No Knickers

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Don’t ask embarrassing questions

Has it ever happened to you?  The only passenger on a thirty seater plane.  Two - what do you call them nowadays - not air hostesses any more.  I know - flight attendants.  Yes, two flight attendants, as gorgeous as flight attendants always are, and one passenger.  Me.  Having to pay attention to the safety announcement as it would be obvious if I wasn’t.  Though, I must say, I always do pay attention to the safety announcement.  I like to do things properly. But I digress. I was on a flight from - well I'll call it Coketown, which will tell you firstly that it was an industrial city in the north and secondly that I am a person who prefers reading the more obscure novels of Charles Dickens when on business trips, to wasting my time going out to clubs or bars or whatever.  Not that I would wish to denigrate Hard Times in any way, it’s a fine novel, just less well known than David Copperfield or Nicholas Nickleby that’s all.  On my way to, well a city in Europe also featured in a Dickens novel, although whether I was to experience the best of times or the worst of times you will have to decide.


The flight attendant pushed the small trolley up the aisle.  She was blonde, blue eyes, slightly chubby figure, freckles, well developed - you know - bust.  I was reading that website - the one where people ask questions about life, art, history, politics, anything in fact.  I was reading the French version of course.  It was a strange question.  Not the sort you’d have got on the English version.  The question was 'Do female flight attendants wear panties?'.  And a female flight attendant had actually answered the question in all seriousness, explaining the dress code requiring them to wear panties at all times.  Gosh!  Definitely not the answer you'd have got on the English version.


'Is that interesting.' asked Freckles, whose name badge indicated she was called Fiona, 'what you’re reading.'


'Yes,' I answered, not wishing to appear impolite.


'What's it about then.'


‘It’s in French.'


'Yes, I can see that.  Can’t you understand it?'


'Of course I can.  It's about...  I tried to make something up, but I’m hopeless at making things up.  Somebody's asked if...  we’ll they've asked if...  female flight attendants wear...'


'Wear what?'


'Whether they wear..   I mean you wear...  well...  whether you..  er...  wear knickers?'


‘You’re asking me if I'm wearing any knickers?'


'No no... not me...  it’s...  it’s...'


'I know.  It’s your friend wants to know.  Well I’ll tell you what.  That’s for me to know and you to find out,' and she gave me a wink and walked away.


Oh gosh!  I’d gone bright red.  Why couldn’t I just be suave and smooth like other people.  Why did I get all mixed up and go bright red.


The other girl came back later with my drink.  A nice cup of tea and a biscuit.  She was called Siobhan, red hair, green eyes, slim, long legs.


'Staying long in Paris are you?'


'Just overnight.  In the Airport Hotel.  Business meeting today at the hotel.  Overnight stay.  Then back home.'


'Boring for you isn’t it?  Stuck in a hotel all on your own.'


'Well I've got my book.'


'Book!' she said, 'all those girls in Paris with no knickers on, yes Fiona told me about you and girls who don’t wear knickers, and you’re reading a book.  You need to get out.  Bars, clubs...'


‘I’m not a club person.'


'Tell you what.  Me and the girls are staying over at the Airport Hotel tonight as well.  We always have a little get together my room.  All girl crew you know.'


'Oh right...'


'Well we have a little get together.  You should join us.  It'll be fun.'


'Oh... I don’t know...'


'Go on.  It'll be fun.'


'Well I’ll see,' not that I had any intention of going, but I didn’t like to seem impolite.


The plane landed and the girls lined up to see me off.


'See you tonight...' said Fiona.


"Er... well... yes...'


No chance.


Nine o’clock at night.  Settled down with my book.  When... Knock knock.  Who could that be.  Better ignore it.  Might be those girls.  Knock knock.  Ignore it.  Knock knock...  'Housrkeeping'.  Oh heck!  Perhaps it was a turn down service.  I opened the door.


'Hi!' It was Fiona and Siobhan.  ‘Sorry about the subterfuge.  We thought you might be hiding from us.'


'No, no...  I er...'


'Well, are you coming?'




'The little get together.  My room,' said Siobhan, grabbing my arm, 'come along.  You promised.  It’s all right we've got our knickers on...  oh look Fiona he's blushing!'


