throw me out of the hotel with no clothes on. Surely not!


"Please, what are you doing to me," I stammered.


"Throwing you out the hotel with no clothes on," replied Mrs McGonagle, the manager, "it's the least you deserve.


"But you can't do that! Think of the reputation of the hotel."


"Why should that be a problem. It's my hotel. I can chuck out guests if I want to. It'll give me a lot of publicity. And all publicity is good publicity isn't it?"


She was really going to do it! Parade me naked through the hotel, then throw me out. We reached the end of the corridor. Round the corner was the hotel lobby. I could hear the voices of the people in there.


"Please Miss, please," I whimpered, "I'm begging you."


"No you're not."


"Yes I am."


"If you were begging me you'd be down on your hands and knees licking my shoes."


"But I can't do that..."


"In that case in you go!" And with that she gave me a shove and I tottered through into the lobby. The voices stopped. I stared round panic stricken. About a dozen hotel guests and the girl on reception were staring at me as I stood there without a stitch on. Totally humiliated. My face burning red. My hands clamped over my cock, but otherwise displayed stripped naked for all to see.


"Please," I begged, "please Miss."


"Well you know what to do."


"Yes Miss. Of course Miss." And I went down on my hands and knees and started licking her shoes. Then the sniggers started, quickly turning to titters, then giggles and finally out and out roaring laughter.


"Please Miss." I blubbed, "Please Miss."


The laughter suddenly stopped and I looked up to see a familiar face standing there. It was Fiona, the girl from the taxi the previous night.


She was grinning. "I've come to take you to the office," she said, "nice to see you're having a good time." I stood up and she took me by the hand. And I followed her meekly to the door and the audience burst into spontaneous applause.


The girl on reception grinned. "Nice cock," she said. Oh my god! I'd stopped covering it up. Everybody could see my cock. "Thank you," I said meekly as I was led out the door into the waiting taxi. Then it suddenly dawned on me. The office! She'd said she was taking me to the office! And I still had no clothes on!




You know. Once you've got a man with no clothes on he's putty in your hands. The strutting twat who'd paraded around his bedroom showing off his cock to the supposed chambermaids was now a whimpering baby crawling on the floor licking my shoes. I must say, considering that it must have been quite a sight, the hotel guests played their part to perfection. There's nothing like being laughed at because you're in the nude to reduce a man to jelly. And a shaking jelly he'd become as Fiona led him out to the taxi to a round of not undeserved applause. And the sweet little receptionist played her part complimenting him in his cock. She was right there, mind, he did have a nice cock - nicely proportioned, big, but not too big. It could provide us with a bit of fun later, that and his cute little bum. I looked at his cute little bare bum wiggling as he made his way to the taxi. Oh yes. The fun wasn't over yet. Not by a long way.




What was I doing, going to the office in a taxi with Fiona with no clothes on. I'd just been so relieved at the chance to get out of the hotel and all the people laughing and clapping that I'd let Fiona lead me out to the taxi no here I was on the way to the office completely nude. I couldn't do that...


"Stop!" I shouted, "I can't go to the office with no clothes on."


"Would you rather go back to the hotel? I'm sure they'd be delighted to see you again. And I use the word 'see' advisably."


"No! But..." "But what?. "I need some clothes."


"So you have any money to buy any?"


"No... But..."


"In that case I think the office is probably the best place. Or else you could just get out here. The High Street does look a bit busy though."


"No! I can't get out in the middle of the town with nothing on!" "In that case the office it is." "But what will the girls say?"


"Don't worry about that. They're expecting you. Everything is prepared." Everything was prepared. As I washed trembling into the office I saw it was arranged with Seats around a stool in the middle. Somehow I knew I was supposed to send on the stool. Meekly I allowed myself to be led to it and I stood up there, quaking with nerves, in the nude. What was going on? Why had I been made to stand on the stool? Why were all the girls sitting on the seats round me. I was soon to get the answer. The door opened and in walked Mrs McGonagle, the manager from the hotel, and the two chambermaids. What were they doing there. My legs shook, my face burned and my mouth was dry.


"Please Miss," I said, "what's happening...".




We made him stand on the chair in the middle of the room stripped naked and trembling like a frightened rabbit. That was the way to treat men who pestered girls with suggestive remarks and wandering hands. He wouldn't be doing that again after we'd finished with him. "Please Miss," he whimpered, as well he might.


"You are here to stand trial as a sex pest," I said. "And believe me you will be punished appropriately if found guilty."


"But I never...," he started. 'I'll be the judge of that I said, "I am going to ask you a series of questions and you had better answer them truthfully or it will be so much the worse for you. Believe me we will know if you are lying..."




They'd put me on trial! Accusing me of being a sex pest! Of all the cheek! Girls like a bit of banter, everybody knows that, they expect it, they enjoy it. Don't try to tell me otherwise! You like a bit of banter don't you girls? You like me to compliment me on your tits. You like to flash your sexy knickers. And most of all you like me to get my cock out so you can... Well you do don't you? I started to get back a bit of confidence.


