Mind Control

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Can you really persuade someone to take all their clothes off

"Mind control.  A load of bullocks if you'll pardon my French," I told it to them straight.  The girls in the office that is.  They hadn't a clue.  Well they were possibly weak minded enough to be influenced by so called party hypnotists but I knew better.


"But I went to see that bloke at the theatre last week.  He got people in the audience to do all sorts of things.  Could read their minds. Knew what they were thinking."


Judith was so gullible.  Not of course like me.  That's why I'm the boss and they are just the girls!


"Smoke and mirrors," I said, "I don't suppose it ever occurred to you that those people were planted in the audience.  That everything he did were just standard conjuring tricks dressed up to look like mind control"


"Never mind the bloke in the theatre then.  We went to Sasha's party last week and she had this woman there, Miss Veronica, I think she was called, and she got people to do all sorts of things."


"What sort of things."


"Well, think they were dogs and run around on all fours and things like that.  It was a real laugh"


"And they were having a real laugh as well," I said, "they're playing along.  That's what these people rely on.  Some show offs wanting to play along.  Did you say at Sasha's party?"


"Yeah, Sasha's birthday."


"And did you all go?"


"Yeah, of course.  She invited the whole department.  Pity you couldn't make it.  You'd have had fun."


Couldn't make it!  I hadn't been invited.  I never got invited to the girls' parties.


"Yes.  A pity," I said, "I had something on.  Perhaps next time.  It's your birthday next week isn't it?"


Nothing like a broad hint.


"Yeah, um... Yeah... It is..."


"I don't think I'll have anything on next week."


"Oh really."


Some people can't take a hint.


But...  Next day...


"You know you said you'd have nothing on next week?"




"Well why don't you come to my party.  Just a few of the girls.  And you of course.  And I've booked Miss Veronica.  You can do some exposing.  Show how her tricks are done."


Bingo!  I knew I'd tickled her curiosity.  She'd want to see how the so called mind control was faked.  


"I'd love to come.  I'll show the girls a thing or two!"


"I'm sure the girls will look forward to it," she said, "showing them your thing, I mean your thing or two."


Of course I took a bottle of wine.  Not that I was going to drink any myself of course.  I needed to keep a clear head to get the faker.  Of course I amused the girls with some witty anecdotes and they flirted uncontrollably with me.  I am the boss after all.  But I was having nothing of it.  I'd only come to prove a point.  And the point to prove was soon coming.


Miss Veronica indeed.  What sort of a stupid name was that supposed to be.  There she was dressed for all the world like Miss Dominatrix 1972.  I'd never seen anything so ridiculous in my life.  Not that I was saying anything of course.  Didn't want her to twig that I was on to her.


She started off with some silly mind reading routine.  I know how all that is done, just suggesting to people that they were actually thinking what she said.  Of course they all fell for it, apart from me that is.  Then she had some stupid conjuring trick trying to make people fail to guess which box her watch was in.  It was only the old three card trick done up to look clever.  I was waiting though for the mind control, then I'd show her.


"Now," she said, "I need a volunteer for a little exercise in mind control.  Who doesn't mind looking a fool?."


Of course I was out there first.  We'd soon see who looked a fool!


"And you tell these girls want to do!" she said, "and you don't mind looking a fool."


"He does it every day," shouted Sasha.  


She was right.  I do tell those girls what to do every day.  That's what being the boss means.


"Stand there," she says.


I stood in the middle of the room.


"Now hold out your arm."


"I held it out."


"You know what," she said, fixing me with a steely glare, "you can't put your arm down,  it's fixed there by steel bands.  It's immovable.  It's rigid.  You can't move it, and the harder you try the stiffer it becomes.  You can't move it.  Can you."


Well was that all there was to it.  Couldn't move my arm could I?  Of course I could.




Of course when I'd described to her what he was like.  One of those people who always stick to the rules, always have to do things perfectly, hang their clothes up in alphabetical order and never step on the cracks in the pavement, she knew he would be the perfect subject.


