Intimate Examination

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Well we’ve all had to take our clothes off for a medical exam. But not one quite like this!

There it was.  In my email box.  Special offer.  I’d been specially selected as a new guest at the hotel for a free full personal and intimate medical screening at The Clinic.  It looked good.  Professional.  Free.  Free was very important.  I can never resist anything free. It had a link to a website.  Very professional looking.    I skipped through the details and filled in the form, name, address, email, all the usual rubbish, photo ID to confirm who you were, tick that I agreed to the terms and conditions.  I clicked 'send' and got an appointment that evening. An appointment at The Clinic, about half a mile from the hotel.  Walking distance indeed.

The Clinic was on an industrial estate on the edge of town.  Not very imposing, in fact a sort of Portakabin, but there was the sign.  I went in through the door. .  The outer office looked very efficient.  Shelves of books and files.  Magazines on the tables.  Suitable pictures on the walls.

A strict looking girl sat behind a desk.  Dark hair, pretty face, petite.  A name tag read Nathalie.

'Free medical?' she snapped.

'Well, yes,' I replied.

"Jude," she shouted through the door, "man taken up the free offer."

"Right, I’ll ring Mandy then."

Nathalie turned back to me.

'Fill these forms in then.'

The usual things.  Name, address, medical history, exercise, diet, consent form.."

I started to read it.

'Hurry up!'

'Yes Miss.'

I quickly signed and handed in my form.

"You’ve signed everything."


"Including the consent.  That’s important."

"Yes, yes.  Of course."

'Good.  Right.  Get undressed behind the screen there.  Take your clothes off.  Come back out.'

'Is that...  I mean... Er... do you mean all my clothes.'

'Of course.  What did you expect. You’re not shy are you.  No good coming taking up the free offer if you’re shy."

'Well.... yes... I mean no... I mean of course.'

What else could I say.

I went behind the screen and took my clothes off.  I was still standing there nervously when Nathalie peered round.

‘Aren’t you ready yet?'


'Well what are you waiting for, come on then.'

"Have you got a robe or something.  I haven’t got any clothes on."

"I thought you said you weren’t shy."

"Well no... but..."

"So... come on out."

I crept out into the reception area completely naked.

'Follow me.'

'Yes Miss.'

Somehow standing naked in reception I felt cowed by this bossy girl.

She led me across the lobby and through a door.  It was a large bare room.  In one corner was a set of scales, at the side of the room was an examination couch.  A girl in a white nurse uniform and a name badge with Nurse Judy on it, stood beside a small desk.  She smiled. A confident smile for a confident girl. Tall, big bosomed, blonde, looking very fetching in her crisp white nurse's uniform.

"Thank you Nathalie.  Welcome Sir, and thank you for agreeing to your intimate genital screen."

"My Er..."

"You’re genital screen.  It was all described in the consent form you described."

Of course.  It had said 'Intimate personal screen', and I had even bothered to read those forms.  I mean who does.  

"Yes...  of course...  I... Er..."


I was going to say I hadn’t quite understood.  But I didn’t want to look stupid and embarrassed about my private parts being examined.

"Nothing.  Please... Er... examine my Er... parts..."

"Good, Nathalie here will assist.  I'll be demonstrating the techniques to her as described in the free offer.  You don’t mind do you?  I mean you shouldn’t have taken up the offer if you were shy."

"Er... no..."

"Excellent.  And..." There was a knock on the door and a young girl with long blonde hair, wearing a short tartan skirt entered carrying a video camera. "...this is Mandy who will be doing the filming.  It was her idea to offer a free examination for anyone willing to be a model for the training video.  I said we wouldn’t get any takers, but she said there’s plenty who aren’t shy and would jump at the chance of a £150  examination for free. It’s a full intimate exam, but you know all that.  It was described in detail on the website and on the consent form you signed."

Training video!  Full intimate exam!  I’d just skipped over the details and ticked the box.  And now I was standing there naked in front of three girls being filmed and I’d have to go through with it.

Nurse Judy turned to the camera.

"Welcome to our intimate screen training video.  Here is our demonstration volunteer...." the camera turned to me, "he has been asked to strip naked as is essential for this examination.  Fortunately he is not shy, though he is looking a bit nervous.  You’re not embarrassed are you?"

"Er.. no.."

She turned back to the camera, "Well, of course he is.  That is natural and to be expected.  As you can see he has turned bright red.  So... the first thing is the general visual examination of his private parts.  Can you just zoom in for a moment Mandy."

I stood there shaking with embarrassment as Mandy zoomed in on my penis.

"So firstly the visual assessment of his penis.  Penis size is an important aspect of any examination of the private parts.  A small penis can indicate a delicate and sensitive personality, which brings us nicely to Joe's penis.  Now it is very true to say that men generally have an exaggerated view of the size of their penis.  How would you compare your penis to a well... normal penis Joe?'