They'd made me stand there with no clothes on, but I would show them.


"First indictment," said the dreadful women, "When you first met Fiona did you not say to her, and here I quote, 'Nice pair of tits. Will you get them out for me for a fiver'?"


"Certainly not," I said. First rule with these man hating prudes - deny everything.


"I said there would be consequences if you lied," she said.


"I'm not lying."


"You forget. We have an infallible lie detector," and she pointed at my cock. Oh my God, she was right. My cock had gone straight up.


"But..." I stammered, "I might have said something like that, but it was just a bit of banter. Girls like that. They like being complimented on their tits."


"So you admit it..."


"But she does have nice tits. And she was sticking them out..."


"Hmmmm! Well..." she looked at my cock which had subsided to normal dimensions. "Next indictment: at dinner you pretended to drop your fork on the ground and crawled under the table pretending to look for it, but really trying to get a peek up Fiona's skirt."


"Of course not!" I protested, "I would never do such a thing!" There was a gasp from the girls and and I glanced down. My cock had gone rigid again. It looked like she was right. The lie detector was infallible. "But she was wearing a short skirt," I said, "everyone knows girls wear short skirts to flash their knickers. They expect you to have a peek up there. If they didn't they wouldn't put sexy underwear on."


"And was Fiona wearing sexy underwear?"


"No," I said, and my cock went down again.


"Third indictment: In the taxi on the way to you hotel, pretending to lose balance as the car went round a corner, you put your hand up Fiona's skirt and fondled her breasts."


"Fondled her tits. Never. Absolutely not. It was a total accident." But before I'd even finished the sentence my cock was vertical and throbbing. It was no good. I couldn't get away with the ploy of total denial. "But everyone knows girls get in a taxi with you because the want a little fondle. I could see that. Not wearing a bra. Not wearing any knickers...'


"I thought you said she was wearing plain underwear!"


"I didn't say that. I said she wasn't wearing sexy underwear. She wasn't wearing any at all!" Everyone looked at my cock and it stayed resolutely down.


"Fiona!" Everyone looked at Fiona. She'd turned bright red.


"Everyone knows girls who don't wear knickers want a hand up their skirt. Everyone knows that girls who don't wear a bra want their tits fondled. I mean everyone knows that. Don't they?"


"Do they?" I looked at Fiona. Through the thin cotton of her blouse I could see her nipples were rock hard. There was a girl who wanted her tits fondled if ever I saw one.


"Of course." I looked at my cock. It was rock hard too. Bloody Fiona! She'd only gone and made it look as if I was lying!




We had him. His willy had gone up and down like a yo-yo during questioning, and now it stood up like the Eiffel Tower with his last big lie. "I think girls that just about proves it. Guilty on all charges." The girls nodded in agreement. Now for the punishment. I was going to enjoy this.




Guilty! She'd said I was guilty, and all because my cock had gone up when I saw Fiona's tits. It wasn't fair! It wasn't bloody fair! You know that, don't you girls? That's why you don't wear a bra and stick your tits out. That's why you wear sexy knickers and flash them. You're trying to get my cock up. And you know when you've got my cock up, I'll get it out for you.


"Time for the audit then," said the woman who called herself McGonagle.




"Yes, you did come here to do a health and safety audit didn't you?"


"Yes but..."


"But what?"


"I haven't got any clothes on."


"I can't see why that stops you doing a health and safety audit. Come on get going. Now what was it you spent so much time checking last time you did an audit here."


"Um... I... Er... Don't remember...," but I knew as soon as the words were out of my mouth that my cock would be straight up. I could remember all too well. I mean, she was the sort of girl who could take a joke. She really enjoyed it. The shrieking had only been for fun. You do shriek when you're having fun, don't you girls? "I can see you really do remember."


"Wel... Er... Yes..."




"I said we had to test the emergency shower..."


"The shower that's outside, beside the office door..." "Well... Er... Yes..." "The shower that dates back to the time when there was a laboratory here with acids and stuff..."


"Well... Er... Yes..."


"The shower that really serves no purpose in a call centre..."


"If there's an emergency shower here it has to be tested..."


"In case of what situation exactly?"


"In case... In case... Well in case a girl spills a hot cup of coffee down her front. An emergency shower is very valuable for that..." My cock was rigid again and refusing to go down, but I had to give them some explanation.


"So that was why you threw that cup of coffee over me was it?" Oh my God! One of the so-called chambermaids from the hotel! The one with the big tits. She was Tracey from the office. I recognised her now."


"Well... The emergency shower... I thought a practical demonstration..."


"Nothing to do with the fact that I was wearing a tight tee shirt and no bra, and when you pushed me under the shower I got soaked with freezing cold water..."


My cock was not only up. It was throbbing. Well yours would be too if you remembered the well endowed Tracey in a wet tee shirt and no bra. And then... Well I'd been so tempted. And you girls who go to work in a tight tee shirt and no bra... You're really wanting to show off your titties aren't you... You girls who enjoy reading these stories. You're really thinking how much you'd enjoy being pushed under a cold shower in a tight tee shirt. You want to show off your titties. I mean your nipples are standing out now at the thought of it aren't they!


