Mindy's Party

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Mindy wants a naked slave for her party

 'I'd like a naked man to humiliate at my birthday party''.

'Fuck me!' I said.  I didn’t mean it literally, not that I would object under the right circumstances, it was an exclamation of surprise.

We were playing Truth or Dare.  The dares were tame and the truths mundane until it came to little Mindy's turn. Little Mindy Mouse, we called her.  Wouldn’t say boo to a goose and this is what she came out with when told to tell the truth about her erotic fantasy.  Who’d have thought it.

It got me thinking though.  When it came to organising Mindy's birthday party.

'We could ge her one of them strippers,' said Marilyn, ‘there’s this bloke I saw.  He’s got a huge...'

'Yes Marilyn,' I said, 'we all know the blokes you like.  But I reckon she wants a bit of embarrassment, humiliation even.  You’re not going to embarrass a stripper with a huge ego are you?'

'I didn’t mean his ego, I meant his cock.  It must have been...'

'Yes, we all know what you meant.  But if he’s a stripper with a huge cock he’s not going to be embarrassed is he?'

'Well...,' Marilyn looked a tad disappointed.

'No, we need somebody who’s easily embarrassed and probably has a little one.  Somebody like...'

'Oh yes,' said Tracey, ‘he’d be perfect."

'I bet it’s bloody tiny,' said Marilyn.  She looked some more than a tad disappointed.


The girls in the office.  They rang rings round me it has to be said.  It was boring work I suppose, mostly data entry, but it had to be done quickly and accurately, so I tried to be firm, but the firmer I got the less notice they took.  I’d been made team leader you see.  Because my work was so accurate, it was thought that I could bring the others up to my standard.  But they were girls.  And you know what girls are like, especially when they gang up on you.  Bossy, that’s the word for it.  Bossy.

I struggled back through the door carrying the tray of coffees the girls had sent me to get.

'Here you are girls," I said, 'six lattes.'

'I asked for a cappuccino,' said Marilyn, staring at me hands on hips.

'Sorry...  I didn't...'


'Yes... of course... I’ll go and get it straightaway.'

I hurried back to the coffee shop.  The sound of girls laughing behind me as I retreated back down the corridor.

As I said, the girls rang rings round me.


 My little poodle, sorry I should say The Great Leader.  Fancy making him team leader.  He couldn’t lead a duck on a string.  Anyway he paid for it every day.  Every day I sent him to get the coffees.  And every day one of the girls sent him back claiming he’d got one wrong.  He was so obedient.  He always did as he was told.   That’s why the girls called him Tracey's poodle.  I’m Tracey.  And he was my poodle.

We looked forward to him serving us... naked.


Little Mindy's birthday was coming up.  Not that I would get invited. It would be a girls only affair.  Still it was a bit mean to invite everyone in the office except me.  But this time.

‘Here’s the invitations to Mindy's birthday party,' announced Tracey and lo and behold there was one for me.

'Er... oh... thank you,' I stammered out.

Tracey grinned.

'Well read it then...' she grinned even more.

I opened the envelope.  It was a mundane invitation card.  But at the bottom it said 'Dress code - bra and knickers.'

'Wha...' I gasped.

'You mean the...¡

'Dress code...' I said.

'Yes, everyone has to come in pink knickers.  Mindy will...  you will come won’t you...'

She grinned from head to foot, and I realised exact what had happened.  The girls had played a trick on poor Mindy, making her come to her own party in her underwear.  

'I don’t know,' I said, 'it sounds.. well...'

'Marilyn said she might not bother with the bra.'  It was my turn to go red.  Marilyn was very well endowed. '...not that I’m suggesting you’d come just to see Marilyn's er... you know... her...it’s just that everyone will be the same you know... and I thought you would... you know... give Mindy some support.'

Well if it was a question of giving Mindy support of course that was another thing.  I wouldn’t have gone just to see Marilyn her her knickers and no bra, but to give Mindy support, that was a good excuse... I mean reason.

'Of course I’ll come...' I said.


We'd got him.  I had played my part to perfection.  Give him a reason - Marilyn’s tits.  Give him an excuse - supporting Mindy.  How could he refuse.  Now to turn the screw.

