Nude Hiking

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

How did I get into this mess?  It was all because I liked nude hiking.  How did I first start off nude hiking?  It must have started a few months ago.


It had been one of those hot nights you don't get very often in this part of the world and I couldn't sleep.  So I went for a stroll in the woods near our house and I thought how lovely it would be to take all my clothes off and walk naked.  Of course it was dark and the middle of the night and so it was all right.


It was a wonderful feeling, to feel the cool breeze on my naked body, the moist earth beneath my bare feet.  I couldn't wait to do it again.



f course as the months went by I got more used to it and more daring.  I would go out early in the morning when it was light.  It was so much better to commune with nature in the nude when it was light.  But of course summer turned to autumn and autumn turned to winter and the days were short and the nights long.


If I wanted to go out in the light I would have to go out in the daytime.  It was too risky though, a man wandering around in his birthday suit in broad daylight, what would people think!


I resisted the urge until the snow came.  It doesn't snow that often in our temperate climate, but I woke one day to see the world covered in a blanket of white.  Nude snow hiking!  The temptation was irresistible.


And I knew exactly where.  Dishton Woods.  Nobody would go there in this weather, and in any case I could soon get into the safety of the woods and strip naked.


Parking wasn't that easy.  The car park was six inches deep in snow, but I got in all right, put on my boots and took my rucksack and walked a mile into the woods.  It was perfect.  The snow was thick on the ground, the air was cold and crisp, the sky was blue, the branches of the trees were coated with frost.


I took my clothes off, including boots, it was a rule of mine that I had to walk completely nude - even bare feet.  That, I was to discover, was a big mistake.


I put them all in my capacious rucksack and hid it beside the path near a little bridge over a stream.  Then I set off.  It was bitterly cold - well about freezing I would say, but I had started off quite hot with all the clothes I had been wearing and the exertion of walking.  The sensation of the cold air on my warm skin was incredible, so stimulating!  I knew I wouldn't be able to go far without getting cold.  I had reckoned on about twenty minutes brisk walk, maybe a mile, then turn back.  It was only when I had gone the mile that I realised that that had been perhaps overambitious. 


If any of you have been nude snow walking you will know why.  Walking in the snow my bare feet were in agony with the cold. They were so painful I could hardly walk on them and I was a mile from my clothes, completely nude and starting to shiver with the cold. 


I turned round and painfully started to run back my frozen penis swinging in the cold. 



It was only when I was back in sight of where I'd left my clothes that I knew I was in real trouble.  Two girls were standing on the path blocking my way. 


There are moments in the life of the nude adventurer when you know the game is up.  That this time you haven't got away with it.  That you are going to have to suffer the embarrassment and humiliation of revealing yourself naked to some stranger and having to talk. your way out of it.  This was one of those occasions.  My feet were frozen, my penis had turned blue.  I couldn't wait for them to move off.  They were right next to where I had hidden my rucksack with my clothes.


There was nothing for it.  I should have strode up nonchalantly and confidently.  What I did was stop there in the snow with my legs shaking and my hands trying to hide my penis. 

I stood in front of them in that stupid knock-kneed crouch of the embarrassed nude, blushing furiously and wishing I was anywhere else on earth. 

"Excuse me," I said, I was trying to sound confident, but I was all too aware of he fact that I was stark naked and shivering.


I meant to say "I think I left my clothes beside the bridge there", but my mouth was dry, my teeth were chattering, I was freezing cold except for my face which was burning red, and what came out was "My clothes, please, my clothes."


I had been scared of what their reaction might have been - screams, abuse, shouting.  What I got was peels of laughter.  Not, I suppose unexpected, after all what is funnier than a naked person begging for their clothes?


"What clothes?" Asked the taller of the two girls, "we haven't seen any clothes."


She could hardly keep the smirk off her face.


"They're just there," I stammered, pointing to where I'd left my rucksack.


"Well I can't see anything," she replied.


I stared past her.  She was right.  My clothes had gone.


"But they were there!" I gasped.


"'Were' being the operative word," she said.




She took something out of her pocket.  It was a credit card.  My credit card.


"How did you get that?"


"Well you left it in your rucksack silly boy.  Together with your clothes."


"But...  What have you done with my clothes."


"That's for us to know and you to find out."


"Please can I have my clothes.  Please." I was getting desperate, "I'll do anything, please."


The girls were grinning all over their faces as I stood there, red as a beetroot, squirming with my hands over my penis.


"What we decided was that you would have to earn your clothes."




"Yes, you earn points by doing things for us.  Once you have a hundred points you get your clothes back."


"But how do I get points?"


"Well, first off you can be polite.  I am Miss Sharon and this is Miss Tracy and that is what you will call us.  Now, for ten points, put your hands on your head and show us your willy."




"Hands on head.  Willy on view.  And it's Miss Sharon."


"Yes Miss Sharon."


