Sports Day at St Ethelfrida's

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Naked and Funny

The Girls take on the rival Bertyites and take off their clothes

De'il tak the hindmost girls!  De'il take the hindmost!"


The voice of Miss Pettigrew, physical training mistress at St Ethelfrida's, rang out across the playing field.


The girls of the Remove cheered.  They all adored Miss Pettigrew, some even had a secret pash for her, and who wouldn't!  A finer example of Caledonian maidenhood was not to be found north of Gretna Green.


"Gosh Georgie," said Cynthia McCorkerdale, madcap of the Remove, to her best friend and partner in crime Georgina (always called Georgie on account of being the class tomboy) O'Hara, as they lined up at the start of the race "I think we need some sort of a wizard wheeze here.  I don't fancy losing this!"


"Bug-a-me no," replied Georgie, using the latest slang of the Remove picked up from old MacDonald the gardener, "Bug-a-me no!"




"Come on girls, put some effort into it!"


Cynthia gasped, The Pet (as the girls affectionately called Miss Pettigrew when they thought she wasn't listening) was really working them hard, but it wasn't easy.  The girls of the Remove, dressed in their PT kit of blue gym knickers and white gym vest, thrust out their chests and flung back their arms rhythmically.


"Come on Cynthia put some oomph into it."


"Please Miss it's making my busties bounce up and down."


"That, Cynthia, is the point.  Dr Golightly is most insistent on these exercises to develop and firm up a girl's bust.  You don't want to sag do you?"


"No Miss," Cynthia gasped.


"Come on then!  One - two - three!  Fling those arms back girls!  I must, I must, I must extend my bust!"


And the girls flung their arms back, thrust their busts forward and as they did so they chanted in unison, "I must, I must, I must extend my bust."


They knew that a big firm bust was the most important attribute a girl could have and the whole point of gym lessons was to achieve this.


"Please Miss," wailed Cynthia, "I think it might be better if I used a continental bust support as recommended by Doctor Titsling."


"A bust support," Miss Pettigrew looked incredulous, "I must have told you a thousand times girl that Dr Golightly has clearly stated that the use of a bust support restricts growth and induces sagging!"


"But Miss!  My busties are big and firm already!"


"In that case you have no need of a bust support.  Here comes Dr Golightly himself; we shall enquire of him.  Good morning Doctor."


Dr Golightly, rector of St Ethelfrida's, was a big jolly man with a bald head and round glasses.  He beamed all over his face at the sight of the girls of the Remove in sweaty gym knickers and tight vests rhythmically thrusting out their busties. 


"Why Dr Golightly," said Miss Pettigrew, going rather red in the face for some reason, how nice of you to drop by.


"Ah Miss Pettigrew, you know what a close interest I take in the welfare of the girls," and in this, and his posh Edinburgh accent, he spoke only the truth for Dr Golightly regularly called by while the girls exercised their busties.


"Well you should take a close interest in this girl," she motioned Cynthia forwards, "she has had the temerity..."


"Temerity eh?" Dr Golightly frowned slightly.


" suggest using a bust support!"


Dr Golightly frowned even more, "Step forward girl."


"Yes Sir, Dr Golightly Sir!" Cynthia thrust her busties out to demonstrate their exceptional size and stepped forwards.


"Now girl," Dr Golightly put on his glasses and his sternest face, "I have explained many times that the aim of gym exercises is to develop the...  Ahem... Contour and firmness of the bust.  An aim which is totally nullified if the bust is confined within any form of bust support.  Do you understand me girl?"


"Yes Sir."


"Is your bust not well contoured?"


"Yes Sir.  It is Sir."


"And firm?"


"Yes Sir."


"Let me be the judge of that.  Busties out girl!"


Cynthia thrust her busties further forwards.


"I meant right out girl.  Remove your gym vest!"


"Yes Sir," Cynthia pulled her gym vest over her head and thrust her busties forwards again.  Dr Golightly surveyed them with interest.  Cynthia flushed with pleasure.  It was not every girl whose busties got special attention from Dr Golightly; true there was usually one every lesson, but not every girl.


