Sweet Revenge

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Rebecca smiled. Sweet revenge. Sweet sweet revenge. Today was the day and today she was going to get her revenge.


She thought of the outfit she was going to wear. The stunning short skirt, the tight blouse that would show off her figure, the sexy underwear, the sheer stockings.


She smiled again. That little tart Cassandra didn't stand a chance. Not if she flashed her tits a thousand times. And this time she would be flashing more than just her tits. A whole load more.


It had been a long time in the planning. A year to be precise. A year since that cow Cassandra, her so-called best friend had lured Joel away. She knew how she had done it. Knew how she must have plotted it, schemed while all the time pretending to be her friend. Well she wasn't the only one who could scheme.


Ding-dong, the clock chimed. Time to get dressed. She sat down and kicked off her shoes, looking at herself in her full-length mirror as she did so. Yes! She was going to look good.




February 14th. The night of the Valentines Day Ball at the rugby club and Rebecca was going with the fittest bloke there. Joel was hers. He was her boyfriend and she was going to keep him, no matter what people said.


Joel was the best looking bloke in the rugby club. He might have been a flanker in more ways than one, but he was the guy with the clean cut figure, the beautiful dark eyes, the winning smile. It was said that girls only had to look at him to drop their knickers, but that hadn't been Rebecca's experience. She believed that girls who couldn't keep their knickers up couldn't keep their man and she was determined to keep Joel.


He wasn't strong minded and she was. She had him on a leash, if only figuratively, and he wasn't going to escape.


She looked across at Cassandra and smiled condescendingly. Cassie was her oldest friend and flatmate, and poor Cassie just hadn't got it. Rebecca looked at her own costume; it oozed class, it oozed style, it was chic. It was the sort of chic that would keep Joel on a leash all night. And there was poor Cassie in her short dress with the low cut, strapless top. She was trying to look sexy, but with her slightly too plump figure she had only succeeded in looking like a tart. Still, Rebecca wasn't going to tell her. She needed something to give her a good laugh when things got boring.


And things were bound to get boring. Cassandra had organised the entertainment. It had been supposed to be a secret but it had leaked out of course. The 'entertainment' was going to be a karaoke evening.




Rebecca thought over her scheme. It had had to be a suitable revenge. A punishment that would fit the crime, that would make Cassandra a laughing stock. She had had the germ of an idea soon, but the preparation had been long and meticulous.


She had planned it for the anniversary of the betrayal, the next Valentine's Ball, and the first thing to do had been to take over responsibility for the entertainment. It hadn't been difficult. Cassie's idea of karaoke had hardly been an unqualified success, and, well, nobody else was keen to take on the job.


Dong! She heard the clock chime. She'd better get a move on. She had to get undressed. She stood in front of the mirror and started unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse.




The Valentine's Ball was held on the indoor tennis court attached to the rugby club, converted for the evening into something that was almost, but not quite, completely unlike a sumptuous ballroom.


There was a disco of course, and there was alcohol, and there was dancing. Rebecca was proud of her dancing ability, her classy steps, her sense of rhythm, her sinuous movement. She dragged Joel on to the dance floor, pulling on that metaphorical leash as he followed her round like a little puppy on a lead.


"Naughty boy!" she chided as he tried to resist. She got hold of his wrist firmly and pulled him into the melee. She looked across at Cassandra. Poor cow! Dancing on her own! Her big tits bouncing up and down like two overripe melons pushed into a bag that was too small for them. She'd never get a boy like that, just because her tits bounced up and down,




She had known what the revenge had to be, and known when it had to be. But the means. That had been the insuperable problem.


Of course she hadn't said anything to Cassie. They were no longer flatmates. But they were supposedly still best friends who hugged and kissed decorously when they met. To the outside world Rebecca had moved on. Had said "Good Riddance" when Cassandra had stolen him away. And indeed it was good riddance. What use was a guy who was easily beguiled by a large pair of bouncing tits. She had no doubt that Cassandra had dropped her knickers at the first opportunity. Probably that very night. What use was a guy with his brains in his willy. What use was any guy. They all had their brains in their willies. That was why she hadn't got another guy. No other reason. So she said.


Still she would knock 'em dead at the ball. In that costume. When she got her revenge. Then Joel would come back to her.


Dong! It was that clock again. She mustn't be late for the ball. Smiling at her face in the mirror, her pretty, round face, with her rich auburn hair and flashing green eyes, she unzipped her skirt, and letting it slide down her thighs to the ground she stepped out of it.




"Go get me a drink. A glass of chardonnay," Rebecca liked to show off where Joel was concerned. Show everybody that he hung on her every word, that she only had to snap her fingers and he would go running off to fulfil her every wish.