"People like that always are," she said, "they're sort of programmed to be obedient."


So that settled it.  We'd have some fun.  Get him crawling round the floor barking like a dog.  That would show him.  And he wouldn't remember a thing about it afterwards.  Until of course we wanted him to.


Sadly I had to put up with him mucking up my party first.  Boring everybody to tears with his pointless anecdotes, making laughable attempts to flirt, but it would be worth it that was sure.  Just to see him struggling to put his arm down was worth it.  Never mind what was to come!


She had explained.  Once he couldn't move his arm he had given up control.  She was in control, all she needed to do was reinforce it.


"That's right," she said, "you're not in control, I am.  I tell you what to do. Your mind is not in control, my mind is.  Now close your eyes.  That's right.  I'm going right into your mind.  I'm telling you what to think.  I'm going deeper and deeper.  Taking more and more control.  More and more control.  Your arm is floating up now..."


And his arm started going up.


"... And your other arm.  Right up above your head.  You're stretching up and up.  Right up on tiptoes.  As high as you can get.  That's right.  Stretch up and up and up.  Both arms right up in the air.  Now hold yourself there.  You can't move.  You can't move until I tell you to."


And there he stood, up on his toes, shaking and struggling to move, but he couldn't do anything.


"Is he really hypnotised," I asked.


"No, no.  Not what you mean by hypnotised.  It's just the power of suggestion.   He can't move until I tell him and he knows it.  He's perfectly aware of what's going on and he's struggling to move.  You" can see how he's struggling.  But there's nothing he can do about it."


And we could see.  His eyes were wide open and his arms were shaking.


"You see the more he fails, no struggles, the more the suggestion is embedded.  It's like when you are trying to remember something on the tip of your tongue.  The more you struggle to remember it the harder to remember it becomes."


"Can you make him do things?  Please make him do things.  Make him take his clothes off.  Go on.  Make him."


"I can suggest he does simple things like move his arms up and down and turn round.  But you can't just make people strip naked.  It doesn't work like that.  You have to get them deeply under, then convince them they need to be naked...¿




"But if you wanted to pull his shirt off he couldn't stop you."


"Hardly.  He can only move if I tell him...  Oh heck...."


A buzzing noise came from her pocket and she took out her mobile phone and looked at a text.


"Sorry I'm going to have to dash.  The babysitter's having trouble with the kids.  I'd better let him go."


She turned to the boss, still struggling to move and said.


"I give you permission to move normally."


Nothing happened.  He still struggled.


"I said you can move now.  Oh bugger, this would happen now.  Sometimes they just convince themselves they can't move, then we have to deepen the trance, send them to sleep then wake them.  Look I'll be back in half an hour.  He'll be alright till then if I hand control over to you," she turned to the boss.


"Your going down, deeper and deeper.  More and more relaxed.   Deeper and deeper...  Your mind is giving up control to me..."


She went on like this for several minutes until...


"I give control of your mind to Judith," she said, "See you later," and she dashed off.


I looked at the boss.  What a laugh.


"What are you going to do?" Asked Sasha.


"Wait, I suppose.  What else can we do?"


"Didn't she say to take his shirt off."


"I think she said we could..."


"Well go on.  What are you waiting for?"


"Should we?  Let's take a vote on it?"


It was an overwhelming yes.  The girls were really enjoying this party.  Well the boss had to make some recompense for his boring anecdotes and his silly flirting didn't he?  I went up to him.


"I am in control of your mind," I said, "you cannot move without my permission"


And I started to unbutton his shirt.  He couldn't resist.  It came right off with no bother.


"What a laugh," yelled Sasha, "tell him to take all his clothes off.  Go on."


"You heard what she said.  It doesn't work like that."


"You take his clothes off for him then."


"I'm not doing that!  I don't want to get the sack"


"Well tell him to then."


"I told you.  It doesn't work like that.  Here..."


 I turned to the Boss.


"I am in control of your mind.  You want to be naked.  You want the girls to see you naked.  Take off all your clothes now."