'Well, I suppose...' I was so flustered.  I’d gone bright red!


Siobhan had a much bigger nicer room than me.  Seated round the table were the two pilots.  They looked too young and pretty to be pilots but...


'Hi, I’m Jane and this is Jenny.  The two J's,' we've heard so much about you."


'All good I hope,' I muttered.


'Nope,' said Jane, 'We've kept our knickers on as well... for the moment...'


Oh no!  They all knew.  I went red again


"Come in and have a drink.  Shots all round girls,' she poured out of a vodka bottle into five shot glasses.


'I er... don’t drink...  that much...'


'Well you do now.  Down it in one.  That's the way.  Where are we going to go girls?'


'Go?'  I said nervously, 'I thought we were just...'


'We're going to a club.  You and your staying in with a book. Knickers off girls we're going clubbing.'


Oh my gosh.  I’d heard about flight crews and their escapades, but I’d never really believed.  But there they were.  Oh my gosh!  I looked away as four pairs of knickers were pulled down and thrown on the floor.


Fiona grabbed my hand.


'Come on Babes,' she said, 'we'll show you the town.  What sort of club do you want?'


'Sort of club?'


'Yes.  What sort?  A bit naughty I suppose?'


‘Well, I suppose...'


'How naughty?'


'I don’t know...  I mean how naughty are they...'. I stammered.


'Well, let's put it this way.  Topless or completely nude?'


'Oh... er.... oh... I mean...'


‘Completely Nude then.  Is that what you’re trying to say...'


I didn’t know what I was trying to say.


'I suppose...'


'Right.  I know just the place...  come on girls...'


The club was down some stairs.  The poster at the front door announced 'Nude Show'.  Oh my gosh!  What was I being taken to! The room was dim with subdued lighting Tables grouped around a dance floor in front of a stage.  A waitress came.  My eyes popped.  She was curvy, full breasted and topless.  Her skin was dusted with a sort of sparkly powder.


'Look at him!' said Siobhan, 'better than an old book isn’t it.'


'Um... er...'


'Nice tits eh?'


The waitress smiled.


‘Don’t mind him.  Vodka shots all round.'


'But I er...  don’t...'


'Yes you do.'


'Ladies and Gentlemen...  the Cabaret!'


All announcements were in English as well as Foreign.


The cabaret started.  Dancing girls wearing...  well knickers and not much else.  That is if you could call them knickers.


The girls got up to dance between acts, dragging me on to the floor and making me join in.  I'm no good at dancing.


Other acts followed.  Girls who...  you know...  took their clothes off.  I mean like ...well not  all of them.  They kept there knickers on and... well... the lighting was to say the least subdued... but...  I didn’t know where to look.


'Oh...  look at him... he's gone bright red...' Fiona was laughing at me and I blushed even harder. 'We know you prefer girls with no knickers on!'


'It wasn’t...  I didn’t...  I was just reading about...'


'Girls who didn’t wear knickers.  We know!' and they all laughed again.


'And now...' the announcement came, 'Miss Fifi'.


Oh no, another embarrassing stripper.


This one was dressed in a skimpy gold lamé outfit.  She had bright red lipstick and heavy eye makeup.


She carried a gold lamé fan.  Obviously destined to be a part of the act.


'I would like...' she said in a rather Eastern European accent... 'more like I vood like... a gentleman... an adventurous gentleman... to assist me in my act.  Do I 'ave a volunteer?'


'Here... here... shouted the girls.  He's adventurous...'


Oh no!  She was looking at me.  I hate audience participation.  It makes me cringe.  And there she was...  holding her hand out to me...  I took it automatically, the way you do.  And before .i knew it I was dragged up onto the stage.




Reading a book.  He’d said he’d spend the evening reading a book.  A nice looking boy like that.  Slim, blonde, not bad looking.  Me and the girls decided that he deserved a night out.  A bit of fun.  Something to remember.  Not stuck in a hotel room reading a book.  I mean he obviously wanted a bit of a thrill under that shy exterior.  He wouldn’t have have asked if I was wearing knickers if he hadn’t would he?