It seemed little enough to do to get ten points.  I put my hands on my head and they burst out laughing.  I knew exactly what they were laughing at.  My willy isn't the biggest at the best of times, and in the cold it must have looked like a little boy's willy.  I went to cover it up again.


"Hands on head," said Miss Sharon, "did we say you could put them down?"


"No, Miss Sharon," I said, and I put them back on my head.


"Now turn slowly round.  Give us a good view of that nude naked body of yours."


"Yes Miss Sharon,"


I turned round on the spot, blushing furiously.


"Embarrassing is it?  Having two girls looking at you in the nude, your cute little bottom all pink and glowing?"


"Yes Miss Sharon."




"Yes Miss Sharon."


"Good," she said coming up to me, "do you know what, you're a silly little boy with a silly little willy and you're going to do exactly what we tell you to do.  Do you know why?" 


I shook my head.


"Because you've got no clothes on and you're not going to get them back till you've earned them."


"So what are you?"


"A silly little boy, Miss Sharon."


"That's better, and what have you got?"


"A silly little willy, Miss Sharon."


"And what are you going to do?". The other girl enquired.


"Exactly what you tell me, Miss Tracy."


"And do you know why?"


"Because I've got no clothes on, Miss Tracy."


"That's right.  Now what's the PIN for this card."


"I can't tell you that!"


She slapped me hard on the bottom.




One slap.




Second slap.




Third slap.


"Miss Tracy," I mumbled.


"Come on Sharon, we're going."


"Stop - you can't leave me like this.  Pleas Miss Tracy, Miss Sharon!"


I stood there stupidly, my hands still on my head.


"Can't we just.  You haven't earned enough points to get your clothes back.  Naughty boys have to do as they're told."


I was petrified.  If I didn't get my clothes back I didn't know what I would do.


"One, six, six, zero Miss Sharon."


"Ten sixty-six!"


"Yes Miss Sharon."


"Well this is how it works.  You can buy points.  A pound a point.  You need ninety more points to get your clothes back.  How many do you want to buy?"


"Ninety Miss Sharon," I said miserably.  I wasn't even sure I had that much in my account but I was so desperate I would have paid anything.


"I thought you might.  Now you stay here with Miss Tracy while I go and collect the money."


"What...  But..."


I had presumed that I would get my clothes back straight away.  I should have known better.




Tracy slapped my bottom again.




Second slap.




Third slap.  She was enjoying it.


"Miss Sharon, Miss Sharon.  Please Miss Sharon can't I have my clothes back now," by bare bottom was stinging, I was shivering with cold and I could feel the tears coming to my eyes.


"Look," said Tracey, "the big cry-baby's blubbing.  Cry-baby.  Cry-baby!"


"Please Miss Sharon.  Please Miss Tracy.  Please don't leave me in the nude.  I'm getting cold."


"Well you should do something to keep warm while I go and collect our money."


"What?" The tears were streaming down my face now."


"What.  Miss Sharon."


"Ow, ow, ow!"


Tracy had whipped my bare buttocks with three birch twigs she had picked up from the path.


"That's for not being polite to your betters."


"Yes Miss Tracy."


"Well start running then.  You go on Sharon.  I'll look after him."


"You do that Trace.  Keep the cry-baby at it.  I'll go and get his money," and she set off down the path.


"Come on then," Tracy tapped the birch twigs on her hand, "put some effort into it.  Get your knees higher."


"Yes Miss Tracy."


"Get your knees up.  You want to keep warm don't you?"


"Yes Miss Tracy."


"Come on then.  Faster, faster.  Higher, higher!"


I ran, or rather pranced, on the spot as hard and as fast as I could.  What choice did I have.  I was completely nude.  She was the boss.  I had to do as I was told.


Then a terrible thing happened.  My cock, which had been flapping about as I pranced, started to go up.  You might be surprised that my cock hadn't gone up already.  It was, after all, on show out in the open. Maybe it was the cold, maybe the embarrassment, but it had been dangling there, cold, blue and wrinkled the whole time, up until now.


But that stupid prancing run had made it swing round and round, and flap up and down, and the stimulus had got it going, and now there was no stopping it.  I was soon displaying six inches of cold, blue and rigid cock.


I stopped.  Tracy looked at it and whipped my bottom with her birch twigs again.


"Disgusting boy," she said, but she was grinning all over her face.


"Give him some more Trace," it was Sharon returned and not looking very happy, "and what is that?' She added pointing at my rigid cock.


"I said what is that?"


She stood with her hands on her hips when I failed to answer.


"It's my penis Miss Sharon."


"And what is it doing like that?"


"I can't help it Miss Sharon.  Please can I have my clothes now Miss Sharon."


"Oh no!  Not after you cheated with the card.  The machine swallowed it and said the PIN number was wrong."


"I didn't cheat with the card Miss Sharon.  It was one six six zero.  It was."


"You didn't say sixteen sixty you said ten sixty-six."


"I didn't Miss Sharon I didn't," the tears rolled down my face.