"Tell him we want to see his cock."


"I can’t do that."


"Yes you can.  Of course you can."


"Oh...  all right then.  It’s not going to happen though, so don’t get your hopes up!"


"And we want to see your cock.  Show us your cock.  Show us your cock.  Go on...  show us your cock!"


Nothing happened.  I turned to Sasha.


"See," I said, "it doesn't work like that," but she was staring past me open mouthed.  I turned back.  He'd kicked off his shoes an socks and his trousers were round his ankles.


Stop, stop," I shouted. But he just continued.


"Don't stop him," yelled Sasha, "he's going to show us his cock. This I've got to see."


"I'm sure we'd all like to see, but I'd like to keep my job."


"It's not your fault. He's doing it himself."


"Yes, but I told him to."


"Well, he's not going to remember is he?"


It was too late anyway. His underpants were down and off and he was back standing on tiptoe with his hands in the air. I looked at the girls. They were staring open mind. He was, as the saying goes, a fine figure of a man - shapely long legs, tight buttocks, firm abdomen, smooth chest and the biggest willy I'd ever seen. 


"Crikey," said Sasha, "he's been hiding bush under a cockle, I mean his cock under a bushel, I mean. I don't know what I mean. I mean I do. It's bloody enormous!" 


"Put your clothes back on! Put them back on!" I yelled, but it had no effect, he just stood there starkers, "what on earth are we to do?" I asked.


"Get on with the party," said Sasha, we can admire the view until Miss Veronica comes back." 


It was a pleasing view and I could sense a few pairs of eyes staring.


It was Myrtle, the office bicycle, whom came out with it. Trust her.


"I fancy trying that out," she said, "you couldn't like order him to could you. It s not like I've got any knickers on and it's not like he'd remember."


"Myrtle! I'll do no such thing," the trouble was having the boss naked under my control was a turn on. I think my knickers would have been getting damp, if I'd been wearing any that was.


Still, a visual treat was all I could permit. Then there was a ring at the door. Thank God. Temptation was ended. She'd get him dressed and he wouldn't remember and we could get back to normal.


"What on earth have you done," said Veronica, staring at the sight in front of her.


"I don't know. I just told him to obey everything I said. Then I jokingly told him to take his clothes off. You said he wouldn't. And he did. Now he won't put them back on!"


"And you'll not get him to either. He's in a real hypnotic trance, It's too deeply ingrained. I have to go back. I haven't time to bring him round normally.  What on earth did you say to him?


"That he wanted to be naked.  That the girls wanted to see him naked...  That...  that..."


"That what?"


"Well..  I said we wanted to see his cock...  I was rather emphatic about that."


"Oh my Gosh!  I'll never get him to get dressed again now!  In that case there's only one thing for it.  I'll have to persuade him that it's absolutely normal to be naked. That he wanted to be naked. That he expects to be naked. That girls like to see him naked. That they enjoy looking at his cock. Then when I wake him up he'll be quite happy."


"Right. Er... Okay. You'd better do that. But how long will it last?"


"Several hours at least.  Unless some other female authority figure someone tells him forcefully that he shouldn't be naked. That might bring him round. Otherwise I'll be back sometime to put things right. Problem solved."


She put her hand on his face and said, "Sleep! Now!"


And like a miracle he slumped to the floor dead to the world.


"Now listen to me. I am in control of your mind. You will believe everything I say. When you wake you will still believe that it is perfectly normal to be stark naked. You will still be happy to be naked. You will still think girls like to see you naked, that they still enjoy seeing your cock . You will believe this absolutely. Do you believe this?"




"When I click my fingers you will wake."






And his eyes opened.




Well I knew she'd never manage any mind control over me," I was explaining to Sasha how I had resisted the attempts of that silly Veronica woman. Suggesting I couldn't move my arm indeed. What a bloody pathetic effort. And where was she now. Gone running off home. Tail between her legs. Some excuse about a babysitter.