"Nicely contoured," pronounced Dr Golightly, "but as for firmness..." He held out his hands, "May I?"


"Yes Sir.  Please do Sir!"


Cynthia pulled her arms back to accentuate the contour of her busties.


Dr Golightly took one busty in each hand and squeezed.


"Miss Pettigrew," he said, "this girl needs further regular bust exercises.  I will take special charge myself."


"Oh Dr Golightly!  How kind of you!"


"You girl!"


"Yes Dr Golightly."


"Report to my office at eight ack emma in gym knickers and vest and I shall prescribe some special exercises for you!"


"Yes Sir!"


And with that he marched off.


"I say!" Georgie grinned as they marched to the showers after gym lesson, "Bug-a-me!  Who's the Beak's pet then!"


"You have to have the busties for it!" said Cynthia sliding down her knickers preparatory to showering.


"Come on girls!" ordered Miss Pettigrew.


"But it's cold Miss!" Lettice Leaf, class wimp (but tolerated on account of having pots of the necessary) reluctantly pulled off her vest.


"Cold water is good for the bust!" exclaimed Miss Pettigrew, "keeps it firm!  And an outdoor shower is most healthy.  Dr Golightly is most insistent on that.  That is why he insisted the showers be installed here in the quad where he could supervise from his office window," she beamed up at the portly figure supervising from his window above with the aid of his field glasses, "Come on girls.  All togs off!  Birthday suits!"


The girls gathered in their birthday suits under the showers and Miss Pettigrew turned on the jets of freezing water.  Dr Golightly adjusted his field glasses.  Very satisfactory!  His tough regime was certainly having the desired effect.  But there was something missing.  The girls seemed somehow reluctant.  There was a need to introduce some sort of incentive, a competitive element to gym lessons.  He sighed and sat down to develop some new bust exercises.  He was looking forward to eight ack emma.




Cynthia was thrilled that Dr Golightly had taken a special interest in her busties.  Such a special interest that he had had her remove her gym vest again.  The girls at St Ethelfrida's worshipped him and took his every word for law. 


She was on her thirty-second push up.  It was a set of exercises that Dr Golightly had specially developed.  With each push her bare busties touched the ground.


Looking at the rise and fall of her posterior Dr Golightly noted how tightly stretched her blue serge gym knickers were.


"Miss McCorkerdale," said the good Doctor, "Do you not find your gym knickers uncomfortably tight."


"Gosh Dr Golightly Sir, you've hit the jolly old nail on the bonce," Cynthia panted, getting rather out of puff, "you don't think you could pull them down for me do you?"


"I was about to suggest that very thing."


"Good egg Sir!  What a jolly good wheeze.  How many more push ups have I to do?"


"A hundred and fifty three," replied the good doctor pulling down Cynthia's knickers to around her thighs, "Is that better?" he squeaked.


"I say, can you go a bit lower Sir!"


"Is that better," said Dr Golightly in a deep baritone.


"I meant with my knickers Sir.  Not your voice."


Her knickers lowered to her ankles Cynthia let out a sigh of relief.


"You know Sir," she said, "Gym would be so much better if we didn't have to wear knickers at all!"


"Yes," said Dr Golightly, rhythmically slapping Cynthia's behind to indicate the timing of her push ups, "Boost performance eh what!  It is a basic truth that exercise in the bare buff is so much more healthy."


"Absolutely," said Cynthia, "Dr Golightly,"


"Yes Miss McCorkerdale?"


"My busty teats are getting sore with hitting the ground."


"Excellent," said Dr Golightly, "Stimulates the circulation."


"You're jolly well right there Sir.  There's nothing like stimulation of the busty teats to give you energy." 


"You know what Miss McCorkerdale?"


"Yes Sir."


"I think manual tweaking of the busty teats might well have the same effect!"




At their midnight feast that night Cynthia had all the girls doing Dr Golightly's new exercise and tweaking their busty teats.