And anyway she had to get him to stop ogling those bouncy tits of her flatmate. Joel nodded like the good little sycophant he was and scurried off to the lounge and bar where the drinks were available.




Joel looked round startled; the girl with the big bazookas was standing next to him.


"I'm Cassandra," she said, "I'm Rebecca's flatmate."


"Oh," said Joel limply; that had rather put paid to any lingering hopes he had had of sneaking off with Miss Bouncy and leaving Rebecca in the lurch.


"Are you doing the karaoke later?" asked Cassandra.


"I don't think I could," replied Joel, "I can't sing."


"Nonsense," said Cassandra, "You just need to follow me. We can sing together."




It was of all stupid things smoking that gave Rebecca the means to exact her revenge; smoking and that ad in the paper.


She had tried all sorts of ways to stop: nicotine patches, electronic cigarettes, willpower - but none had been successful (least of all willpower).


But the ad promised instant success. The Power of Suggestion - that was what it was called. If you relaxed your mind, opened it up to suggestion, then the power of that suggestion could stop you smoking. At least that was what Rupert de Vere (the Suggestologist) suggested in his ad. And there must have been something in it because Rebecca was round there in a flash.


He was a dapper little man with a strange deep pitched resonating voice, and Rebecca lying back in the darkened room didn't put much faith in his ability to suggest anything. Not until he started that was.


"Close your eyes, relax, empty your mind and listen to my voice, my voice and only my voice..."


She drifted off and when she woke the idea of smoking filled her with a strange sort of repulsion.


Suggestion had worked. It was wonderful. It was only when she got back home and found she had her panties on back to front that she began to wonder.


Perhaps the power of suggestion was stronger than she thought.


Ding! The clock reminded her. She had to get undressed. She unfastened her suspender belt. She always wore stockings and suspenders. She thought they were so sexy! She admired her long shapely legs in the mirror. Oh yes! So sexy!




The Karaoke was about to start. It was Rebecca's idea of a rubbish evening, but no doubt the silly cow Cassandra would enjoy it.


"Come on," said Rebecca grabbing Joel by the hand and pulling him, "Let's go outside, it is Valentine's day after all" and she gave an elaborate wink.


Joel looked at that wink, and thought about the Valentine's day comment. At last! She must mean it! She must mean her knickers were coming down. Karaoke or no Karaoke he let himself be led outside.


If truth be told Rebecca had no intention of dropping her knickers for Joel or anyone. Rebecca's knickers could have been fastened on with a padlock for all the chance Joel had of getting in them. But she fancied a bit of leading on, showing her control over Joel, doing a little teasing.


Cassandra couldn't think what had happened to him. She had so determined to rescue him from Rebecca for five minutes. He probably couldn't sing a note, but that didn't matter; he deserved a little respite from her best friend. She knew he was tagging along with Rebecca in the hope of getting in her knickers, and she knew he didn't stand a chance. Rebecca was the world's biggest willy-tease.


She looked around again. They must be outside, and Joel would be getting his willy teased something rotten. She'd better go and rescue him.




"I thought you couldn't hypnotise somebody to do something against their will?"


Blackmail wasn't a nice word, but getting a girl's panties off and back on the wrong way round was hardly the nicest thing in the world and Rebecca had to know her plan would work.


"You can get anybody to do anything," said Rupert, not the cocky and confident person he had been last time he saw Rebecca. Not now that she'd found out his little secret - what he liked to do with girls' panties when he had them under. Now she was trying to twist him round her little finger. But that was of course what Rebecca did. She liked to be the one that called the shots. And a few shots were going to be called now.


Her so-called friend Cassandra had to be made to pay. Oh yes sweet revenge, and it was just about in her grasp. She just had to get ready for this dance. That was all.


Ding - the chiming of the clock reminded her that time was slipping by. She started rolling her right stocking down.




Rebecca had been cross to have Joel dragged away from her like that. He was her plaything not bloody Cassandra's. She gave him his orders.


Joel wasn't perhaps best pleased either he didn't like to be piggy-in-the-middle between two girls squabbling over who was telling him what to do, but then he had sort of promised Cassandra. He allowed himself to be dragged away to the karaoke by the well-endowed Cassie. The way things were going she looked to be the better bet!


Joel hadn't noticed, Cassie couldn't see in the dark, and Rebecca thought it would be a suitable punishment for being abandoned. A punishment that would bring him running back to her.