"I didn't know your cock was so big," said Sasha, trying to change the subject no doubt to hide her embarrassment that her so-called mind control experiment hadn't worked.


I looked down at it.


"Yes, well a lot of the girls have told me that tonight."


"Why have you got no clothes on?"


What a stupid question! Why on earth would I be wearing clothes?


"Well, you girls like to see my cock."




I wandered over towards a group of girls beside the drinks table. They must have has a bit too much because they were giggling uncontrollably.


"Hi girls," I said, "Sasha's just been admiring my cock. What do you think?"


"Let's have a look," said Myrtle, a blousy blonde with big tits.


She took a good look at my cock.


"Very nice," she said, "don't suppose you'd fancy a..."


"A what?"


"You know. You're showing us your cock for a reason I suppose?"


"Well you girls seem interested in it. You like to look at it."


"Of course. Well if you're interested I'm not wearing any knickers."


I went scarlet. She was talking about knickers. She wasn't wearing any. Did the girl have no shame.




I watched him there, talking to Myrtle, without a stitch on, and totally oblivious of the fact that everyone was laughing at him walking around completely nude. Girls were even talking to him about his cock, and he didn't seem to find this strange at all.


Still, it was livening up the evening up no end. We had not had such an exciting party for years. A man who was totally happy to be walking around in the nude and discussing his cock with all the girls. What a laugh. But surely there were opportunities here for even more fun.


"Boss," I said, "we seem to be running out of drink here. Could you nip down to the corner shop and buy some more bottles of wine."


"Of course, "he said "no problem at all. Do you have some money? I don't seem to have any with me. "


"Jude, you can't you can't, "chorused everybody, "you can't let him go out like that. "


"Why not, he seems quite happy. Let him go."


"I'm afraid I haven't got any pockets dressed like this," he said, "but if you can let me have a £20 note I can hold it in my hand. "


I gave him the money and with gasps from all the girls, he went through the door and down the stairs into the street.




It was a bit chilly in the street, although the June night was still light. A couple of girls were coming along the street towards me. The stopped, seemingly surprised at something.


"You've got no clothes on," gasped one.


"It's warm enough not to need a coat," I said.


"I wasn't meaning a coat, I was meaning, well, trousers and things."


Why on earth would I want to wear trousers? Nobody would see my cock if I wore trousers.


"You wouldn't be able to see my cock if I did," I said.


They burst I into laughter as if I'd said something funny. There's no accounting for the youth of today, I thought. I walked on past them, no time to spend chatting with uncouth girls.


"Nice arse," one of them shouted after. Really! How uncouth could you get. I strode on to the shop and went in. A middle aged lady in a white coat stood behind the counter. She looked surprised as well. Really! You'd have thought there was something funny about walking round with no clothes on!


"You've got no clothes on!" she gasped.


"Of course not. It's a warm night. And you wouldn't be able to see my cock if was wearing trousers would you?" This was so self evidently true that I was amazed that the woman looked surprised.


"No, but..."


"Is there something the matter with my cock?"


"No, it's a very nice one, but..."


"In that case I can't understand why you look so worried."


"It's just that..."


"It's just that I need five bottle of your best plonk. Three red and two white. And nothing over four pounds."


"These ones are five-fifty. But I'll give you a ten percent discount for livening up my evening."


I strolled back to the flat. It was curious how people stared round that part of town. They never acted like that round our way.




He was gone about fifteen minutes. I should have stopped him. I really should have, but the idea seemed so funny at the time.


But of course I should have stopped him. I realised that when there was a ring at the door and I opened it to find two police women standing there.


"I'm afraid there's been a complaint," said one.


"Well not really a complaint," said the other, peering expectantly over my shoulder, "more a report from a concerned neighbour."


"Are we being too noisy," I asked hopefully.


"No, it's just that this neighbour, she said that she'd seen...," she seemed to spot something, "can we come in Miss."


"Well, yes, I suppose so."


The Boss was standing in the middle of the room still completely starkers. The police women looked at him goggle eyed. Well they would wouldn't they? A party with ten normally dressed girls and a man completely in the nude with a very impressive cock. It would make you goggle eyed.


