Lily's Revenge

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Lily gets her revenge... or does she?

Knock knock...

Was that somebody knocking at the door?

Knock knock...

It was maid turn down service time and I was in the bath.

Knock knock...

I climb out the bath, wrap a towel round myself, open the door to my hotel room and peer round.

"I've brought you the papers you asked for."

It isn't the maid, it's little Lily, the office junior from the agency with some information from my secretary.  We are all staying the same country house hotel for the night, where the department has come for its annual team building bash.

"Well, I, er...'

"You said to bring them round at six..."

"I don't remember that.  I'm in the bath now!"

"Well you did.  If I can just drop them off, I can go and get ready..."

"Well I suppose..."

I open the door and let her in.

She pushes past into the room, turning to stare noting I'm wearing nothing but a towel.

"Oops!  Sorry!" she says, "I didn't mean to catch you in the..."

And that is when it happens.  As I step forwards I suddenly find I'm not wearing a towel at all, in fact I'm not wearing anything at all, and Lily...

Oh heck!


I had arranged to meet the girls in the department before dinner.  They were an unruly bunch who needed to be kept in hand by a firm approach to discipline.  That was my job, the job of the Boss's secretary.  To keep the girls in the department in order.  So there we were at the dinner table.  Little Lily with her bunches and black hair, Marilyn the blowsy blonde with the big tits, Jane with a round freckled face and a tendency to plumpness and me, Helen, tall slim and a little bit bossy.  They would be liable to drink too much so I was going to have to take control from the beginning.

The girls were talking about the boss's willy.  Some people, people like you for example, might think it a bit weird for five girls to discuss the boss's willy, but honestly seeing there were four of us girls and one of him, what other topic of conversation could it be.

"I reckon it's a little dainty one," said Marilyn, "bullies like him always have a little one.  That's why he shouts so much.  It's what you call it..  Compensatory."

"It's not a little one!" I blurted out.

"You mean you've seen it!" said Lily.

"Well, not exactly."

"What do you mean 'Not exactly'?"

"No, it's nothing.  Forget I said it."

"We can't just forget it.  Come on.  We're dying to know."

Lily was so insistent, that I had to explain.

"He included a nude picture of himself in an e-mail he just sent me.  It must have been an accident obviously, but I could see quite clearly how... Well you could see big it is."

"And you think it was an accident.  He just accidentally sent you a nude picture of himself!"

"Of course Lily, what else would it be?"

It was at this point that everyone started talking at once.  Marilyn was the loudest.

"But..." she started.

"Yes Marilyn?"

"He's just accidentally sent me a nude picture of himself as well.  No reason to think otherwise....  I thought but..."

We all looked at Jane, who had turned beetroot red.

"Well Jane?" I said

"He just sent me this," she showed us a picture of her phone.  It was the same one.

Lily looked at her phone.

"Oh my God!" she said.

This was beginning to look suspicious.  In fact it was looking more than suspicious.

"I tell you what," said Lily, "he's either accidentally emailed us all or...  Either that or he likes to show off his... His..."

"Fine physique?" interjected Jane.

"Well I was going to say cock, but we'll be generous and agree on fine physique."

"I don't know," I said, "What do you think girls?"

"He looks rather good," said Marilyn, "well proportioned.  Wouldn't mind a proper look."

"I meant," I said, "what are we going to do about it?  Confront him?"

"I think," said Lily, "he deserves a little payback."

"A what?"

"A payback.  A little appropriate revenge.  A punishment to fit the crime."

"What!" said Jane , "just because of a silly accident with an e-mail?"

"Do you really think it was an accident?"

Jane thought for a little, "Well it might have been," she said.

"I tell you what," said Lily, "I have a little plan.  He obviously likes showing off his er... fine physique..."

"You mean cock," said Marilyn.

"If he likes to show off his fine physique...," Lily ignored her, "We'll think up a suitable revenge."


"We've decided to go out to a club," said Helen after I had met the girls for dinner.  They had all been sniggering and giggling during the meal so I thought Lily must have mentioned the unfortunate incident with the towel.  Nobody brought the subject up though so that was one small mercy.

