Naked on the Train

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Stripped by girls on a train

The late night train back home was always a bit rowdy.  But I went First Class, that way I could keep clear of the rowdy element.  As an added bonus the First Class carriage was nearly always empty towards the end of the journey.


So there I was sitting at one of the table seats when in bursts this gaggle of girls.  They were dressed alike in frilly short skirts and wearing sashes with Laura's Hen written in it.


Oh no!  A hen party!  Girls who'd been on the raz all weekend and we're heading home Sunday night.  What were they doing in First Class.  They'd never afford First Class.  I should of course have demanded to see their First Class tickets, but I was far too shy to do that.  Surely the ticket inspector would be along soon and chuck them out.


No such luck.  


And even worse luck.  They all came and sat in the seats round the table and the row behind me,


The look on my face must have said it all.


"Sorry Babes," said the cheekiest looking one of them, "need to sit here for the electric like.  We want to see our pictures on the IPad and it's flat."


Oh heck!  Well, I wasn't going to be forced to move by the likes of them.


"I’m staying here.  I’ve got a First Class ticket.  Have you girls got First Class tickets?  I can always call the guard."


"Hark at 'im.  Thinks we shouldn’t be 'ere."


Well I wasn’t budging for sure.  I stayed put.


"Suit yourself then.  We're not moving.  We've as much right to be here as you."


They started chatting about the evening they'd had.


"Ere Tracey," said one, "is that you in that picture.  Did you ever get your knickers back!"


"No way Jess," said the girl who was obviously Tracey, "don't tell me you kept yours on?"


"Never wore any.  Not wearing any now," said Jess.


"Hey look at Sharon in that one," she pointed at the next picture, "you'd think you might have kept some clothes on Shaz!"


"Like to show off me boobs I do," said Shaz, "when you've got 'em, flaunt 'em.  That's what I say."


"You're flaunting more than your boobs.  You should have kept your legs together."


"Here, is that Laura's bum? That's what comes of playing strip poker with strangers."


I was trying not to listen, but it was getting increasingly embarrassing.


"I think your embarrassing our little friend here," said Laura, who was sitting beside me, "sorry pet," she said, "we've drunk a bit much."


"He's not embarrassed.  He just wants to see the pictures," said Tracey, "here, do you want to see the pictures?"


I turned red.  I knew what they were doing.  Trying to embarrass me into moving.  Well, I wasn’t going to.


"He does.  He’s gone all red.  He does."


She turned the iPad round, and in the second before she snapped the cover closed I got a glimpse of the rear view of a girl bending over with her skirt pulled up.  It was clear from the glimpse of bum that she wasn't wearing any knickers.  Were none of the girls wearing knickers.  Was I surrounded by half a dozen girls and none of them wearing knickers!  Suddenly at the thought my cock twitched.  I wriggled uncomfortably


"Here, you're embarrassing him," said Jess, , "I bet he's getting all excited.  I bet you've made his willy twitch."


"Have I?" said Tracey.  I felt myself go bright red.  "You're right Jess, he's gone scarlet.  I bet his cock is twitching.  Do you like the picture Babes,  do you want to see some more?"


I did.  I was surrounded by sexy girls.  She was right.  My cock was twitching.  And I did.


"I...  I...."


"He does!  Do you?"


I nodded.


"Tell you what Babes.  If you do as you're told we'll show you some more."


My cock twitched again.  What was I doing!


"Yes please.l


"Forfeit first Babes," she said.




"Forfeit first.  Take your shoes and socks off.




"Do you want to see the pictures or not?"


I nodded dumbly.  My cock was twitching.  I did want to see the pictures.


"Well shoes and socks off Babes."


It seemed a little enough thing.  I took them off.


"Here's us playing strip poker then," I looked.  There was Laura.  Pretty little Laura.  She had lost her shoes and socks.  She sat in her short skirt and her bare feet.  My cock twitched some more.  I had a thing about bare feet.


"Want to see what she loses next?"


I nodded.


"Take your shirt off then."


I couldn’t help myself.  I just had to see.  I took my shirt off.


"There you are Babes."


"You’ve not shown him..." Laura shrieked, but didn’t protest any more.


I looked at the picture.  She had removed her blouse and her pert boobs nestled in a little pink bra.  My cock twitched again.  I had a thing about girls' underwear.


"Next one?"


I nodded.  She'd be in bra and panties.  I just had to see her in bra and panties.


"Trousers off then..."


"But..." I looked at Laura.  She was bright scarlet.


"Please no..."


She looked so embarrassed.  So sexy.  I just had to see what she looked like in bra and panties.  I took off my trousers.  I mean my underpants were quite respectable.  There was no one else there.  and I just had to see her in bra and panties.  I stood up and dropped my trousers.


