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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Can you persuade someone to take off all their clothes?

I don’t pick up girls in hotels. I mean I’d like to, but I’m far too nervous. Other blokes at our place seem to have no trouble getting girls to drop their knickers, like Doug - 'Girls are made to love and kiss' he says and in that order (except he doesn’t say 'love' he says a rude word starting with 'f' which I wouldn’t use). No, I don't do those things. I'm far too shy to ask. That’s why I was sitting alone in the lounge of The Grand Hotel late at night when the girl approached me.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked, "I'm Samantha."

"Um... er..." I muttered. Unable to say more. Far too shy.

"Thanks," she said sitting herself in the chair beside me. She was young, blonde, petite and quite pretty in a cheeky sort of way. You know the sort. Turned up nose, rosy cheeks, big eyes.

"So," she said, "what brings you to this neck of the woods?"

Oh Gosh! Was she chatting me up or just being friendly? It had to be the latter, girls don’t chat me up.

"I’m here on business," I said trying to sound important.

"And what business is that?"

"I’m a..." I thought about lying, saying I was something interesting, but it was no good, "a... Quality Documentation Auditor."

She frowned slightly.

"But what do you do?"

"I er... audit the quality of documents..."

"Oh. Exciting is it?"

"Not very."

A long pause followed in which I tried to think of something to say.

"I’m a writer," she said, "seeing as you ask"

Of course! I should have asked her what she did. Now she was being sarcastic.

"Well," I paused for something more to say, "what do you write?"

"Erotic stories."

Oh my Gosh twice over.

"You mean like er.. you know... that er.. Twenty... er things..." I couldn’t think what it was called.

"I wish," she said, "then I might make some money. No. I write naughty stories but I don’t make much for them."

"Oh... er..." What on earth should I say? "What sort of stories then?"

"You know the sort. Where people lose all their clothes in public and get laughed at."

"Oh... Right... And there’s money in it?"

A girl who wrote naughty stories about girls being caught in the nude and she was chatting me up! I had to try and keep the conversation going

"Not much. I publish a blog on line. There's money to be made, but I need to get more readers. I’ve reached a sort of limit."

"Why is that then?"

"They say I"m not realistic enough, that's what the readers say. I need to do research they say. Need to know what it really feels like being nude in public."

"Um... er..." I had to think of something to say. "What er... story are you on with now then?"

"Well, my leading character gets 'tricked,' shall we say into pretending to be locked naked out of a hotel bedroom and has to go down to reception stark naked to be let back in. Except the receptionist demands identification which of course a you don’t have when you’re nude, and much hilarity follows."

"And it isn't realistic enough?"

"They say I have to do research. As if anyone would strip naked and pretend to be locked out of a bedroom for research."

The thought of her stripped naked and locked out was too much for me. No girl had dropped her knickers for me in a long time, that is to say ever.

"Why not?" I said.

"Because it would be too embarrassing that’s why."

"I don’t see why?" With a bit of persuasion I might get her to do it! I had to try at any rate.

"Well it would be just so embarrassing wouldn’t it!"

"Not at all! Of course not!" I just had to persuade her to do it. Just think of it! Persuading her to come into reception completely nude!

"Yes it would. You would be embarrassed doing it wouldn’t you?"

"No. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about." Then my master stroke! "I’d be there. I’d make sure nothing went wrong." Master stroke! I’d get to watch! Not as good as getting in her knickers, but not far short!

"Well if you would. I mean it might work. I mean you would do it if I asked?"

"Of course..". She was actually asking me to watch!

"Oh thank you. Thank you."

She was even thanking me for being there to watch!

"Well how do we do it then?" I asked.

"Simple isn’t it. You go to your room, take all your clothes off, lock yourself out and come down to reception. I'll be there. I'll watch exactly what happens and you can tell me what it feels like. I mean I’d have done it myself if you hadn’t volunteered, but my main character is a rather naive young man like you. In fact I'll base him in you. So you’re perfect for it."

"But..." it suddenly struck me how I’d got the conversation all wrong. She’d been asking me to come down into reception naked, not to watch her do it. I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t! I’d die of embarrassment. I just had to think of some way to get out of it. An idea struck me.

"I’d do it in a shot, I'd even enjoy it, but..."


"Well, the receptionist. It wouldn’t be fair on her. I mean seeing me in the nude. It might give her a shock. She might get upset. Might call the management..."

That would get me out of it for sure.

Samantha's Naughty Story Blog

I hope you're enjoying this story readers! He sent his version to me so I thought I would use that instead of writing it myself. But I'll make a few little comments as we go along to keep you in on the joke! Love, Samantha.

