I'm Not a Wimp

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Don’t get lured into showing you're not a wimp. Contains bossy girls, naked boys, and a little bit of... well you'll see

"The trouble with you is you’re a bit of a wimp.  What’s the word I’m looking for?  Vanilla... that’s it..."


That was Simone talking.  My new secretary.  I’d just come back from my annual appraisal with my boss Sheila where I had got my usual roasting.


"No I’m not..."


"Oh yes you are.  She roasted you didn’t she...  the boss?"


"No... not all..."


"I bet you didn’t stand up for yourself..."


"Yes I did... I..."


"As I said... a wimp...  boring life...  vanilla..."


"I’m not vanilla... whatever that means..."


"It means you’re boring.  Never do anything exciting never take risks..."


"Yes I do..."


"Like what..."


"I... I..."


"Occasionally have Krispies instead of cornflakes for breakfast.  That’s probably your idea of risk taking.  That’s right isn't it."


"No... no... I..."


"Always have cornflakes... wouldn’t even risk Krispies... thought as much."


"No... I didn’t mean that..."


"And I bet your sex life is boring...  I mean if you have one..."


Of course I have one," I lied.


"Well, what do you do to liven it up then?  What?  Come on..."


I couldn’t answer.  She had embarrassed me so much.  I didn’t talk about such things, and even if I did I wouldn’t have had anything to say.


"I... I..."


"Role play?  Do you do role play sex like normal people?"


"Of course,"I lied.  I didn’t even know that was what normal people did.


"Well, what role play games do you play?"


Why was I even answering these embarrassing questions.  i just couldn’t somehow get out of it.  I was too embarrassed to answer, but felt I would be confirming myself as a vanilla wimp if I didn’t.  And then it would be all round the office.


"Well let me see," I tried to think of something, "I.. well... all sorts..."I couldn’t think of anything.


"Not 'Be My Slave' for example.  You wouldn’t play that."


"Yes...of course... one of my favourites," I lied again.


"And which do you like to be?  The slave or the master?  The slave I bet.  You like to have a woman boss you around."


"No, I don’t."


"Yes you do.  Look how you let yourself be roasted by Sheila today."


"No I didn’t."


"No need to pretend.  You’d never play Slave and Master."


"Of course I would."


"You’d never go on a Slave and Master weekend for example..."


"A Slave and Master..."


"...weekend.  You don’t even know what it is."


"Of course I..."


"No you don’t.  It’s one of those weekends... usually at a country house somewhere...  some are Masters and some are Slaves and well...  you spend the rest of the weekend being one or the other.  They’re fun...  very how shall I put it... stimulating... but you wouldn’t know...  it would be too well... daring for you."


"Of course not...  I knew what they were," I lied again, "I'd just never done that particular role play before."


"And you wouldn’t either."


"Of course I would."


"Well, my friend Marcella runs Slave and Master weekends and she has one coming up next week.  Usually girls only, but she'll make an exception for me.  But you wouldn’t be interested would you.




"Yes.  She owns The Manor over at Newton.  Runs these weekends.  Only five hundred pounds.  A bit out of your league I guess."


"Well I mean... er..."


"Just as I thought.  Vanilla wimp.  Never role played in your life.  Wouldn’t know what to do as a slave master"


"Of course I would.  Just the sort of thing I’d enjoy."


"Good.  I'll book is two places."


"Okay.  Right.  I..." I was lost for words.  I never did anything like that.  Not sexy role play


I blushed furiously as I always did talking with Simone.  Simone with her slight French lilt.  Where did she come from?  Martinique?  Guadeloupe?  She had that beautiful ebony skin of the French Antilles and she frightened the life out of me. As well as...  oh heck my cock had gone rigid just talking to her.  My cock always went rigid when Simone teased me.  I hoped she hadn’t noticed.


Master and Slave indeed.  She did like to tease.  It would probably be a total bore.


"If you just let me have your credit card I'll book it now."