"Sir, you've got no clothes on," said the first policewoman.


"Yes," he said, "it's a party," he looked puzzled, as if it was a ridiculous question.


"But why have you got nothing on?"


"Why shouldn't I have nothing on. It's a party and girls like to see my cock. It's very big you see."


"Yes Sir. I can see that Sir. Look Sir. I'm telling you now. It's not normal to have nothing on at a party. It's not normal at all."


A puzzled look appeared on his face.


"You mean the girls don't like to see my cock."


"Self~evidently they do. But you can't walk around the streets with nothing on. Look here. I'm a policewoman. I'm the one in authority round here. And I'm telling you. It's absolutely not normal to walk around stark naked!  In fact you should find it excruciatingly embarrassing."




"It's not normal to walk around stark naked...  you should find it excruciatingly embarrassing..."


"Oh my God! I'm naked," I shrieked.


I was standing at the party and two police officers were staring me and I hadn't a stitch on. What on earth! It was like coming round for a dream or a strange delusion. What had happened? I could remember standing there trying to move my silly arm, and the next I was standing there at the party in the nude, chatting to girls and thinking it was completely normal.


Oh my God! I'd been chatting to Sasha in the nude discussing the size of my cock. I'd been showing off my cock to all the girls at the party! I'd gone down to the corner shop with nothing on and told the lady there to admire my cock!


Oh my God! I had nothing on and everyone was staring at me. And I was going to be arrested. I could feel my face burning. I hadn't a stitch on, I was standing there in my birthday suit, and everybody could see me!


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I burbled trying to hide my cock with my hands. "Stop laughing everybody. I've got nothing on!"


Judith took over.


"He lost a bet," she explained, "he has to stay naked all evening. Just a silly game. We made him go down to the shop. It's not his fault. I hope we didn't offend anybody."


"Well," said the policewoman, "no harm done then. Just best not to walk along the street like that," she turned to go then stopped and turned back, "make sure you don't let him put his clothes back on Miss. We girls have got to keep men under our heels. He has to pay up doesn't he. I remember when Constable Smithers lost a bet on the cup final. We made him... Well, he was a fine figure of a man as well, but not as well endowed as this gentleman. You girls are in for a real treat."


And off she went.


Judith turned back to me.


"Sorry," she said, "but you sort of went into a trance, and we had to look after you, and you started to take your clothes off, and I couldn't stop you, and she said it would be better if you thought it was normal, except she said that you might realise if someone in Authority said and then I sent you to the shops and I shouldn't have but it seemed like a good idea at the time and...."


Her voice failed away,


"What am I going to do," I wailed, "I've got no clothes on."


"It's all right. Don't worry. The girls really did enjoy looking at your cock."


"Oh My God!"


"Here, have a drink," said Sasha holding out a glass and a bottle.


I took the bottle.




I'd have felt sorry for him, standing there in the nude, bright red, shaking with embarrassment and blubbing. On the other hand he was the boss and it was really funny.


Veronica never did come back, but we got him home eventually and put him to bed and he drifted off into sleep. Never got him dressed mind. Not after drinking that much. 


Still he seems quite happy at work today. All the tribulations of yesterday put behind him. He's even been chatting to Sasha and Myrtle without embarrassment.


Oh, he's coming over to me.






"Great party last night. Thank you so much for inviting me. I enjoyed showing up that hypnotist woman."


"No problem."


"Good, good..."




"What is it."


"Don't you think you should put some clothes on?"


"Why? The girls enjoy seeing me naked. I've just been showing my cock to Sasha and Myrtle and they were telling me how much they admired it. Myrtle tells me she isn't wearing any knickers. You should try that... Sorry, that's my phone... Yes.... Oh... Right... No problem. Judith, could you deal with this please. Apparently there's two police ladies on their way up."








Submitted: February 21, 2020

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I loved this. The last line was a kicker.

Sun, February 23rd, 2020 4:45am

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