That's the Ticket

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

How do you help a naked lady

It started as an ordinary day. I had gone to buy a ticket, from one of those little back street shops where you get them cut price.  I'd been lucky to find it, hidden away down a back street.  Not the most exciting thing in the world. And it can't be the most exciting thing selling them either. The bored looking girl over the counter pressed a little button on her desk and I heard a buzzing from the room behind her. She had started tapping away at her computer when it happened.

I looked over her shoulder and my mouth fell open. There was a girl standing there beckoning me, and she was stark naked. And when I say stark naked I mean not a stitch on, completely nude.  She might have been in her early twenties, nice figure, red hair, pretty face and well endowed physically.  Her prominent nipples were standing out like bell punches, her face was bright red, and she was trembling with embarrassment.

"Something the matter," asked the Miss Bored, finishing her tapping.

"There's a naked girl behind you."

"Oh her. Is she beckoning you?"


"Well you'd better go in then."

I looked at the girl again and noticed this time how the red flush spread down from her face over her chest and covered her shapely bare bosoms. My God, she was really embarrassed, I could see even her knees were trembling.

What was she doing there displaying her nude body to the public like that when it clearly caused her so much embarrassment? Had she lost a bet or something?

"What's going on? The poor girl looks really embarrassed. What on earth is she doing?" I asked.

"She's probably asking for your help," said Miss Bored.

I looked at the girl again. She was beckoning to me again and mouthing ‘Please’. I'm not a man to ignore a damsel in distress - especially one with no clothes on!

"Can't you go and help her?"

"Not my job."

"Can I go and help her?" I asked.

"If you must," said Miss Bored, "First door on the left," and she pressed a buzzer to let me in.

I went through into the side office, a sparsely furnished room with a desk, some filing cabinets and a screen in the corner.

There was a cute looking girl sitting at the desk.

“I was told to come through,” I said, "there was a naked girl in the front office."

“Oh, you’ve come to help her,” she said.

“Yes, well, if I can,”

“Oh you can.”

“Then I will. Did she lose a bet or something?”

“Something like that.”

“And she has to keep going out front until she can get somebody to come back here?”

“Something like that.”

I felt a little flutter of excitement. I'd heard about nude dare bets, but I'd always thought they were a bit of an urban myth, and here I was involved in one.  It was really exciting.

"How many times has she been out front? Dozens?"

"Something like that."

At that moment the nude girl came through. She was still blushing bright red and was hiding her naughty bits with her hands.

“He’s said he'll help,” said the girl at the desk.

“Will you really?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

“You promise?"

"Absolutely," I said, "I was really excited at the thought of being part of a real naked dare."

"Oh that’s marvellous; it’s so embarrassing out there. That's the twenty-third time I've had to do it.  I have to go out until I can persuade a man to help me.  And nobody will."

“Well I will, what do I have to do?”

“Just go behind that screen and take all your clothes off.”


“That’s all, just take all your clothes off then I can get dressed. That’s what I have to do – persuade a man to take all his clothes off.”

“But I can’t do that.”

Her face crumpled up, “But you said you’d help. It’s nothing. All you have to do is take your clothes off behind the screen. I can’t bear to go out there naked again. Please. Please. You promised.”

What could I do? “It’s all I have to do. Just take all my clothes off; then you can get dressed and go home?”

“That’s it. Exactly.”

"And I can do it behind the screen."

"Of course."

“All right,” I grinned, “I’ll do it.” It seemed a little enough thing.  And it was so exciting helping a naked dare."

I went behind the screen.

“All your clothes off mind. Everything.”

“Yes. Yes,” I said.

“You have to throw them over the screen into the room, so we can see you’ve taken everything off,” that was the cute girl.

Damn! I’d been intending to keep my underwear on, but no chance now. I pulled down my pants and threw them over. I was stark naked.

“What now?” I asked.

"I have to check you've got nothing on," that was the naked girl


"Otherwise I don't get to go."

"But..  I mean I don't know."

"You've seen me with nothing on."

"All right.  I suppose so then."

Her head peeked round the screen and a huge grin of relief speed across her face as she saw me completely naked.

“Thank God," she said, "Now it’s your turn,” the screen was was suddenly pulled back and there she was dressed in my clothes. My jeans, my shirt, my shoes and socks.

“Bye bye,” she said smiling and before I could say another word she walked out the door.

I quickly covered my privates with my hands and burning with embarrassment I turned to the cute girl behind the desk.

“What’s going on?” I said, “How do I get my clothes back?”

There was a buzz from the telephone on her desk.

“That’s a lady customer,” she said, “you’d best go out and try and beckon her in.”

“But I’ve got nothing on!”

“That,” she said, “Is the whole point.”


“Here you are Miss,” the girl behind the counter seemed totally uninterested as she pressed a little button on her desk. What tedious jobs they must have, her and the girl in the back office. It was a wonder they didn’t do something to try and liven it up.

I was just picking up my ticket when a very strange thing happened. Suddenly from around the back a man appeared. My jaw dropped. He was completely naked and looking very nervous indeed. He was a good looking bloke and I couldn’t help a quick glance down at his rather impressive manly attributes; and then he did a very strange thing. Blushing bright red from the top of his head to the tip of his penis he beckoned me as if wanting me to come in.


"The whole point?" I asked.

"Exactly," said the girl, "haven't you seen the cameras.  Give them a smile.  You're on 'Naked and Embarrassed' the on-line and rather naughty subscription only TV channel."

"But, but..."

"Thanks for being such a good sport.  You get you're clothes back when you persuade a customer to strip naked for you.  Go on.  There's the buzzer!  There's a lady waiting.  Try and get her to come round."

"What if I don't?"

"Well there's the door.  You can always go home.  Nobody's stopping you."

"But I've got nothing on!"

"That, if you remember, was your choice.  There's the buzzer again, you've got a choice now, go out or go home.  Either way you've got no clothes on."

.....There's a reason why people allow themselves to be shown on Naked and Embarrassed.  I tried all day to get somebody to rescue me, and with each failed attempt the studio audience roared and laughed.  But you see, it's like being paraded naked in a shop window, you show off your attributes and mine are reasonable impressive.  There's a number at the end to get in contact if you want to and..  Well the offers just keep coming in...  Parties, dinners, opening supermarkets - it's non-stop.  It would be perfect if only...  If only... Well...  They'd let me put some clothes on sometimes!

Submitted: March 22, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Clever, and an enjoyable read!

Tue, March 23rd, 2021 1:22am

Amy F. Turner

Nice set up and had me chuckling at the concept. Well done, J.

Wed, March 24th, 2021 12:13am


Actually inspired by a real event. I was buying a ticket as described when a girl came out the back room, not actually naked but in her bra and knickers, took something off the table and went back. A dare? A lost bet? Or... well read the story.

Thu, March 25th, 2021 6:34am

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