"It’s Er..." I stammered, " average..."

"As I said, men tend to overestimate the size of their penis.  Viewers can make their own judgement.  Next we come to the visual examination of the testicles.  You know what testicles are Joe?"

"My er.." my mouth dried up.

"They’re your balls.  Now I’ll just lift his penis out the way.  You don’t mind do you?  No, of course not.  So here we can see his balls.  Big, round and firm and quite tight.  That’s an interesting sign as tight balls indicate a degree of sexual arousal.  I think we’re having a little effect on our model here, so we'll go on to the next part of the examination."

She let go of my penis and spoke to the camera again.

"We now move on to the physical examination.," she turned to me, "So if you would just kneel on the couch in the examination position."

"The what?"

"The examination position.  Hands and knees with legs wide apart.  That gives best access to the parts to be examined.  There wasn’t any point in coming for the free examination if you’re shy.  You do know that don’t you?"

"Yes... of course..." what else could I say.  I just couldn’t admit to being some sort of shy idiot,

"Now Nathalie... first of all we always use everyday normal terms for the anatomy.  No need to hide behind technical medical words that the public don’t understand.  So, Joe, we are going to start by examining your balls.  You have two of them?"

"Yes... I do."

"Left and right?"


"You see, Nathalie," she said, "the left one hangs lower than the right."

"Yes Miss," said Nathalie.

"So Nathalie."

"Yes Miss."

"Take hold of his balls."

"Yes Miss."

"Squeeze hard and..." she turned to the camera, "the physical examination of the private parts is often a bit uncomfortable for the subject, so it is best to put him at his ease.  Mandy...   can you zoom in please on the subjects face... thank you.  Now Joe, tell us a little bit about yourself.  What made you volunteer for this demonstration."

"I... Er..."

"You were keen to help in a training video?"

"Yes, that’s right."

"And you were happy to display your private parts to our large watching audience..."


"Of course.  This training video is open to the public and is being streamed live to our  trainees."

"Oh... I..."

"And just to confirm to our viewers our subject gave fully informed consent which we will put up on the screen now, together with photo ID and contact details as legally required.. Does your penis get put to much use?"

"Much use?"

"Yes.  Do you get to use it much?  Insert it where it’s meant to go?"

"Well... Er."

"I’ll take that as a no then.  Thought as much.  Manual stimulation?"


"Yes.  I mean how often do you wank?"


"Every day.  Thought as much.  Now Nathalie do you have a firm grip on Joe's balls?"

"Yes Miss."

"Good.  In that case I will just position this second camera to show the subjects face in the corner of the screen do you can judge reaction as we go along.  There...  that’s right.  Do you have a firm grip Nathalie?"

"Then yank them down."


With a firm grip Nathalie had grabbed my balls and pulled them hard.

"Not so rough Nathalie! Well viewers you'll see from the look on his face that was rather uncomfortable.  Let me show the viewers.  Many, can you zoom in on the rear view again. Like this."  She fondled my balls gently and gave them a little tug. "Nice balls," she gave them a squeeze, "Very nice balls.  Now Nathalie.  Take hold of his balls."

"Yes Miss."

"And.  Squeeze and pull.  Squeeze and pull.  Squeeze and pull."

'Ow, ow," I yelped, "is that Er... really... Er necessary."

"Harder Nathalie..."


"Does that answer your question....  Nathalie can have another go."

"Yes... yes..." what else could I say if my balls weren’t going to be yanked again

"Yes?  Right Nathalie.  Off you go again.  Squeeze and pull..."

"Ow... ow,,, ow..."

"Well done Nathalie, our viewers will have been able to see from the subjects face that you elicited a firm response.  Viewers, the point of the squeeze and pull test is to elicit a yelp from the subject which indicates that his balls have full sensitivity.  We now move on to the visual inspection of the rear orifice.  Mandy, can you zoom in on his...  his bum hole Mandy not there... thank you... and Nathalie... you will need to keep hold of his balls as you will need to pull against them when you push the instrument up...  good..."


"Miss.." I spoke involuntarily.

"Yes... what is it?"

"I just wondered...  I mean..."

"Nathalie.,  ball control..."

The grip on my tender balls tightened.


"You were saying?"

"Nothing Miss."

"Good.  Now viewers, here we see a nice inviting bum hole and we are going to use it to examine the prostate...." she turned to me, "you do want your prostate examining don’t you?  It is important..."

The grip on my balls tightened.

"Yes Miss."

"Good.  Now first the digital examination.  Now Nathalie massage his bum hole gently.  That will help it relax, and squeeze his balls gently...  good...  now push your fingers up...

"Ooof!"  I felt two fingers push up my bottom.

I tried to wriggle but I was held fast by my balls

"That’s right Nathalie.  Now massage his prostate...  Mandy can you zoom in on his penis...  that’s right.  If his private parts are in good working order his penis should..."