"A club?" I said.  I'm not usually a club person.

"Yes, are you coming with us?"

"I don't think so.  I have to..."

"Are you sure?" asked Lily winking ostentatiously, "I thought when I saw you in your room you might be getting ready for a night out.  Did I tell you about that girls, when..."

"Yes, yes..." I interjected.  She hadn't told them what happened! Thank goodness for that, "you're right, I was thinking of a night out.  Of course I'll come with you."

If that's what it took then I'd have to put up with the girls and their stupid girly chatter.

"Lily knows a good place," said Helen, "just right for you she says.  Chose it specially with you in mind."

"Good," I said rather hesitatingly, Lily was winking at me again.

It didn't look like my type of club when we got there.  There were a couple of big bouncers on the door, they were happy with the girls, but looked like they might be going to turn me away, but Lily winked at them and told them it was my birthday.  Which wasn't exactly the truth, wasn't anyway near the truth I fact. 

"Telling fibs seems to come easily to Lily," I said to Helen

"There's more to her than you'd think," she replied.

Anyway her little fib did the trick and got us a table right next to the dance floor.  It was dark inside, only the stage was brightly lit and you could barely make out the rest of the audience.  Lily ordered Vodka shots all round and the drinking began.  I don't know if you've ever been the only man in a party of girls drinking shots.  The conversation covers only one subject.  Sex.  And more specifically penises and more specifically...

"Well the biggest cock I ever saw," said Marilyn, "that was this bloke at Uni, in the showers after the rugby match..."

What had Marilyn been doing in the showers with the rugby team!  I didn't like to ask.  And I wasn't to find out because at that moment the music started up and a rather sexy lady came on.  She was tall, dark hair, red lips, big bosoms, and wearing a black basque, fishnet stockings and high heeled thigh length boots. Oh my God!  It was that sort of club.

"Now girls," she announced, "it's time for the treat you've been waiting for!  A big hand for Giorgio!"

And cabaret began.  Oh no!  It was a male stripper.  No wonder the girls had wanted to come here.  It was a great chance to embarrass me.  They cheered him to the rafters.  O heck!  I didn't know where to look.

"Gosh," said Marilyn, "that even beats that bloke in the showers!"

I opened my eyes.  Oh heck!  He hadn't got a stitch on.  I averted them quickly again.  No wonder Marilyn was looking so fascinated.  At last he strutted off, but not until he'd...  Well I'd rather not say, but it involved a can of spray on cream and a tongue.

It was then I found out just exactly Helen had meant by Lily saying there was something specially for me.  From the music and the appearance of the woman in the black basque, who strutted onto the stage it was clear they were setting out to embarrass me even more. 

The lights dimmed, the music boomed and she started gyrating round the stage.  Oh my gosh!  Was she  going to start taking the things off!  The girls were roaring with laughter at my embarrassment as they downed more drinks.  I was trying not to keep up, but that didn't stop me starting to feel woozy.

No, she wasn't going to take things off.  She strutted over to hour table and held out her hand to me.  What do you do when someone holds out their hand?  You take it of course.  Which is exactly what I did.  And the next thing I knew she had dragged me out onto the stage.

I knew they'd set me up to be embarrassed on the stage, but I was terrified of Lily blurting out what had happened in the room so I didn't dare object.  So there I was, being cavorted around by a semi-naked girl wearing high heeled boots, black fish net stockings and a black basque.  She was tall, but big bosomed with dark hair and red lips.  She looked formidable. She was difficult to resist, so much so that when she twisted me round and threw me off balance I suddenly ended up on the floor, on my back.  She sat on my chest running her hands up my chest, to a great cheer from the audience.  Before I could object she had swivelled round and shuffled back so that her ample behind was on my face.  I was trapped, and before I knew it she was pulling my trousers off, and with them my shoes and socks.

I stood up.  I had nothing on but my underpants and my torn shirt.  Roars of laughter came from the audience.  Female laughter.  Girls having the time of their life.  Girls!  I looked round at the dimly lit audience.  No wonder the bouncers had been reluctant to let me in.  Every table was filled with girls.  Hen parties and bachelorette parties, girls on a night out.  There wasn't another man to be seen.  It was just dawning on me that I'd been set up when suddenly all the lights went out and it was pitch black...