It was that bouncy up and down number from Grease that Cassandra had chosen. After all Joel did have a bit of the look of a young John Travolta about him. Not that he could dance. Or sing for that matter. Which was a pity as the song is, if you remember correctly, a duet. On the other hand that didn't matter as the whole point of karaoke is laugh at some poor idiot who can't sing.


Joel thought that was why people were cheering so much during the performance. On the other hand Cassandra thought they were applauding her ever more bouncing dance and she bounced even more as a result. As for the audience of rugby players and their girls. Well, we all know what they're like!


Now one thing you shouldn't do when wearing a strapless dress with a plunging neckline is bounce up and down. Vigorously. As the last strains of 'Oh those summer nights...' rang through the hall Cassandra bounced right out of her dress. Her large endowments continued bouncing up and down for several seconds even after she'd stopped.


The hall erupted in hysterical cheers.


It was only at this point that Joel noticed that he had performed the whole song with his willy out. Rebecca didn't have a reputation as a cock-tease for nothing. And Cassandra had been right. She had been teasing Joel's something rotten when she interrupted.


Rebecca surveyed the scene with a smile as big as a slice of melon. It had been so funny. But the smile froze on her face as the mortified pair ran from the stage hand in hand.


Joel had gone. That bloody Cassie had done it on purpose. Flashed her big tits at him to lure him away. He'd be in her knickers already. Her triumph turned sour. And from that moment on she began to plot her revenge.


As for Joel - did he get in Cassandra's knickers? Gentle readers will have to decide that for themselves.




Rebecca's plan was simple. She had to pretend she didn't care about Joel.


"Good riddance to bad rubbish," is what she said when they saw each other the next morning, "You're welcome to him. You'd think with one that small he wouldn't want to go flapping it about in front of the whole club," and she affected to be amused by the incident.


So life had returned to normal. Sort of. Rebecca smiled to herself at the thought of how her manipulations had started straight away. Her little digs at Cassie about her weight.


Little comments about how she shouldn't worry about how her bottom looked in those tight jeans, or that perhaps a figure hugging dress didn't quite suit her.


Cassie had tried to shed a few pounds but Rebecca had kept plying her with her favourite chocolates and comments on her expanding bosoms until at last she thought the moment had come to spring the trap.


"There's this guy they say can get you to lose weight in no time. Just does it with the power of suggestion. He's helping me stop smoking."


Cassandra might have wondered why, in that case, Rebecca was back to twenty a day, but she didn't. An easy way to knock a few pounds off. It was too good to be true. She had made an appointment for the very next day.


Candy off a baby, thought Rebecca as she continued to get ready for the Valentines ball.


Ding! The clock chimed again. Gosh, she must hurry. She rolled down her left stocking and stood admiring herself in the mirror. She looked good, she thought, in her sexy little silk panties, high cut, tight fitting, no visible panty-line. If only Joel could see her now. He'd come running. Wouldn't he just! Some girls had more to offer than just big tits!




"Going to the Valentine's Ball again this year?" Rebecca threw the comment in disingenuously. Cassandra had resigned from the club entertainments committee after her performance at the last ball and would need a little push to ensure that she went again this year.


"Oh I don't know."


"Go on..." Said Rebecca, "I've something special lined up for entertainment," she had as you will remember wheedled her way on to the entertainments committee. She was a good wheedler.


"What?" Cassandra affected to be interested.


"Out favourite Suggestologist is going to put on a little performance."


"What? Rupert? He doesn't do 'performances'. He's not a stage hypnotist."


"Yes he is and yes he does. He's a real hoot apparently. Everybody will love it. Power of mind over matter and that sort of thing."


"Oh," said Cassandra, "Might give it a go then. I'll ask Joel. It's time he took me out on a date again."


'Have to ask Joel' sneered Rebecca to herself when she was alone. As if he could make his mind up about anything. Joel needed telling what to do.


Cassandra and Joel though didn't have that sort of relationship.


"Thank goodness you rescued me from that domineering Rebecca," confined Joel, when they were alone that night.


"I think you were rather enjoying being domineered," said Cassandra, "she had got your willy out after all. Joel preferred not to be reminded of that. Anyway she recommended Rupert. He's really good. Can get you to do anything just by the power of suggestion. He should be fun. In any case I want to show you off. Rebecca will be green with envy. She'll pretend not but she will."




She had cocky little Rupert pinned down, the sharp stiletto heel of her most fashionable shoe poised over his most delicate parts. Not literally of course. This isn't that sort of story. But metaphorically, that was how she liked to think of it. A cowering naked Rupert under her heel doing what he was told.