I suddenly felt a tingling like an electric shock shoot to the end of my cock.  In a couple of seconds it had gone rigid.

" should... there you go... the stimulation of the prostate causes an immediate and hard erection."

My cock was still tingling and I was finding it hard to control myself.

"All that remains now," continued Nurse Judy, "is to demonstrate a successful climax using the medical orgasmotron."

She picked up a large plastic penis and pressed a button,  it started to vibrate.

"But that’s a..." I started to say.

"A medical orgasmotron...  yes... you’re right.   Do you want it?"

My cock tingled again.  I didn’t know what to do.  It seems an unusual examination technique, but the effect on my cock...

"Is it...  is it... I mean an important part of the examination?"

"Well...  I suppose..." my cock was still tingling.. "...I suppose you’d better do it then."

I’d completely forgotten about all those people watching.

"Go on then Nathalie.  Insert the instrument."

I felt the tip press up against my intimate hole.  And then I saw Mandy with the camera.  What had I done!  But it was too late to back out now.  Nathalie held me in position by my balls and pushed.  I felt it go up.  Right up.

"Press the button Nathalie."

I felt an intense vibration up my bottom and the electric shocks started firing up my cock in a succession of waves of intense pleasure.

"Well, viewers you can see from his face that he is reacting positively to the orgasmotron.  Turn up the dial Nathalie."

The vibrations increased and my cock was starting to throb uncontrollably.

"Further up Nathalie.  Zoom in on his penis Mandy.  He’s about to go."

And my cock exploded in an intense wave of ecstasy.

"Well done Nathalie.  I think we have demonstrated that his private parts are in perfect working order.  You may withdraw the instrument."

I knelt there naked and exhausted.

"Okay.  Well viewers that’s the end of today’s demonstration.  See you next time.  Nathalie and Mandy that’s  wrap.  You can clear up."

"Can I... Er... what do I..." I gasped.

"You just stay there while we get things cleared up.  Okay girls.  Take the equipment out to the car." 

The girls disappeared through the door. 

I looked at Nurse Judy.

"Should I..."

"You just stay there for the moment," and she followed the girls out the door.  I knelt there waiting for her to come back listening to the banging and scraping from the outer office.

I waited a minute, two minutes, five minutes.

"Nurse..." I called out.  No reply, "Nurse..."

I got up and crept over to the door and peered out into the outer office.  It was completely bare.  Just an empty desk and empty shelves.  Even the screen where I'd got undressed was gone, where I’d left my clothes.  My clothes!  Where were my clothes!


The video on 'Strip Him Naked' was coming to en end.  It was a popular show on the Naughty Girls video channel.  As usual the gullible victim had been tricked into being stripped naked and orgasmed for the pleasure of the paying audience.  

"So," said Judy, the popular presenter, "we left him in the Portakabin we’d rented for the day.  We took his clothes with us, just for a little bit of extra fun.  And here he goes.

The door opened and a naked figure crept out into the parking lot.  They’d obviously filmed me from a distance.  I’d never noticed.  They’d let me watch my naked humiliation.  That was part of the fun apparently.  I’d had to walk back to the hotel in the nude.  I could have complained to someone, but it was too embarrassing and apparently I’d consented to it all on the consent form.  It was bad enough having to explain to that posh girl on reception that I’d lost my room key.  She gave me a really funny look.

So here I was in the studio with Judy, Nathalie and Mandy and a select studio audience so the viewers could judge my reaction to watching my humiliation.  They sat on a sofa.  I stood in the middle of the stage naked as the audience roared and laughed.  They’d insisted on me being naked.  I didn’t really have any option I’d agreed to it in the contract I’d signed, and I didn’t want the link to the video sent to all my contacts.

"And so a big round of applause for today’s victim naked for your enjoyment, and here as promised his photo ID with full contact details.


Still it’s an I’ll wind that doesn't have a silver lining.  There’s twenty more emails in today from admirers of my naked body.  Here’s one...

'I think your cock is very nice, even if it isn’t quite average.  You can come and show it to me any time.  Love, Veronica.'

Might just take her up on that.


Submitted: June 12, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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That is great, Joe! You are hilarious!
We charge guys for that sort of thing in my clinic...

Well written and really entertaining stuff...

Sun, June 13th, 2021 4:23am


love your stories.

Sun, June 13th, 2021 9:58pm


Entertaining and well crafted!

Mon, June 14th, 2021 1:57am


I have had a prostrate exam but it sure as hell wasn't anything like his was.
I did get an erection but it didn't last anywhere as long as his did and I didn't end up having an orgasm.

Thu, June 17th, 2021 12:43pm


Another fun story!

Sun, June 20th, 2021 9:08pm


Over the top, outrageous fun!

Fri, June 25th, 2021 11:09am

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