‘Nice to see you’re coming to the party '

He blushed

'Er... it should be... Er... interesting.,' he said.

‘Absolutely,' I winked, 'what colour knickers will you wear? Pink ones?  They’re the best.'

'Me... I wear... I wasn’t... I thought.'

'What!  You thought you’d come and see us girls in our knickers and not come appropriately dressed yourself.'

'Well... I...'

'You did didn’t you?'

'No... of course not.'

'Good.  What colour then?'

'Er... Pink... yes... pink...'

'Good, that’s settled then.  Don’t bother with the bra.  Marilyn’s not bothering.'


As I said.  The girls could run rings round me.  I was going to have to go in pink knickers.  But it was worth it.  Marilyn was... I mean Mindy needed my support.

But where was I to get a pair of pink knickers?  The party was that evening, it was too late to order them on line.  I would have to buy them somewhere.  The Knicker Shop.  It was on the High Street.  I could buy them there.  Pretend they were for a girl friend.  It was well... embarrassing, but it had to be done.  I went to the shop in my lunch hour.

I stood in the queue getting more and more embarrassed.

‘I’d like a pair of... a pair of...' other customers were waiting.  I was so embarrassed I was starting to gabble red faced.

'A pair of...' the word wouldn’t come out.

'Knickers?' Suggested the pretty young dark haired girl behind the counter.

'Yes Er...'

'Any particular type?'

'Er... I don’t know.  Pink...they have to be pink.'

'Yes pink... but what type?  Who are they for?  Yourself Sir?'

'No...Er... no... no...  Er...  my er...  girlfriend.'

'Of course.  You’ll want sexy then,  sexy pink knickers...'

All the girls in the shop were listening.  They were giggling.  They were laughing.  I had to get out as fast as I could.

'Yes, yes.  Pink.  Yes please.'

I grabbed the knickers she offered and fled, howls of laughter followed me out the door.

'How are you getting to the party.  It's at my flat?' asked Tracey when I got back to the office.

'Oh... I...Er...'

I hadn’t thought of that.

'Well, you can’t go on the bus in just your underwear.'

'No, no...'

'And you don’t drive do you?'


'I'll give you a lift then.  I'll be outside your house at eight.  If you run out quickly no one will see you.'

'Yes...of course.'

What had I done.  Five to eight and I stood looking at myself in the mirror wearing the knickers the girl had given me.  What had I done.  They were pink certainly.  They were sexy certainly. And there wasn’t much of them at the front, and there was practically nothing at the back. I was ninety five percent completely bare, and the bits that were covered were clearly visible through the translucent silk.

I couldn’t go in those.  I couldn’t.  But...

Beep beep.

Tracey sounded the horn on her car as she pulled up outside.

I was going to have to.


Fuck me!  Not literally of course,  but on the other hand.

I had honestly thought he would come in a pair of red boxer shorts, but the sight of him in those sexy panties, the outline of his... you know what I mean.... tantalisingly almost visible.

'Fuck me!' I said, and I half meant it, 'Fuck me!'


Tracey was wearing a bathrobe.  Well she would wouldn’t she.  She would hardly drive round in her undies would she?  Why hadn’t I thought of that.

She uttered an expletive as I entered the car.  I say expletive, to be precise it was '**** me'.

'Do I... do I...' I gabbled.

‘Don’t get your hopes up too soon,' she said, 'nevertheless.  Very...  well... sexy. A bit more daring than I expected.'

'You did say knickers.'

'I did indeed.  The girls are going to be... going to be...' she seemed to search for the words, '...thrilled.'

We pulled up outside her flat.  She lived in an apartment block.  Oh no!  I was going to have to go up to her apartment dressed in nothing but my pink knickers.  Why hadn’t I thought to wear a bathrobe.

I scurried through the door of the apartment block and up the stairs.  Tracey at my heels.  Oh no!   Two girls were coming down.  The sort who would... well they looked as if they would...

'Having a party Tracey?' asked the first, a rather  pretty little blonde.

'Yes Emily,' answered Tracey, ‘it’s Mindy’s birthday.'

 'Good of you to have got her a stripper.  She needs a bit of excitement in her life.'

'Oh yes.  She's going to get that.'