When you’re playing a joke on someone the big mistake the victim makes is trying to find an excuse to get them out of whatever embarrassing corner you’ve backed them into. The embarrassing corner being one in which they are stranded in public with no clothes on. It’s such a thrill getting them into the corner and watching them trying everything they can to get out and all the while you know that you’ve got them. There’s no escape. In the end they are going to be standing there out in the open in front of you completely nude and you’ve made them do it.

The pathetic excuse he tried was:

"Well, the receptionist. It wouldn’t be fair on her. I mean seeing me in the nude. It might give her a shock. She might get upset. Might call the management..."

Easily countered.

"I'll go and speak with her. You needn’t worry."

And before he could object I got up and left the room. I quickly crossed reception and into the ladies where I took off my damp panties. Don’t make such a face readers! The anticipation of the humiliation to come was getting so stimulating that well... I know you understand... and you girls reading this will have to take your panties off soon as well. I promise. I fact dear readers why don’t you all take all your clothes off now, you'll enjoy it much more if you. Girls, it will keep your panties dry and you boys, I think your cocks will be up already and you'll be wanting to play with them very soon!

I crossed back through the lobby winking to the receptionist as I passed, and went back into the lounge.


Thank goodness I’d thought of that excuse. I’d seen the girl on reception. She'd get short shrift from her and I’d be off the hook. Five minutes later my new friend returned a broad grin on her face.

"Settled," she said, "no problem at all. She's up for it."

"But but... what about..."

"What about what?"

"I mean other guests."

"None about this time of night. Anyway they won’t mind. No worries for you there. You can go and enjoy yourself. You did say you'd enjoy it didn’t you? And it will be so valuable for me to watch. I'll write it all down for my blog. And make sure she sees your willy."

"My what?"

"Your willy. She has to see your willy. You will show it to her won’t you?"

"Yes, yes of course. I will..."

What else could I say. Hoist by my own petard. I crept back through reception to the lift. The receptionist gave me a funny look. Well she would wouldn’t she? Back in my room I thought about just forgetting about it. But I just couldn’t. I would meet the girl again. She might even come up to my room. I’d look stupid. I’d look as if I’d been trying to get her naked. Oh heck! I took my clothes off and peered out the door. I crept into the corridor. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t. I turned to go back into the room but just as I did so the door slammed in my face. The decision had been made for me. I was locked out naked. Hesitantly I crept on tiptoe down the corridor to the lift. I had nothing on, out in the corridor where anyone might see me. Nothing on! Nothing at all! I covered my private parts with my hands and cowered as the lift started going down. There was no going back now.


Samantha's Naughty Story Blog

You might wonder if I thought I might have seen the last of him, if he'd have gone back to his room and never reappeared. But I knew. I had him. He'd be terrified of looking like a fool if he didn’t come back. But still, my heart was racing as I stood at the reception desk chatting to the receptionist. The lift was directly opposite and the indicator showed that it was coming down from the fourth floor. His floor. It arrived. The lift doors opened and out he stepped. He stood in front of us, not a stitch on, completely nude, red faced and trembling, trying to hide his willy with his hands. I’d done it! I’d done him! I was so excited I’d have wet my pants if I’d been wearing any. Now to have some fun! And girls if you’re not naked as instructed - get naked now, you’re going to enjoy the next bit!


The lift opened directly into the reception area and the doors slowly cranked open to reveal me to the two waiting girls. They would be expecting me of course but that didn’t stop the embarrassment as I stepped out into the lobby. I was nude in public, completely nude, out in the open. I crept up to the reception desk.

"Please Miss," I stammered, "please Miss I... I... er..." my face was burning and my mouth was so dry I could hardly get the words out.

"What?" The receptionist snapped open mouthed.

"Please Miss I... I... locked myself out my room..."

"But... But... you’ve got no clothes on. What are you doing in the hotel lobby with no clothes on?"

"Well I had to you know. I had to see what it felt like for you to see me with nothing on. You know..." my voice trailed away.

"You mean you did this deliberately. You locked yourself out your room in the nude deliberately! You wanted me to see you naked?"

"Um... er... well yes. She told me to," I said pointing to Samantha who was grinning all over her face, "she said I had to.. had to... show you my willy..." I was trembling so much I hardly knew what I was doing, "there it is," I said, "there's my willy."

Her mouth opened wide.

"Sorry... you say this lady told you to show me your willy?"

"Well... yes..."

She looked at Samantha.

"Did you tell him to take all his clothes off and show us his willy?"

"Never seen him in my life before," she said, "better send for the management. He needs to be sorted out!"