Lily, it appeared, knew of this club.  A club where girls went for a little special entertainment.  There were male strippers, specially chosen for their exceptionally big ones, but that wasn't all.  If any unsuspecting male could be lured in there he could be dragged up on the stage.  And once that happened, hinted Lily, anything could happen.  She'd even known one unfortunate man who'd had his trousers removed.  That would be a suitable punishment, I thought, a punishment to fit the crime.  Getting him to drop his trousers in front of all those girls, in front of the girls who worked for him.  The ones he'd sent those photographs to.  Yes, that would be a punishment indeed.

And the gullible fool didn't even realise he was the only man there.  Not even when Miss Domina dragged him up on the stage to dance with her.  Not that he did dance of course.  No matter how much she tried to entice him, he just stood there looking more and more embarrassed.  Then it happened.  It was hilarious seeing how she twisted him to the floor and whipped his pants off with consummate and well practiced skill.  So Lily had been right.  He had lost his trousers.  That would teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget.  And suddenly as he stood there confused and red faced, in his shirt and no trousers, the whole place was plunged into darkness.  Had there been a power cut, I counted only five seconds before the lights went on and then...  Oh my gosh!


I stood there in the dark not knowing what on earth to do when suddenly one hand took hold of my shirt and another took hold of my underpants and simply ripped them off.  You can do that you know with clothes if you pull hard enough and fast enough, they just rip straight off. Then she was standing behind me with her arms round me then...  Flash!  The lights came back on.


The lights had hardly been off two seconds, but when the stage was floodlit again he was standing there without a stitch on.  Only the arms of the stripper round him holding a square of black velvet over his privates saved him from total embarrassment.  I looked at Lily.  She hadn't said anything about this.  She'd only said the stripper would pull his trousers down but...  On the other hand he looked so embarrassed standing there, red as a beetroot, shaking like a leaf and unable to move without exposing himself to even more embarrassment.

And now he had to dance.  She was writhing and twisting, standing behind him with her arms around holding the velvet in place.  She was dancing in time to the music, and if he wanted to keep just a modicum of respectability he had to writhe and twist with her.  With no clothes on.  The girls roared and laughed.  She could do anything she liked with him.  Twisting him, turning him, his bottom wiggling, his arms flailing, and all the time she somehow kept the square of velvet tantalisingly over his private parts.

Lily was beside herself with excitement.  Shouting and whistling as the music and dancing got wilder and wilder until it reached a climax and....


I have never been so embarrassed in all my life.  I had nothing on whatsoever and the only thing preserving what little modesty I had left was a little square of cloth that she used to hide my privates.  Thank goodness for small mercies.  But it was a small mercy indeed.  To keep even that little modesty I had to dance in the nude in front of an audience of girls, and except for the little bit covered by the cloth they could see everything.  I was twisted round and round and over and up and the more the music built to a climax, the more I danced naked, the more the girls roared.  And there was nothing I could do.  With all the excitement of dancing in the nude my cock had gone rigid.  She knew that, I knew that, and I'm sure all the girls in the audience must have known.  If I was to avoid the ultimate humiliation of displaying my erect penis I had to keep dancing. 

And then, as the music built to a climax she pushed me towards the table where Lily had been cheering me on and the next thing I knew, the cloth was whipped away and my hands pinioned behind my back.  My penis stood, vertical, proud, erect and fully exposed a foot from Lily's face.  And Lily had something in her hand...  A can of spray cream...  And all the girls started cheering.


Standing in the agency Lily looked at the picture her phone.  It was a nice photo of the Boss she'd got when she whipped the towel off him in his room.  Standing there starkers, his face all red.  It had been too good an opportunity to miss.  Then hacking his e-mail and sending the picture to all the girls, that had been a stroke of genius.

She looked at the jobs on offer.  Personal Assistant to the head of HR?  Experience needed.  That looked like a likely one.  And as for experience - well she was always good at telling fibs.

Submitted: February 26, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Clever story. An unexpected angle with a great presentation.

Mon, March 22nd, 2021 10:47am

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