'Come along,' said her companion, a stern looking brunette in her thirties, ‘that’s enough of that.'

Tracey rang the bell to her flat.  Mindy opened the door, nervously dressed in a bathrobe as well.  Poor Mindy.  She was going to be so embarrassed shown off in her underwear.

'This way,' she said, taking hold of my hand and pulling me through to the living room.  All the girls from the office were there.  All dressed in party dresses.

I turned to Tracey.  She had slipped off her bathrobe to reveal a sexy little black dress.

'April Fool,' she said.

April the First.  Mindy's birthday was April the First and I’d been pranked.

‘ The girls howled with laughter.'

'Sorry' said Tracey, 'but for an April Fools party you need a couple of fools.'

'A couple...'

'Of course...'

And then Mindy dropped her bathrobe.  She wasn’t wearing her undies.  She wasn’t wearing a party dress.  She was in a black basque, fishnet stockings and black leather high heeled boots.

'I thought you said it was a fancy dress dominatrix party,' she said.


Well you need fools for an April Fools party don’t you!  And Mindy's birthday provided the perfect opportunity.  Of course only Mindy and The Poodle got special instructions.  And there they both were.  

And it was of course the rule of an April Fools party for the Fools to provide the entertainment.  Only fair you must agree.  A suitable punishment for being so gullible.

The Poodle looked at Mindy open mouthed and Mindy looked at him open mouthed.  And then she spoke.  It was not what I expected her to say.

She looked at me, grinned and...

'I thought I said naked,' she said.

It’s a funny thing group psychology.  When people are in a group they behave in a different way.  Especially when they have a victim.  When we'd hatched the plot we'd presumed he'd come in a pair of boxers, we'd all have a good laugh at his gullibility and we'd make him serve us drinks before letting him put the bathrobe on.  But when he was standing there in his sexy pink knickers with the tantalising view of his cock through the translucent material I felt a tingle between my legs.  He was in our power, he was in my power.  I could if I wanted to.  I did want to, and I could sense the girls wanted me to.

'Well we can soon remedy that.'

I took hold of his pink knickers and before he could utter a word I yanked them down to the ground.

The girls gasped.  The tantalising view through the material hadn’t done it justice.  How can I describe it?  Neat, dainty, cute, but above all not very big.  

'What a sweet little cock,' said Marilyn, and he stood there turning bright red and shaking with embarrassment.

He was going to provide us with some real entertainment 


It’s not that small, I mean people say it is, but it isn’t really, it’s average.  That’s not that small is it, but I’ve got a slim slight figure and that gives the impression that I’ve got a little one.  

That’s why the girls gasped, that’s why Mindy gasped, as I stood there with my knickers round my ankles so that it was displayed to all the girls.  I went bright red.  They could all see it.  They could all see me.  All of me.  I was completely nude.

'Well," said Tracey, ‘you’re in charge I think Mindy.  Make our little, and I mean little, boy get  our drinks.'

Mindy pulled a little riding crop out of the belt of her costume.  Her face was flushed.  She was excited, very excited.

She tapped my cock with the whip.

'Come on.  There’s girls to be served,' she said.

'Yes Miss,' I said, 'Yes Miss,' and I hurried to where the bottles were lined up on a table leaving my pink knickers.

Well you do when you’re in the nude, don’t you, you do as you’re told.


I’m Mindy and Tracey says I have to write my account of the story because it’s funny and Morag in number 12 is going to post in on her blog thing.  Tracey says people will enjoy reading it.  Tracey organised my birthday party because I said I wanted a naked slave.  Tracey said I had to come as a dominatricks and told me what to wear.

Tracey pulled his knickers down so he wasn’t wearing anything  Like nothing at all.  In his birthday suit. Tracey had persuaded him to come to my party in his birthday suit.  Tracey's good at getting people to do things.

He only had a litlle one.  Marilyn said it was sweet.   I mean I’d only seen pictures before and they all had big ones in the pictures, but Tracey said that they’re not all as big as that.  I couldn’t take my eyes off it even if it was a little one.  I’d not seen a real one before

Tracey said I was in charge and he said 'Yes Miss' to me, so I suppose I was.

I was in charge and he had a little one.