"Yes... I mean I... of course..."


I always ended up doing what Simone told me.  A thousand pounds.  I had to pay for Simone as well.




Simone insisted she drive me to The Manor after work on Friday.  I’d been nervous about it all week.  I mean Simone was right.  I wouldn't know what to do as a Slave Master.  I’d make a fool of myself.


"Simone..." I asked tentatively, trying not to give away my ignorance.  




"How does it work precisely.  I mean how does er..."




"Yes Marcella.  How does she run this particular weekend."


"You'll find out soon enough..."


"But I"m not quite sure...  what does the slave have to do?"


"Oh... you'll find out soon enough."


We arrived in the courtyard of a large country house.  Simone introduced me to another girl, perhaps also from the Caribbean, they spoke quickly together in some strange language I didn’t recognise.  The new girl was dressed in a tight fitting black uniform, she was tall, athletic looking, with short cropped hair.  Oh gosh.  I didn’t fancy getting on the wrong side of her.


This is Marcella.  


"Um...  how do you do?"


"Right...  come through and join the others.  You’re last here.  I will explain the procedure."  Peremptory.  Bossy.  Bossy women frighten me.


She led us into the great hall of the house.


There was one other girl there.  The girl who was to be our slave.  Black hair.  Rich brown eyes.  She looked as if she might be Thai 


"Right..." Marcella started without introduction.  "We will go through to the waiting room.  I will see each of you in turn and assign you your role.  I will explain the rules of that role.  You will be that role for the rest of the weekend.  I assign the roles.  You have no choice.  That is the essence of the Slave and Master weekend as you all know."


I hadn’t known.


We went through to a small antechamber.


"You will line up here," Marcella have the orders.  We were clearly expected to obey them without question.  "You will stand in line.  I will fetch you one by one to assign your role.  You will not converse while waiting.  Is that understood."


"Yes Marcella,"


"Yes Marcella..." we answered in turn.


I was last.  We stood in line and I saw the others disappear through the door one by one.  I didn't say anything.  I didn’t dare disobey Marcella.


At last there was only me left. Marcella eventually appeared.


"You...  Follow me."


And Marcella led me away.




I stood in a small bare room with only a table and a chair.  Marcella fixed me with her eyes.  Looked me up and down and picked up a short riding crop from the table.


"Strip Slave."




"Strip.  Take all your clothes off."


"But... I mean... why?"


"You here... naked... now...  Slave."


She banged the riding crop on the table and I jumped.


"Yes... er..."


"Yes Miss!" She banged the riding crop again. "You will address me as Miss."


"Yes Er...  Miss."


Somehow I felt I had to do as she said.


Two minutes later I stood there naked and shivering in front of her while she picked up my clothes and marched out of the room with them.


"Wait here."


"Yes Miss"


I was to be a slave.  For the weekend.  I had spent the whole time worrying about how to behave as a Master.  I had somehow assumed Simone and I would be the masters.


She returned.




"Yes Miss."


"Kiss my feet."


"Yes Miss."


"Good.  Nice and obedient.  Stand"


She fastened a collar round my neck.  Then she stood in front of me and gave a slight smile as she surveyed my penis.  I blushed furiously, my legs shaking.  The humiliation of being naked with my penis on view was acute.


Simone!  I suddenly realised Simone would be there.  We were the slaves.  She'd see my penis.  I’d see her... oh heck!


"The rules," Marcella said brusquely.


"Yes Miss."


"Rule number one.  You are naked.  I have the whip.  You understand."


"Yes Miss."


"Rule number two.  You speak when you are spoken to and not otherwise.  You understand."


"Yes Miss."


"Rule number three.  You obey without question.  You understand."


"Yes Miss."


"Good.  Come."


Naked, trembling and helpless I followed her.


She led me along a corridor and out and back into the great hall of the house.  There was the slight dark haired Thai girl, naked and collared like me.  I averted my gaze.  Oh heck!  