"Yes you did!  You still owe us ninety points.  And after wasting my time you're going to earn them.  My God!  Are you going to earn them!"


She looked me up and down, at every inch of my naked body.  "What do you think Trace," she said, "what shall we get the cry-baby to do?"




"Well, you've got his car keys," said Tracy, "what say we take him for a ride round town.


"Good idea," said Sharon, "he can earn points as we go!  But first of all, the pictures."




"Yes, I found this in his car," and she pulled my mobile phone out of her pocket.


"You really should password protect it," she said, "especially when it has pictures like those on it."


I blanched.  It was a state of the art phone with high definition pictures.  Pictures of me nude hiking.


"Interesting contact list," she said, "Who shall we send the pictures to?"


"Please Miss Sharon, please, I'll do anything."


"Yes," said Sharon, "you will.  Let's go back to the car."


"But I can't go back to the car park with no clothes on...  Miss Sharon," I just remembered in time, "Somebody might see me."


"That's what we're hoping," said Tracy, "Come on get going.  No, not walking, prancing.  Let's see those knees up," and she whipped my buttocks with the birch twigs again.


I set off naked, prancing with my knees up to my chin, what else could I do.


"Come on.  Knees higher.  You're earning points here!"


I pranced higher.  I needed those points.  And so I pranced back to the car park and they kept me there prancing up and down in the nude in full view of anybody who might arrive while Sharon opened the car door with my car keys.  I had hoped my clothes might be in the car, but they seemed to have disappeared.


"In the front," said Sharon.


I climbed in.  At last I was out the cold and I could get some life back in my feet.


"Well done," said Sharon, "I think ten points for that.  Only eighty more to get.  How about you try buying some more."


"I told you the PIN Miss Sharon.  I did honestly."


"Mustn't have, the machine swallowed your card," said Sharon, "tell you what though.  Here's your cheque book.  For seventy-nine points go into the bank and get out a hundred pounds."


"But I've got no clothes on Miss Sharon!"


"That's not our fault.  We never made you take them off.  I'm being really nice giving you a chance to buy them back.  Now where is your bank exactly?"


I had to tell her.  What option did I have?  All I had to do was go into the bank and cash a cheque for a hundred pounds.  Nothing simpler.  Only one problem.  I was in the nude.


I looked through the glass of the door.  There was only one bank clerk on duty.  I went in the bank regularly to pay in my monthly allowance.  I knew the girl.  At least I knew she was called Marcia and I saw her in the bank regularly.  So it wasn't as if she didn't know me.  Not that she had seen my penis before but she struck me as a girl who was used to the sight of penises.  So there was nothing for it.  I grabbed the cheque book and ran into the bank.  Marcia didn't bat an eyelid as I handed over the cheque.  She carefully counted the money out.  I grabbed it and turned to run but she called out.


"One other thing..."


I stopped dead and turned round.


"Yes?" My heart was beating ten to the dozen.


"Nice cock," she said.


I ran back to the car and handed over the money.


"Please Miss Sharon, please can I have my clothes," I was terrified.  I'd been out in the street and into the bank in the nude.  I'd have done anything to get my clothes back.


"How many points is that Trace?"


"Well he had twenty points before, and he got seventy-nine for that, so that's ninety-nine altogether."


"Oh dear!" Said Sharon, "one point short!  I'm afraid you're going to have to earn that point.  More shopping I think!"


I had done all that and I was still to be nude.


"Please Miss Sharon.  Please can I have my clothes back."




My heart gave a little leap.


"... You will do anything.  Anything we say.  And the first is more nude shopping."


"Please Miss Sharon.  No."


"Did you or did you not take all your clothes off voluntarily?"


"Yes Miss Sharon."


"In the open air?"


"Yes Miss Sharon."


"In public?"


"Yes Miss Sharon."


"Well stop whingeing then and get on with it."


"Yes Miss Sharon"


We stopped outside what I can only describe as a sex shop, not the sort of place I would normally frequent.


"Off you go," said Sharon, "There's a parcel for you to pick up.  It's paid for.  They're expecting you."


Being nude in a sex shop isn't quite as bad as being nude in a bank even if I did attract a lot of stares from the other customers.  Nobody said anything.  People don't want to attract attention to themselves.


The girl behind the counter brought out the package and winked.


"Enjoy," she said, and I scampered back to the car.


It was an ingenious device consisting of two rings joined to gether.  One fastened round my balls and one round the base of my cock.


I had to allow them to fasten it on.  It was the only way to get my last point.  They left me chained to my garden gate by my cock and balls.  The chain was padlocked in place and my clothes were returned.  Just out of reach.


And that's how they have left me:  a naked spectacle tied up by my balls for my neighbours to enjoy.  They're standing looking at me now.  The lady next door has fetched a pair of bolt cutters.  I hope she's going to cut the chain, but from the way she's looking at my penis I'm not so sure.




Submitted: June 01, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Joex. All rights reserved.

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