Naked Spa Adventure

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: CFNM

A true story! Naked and embarrassed in one of those mixed spas on the continent

I was really stressed out.  What I could really do with I decided was a good massage.  My neck was aching, my back was sore and I was tense all over.  What I needed was a soothing, relaxing massage.  Surely in in this city in France one could find a massage that was, shall we say, respectable.


I thought I had found it.  The Hammam looked respectable. It offered “massage détente” and was advertised in a respectable paper.  Just the place.


It was a long trip to the right bank from where I was staying and I was rather hot and sweaty by I got there.  Anyway for my Eur 65 I got sauna, steam room, massage détente, ice cold plunge pool, salle de repose and mint tea ad lib.  What could be better.


“Take off all your clothes.  Take a shower.  Put on the robe, and wait for the masseuse to come and fetch you” said the woman on reception, “and here are your sandals. You must wear them at all times or you will slip.”


So I went into the changing rooms, stripped off, put on the robe and went into the shower room.  It was a large bare tiled room with four showerheads on the wall.  No cubicles or privacy or anything.  Still for a veteran of communal rugby baths this holds no terrors.


Then just as I was about to take my robe off the girl came in to clean the floor (which was rather wet).  I didn’t quite know what the correct etiquette was, so I just sort of hung around.  But she just nodded to the showers with a sort of “Don’t mind me” look and I couldn’t just keep hanging around in front of her.  So I took off the robe and jumped into the shower, penis dangling, rather than hanging,around in front of her – one might say.


I turned on the shower.  The water was freezing cold.  I jumped form one to the other but all were just the same.  I don’t know why it is, but when you are under a freezing cold shower you have to keep jumping up and down, and when you jump up and down the dangly bits don’t stop when you do, so she was treated to a grand display of what I can only describe as bouncing balls!.  So by the time I’d finished I was well and truly frozen. I suppose for the regulars there it was just normal, and I’m sure as she worked there she never batted an eyelid, but for people brought up in prudish English conditions it was a bit off-putting taking a nude shower with a girl in attendance.  I’m not sure if I ever got used to it, but whether this was out of prudishness or because the effect of the cold water on my penis was none too flattering I’m none too sure.


I dried off, put the robe back on and went into the Salle de Repose.  Two women were coming out of the changing rooms wearing similar robes to mine. Good Heavens – not only did we have mixed facilities, we had a mixed changing room.  They seated themselves opposite me on loungers.


A tall rather muscular looking girl of Middle Eastern origin came into the room and said something unrecognisable in rapid heavily accented French.  She went out again.


The first woman turned to the other and said


“Elle cherche sa prochaine victime”


Then it occurred to me that this young lady was the masseuse and that she was looking for “une victime” – presumably her next female client.  Then it dawned on me that “victime” is feminine in French regardless of the sex of the person concerned and that she was looking for me.  I was to be the next victim.


I went after her.  She was a woman of few words.  She took me through to the massage table which bizarrely was in a partitioned area at the end of the communal changing room.  The door was wedged open.


“Le peignoir là” she pointed to a peg on the wall, “et la tete là” she pointed to the end of the bed.



Faced with such authority I had little choice but to do as she said.  I took off the robe and lay face down and bottom up, nude, on the bed.


She poured hot oil on my back and started kneading.  I must say she was very good.  Very strong hands.  But at no point did she make any effort to close the door.  Whether this was because she claustrophobic, or to make sure there were no accusations of hanky-panky. I don’t know.  So everybody that came into the changing room had a grandstand view.  The first of whom were the two women from the Salle de Repose, who came round with my sandals which I had left behind.  And stayed to watch.  Now I understood the similarity with a victim.  Your normal victim is subjected to public execution.  I was to be subjected to public nude massage.  I am not making this up.  I was lying face down on the table completely nude having hot oil massaged into my bare bottom by a muscular young lady of middle eastern appearance while two other ladies watched.  They all seemed to think this was just normal.  The women left.