"Bug-a-me," said Georgie, "this is stimulating!"


“Jolly good egg,” said Cynthia, “I bet you could do the eighty yard dash in under fifteen secs like that!”


“Absolutely top hole!” said Lettice Leaf whose busty teats had responded to the stimulation by demonstrating a remarkable firmness.


After that there was no stopping the girls from tweaking their busty teats until they were all stimulated something rotten.


“I say,” said Cynthia, “how about we try an eighty yard dash round the quad in the bare buff!  It’ll set us up for the match against St Bertie’s”


“Wizard!” said Georgie, “but we’ll have to be on the cavey case the Beak sees us!”


“The Beak won’t mind.  He’s wants to see us give one to St Bertie’s as much as we do.”


There was nothing so much exciting the girls of the Remove as the annual sports day match against the girls of St Bertie’s, or St Ethelberta’s as it was better known.  The rivalry went back ever so far, to the time in 1957 when the girls of St Bertie’s were considered to have been rotten cheats by spending time before sports day practising.  Such a thing had never been heard of before and St Ethelfrida’s had sworn that they would get their revenge.


Cynthia stood with her father’s old stopwatch in her hand as the fully stimulated girls ran the circumference of the quad.


“Fourteen secs!  She cried, give or take a couple!”


"Top hole!" said Lettice, panting in last; on the other hand daddy was absolutely loaded so she was bound to get on the team.


Dr Golightly looked on from his window and nodded sagely.  Bare buff running and busty tweaking had been an excellent idea!



Sports day dawned and the girls looked at the grinning faces of the St Bertie’s team.  Suspicion deepened.


“I say!” Cynthia was the first to voice the suspicion, “they’ve been practising again!”


The climax of the sports day was the De'il tak the Hindmost race.  The rotters of St Bertie's had been practising at egg and spoon racing, they were whizzes at the three-legged race and had clearly had professional coaching for the wheelbarrow race.  By the time of this last race they were winning by 52 points to 2.  For the honour of St Ethelfrida's the girls of the remove just had to win the De'il tak the Hindmost.


The point of the race was to build character in girls.  Character building was the second most important (after busty building) role of a good girls' school.  Thanks to Dr Golightly the girls' busties were extremely well developed (a major advantage in a close finish) and their characters were not far behind. 


The race was five laps of the track.  At the end of each lap the girl who was last was eliminated.  As each girl was eliminated they were made to stand on a podium to be presented with losers medals, generally jeered at and pelted with ripe fruit and rotten eggs.  This was held to be very character building!  The last two girls raced the fifth lap and first over the finishing line was acclaimed the winner.


"Gosh Georgie," said Cynthia McCorkerdale, madcap of the Remove, to her best friend and partner in crime Georgina (always called Georgie on account of being the class tomboy) O'Hara, as they lined up at the start of the race "I think we need some sort of a wizard wheeze here.  I don't fancy losing this!"


"Bug-a-me no," replied Georgie, using the latest slang of the remove picked up from old MacDonald the gardener, "Bug-a-me no!"


"Perhaps we should have worn clothes after all," said little Lettice Leaf the third member of the St Ethelfrida's team, "I'm not so sure I fancy getting on that podium in the bare buff.  I'm not sure I want to run in the bare buff either!"


"But Dr Golightly explained," said Cynthia, "the effect of sunshine on the bare skin stimulates the muscles, and you have to be completely bare for it to work.  Come on girls.  Into the bare buff!  No plimsolls Lettice!"


"Top hole," said Lettice, though she didn't sound convinced, But..."


"No buts!" Cynthia was adamant itself, "look what it's done for our busties!"


"It hasn't done much for mine," said Lettice, "and my feet are sore!"


"Well you can't win everything," said Cynthia sticking her busties out to prove the point.


"Give them a tweak, Lettice, "that'll get you going!"