Simone and the other girl stood opposite.  Dressed in tight leather skirts and bright red blouses.  Simone!  Oh my gosh!  Simone.  My secretary.  She was a master and I was a slave.  She could see my penis.  They could all see my penis.  My face burned with embarrassment and humiliation.


Marcella stood to one side.


"You have been allocated roles as Slaves or Mistresses.  I have the role of Slave Driver.   The Slave Mistresses will give the orders.  The slaves will obey.  I have explained the rules.  I have the whip and I will use it to enforce the rules. Remember obedience without question.


"You... Kimmi," she said pointing to my fellow slave and giving her a name, "do you understand."


"Yes Miss."


Kimmi replied defiantly.


"You..." she looked at me.


My mouth went dry.  I opened it but no words came out.  She tapped my penis with the whip.


"Yes Miss,". I shouted, "Yes Miss."


Marcella looked across at Simone.


"Mistress," she said, "What would you like your slaves to do."


Simone was grinning.  She and Marcella were old friends from their days in Martinique.


"Running on the spot," she said, with that slight French lilt, ."Make them on the spot." She pointed at me.


Marcella looked at me.


"You," she said, "Running on the spot.  Now."  


She banged the whip on the table again.


"Yes Miss"


I started.  Unquestioning obedience.  Naked and humiliated unquestionably obedience was my only option.


My legs started running.




"Yes Miss!"


"Knees higher."


"Yes Miss."


My knees went up and down rhythmically.




"Yes Miss."


I looked across at Simone.  She was laughing.  She had known all along who would be Master and who would be slave.




"Yes Miss."


My knees pumped vigorously, my penis swung from side to side like a pendulum further and further until it was rotating like a windmill... and Simone laughed and laughed.  She had seen my rotating penis.  I would never live it down.


"Good," said Marcella eventually.  "Mistress be seated.  The slaves will serve dinner."


"Slave," said Simone as I served her.


"Yes Mistress."


"Excellent performance.  I haven’t laughed so much in months."


"Yes Mistress."  I gulped.


"Don’t worry.  We have our orders.  Look but don’t touch.  It’s just about embarrassment and humiliation.  It’s not The Story of O.  You’re not going to be tied up and whipped."


"Yes Mistress.  Thank you Mistress."  


"Not just yet anyway," she winked.


Oh dear!  She was such a tease.  Simone.  You may ask why was I behaving like a slave with all that Yes Mistress subservience.  The truth is it want role play any longer.  I was naked.  I was subservient.  Simone was my mistress.  I had to obey.


The meal was finished.


"You..." said Marcella pointing the whip at me.  "Do you require food."


"Yes Miss!" I answered.


"Good," she said, "you may eat."


We looked round.  Down on the floor were three dog bowls full of porridge.  


"Get down and eat," said Marcella, "faces in the bowls."


And down on hands and knees we stuck our faces in the bowls and ate.  As soon as we were finished


"You... do you need a pee?"


At last.  A comfort break.  I hadn’t been able to ask.  Not according to the rules.


"Yes Miss"




I was led behind a curtained area at the end of the room.  


Stand on the chair and pee out the window.


"But... er Miss."






"Yes I am going to watch."


I couldn’t.  Not standing on the chair.  Not with Marcella watching.  Not in the altogether.


There was a quick swish and I felt a sharp sting across my buttocks.


"Ooh!" I yelped.


"I have the whip.  You will obey"


"Yes Miss," I started to pee.


"Instant obedience.  That’s what I like to see," said Marcella.


She pulled a cord and the curtain fell to the ground revealing me to the watching girls. 


They burst out laughing.  They all burst out laughing.  And I could only stand there. Naked.  Peeing.


My subservience was complete.




Marcella had told me about her fetish weekends for dominant-submissive couples a couple of weeks earlier.  She just loved a weekend where she could humiliate the subs, as she said.  She always had that side to her.  And it made good money as well.  It was all about domination, submission and humiliation she said.  Nothing SM you know.  That’s what she said.  Strip the subs and humiliate them.  That’s what she said.