I got told I must wear my sandals.  The floor was slippery.  I must not forget them.


Then a new woman came in to get changed and while enjoying the view of my legs being pummelled and my bottom being slapped (certainly a stimulating experience), she stripped off stark naked in front of me.  My head had been firmly positioned facing the door so I had little choice but to look (well that’s my excuse). I must say she was rather good looking.


“Tournez” said the masseuse.


Oh Gosh.  What with the pubic admiration of my naked body and the nude apparition in the changing room, my formerly shrunken penis had regained some of its (not inconsiderable) stature, indeed it was in danger of becoming rather over-extended, and now that it was going to be the object of a public viewing by a naked lady I didn’t fancy becoming a public exhibition.  I hate to go on about it but men always worry about this in this sort of situation.


By dint of supreme concentration, I managed to avoid what might be termed a public cock-up (in more ways than one).  I may say the massage was not quite a total body massage – hands, toes, ears, scalp everything that is except my penis and its accompaniments.  I told you it was respectable!  Eventually the victim was allowed to escape.  When all was said and done she was very good and the whole experience was very relaxing and stimulating at the same time.  Definitely one to be repeated.  And if anyone wants to come and watch I don’t really mind.


After the massage I was free to go and enjoy the steam room where most of the customers were gathered in naked (and practically invisible because of the steam) conclave.  After which however we all had to shower in the open together.  Remember there were no cubicles, everybody was out in the open and it was obligatory to take a shower after using the steam room.  Despite my wide ranging travel this was the first evening I had had a nude mixed shower.  Obviously everybody else was used to it, but I rather kept my back to the rest of the company.  Then to the sauna which was totally uninhabited.  It certainly seems that the steam room (the Hammam) is what they go for in these parts.


So I heated myself up in the sauna ready for the next excitement of the evening the plunge into the ice cold plunge pool.  This was at the end of the salle de repose and raised above floor level so that you entered it by climbing a short set of steps.  When I got into the salle de repose the room and the pool were empty.  An opportunity to strip off my robe and jump in.  It was icy – and quite a shock when the skin was so hot.  Then the two women came back into the salle and took up position in front of the plunge pool.  It may have been paranoia but I got the impression they were waiting for a view of my exit.  A thing which I was reluctant to do as the icy water had again had an effect on the parts that matter.  But I couldn’t wait any longer for them to go.  I was getting colder and colder my balls were all wrinkly and my previously proud penis was shrinking even smaller by the minute.  I know I seem to go on about that as well but if you have to exhibit your privates in public you at least want them to make a decent impression.  Balls firm and round, not shrivelled and wrinkly.  Penis broad and strong not shrunken and flaccid.  So I decided that he best plan was to jump out and run quickly down to get my robe.  A quick flash was all they were going to get.



I leapt out and then disaster struck.  I’d forgotten the sandals. The steps were very wet and my feet just slid away from under me.  I actually got the nasty bang on my left arm as I went bare arse over tip, legs in the air, my balls bouncing off one step after another and the cheeks of my bottom producing a slightly musical slapping sound as they splashed in the water on each step in turn.  The women rushed to my help and got me to lie down on the bed until they checked for damage. 


The formidable lady masseuse came out and gave me thorough ticking off while she examined my naked body for damage.  If you’ve been told of by a formidable lady stark naked in front of total strangers you will realise that it is a little bit embarrassing!


Quick flash was no longer an option.  Close scrutiny of shrunken penis and bruised balls was (bruised arms to some extent but bruised balls mainly!) – but in the whole course of things what does that matter.




Submitted: August 20, 2020

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Loved it@

Fri, August 21st, 2020 2:13am


Great story, loved the SPH in a story of yours! Some teasing from the women after he falls down the stairs would be nice though.

Mon, August 24th, 2020 2:54am


Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It’s a true story and I resisted the temptation to embellish it with more SPH than there actually was!

Sun, August 23rd, 2020 10:04pm

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