And we knew just where to take him!




Oh no!  I'd been dragged onto the stage to help the stripper.  Would she strip completely naked!  What was I going to have to do!  Dance around!  That was what I was made to do?  Dance around and I can’t dance.


She stood back and shook her head.


'You need...' she said... 'ze costume.  'Ere.. you wear zis..'


She produced a pair of very brief gold lamé briefs.


'You look very smart... yes?'


No!  I’d look ridiculous.


'But...  I mean. I can’t...  I mean where..'


'Oh...  Ooh la la!  'E is shy girls.  Do not worry.  My two assistants will hold up a towel while you take your panties down.'


'But... but...' but it was too late.  I stripped down to my underpants.  I mean they were quite respectable... I think... in the subdued lighting and everything... but...  two of the scantily clad dancing girls held a towel between me and the audience, and I wriggled them down until I was quite naked behind the towel.  The audience roared and cheered.


The girls who had been demurely looking away at the audience, turned and peered behind the towel.  Oh my gosh!   I was  naked.  They could see everything.  The affected looks of shocked surprise.  Miss Fifi came over and peered at me.  I don’t think my face could have gone redder.


'Ladies!' she pronounced, 'I think we can do without ze costume!'


And suddenly the room was pitched into darkness.  Two seconds later the lights came back on and the audience erupted.  The reason was obvious.  The dancing girls stood at the back of the stage.  The towel was gone.  My clothes were gone and Miss Fifi stood behind me holding the gold lamé fan in front of my private parts.  I was otherwise...  oh heck... I was...


I looked at the girls.  They were laughing and cheering.  That’s what I’d asked for.  Completely nude. And that was what I was.  I was the only one in the whole show completely nude.  I’d only got the gold lamé fan to rely on!


Fifi whispered in my ear.


'If you want me to keep the fan in place... start dancing, we've a show to put on.


And we started dancing.  She was really skilful with the fan.  When we faced the girls she kept my privates hidden.  When she turned me with my back to the stage she held it over my bare bottom.  And when she did that the dancing girls made faces making it clear to the audience they could see everything.  The audience was hooting with laughter.


The music was drawing to a close.  My ordeal would soon be over when... a big roar went up from the audience.  She held the fan in front of my face.  She was displaying me completely nude from the rear.  My mouth dropped open...  the sound of laughter ringing in my ears when...


The room was plunged into darkness again.  I looked wildly round.  What could I do...  then...


The lights came back on.  Not the dim lights of before. Bright and clear.  Spotlighting me on the stage  completely nude.


I looked round.  The audience were cheering.  And for the first time I noticed.  They were all girls.  Every single one.  Why hadn’t I noticed before.  The cameras were out and my clothes were nowhere to be seen.




I made sure we videoed the whole performance.  I mean he’d want a record of it wouldn’t he?  And he looked so cute standing there spotlighted on the stage with no clothes on.  All red faced and shy.  We had his clothes but he didn’t know that.  We'd let him run about hunting for them first.  I mean that was an important part of the show wasn’t it?


Well he deserved a bit of humiliation didn’t he?  Fancy asking me if I was wearing any knickers.  I mean I wasn’t of course.  But fancy asking!


I watched him frantically search for his clothes.  His cock erect and really rather impressive. His cocky was erect!   We'd done him a favour really.  Fancy reading a book when he could have been posing naked on a stage with his cock erect.  Then a sudden urge came over me.  We’d been rather mean but I could make it up to him.  Yes, I'd make it up to him.  I climbed on the stage and went over to him.


'The Grand Finale' I said and took hold of his cock.  A special performance for the girls at the club.




The cheers and shouts that greeted the climax were deafening.  I felt my balls contract as waves of pleasure passed up my penis until....




A fountain exploded vertically and caught a Fiona full in the face.


It was better than reading a book.

Submitted: August 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Great story! I really liked the scene where the full on lights come on while he is no longer covered in the front and he realises there are even cameras on him.

Tue, September 1st, 2020 2:27pm


Another terrific story!

Mon, November 9th, 2020 5:36pm


Great story!

Wed, March 17th, 2021 6:15am

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