'Get the drinks,' I said.

He didn’t move, but then I remembered.  I was in charge, I had a little whip and he had a little cock.

He fetched the drinks.


Alcohol and group psychology.  They do funny things to a girl.  And they’d done funny things to Mindy.  She was enjoying her little erotic fantasy come to life. We were sitting round in a circle while she encouraged her naked slave to perform for us in the middle.  He had needed a bit of encouragement, but judicious taps on the behind had provided the necessary stimulus and had got him to do a dance.  Have you ever seen a man dance in the nude girls?  Well girls, if you haven’t I suggest you give it a go, you need a cute little cock for the best results, and he had a cute little cock and Mindy was getting the best results.  His little cock had started by swinging from side to side and now was swinging round and round like a propelller.  As I said girls - give it a go.

Then she got him to stand on the table so we could draw him.  Sexy pose she said,

Then the doorbell rang.


Mindy was quite a revelation.

'Get your little cock over to the drinks and get serving,' she said, tickling the end of it with her riding crop.

'Yes Miss,' I said, my face was burning with embarrassment so much that I would have done anything.

After the girls had had one drink, then two and then three Tracey made an announcement.

'Time for our April Fools to entertain us,' said Tracey, 'come on Mindy you’re in charge of your little naked slave.  It’s your job to embarrass him, that’s the fate of the April fool.  Go on... embarrass him.

'Right,' said Mindy, 'dance.'

'But... but..  Miss...  Miss...'

‘Put some music on Tracey.  I want to see him dance...'

'Alexa...' said Tracey, 'play an Irish jig.'

The girls howled with laughter as I pranced round the room to the music my private parts bouncing in time to the tune.

'I think...  I think...' said Mindy wiping the tears from her eyes and pondering over my fate when the music finished , 'we should draw him next.'

'A bit vanilla...' said Marilyn looking disappointed.

'No it isn’t,' said Mindy, 'You!  On the table.  Sexy pose.  Hand on your hip.  Stick your bum out.  Show us your cock.'

'Yes Miss.'

I did as I was told.  I stood on the little coffee table in the middle of the room and posed nude for the girls while Tracey handed out sheets of paper and pencils.

'Best drawing gets in the house magazine,' she said, 'and bags I the full frontal.'

'No way,' said Mindy, 'face me.'

'Yes Miss.'

And then the doorbell rang.

'The pizzas!' exclaimed Tracey, 'nobody move I'll get them.'


Eight bloody pizzas.  I’d been doing this pizza job to work my way through college all summer.

'Oh Lucy, what fun,' said my flat mate Jane, 'you'll get to meet some hot guys.  Maybe one will answer the door in the altogether like in those pizza dare videos.'

One track mind Jane, as if.

Anyway eight bloody pizzas to this flat and a girl in a sparkly party dress opens the door.  I could hear girls laughing inside.

'Nice party,' I said.

'The best.'

'Sounds like they’re having a good time.'

‘You’re telling me.  We got this guy to pose for a life drawing.'

'You don’t mean in the nude!'

'I certainly do.'

'Like completely.'

‘Absolutely.  Not a stitch.  Everything on view.  And he's so embarrassed.  It’s hilarious.'


'Do you want to come and see?'

'Well, I don’t know.  I’ve got my next delivery...  it’s number 12.'

'Go on. You'll enjoy it.  And don’t forget to say how small his cock is.  Maximum embarrassment. That’s the aim.'

Next delivery be blowed, I wasn’t going to miss that.


I was still standing there hand on hip when Tracey came back followed by the pizza girl.  She was a big girl.  Big in every way.  She looked at me and grinned.

'Here's Lucy with the pizzas,' said Tracey.

'Well,' said Lucy, 'the Ancient Greeks thought a little cock the height of refinement.  You've got a very refined model here.'

'We shouldn’t tease him about his cock.  It's very nice of him to show it to us.  He must be very embarrassed about it and all we do is tell him how little it is.  It’s not that small, it’s only dainty.'

‘It’s not little,' I blurted out my face burning with shame, ‘it’s... it's... average.  That’s all... average.'

'Well, if you say so.'

'It is... it is... I measured it...'

The girls burst into howls of laughter.