"And now for the big race of the day," the voice of the announcer could be heard over the Tannoy speakers, "the De'il Tak the Hindmost race.  In the blue the girls of St Ethelberta's..." rousing cheers from the St Ethelberta's contingent rang round the field, "Bertie's!  Bertie's!  Berties!" the announcer resumed, "...And in the buff the girls of St Ethelfrida's."


A lone voice squeaked, "Come on Freddie's," otherwise there was silence as the excited crowd of parents, teachers and associated hangers-on realised that the girls were literally in the buff.




The starting pistol went off and the girls of St Bertie's dashed into a lead.  Cynthia panted on behind.  The rumours were true!  The rotters of St Bertie's had actually been training.  By three quarters of the first lap St Bertie's were ten yards ahead with Cynthia in last place.  Poor Cynthia's big busties were slowing her down.  Perhaps she shouldn't have run in the buff after all.  They bounced around in the most unfortunate fashion.  Lettice was keeping ahead and Cynthia realised with horror that she was the hindmost.  She'd be first on the podium of disgrace to be jeered at in her birthday suit and pelted with rotten eggs.  It was time for action.  The resolute girl had already formulated a plan.  Leaving her busties to their own devices she surged forwards and just as Lettice was three yards short of the end of the lap she gave her a jolly good shove in the back.  As Lettice sprawled headfirst into the mud, Cynthia sped past and Lettice was eliminated.


"Hey!  You pushed me you rotter," Lettice shouted as she was led away to be mounted in disgrace on the podium, "Bottom hole!" she announced, "Jolly rotten bottom hole!"


But Cynthia didn't mind.  Lettice was the class wimp even if she did have lots and lots of the necessary.


Cynthia was still in the race which had now slowed to somewhat of a crawl making her large busties less of a drawback.


"Come on slowcoach," yelled Georgie as they rounded the last bend, "we're gaining on them!"


As they approached the line Cynthia was still last.


"Bug-a-me!" Said Georgie, "You're going to be out," but Cynthia caught sight out of the corner of her eye of the naked Lettice up on the podium being pelted with rotten eggs by the Bertie-ites.  No way was she having that!  She stuck out her foot.


"Bug-a-me!" Shouted Georgie as she went flying into the mud and was eliminated.


"Hard cheese," said Cynthia as Georgie ran off, "sorry about that."


"Bug-a-roff!" Replied Georgie hareing off the field with no intention of being put on a podium.  It was an expression Old Macdonald had often used to the girls.


Cynthia was now just left with the three St Berties rotters who were steaming ahead.  It was time for a boost!  Taking each busty teat between finger and thumb and tweaked hard.  It was just as Dr Golightly had predicted, she felt a terrific boost and was soon bearing down on her rivals.


The two feeblest St Bertie's girls were eliminated and led to the podium where they were ceremoniously stripped naked and pelted with ripe tomatoes by the girls of St Ethelfrida's.


The race was now on between Cynthia and the last Bertie-ite.  A hundred yards from home Cynthia was still a yard behind, but a final dramatic tweaking saw her surging level as the line approached.  It was neck and neck for the line, but Cynthia saw her big advantage, or indeed pair of big advantages.  Months of exercises developing her busties were about to pay off.  She thrust her chest forward as she crossed the line. 


"Photo-finish," gasped the crowd.  The flash gun went off as the girls crossed the line.  Breaths were held as the Polaroid picture appeared and there it was.  Busty teat tweaking had won the day!  By the length of her proudly erect busty teats Cynthia had breasted the tape first!


"Cynthia McCorkerdale of St Ethelfrida's wins!" Announced Dr Golightly, "to score 51 points and secure overall victory for St Ethelfrida's"


The Bertie-ites booed, but they didn't mind.  They still had plenty of rotten eggs to pelt Lettice with.


Cynthia smiled.  It had been a good day.  She looked at Lettice standing there, egg yolk running down her face.  She looked rather forlorn, but she had had to be sacrificed for the greater good.  Cynthia picked up a spare egg and took aim.


"Busties out, Lettice," she cried, mustn't waste a good egg!

Submitted: May 02, 2020

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