And what he was told was so simple, so perfect, so apt. A punishment to fit the crime. Cassandra had stolen Joel, deliberately, with malice aforethought by the brazen flashing of her big tits. Now she would be made to flash everything. Paraded stark naked before the laughing multitudes at the club. A source, she thought smiling to herself, of innocent merriment.


"You can," Rupert had explained to her, "get a girl to do anything once you had her under. It was all in the power of suggestion and how you used it. If you suggested to a girl she was in a situation where she was supposed to strip naked, where indeed she had good reason to strip naked; if you backed this up with a couple of props, well then, she would strip naked; no way would she notice the audience.


The Rugby Club. The perfect audience for a naked girl on a Valentine's Date. Rebecca had her plot for revenge. And revenge was going to be sweet.


Dong! The clock chimed again. She'd really have to stop gloating about her plan and get ready. She slipped off her bra and her breasts popped out. She admired them in the mirror. Small, she thought, but perfectly formed. Carefully she licked her fingers and toyed with her nipples. Oh yes! With her nipples up she looked really good.




It was the night of the ball and Rupert had his orders. He had brought along his props. The props he would use to get the girl to undress.


He had, if truth be told, not taken much persuasion. When he had first discovered that he had the extraordinary power to put girls in a trance where they would do anything he asked he had been meticulously proper, but in time the temptation had been too much. He had fallen into the habit of getting them to do something silly, nothing more - just silly, something for example like taking off their panties and putting them back on the wrong way round. It had never occurred to him that he might get found out.


So now he had to get a girl to strip naked in front of the rugby club. It gave him a little thrill of excitement to do it. It wasn't really wrong, he convinced himself, just a rugby club jape.


"Can I have a volunteer," he announced to the audience. It was the last part of his act. He had had several volunteers already. Nothing naughty, just blokes being persuaded to do silly things. But this time it was going to be different. He knew he could get her to volunteer; after all persuasion was his stock in trade. All those other people had volunteered. She would look churlish if she didn't.




Rebecca was so proud of her plan. What had been easier than to persuade Rupert to strip Cassandra on the stage. The carrot and stick approach worked a treat. She had the stick of a little gentle blackmail to beat him with, and at the same time at the same time she dangled the carrot of... Well she was a little tease wasn't she and Rupert's cock could be teased as well as any man's.


She had already persuaded Cassandra to visit him to help shed those few pounds. This was a necessary ploy. He had to instill her with confidence and had to embed that word that would send her into highly suggestible mode - and that had to be done in advance.


After that Rebecca only had to book Rupert as the evening's entertainment, give him his orders and sit back and enjoy the fun.


Dong! Time to get dressed for the ball. Just her panties to take off now. She stood in front of the mirror and slowly slipped them down revealing her cute little behind and her neatly trimmed in front. The panties came right down and she kicked them off. What did she have to do now. That was right! Throw them up in the air.


Up they went. Far and away as...






She had come up on the stage. Revenge. Oh yes revenge was going to be sweet.


He said the word that would put her under. The word he had implanted in her mind in the weeks before. She went in a state of complete suggestibility.


"Now," he addressed the audience, "you will see how the power of suggestibility works. With these props - this dressing table and this mirror I will persuade her that she is getting ready to come to the ball. Every time I ding this little bell she will think it is the clock chiming and she must take off an article of clothing."


He looked round at the audience.


"Shall I dong the bell? Shout out loud if you want me to".


The shouts of the audience were deafening. He donged the bell and gasps went all round as Rebecca started to unbutton her blouse.


Cassandra looked on with a wry grin on her face. From the first moment Rupert had told her of the plot she had known what to do. Turn the tables on her so-called best friend. She deserved it.


And she knew how to bring her out of her trance at just the right moment. Out of her bag she took an alarm clock. The one with the very loud ring.






Rebecca blinked. What was she doing standing on stage in front of that prop mirror of Rupert's. She remembered being hauled up there by Rupert. He had suggested her going up first so that that little tart with the big tits would follow then...


She'd thought she was getting ready for the ball.  In front of a mirror.  Taking her clothes off and...


A huge roar of laughter went up. She stared round at the audience. What were they laughing at? Then she looked down and understood. She was completely nude. Realisation came flooding in. Hoist by her own petard. Stripped naked and paraded in front of an audience.


There was only one thing for it...




Joel looked on amazed. To hell with big tits he thought. Up on stage was a vision of naked loveliness such as he had never seen before. He watched mesmerised as affecting an air of confidence she walked down off the stage and took him by the hand.


"You wanted to get in my knickers?" She whispered in his ear, "well now I'm not wearing any."


Joel was back on the leash again. And this time it was tied tightly where it wouldn't slip off.

Submitted: August 14, 2020

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