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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Naked and Funny

Comic pastiche

Lucien thought back to the first day he had seen her. Looking around the room as the Salon ebbed and flowed with the tide of people. So it was always at the literary soirées of Mme de Fortésprit. He had glowed with an inward satisfaction. He had not yet arrived, but now launched into society, his journey could begin. 

Sent up to Paris at the end of the hot sultry Provencal summer by his widowed mother, he had been destined to study at the Sorbonne on the small remittance which she gave him. But that first day leaving his cheap lodgings in the Latin quarter he had seen the ladies and gentlemen of society walking in the Luxembourg Gardens; and from that moment he knew that that was to be his destiny. Abandoning his studies he had taken up journalism to earn money to supplement his meagre income; a venture which, in view of his outspoken and well turned phrases, had earned him a certain degree of notoriety amongst the world of the liberal literati of the city. 

Foremost among the literati, whose salons were renowned for there erudition and their daring, was Mme de Fortesprit. Consider then Lucien’s joy when he had received an invitation to her first soirée of the new season; he was a novice at such things it was true, but he knew, or thought he knew, that his easy manner and frank good looks would overcome such deficits. For with his golden hair and eyes of the deepest periwinkle blue offset by his handsome, fair and boyish face he knew he could captivate any woman. Pauvre écolier; he knew not into what lair he was treading. 

And then he had seen her. Mme de Fortesprit had the striking good looks of a painting by Raphael. Her auburn her glowed like fine copper drawn into the thickness of a silken thread; she wore it in the English fashion so that it framed her face, high cheekboned and fine featured like an oriental queen. He had looked into her eyes, eyes green, green as the sage that covered the garrigue in his long abandoned homeland; eyes with a limpid depth that seemed to swallow his soul so that he stood speechless and shaking at the sight of her. A shudder like a charge of electricity passing from her to him coursed through his body. 

In a cage by her side sat a green gecko staring at him, around its neck on a velvet band hung a single, large, perfect emerald.

- Ah, Lucien, she had said, and her voice flowed like molten honey from her sensuous lips, Lucien, so glad to have you here.

And his heart had melted within him, that from that day on he knew naught but love for her, a love that was absolute, and knew only absolute obedience.

- I am so please that you invited me, Mme de Fortesprit, he had stammered out at last

- Clothilde, Lucien, call me Clothilde, she had purred;

and he had at once felt at ease, at ease in this society, which he had thought never to be his.

- But Lucien, she laughed, and her laughter fell like tinkling bells upon his ears, we cannot have you dressed in those hardes, in leather boots and serge jacket.

Lucien blushed at his provincial garb, it had been the best that could be got for ready cash in Arles, and it has cost his sister a month’s wages in the milliners shop to pay for them. But now he felt ashamed of them, ashamed of his upbringing in the south, his formation devoid of culture, devoid of fashion.

- Alas, he said stammering once more, these are but my best garb; I have no money for better.

- Money, replied Clothilde, in Paris money comes to he to asks for it. Do you not have some security against which to borrow

- There is but my mother’s house, said Lucien

- Well, tis done, answered the Lady, I will have the deed drawn up forthwith and you shall have the money

So now, at this soirée, Lucien was decked in the finest garb that the tailors of Paris could supply. He was in debt to Clothilde indeed, and such a debt that his mother’s remittance and his sister’s meagre earning could scarce cover the interest. But what did that matter. Once in society the money would surely come in.

He noticed strangely that he was the only man present amongst the fashionable ladies of St Germain-des-Pres. He understood exactly why. Clothilde wished to show him off, her conquest, her plaything. He fingered the green emerald that she had bought him and abjured him to wear upon a velvet band around his neck. He could only do as she asked. It was not just the debt; it was his total devotion to her.

Clothilde summoned the guests to the Salon, suddenly she turned to Lucien.

- Take your clothes off, Lucien she said. 

And he knew why she had asked and why she knew he would obey. She wanted to demonstrate her power over him, and she knew, with the utmost certainty that she had that power. Lucien knew too, knew that whatever her whim, he would do as she asked, such was his thrall to her. Slowly and carefully, as the assembled ladies watched with that strange mixture of awe, amazement and excitement that attends extraordinary events, he removed each article of clothing and laid it carefully on the chair beside him, until at last he stood, his back turned towards them in that delightful state of nature in which we are all born. 

For Mademoiselle Souris-d'Eglise it was a revelation. Never before had she seen such a sight. Her eyes fixed on the smoothness of his skin, like the sheen of shot silk, and moved slowly down his back, noting the outline of his powerful muscles and the arch of his spine until they alighted on the smooth roundness of his buttocks, each a perfectly formed peach in its smooth softness. 

- Turn around, Lucien, said Clothilde.