"Right off Babes.  Give them here."


I did as I was told.


"There you are," she showed me the picture.  Laura in bra and panties.  Little cotton panties.


"Did she lose any more?" I gulped.


"You’re not going to show him the last one..." Laura's face was more scarlet than ever, "I’m starkers!  You can’t show him that..."


"Can I see it...  please..." I just had to see it.  I’d have done anything.


"Panties off then Babes," said Tracey.




"Fair's fair.  We can’t show you Laura’s if you don’t show us yours can we?"


"But...  But..." I looked at the picture of Laura in her undies.  I looked at Laura's scarlet face.  I knew I had to do it.  I’d gone this far.  It would all be wasted if I didn’t.  It wouldn’t be that embarrassing.  It wouldn’t.


I pulled my underpants down.


"Give them here..."


I handed them over.  It was embarrassing.  Excruciatingly embarrassing.  I was completely nude.  My cock was on view.  But I'd just had to see the picture.  Having gone that far I just had to see it.


"Can I see the picture please."


The girls burst out laughing.  Tracey slammed the laptop shut.


"In your dreams Babes," she said.




"You didn’t really think I’d show you did you."


"But..." and they all burst out laughing again as I stood there face burning, stark naked.  I’d been tricked, tricked and stripped completely nude.


"But nothing.  You'll do as you're told from now on.  Do you understand."


"Yes.  Yes.  I understand.  Please can I have my clothes back."


"You'll have to ask nicely first.  Show a bit of respect.  I'm Miss Tracey to you.  You didn’t think we'd let you get dressed again without asking nicely?"


"No Miss Tracey.  I didn’t Miss Tracey .  Please Miss.  Can I have my clothes back Miss."


"When you've shown you can do as you're told."


"Yes Miss Tracey.  Please Miss.  I'll do as I'm told Miss."


"Good.  Now say you're sorry for wanting to embarrass Miss Laura."


"I'm sorry Miss Laura."


"And you’ve been a naughty boy."


I stood there with no clothes on, shaking with embarrassment, completely under their thumb.


"I’ve been a naughty boy Miss Tracey."


"And you deserve to be punished in the nude."


"I deserve to be punished in the nude Miss Tracey."


"Good.  Now what shall we make him do as a penance Girls?"


"A penance?" I gasped.


"Yes, you can do a dance for us."


"Please Miss Tracey please.  I've got no clothes on."


"Of course.  You were very rude.  You wouldn't move when we asked you to.  You said we shouldn't be in First Class.  Then you took all your clothes off."


"But you told me to Miss..."


"Oh, you took them all off, didn't he girls.  And that's what we'll tell the guard when he comes.  You took all your clothes off and threw them out the window," she grabbed my underwear and pushed them through the open window, "and the rest follows if you don't behave.  Are you going to behave?"


The thought of being left with no clothes to put back on filled me with horror," I should have asserted myself, called their bluff, called the guard myself, had them thrown off the train.  But...  I had nothing on, and when you're in the nude and everyone can see you with no clothes on you can't assert yourself.  You stand there cringing, face burning, trying to hide your privates.  Everyone can see everything, you're completely subservient and you'll do anything to get your clothes back.


"Yes Miss.  I'll do anything Miss."


"Good.  Start dancing then."


"But..  But..."


"Go on Tracey.  Make him Tracey."


Tracey pushed my shirt through the window and I saw it go fluttering away across the fields.  I knew if I wanted to get off the train with any semblance of modesty I'd have to do as I was told.


"Please Miss.  I'll dance Miss."


"Let's have some music then Laura."


Laura took out her phone and pressed a few buttons.  No no that.  The sound of the Dance of the Cygnets from Swan Lake started up.  You know the one.  It goes 'Dee Dee Dee dah diddle dee-di-Dee'.


"Please Miss.  I can't dance to that Miss."


"Of course you can.  Prance..."




"You heard me.  Prance up and down the carriage in time to the music."




"Go on..." she held my trousers, the last vestige of my clothing, up to the window.


"Yes Miss."


I started prancing.


'Dee Dee Dee dah diddle dee-di-Dee'


"Knees up higher!"


"Yes Miss."


'Dee Dee Dee dah diddle dee-di-Dee'




'Dee Dee di Dah'


"And wiggle your bottom."


"Yes Miss."


'Dee Dee di Dah'


"Hands on knees and wiggle your bottom."


"Yes Miss."


I put my hands on my knees and wiggled my bottom.  The girls were falling over themselves laughing.  Phones out.  Filming the whole thing.