"And then you decided to demonstrate the first aid..."


"Well you wanted to show off your titties. You did. Don't deny it. You did."


"I see. So that was why you pulled my tee shirt up and started rubbing butter into my boobs!"


"Well it's the treatment for scalded titties. It is... It is..." My rigid cock was now throbbing so hard I felt it was about to fire off. Like it nearly had when I'd rubbed the butter into Tracey's nipples. But I could see she was a good sport... I mean..


"You enjoyed it. I could see you did... You did..."


"Just like you're going to enjoy this you mean...," and with that she threw a cup of hot coffee all over my bare cock and balls. "Yikes!"


"Oh dear!' Said McGonagle in mock alarm, "I think this calls for the cold shower."


"But you can't!" I shrieked, "it's out in the street! I've got no clothes on!"


"I think you said," said McGonagle grabbing my arm, "when you pulled up Tracey's tee shirt, that there was no such thing as false modesty where first aid was concerned." And she yanked me out into the street and pushed me under the shower. As soon as I stepped under it went off automatically and a jet of freezing cold water hit me.




Tracey's shrieking hadn't been for fun! The water was freezing cold. You couldn't help shrieking when it hit you.




I shouldn't have shrieked so loud. The girls from all the other offices were at the windows watching me prance around naked in the shower. Well they would, wouldn't they? You would like to see me prancing around naked in the shower, wouldn't you girls? There was even loud applause when Tracey turned the shower off.


"Now for the first aid," she said. Oh my God! Tracey had a tub of butter in her hands. What could I do? It was me who had said it was the proper first aid treatment. In spite of the cold water my cock was still rigid and throbbing when she started rubbing the butter in....




Tracey had asked to be the one to exact the final revenge, the final humiliation, with all the girls watching. I think she really relished the notion of grabbing hold of his balls, smearing them with butter and squeezing hard as she yanked them down. Perhaps she was wrong to have for her face quite so close to the end of his rigid cock, seeing as it was loaded and ready to fire. Squeezing his balls was liking pulling the trigger and the unfortunate Tracey got it full in the face. Still she got a round of applause for it from the spectators, or he did, or both of them did. Either way it was the ultimate public humiliation for him. I've never seen a face quite so red before or since. Still, he'd said the jokes involving naked humiliation were the funniest of the lot, so he couldn't have been surprised at the mirth his humiliation had produced. And I wasn't finished with him yet. Oh no...




I bent over the desk and considered the day so far. Altogether, I thought, it had been quite a successful audit. True, there were minus points as well as plus points. I hadn't got any clothes on for a start. On the other hand I'd got a hand job off Tracey. True, it would take a couple of days for my balls to recover, and having a couple of dozen girls in the audience had been a bit embarrassing, but in the plus side I hadn't had to part with twenty quid. And the girls had enjoyed the show. I mean you'd have enjoyed the show wouldn't you girls? And if you can bring a little pleasure into people's lives, even if only by getting your balls squeezed and squirting a girl in the face, that's something isn't it? On the minus side I'd been right when I thought that Miss McGonagle would enjoy spanking my bottom. I'm not so sure that she was right in saying that I would enjoy it.






That was the left cheek. She was spanking them alternately. A big cheer went up.


"Ten. Thank you Miss." I said.





If only I hadn't suggested she use a hairbrush.




This story is part of the Reveal Yourself contest.  Comment on my post to vote to see me exposed - one word comments are allowed.

Comments and feedback are always appreciated by authors.  They help us improve our stories and learn about the things that people would like to read.  And anyway it's nice to know that people have enjoyed the stories.  But they are few and far between.  So this is just a little contest to see if people can be encouraged to comment.  Yes it's true.  Writers who are taking part have agreed to have an embarrassing completely nude picture of themselves posted if they get 20 comments.  There's no backing out.  The pictures are held by the competition organiser and will be posted if 20 comments are received.


Submitted: July 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Thought I had better reciprocate !

Sat, July 11th, 2020 8:03am

Ian Tyler

I think he deserves a little more revenge... maybe a part 2 is in order? Loved seeing him slowly realize all of the stuff that he'd done in the past, especially in the shower- great writing!

Sat, July 11th, 2020 6:20pm


I'm commenting on all these stories on the grounds that you entered this contest because you wanted to but I'd want to comment on this one anyway.

You specialise in creating arrogant jerks who have no idea how they look to the women they patronise but you've excelled yourself with this one. What a dick! (In more ways than one apparently.) He deserves all he gets. Well done.

Sat, July 11th, 2020 7:27pm


You might like to read Erotic Fantasies and make a comment there too! It’s getting more comments!

Sun, August 2nd, 2020 4:07am


You write some really fun and inventive stuff. I'm happy to comment to help get you undressed ;)

Mon, July 13th, 2020 8:40am


My vote

Tue, July 14th, 2020 3:31am

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