"You measured it!' For some reason they found this very funny.  '...and how big is it?'

‘It’s .. well it's five and a half inches... nearly...'

More howls of laughter.

"I think that’s dainty,' said Tracey.

‘It’s in the average range... that’s what the people on the website said...' my voice trailed away.  Why had I ever sent my picture in!

'What people?  What website?'

'You had to send a nude picture with your... you know... erect... and a ruler next to it and they said if it was big or not...'

'Let me guess.  They posted the picture on line and people said it was... average?'

'Well somebody said it was...'

'And the others... don’t answer that.  We can guess.'

‘It’s not tiny is it?' Í burbled, ‘it’s not.'

'I know,' Lucy the pizza girl interjected, 'what we need is the opinion of the average person, an assessment.'

'And how do we do that precisely?'

‘I’ve got a pizza to deliver to Emily Travis at number 12,' she looked at me, 'take it round there and ask her how big she thinks your cock is.'

'I can’t to that...'

'What do you mean you can’t?'

'I can’t deliver a pizza with nothing on..' I was blabbing I knew, but everyone was laughing and I didn’t know what to say.

'Why ever not...'

'She'll see my... my...'

‘Your what?'

I was a shaking wreck, I didn’t know what to do, 'She'll see my cock.  I can’t show her my cock.'

‘Whyever not...'

'Because... because... it’s little... I’ve got a little one and I can’t show her that.'

'I think you can.  And if I know Emily  I think she'll want to see it.  She will want to see it won’t she girls?'

'Yes!  Yes!' they screamed, 'she'll want to see your cock!

I was beaten.  Completely beaten,  I’d have to show her my cock.  There was nothing for it.

'But she might object,' I garbled,

'She won’t.  Trust me Emily won’t..'


'Trust me,' she won’t.  And we won’t see you back for a while.'


Morag and me had a laugh over Tracey persuading a bloke to come to Mindy's birthday party in nothing but a pair of pink panties.  I’d called him a stripper, but that was just a joke to embarrass him..  Tracey had obviously persuaded him to come like that for  maximum embarrassment for Mindy, and for him as well of course.  She likes to do that sort of thing does Tracey, embarrassing people, and if she can get them to take all their clothes off, well that’s maximum embarrassment isn’t it.

There’s something really embarrassing about being seen in the nude isn’t there?  And Morag, well she likes embarrassing me, and she'd got me to do it again.  The pizza dare that is,  you know the one I mean.  You order a pizza delivery.  You answer the door wearing nothing but a towel, and when the door opens you 'accidentally' drop the towel, and you’re left standing in the nude.  Morag makes me do it, when I have to be punished.  And I had to be punished that day.  For making the remark about the stripper. 

'You do it Emily,' she said, tapping her little cane, and when she has that out you know you have to do as you’re told.

 So I was standing there in my towel when the bell rang, Morag filming everything, as she always did, for her blog.


Shaking with anxiety and my face fiery red I pressed the doorbell of Number 12.

'Who's there?' A voice cried.

'Pizzas,' I croaked.

The door flung open.  A lady stood there in a towel,  the well rounded girl we'd passed on the stairs earlier.  The towel fell to the floor revealing two of the biggest boobs I’d ever seen in my life.  

My cock went vertical.


We sat round watching the video on Morag's blog.  The party had been a huge success.  We'd left him at Number 12.  Lucy had said he'd be all right.  It was a pity he'd been arrested trying to walk home in the nude, but he'd been let off with a caution.

But now it was time to look at the blog.  Lucy had told us about the blog.

Morag had posted the video.  I must say his cock looked quite impressive when it went up.  I mean small perhaps, but perfectly formed.  And as they say, it’s not the size that counts.  Well it wasn’t in this case.  Not from the look on Emily's face as his cock went in and out with what I must say was some degree of enthusiasm.  Emily bent over the table, Morag encouraging him with judicious applications of her little cane to his bare posterior.

I turned to look at him, well we'd made him watch as well, that was half the fun.  His cock had gone up.  Well it would wouldn’t it, when we'd made him watch it naked.  His bum was still a bit red so he was standing at the front.

'Fuck me!' I said.  And this time I meant it

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