"Can’t be doing with that," said the receptionist, "too many bloody forms. I'll write to his company and tell them what he did and not to send him here again."

"You can’t do that," I said, "please Miss. I'll be a laughing stock."

"I think you’re that already."

"Oh let him go."

"Okay then Sir. I just need some ID."

"But I haven’t got any. I haven’t got any clothes on."

"Well I can’t give you a replacement key can I. That's company rules."

"But... but... I’m naked."

"That’s just the thing. Anybody could try and trick their way into getting a room key by coming here naked couldn’t they? Perhaps that’s what you’re trying to do."

"I’m not. I’m not." I blurted out.

"Tell you what," said Samantha, "what room are you in ?"

"Four two seven."

"Okay then. You give me a key for 427, and I’ll go up and fetch some ID for him," Samantha volunteered.

"No problem."

"My driving licence is in my wallet in the bed," I said.


The receptionist handed the plastic key over and Samantha disappeared.

"You men," said the receptionist, "you do like showing off your willies don’t you?"

"No... no... she said..."

"She said she'd never seen you before so we'll not have any more excuses. You like showing off your willy don’t you."


"Don’t you?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

Samantha reappeared with my licence.

"Here it is. Looks like he's genuine."

"So he is. I'll just take a photocopy, then we can..."

"I think," said Samantha, "perhaps he should pay a little forfeit for us."

"Good idea. Can’t get away Scot Free can he?"

"A forfeit..." I stammered, "what kind of forfeit?"

"I know," said Samantha, "you can give us a twerk. That'll be fun. I like to see a man twerking in the nude."

"What’s twerking?" I asked.

"Dear me! What an innocent. You bend over that table there. I put on some music, and you shake your bottom in time to the music."

"I what?"

"Shake your bottom, that nice little bare bottom of yours."

"But I can’t..."

"I think you can. If you want this card key that is, or I could just email your company."

"No no... I'll do it."

I bent over the table

"Here, I'll put the music on. Do it properly now, or no key for you!"

Disco type dance music blared through the hall and I started to wiggle my bottom. I wiggled and wiggled as hard as I could. I just had to get my key.

Suddenly the music stopped.

"What on earth!"

I spun round. A busty dark haired girl stood behind the reception desk. I’d never seen her before.

"Where's the receptionist gone?" I asked.

"I’m the receptionist."

"But there was another girl here. Blonde hair. The receptionist."

"Sorry, I’m the only girl on reception here. We don’t man the desk this time of night. I just came out my office when I heard the music. And you were well..."

"Twerking," I stammered.

"Indeed. And a remarkable sight it was."

"But there was a girl and she said..."

"And she said that she wrote a naughty blog and needed some real life experience of going into reception naked?"

"Yes.. how..."

"And she tricked you into doing it..."

"Yes... but how..."

"And she got a copy of your driving licence and persuaded you to..."


"Yes indeed."

"But how did you know all that?"

"Same thing happened a few months back. I heard the music and came out to be greeted by... Well a bare behind. You men are so gullible. One girl to persuade you to strip and one to pretend to be the receptionist. They must have been in fits of laughter."

I war bright red. I’d been had. Completely and utterly had. Tricked into stripping naked and wiggling my bare behind to a total stranger.

"Never mind," said the receptionist, "she's left your driving licence so I can give you a new key. Oh, and the address of a website. You'll look good on it. You’ve got a much nicer bottom than that other bloke, and a bigger...."

"A bigger what?"

"You know. A bigger one. She puts a picture of it on the blog. I got the website last time as well. I had to have a look at it you know. And you’ve definitely got a bigger one."

"Have I?"


"Oh... right... can I have my key then."

"Of course... but..."

"But what?"

"Give us a twerk first..."

My eyes opened wide. She'd already dropped her knickers.

Samantha's Naughty Story Blog

Did you enjoy that story readers. He gave her a good seeing to and no mistake. Over the twerking table no less. Sarah and me watched it on the camera we'd hidden in reception.

Did you like the illustrations? We secretly filmed the whole thing. I particularly like the GIF of his twerking bottom. And he has got a big one hasn't he? Oh, and here's his driving licence. Well, you’ve got to identify the victim haven’t you. No fun if you don’t.

Love, Samantha

PS. You can stop playing with your cock now.




Not all bad news though. Now every hotel I go to now seems to have a receptionist who's seen this blog. And like the real receptionist at The Grand, they’re turned on by a twerking bare bottom and they like a bigger one. By the time I’ve checked in they’ve already dropped their knickers.


Submitted: March 08, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Fun story.

Mon, March 9th, 2020 10:38pm


Great fun, and FUNNY!

Fri, May 22nd, 2020 1:27am

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