And, as ever, he obeyed. For Mademoiselle it was a sight she had never thought to see. Surrounded by a golden aureole of golden hair, blanchement-blanche against his pale skin, his glorious manhood was visible to all. Mademoiselle looked unwaveringly, mesmerised at the soft roundness of his golden orbs, the left hanging slightly lower than the right. She longed to touch them, to cradle them in her hand and squeeze gently, feeling their yielding warmth surge through her body. She felt a warm, moist glow in the depths of her being, such as she had never felt before. 

Clothilde caught her gaze; she smiled. 

- Go on, she said, Lucien will not mind. 

And he didn't, he would do anything for her. Mademoiselle went over and taking his orbs in her hand fondled and squeezed them. She felt them stir, and as they stirred the moistness grew within her. She heard a sound behind her and turned to see Madame de Rastignac behind her. She moved aside and each and every lady present moved forward to sample the delight in store. And as each lady fondled and caressed him in this way Lucien smiled at each in turn, permitting and even enjoying the intimacy, not for its own sake, but because it was for Clothilde.

And then at last came Clothilde, and with her hands she stroked and caressed his most intimate part. 

Only then did he respond, and as if at her command the barrel of his pistol raised itself to full stature, and stood quivering as if ready primed to fire. Clothilde knew that to pull the trigger and release its charge she had but to run her fingers softly along its length. Lucien ached for her to do it, to give him that release that he craved. Never mind that it was a performance staged by Clothilde at which he was to entertain the ladies of the soirée by this act. Such was his state that he longed for the release. But she would not grant it, no, not yet, that would be for another day…

Another day came and Lucien found himself summoned, in the imperious, yet always captivating, style of Clothilde. 

A formidable looking woman of about thirty years of age, of medium height, thick set and with that sort of half smile playing about her lips reminiscent of the Mona Lisa, showed him into Clothilde’s boudoir. Lucien took her for Clothilde’s personal maid.

Lucien came into the room. Clothilde was standing there with a small dark haired girl whom he thought he recognised.. 

- You know Mademoiselle Souris-d’Eglise already, Clothilde said in a matter of fact way. Lucien hardly gave her a glance. 

- Oh yes, he said vaguely. 

The dark haired woman smiled at him nervously. 

- Call me Louise, she implored. 

Clothilde spoke again. 

- For the next hour, Lucien, you will belong to Louise; you will be, as it were, her slave, she said casually. 

- What do you mean, said Lucien imperiously, be her slave.

- I mean you are to do everything she asks, obey her every whim. 

- What, obey her every whim! I shall do no such thing. 

- Ah, said Clothilde, but you will Lucien, Louise has bought you for one hour. 

- Don't be ridiculous, said Lucien, you can't buy people.

- But you can buy their debts, said Clothilde, you see that little amusement the other night, it wasn't just for pleasure, although I'm sure everyone found it remarkably pleasurable, oh no, that, dear Lucien, was an auction and the goods on display were going to be , shall we say, hired out to the highest bidder. 

- And I bid 4000 ecus, said Louise with a rapidity that revealed the level of her eager anticipation. 

- I will not do it, said Lucien; you can't just buy and sell me like that, I who am descended from the ancient family of Troudeballe. 

- Well the choice is of course yours, said Clothilde, but then I will have to foreclose on that little bond for which your dear mother so kindly stood surety. Three hundred livres was it not; I think you will find that with interest that now comes to 1200. 

- Foreclose then, said Lucien, as if I care. 

- Not care when your mother is thrown into debtor's prison and your sister loses her home, how heartless you are Lucien.

And Lucien realised that what she had said was true; his mother had signed the bond, thinking it to be for his studies, and he had squandered it on fancy clothes. He must needs do what these women said. He was in their power. 

But his resistance hadn't quite crumbled. 

- Your wish is my command, he said defiantly to Louise, not yet knowing the extent of the humiliation in store for him. 

Louise looked at him fascinated. Brought up in a convent from the age of seven, she had never seen a man in a state of nature until that fateful day. She had gone to the soirée at Clothilde’s thinking it a mere literary function. But the sight of Lucien's naked body had produced within her a strange sensation the like of which she had never felt before. That secret place within her had become warm and moist; and when she had plucked up the courage to feel, fondle and squeeze those soft and round sources of delight that had dangled so invitingly before her she had experienced such pleasure that she knew that her life would never be quite the same again. She had bid for Lucien, what other use had she for her wealth, and now she had him, and she was determined that she would enjoy that pleasure. For there was a further pleasure she craved; one which had not been permitted at the time of the auction; and now was to be granted.

But still she hesitated saying the fateful words. Clothilde saw her hesitating and knew what she was thinking. She thought to encourage her. 

- If you want to examine your purchase, she said, you only have to give the order. 

Louise plucked up her courage. 

- Take off your clothes Lucien; she commanded, for what we have in store for you, you must be completely naked!

Lucien hesitated; he was acutely embarrassed at the thought of his nudity being on show before these women; of having his most intimate parts displayed, examined and discussed; of being their plaything. But what could he do; his own folly had put him in their power. 

Two minutes later he stood before them in all his naked glory. 