"I know what he needs," said Tracey, tears of laughter running down her face.


"What's that Trace?"


"A good spanking."


"Of course he does.  Fancy inferring we shouldn't be in First Class.  I think that deserves a good spanking don't you?"  She was looking at me.


"Well..." she held my trousers up to the window.


"Yes, of course, a good spanking," she still held the trousers at the window, "a really good spanking.  Really hard..."


"Bend over the table then."


"Yes Miss Tracey. Of course Miss Tracey."






 "What's going on here?"


I looked round to a smart young lady in a blue uniform staring at my stinging bottom as I bent over the table.  The ticket inspector - thank goodness.  She'd chuck the girls out and I'd get my trousers back.


"These girls..." I started, but my mouth went dry as I suddenly realised I had no clothes on.  None at all.


"Hen party?  I don’t know.  You girls nowadays," asked the ticket inspector lady.


"Rather..." said Tracey


"This your catch then?  I know you girls, like to catch a man on your little trips don’t you?" she said nodding towards me.


"All ours," said Tracey.


"Lucky girls.  Stand up and look at me young man," she looked me up and down, her eyes fixed on my private parts dangling in full view, "Lucky girls.  That’s a really big...  really big...  er... "


"Surprise?" suggested Tracey.


"That’s one word for it.  And a lovely pair of...  pair of...  er..."


"Eyes?", suggested Tracey.


"Them as well.  Tickets please."


I was still blushing scarlet and tongue tied, my face as red as my bottom.  But at least the girls would be chucked out.  But...


"That's fine...  Nice to see girls with the right tickets for once."


They couldn’t have.  I had been sure the girls wouldn’t have had first class tickets, but it seemed that they had.


"Tickets please...". She was looking at me.


"It’s...  it’s...". I’d had my ticket in my pocket.  But where was my pocket now.


"It’s in my trouser pocket," I stammered.


"What trousers?  You don’t seem to be wearing any."


"They're..." I looked out the window to see my trousers disappearing in the distance.  I had no clothes left.  "...I haven’t got any Miss."


"No clothes, no ticket...  Dear oh dear!  You can’t stay here then.  I mean you’ve got to have a First Class ticket to be in First Class you know."


"But...  I had a ticket in my trousers."


"Well, where are they now?"


"I took them off.  I took all my clothes off."


"Well I don’t know.  You can’t stay here you know.  Not without a ticket.  You’ll have to come to the guards van."


"The guard's van?"


"Well my office down the end of the train."


"I can’t walk all the way down the train with no clothes on."


"Well I don’t see what else you can do."


"But it’s the other end of the train.  Everybody will see me."


"So they will.  If you didn’t want everyone to see you you shouldn’t have taken all your clothes off should you?"


"But..  But.  I'll get arrested."


"What for?"


"Having no clothes on in public."


"That’s not against the law.  I saw it on telly.  Whole programme.  As long as the naughty bits are covered up there’s no law against it.  That’s what they said."


"But they’re not covered up."


"We’ll cover them up.  That’s what you need to do."


"Here, use this Babes," a grinning Tracey was holding something out to me.  It was a sock.  A purple sock with yellow stripes.  My sock.  The only piece of clothing they hadn’t chucked out the window.


"I don’t need my feet covering."


"I wasn’t suggesting covering your feet Babes."


"Oh.  I see."


"Well ask me nicely."


"Please Miss Tracey.  Please can I have my sock."


"Only if I can put it on."


"Please Miss Tracey, can you put it on for me Miss Tracey."


"Of course, her you are..."


She took hold of my...  Well you can guess where... and...




She had somehow got hold of my balls and yanked them.


"Sorry Babes.  Force of habit."




"Force of habit again.  There you are.  Off you go Babes."


"Thank you Miss Tracey," and I followed the ticket inspector to the end of the carriage, howls of laughter ringing in my ears.  


Have you ever been in a train when a man with no clothes on, face burning, legs trembling, stumbles past.  You have?  Well you'll know what happens then.  It starts as smirking, then turns to giggling, then guffawing, and finally roars of laughter.   We all like to laugh at somebody who's really embarrassed, and what can be more embarrassing than having no clothes on in public.


At least...  at least my private parts were covered...


"Excuse me," at last I’d reached the end of last carriage.  I turned to see a smiling lady of about thirty years.


"What a big...  a big...  er..."


"Surprise?" I suggested.


"No, cock..." she said, "I think you dropped this..."


"In her hand was a purple sock with yellow stripes."


Submitted: April 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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That was really good, Joe. I had no idea what I was missing not riding the train. When do you board?

Tue, June 15th, 2021 9:02pm

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