- Is he not fine, said Clothilde, and worth every ecu. 

Louise looked, trembling slightly with excitement. She stretched out a hand and placed it on the bare skin of his left buttock. It felt warm and soft, and suddenly a sense of mischief, long suppressed by her strict upbringing, came over her. She took a bit of this warm and yielding left cheek in her hand and pinched hard. The result was gratifying as Lucien first let out a sharp cry, then looked to comment, and finally remembering his position and his nudity, submitted to the indignity. 

Louise smiled; she was going to enjoy this. 

She walked around his naked form and stood a full five minutes just gazing at his manly parts. 

- Close your eyes, she ordered and Lucien obeyed as he knew he must; and as he stood there naked and vulnerable he waited for the expected hand upon his exposed and intimate regions. It was not long in coming. His felt his orbs taken in the grasp of a small but firm hand and squeezed so hard that he almost gasped out again. 

Louise was gratified; she experienced a strange pleasure in a man being thus controlled. Controlled herself most of her life by domineering father and brother she could now enjoy her own gentle revenge. Well perhaps not so gentle; Lucien felt the hand squeeze again and pull sharply downwards. The result for Louise was most gratifying. A sharp exclamation of alarm from Lucien who was not permitted to open his eyes and judge when the next assault upon his dignity might come. For although the act was not comfortable, it was not the discomfort so much as the indignity of having it administered upon his naked body in the presence of the other women that made him feel so humiliated. 

But then he heard a voice behind him, and it was the voice of Louise. 

A hand still held him by his orbs; instinctively he opened his eyes. The hand holding him was that of the supposed lady’s maid. Louise stood apart with Clothilde, the two women watching and enjoying the action for which they formed the audience. 

Lucien stared at the woman. Who was she? This woman with the uncompromising eyes and an air of authority that expected obedience. He opened his mouth to speak, but the hand gripped tighter as if in instruction to remain silent. He knew he must obey. He closed it again.

The woman spoke as if in answer to his unasked question.

- I am Mme La Couillemaitresse, she said, founder of the Compagnons de Bossy. I have just been demonstrating to our newest member to be, the pleasure of controlling a naked man. 

- Controlling? Asked Lucien smiling, how do you do that?

- It is easy said Madame, by using his delicate orbs, his bare delicate orbs, and she gave another hard squeeze. 

There was a gasp at the use of this vulgarity by a woman. 

Even Lucien had gasped, for he knew then the nature of the woman into whose clutches he had fallen. 

- Today, went on Madame, Louise will join our little group. She has paid the fee to have you initiated as a servant of the society and she will be your mistress. Henceforth you will recognise a Bossy woman, a member of the society, by the emerald brooch they wear, and they will recognise you by the emerald you wear round your neck. Any member of the society may command you to strip naked and use you as their plaything for one hour. If you fail to obey them, or even please them, your bond is forfeit, prison awaits your dear mother and a life of poverty and indignity awaits yourself and your sister. We have you by these, she added, giving another squeeze, and you will do as we say. We will now initiate Louise into our society. 

With relief Lucien felt the grip upon his person loose. Louise knelt before him. 

- Lucien, you must stand at all times with your hands behind your back, and Louise you must kiss him upon his naked organ, instructed Madame. Let the act of initiation commence. 

Louise placed her lips as instructed. She felt his organ quiver and swell beneath them as she did so. She felt the excitement between her legs grow within her to such a pitch that she could barely contain it. This was what she had paid the money for and she moaned in ecstasy as the pleasure became unbearable. 

Lucien could feel his organ swelling and stiffening and within thirty seconds of the first touch of Louise's lips he stood proud and erect. He also felt the excitement build as the lips then moved caressingly, teasingly over each orb in turn. And then they were back on his organ moving ever so slowly and gently towards the most sensitive part on the underside near the tip. He felt that he could not hold himself in much longer, but with his hands behind his back his relief was entirely within the power of Louise. Clothilde smiled, she was watching closely and knew the moment of climax was near. She had allowed Lucien no release for a week so that his orbs would be full and bursting to discharge their load. 

At last the lips reached the most sensitive part and Louise caressed it with her tongue. At this touch Lucien felt an explosion of pleasure as the moment of release came.

Louise felt the contraction start and stepped back and all three women watched as Lucien, naked and erect, performed for their particular pleasure. The contents of his bursting orbs shooting high into the air for several seconds. 

As she watched her handiwork spellbound, Louise moaned in ecstasy as she felt her own pleasure explode between her legs. She had now truly been initiated into the society. 

- And now we initiate Lucien as a slave of the Compagnons de Bossy. Kneel before. Your mistress ordered Madame.. 

Lucien did as he was bade. 

- And kiss her feet, she continued smiling. 

Taking a deep breath he lowered his lips to kiss the feet of Louise. After all, he thought, his orbs now empty and satisfied, there was a lot to be said for being ordered about by bossy women!

Submitted: March 02, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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