"You should try being a Slave Mistress.  Don’t you know a nice little girl who'd like a little humiliation."


"No I don’t!"




"But I do know a man..."


"Well, I could stretch a point.  You know some man who likes women to boss them around?"


"Only the boss," I said, "I'm sure he gets off on Sheila giving him a roasting.  His cock goes up when I tease him about it.  He thinks I don’t notice."


"Ask him then."


"You're joking.  He's so boring vanilla he'd never for a moment."


"Goad him into it.  You know how persuasive you can be.  You don’t have to go into detail.  Just get him here and I'll do the rest."


"I don’t know..."


"I think you do.  You'd rather like to see him naked and humiliated wouldn’t you."


She can be very persuasive can Marcella.  


"Yes..." I said, "I think I would."


"Good.  Now get your face in that bowl and eat."


"Yes Mistress!"


I stuck my face in the bowl.  As I said.  Marcella had that side to her.




I lay on my bed naked.  It had been a strange experience, but enough was enough.  Simone had seen me peeing naked.  I’d never live it down.  Next day I’d get a taxi and leave.  The bed was just a plain mattress on the floor of a bare room.  Next morning.  After breakfast I’d leave.


Next morning after breakfast we were lined up naked again.  All thoughts of leaving banished.  I had no clothes.  I’d been humiliated again.  I was totally subservient again.


"Mistresses, what activity would you like this morning.  We can have art, body painting, wrestling..."


"Wrestling," said Simone, it was as if she already knew what it was all about.


"Good.  You!."  She pointed at Kimmi and me.  "Oil yourselves."


She produced a bottle of oil and poured it over me.  


I looked at Kimmi.  I was going to wrestle naked with Kimmi.  She looked incredibly sexy as she picked up the oil and poured it over her body.  Covered in oil our skins glistened.




The girls applauded.  It couldn’t be too bad could it?  She was only five foot two and a slight little thing.


Not too bad.  Kimmi turned out to be a skilled wrestler.  I didn’t stand a chance.  Within seconds she had pinioned me on my back and he was slapping my cock and balls.


I heard the girls laughing.


Marcella sprang to her feet and blew a whistle.


"Foul play," barked.


The respite.  was short lived.  My arms were pinioned behind my back and I was pushed in front of the girls.  My cock inches from Simone's grinning face.  She bent forward and kissed it.


"No touching!"  Marcella barked, letting go and admonishing Simone.


"Yes Miss," said Simone and stood up holding out her hand.  Marcella gave it a sharp tap with the riding crop.  Simone yelped and wrung her hand.  Gosh!  Marcella did enforce her rules strictly.


Again the respite was short lived.  A few seconds later I was on my back, my legs pulled up and pinioned with my shoulders forced against the floor.  It could only be described as the bum hole display hold.


Simone could see my bum hole.  Nothing that I could imagine was more humiliating.  But Simone had kissed my cock, and somehow that made up for everything.  Even getting my balls slapped.




Marcella had told me it was just about humiliation.  And so it was... on the first day.  The regulars... well they knew to what to expect.  But the Newbies.  They were in for a surprise.  Sunday was Punishment Day.  It had been a great idea of Marcella's to bring along Kimmi.  Worth every penny of the five hundred it cost me, or rather him.  Darling little Kimmi.  She knew how to wrestle and she knew how to administer punishments.




We were lined up again on the Sunday morning.


"Slaves!" Ordered Marcella. "Down on all fours!"


"Yes Miss."


"Bark doggies!"


"Woof woof!"  we barked, "woof woof!"




Swish.  I felt the sting of her whip across my buttocks.


"Woof woof woof!"




Swish again."


"Woof woof woof."


We barked and barked.  We were naked doggies.  We would do as our Mistresses commanded.


"This morning," said Marcella, "we have the slave and master challenge.  This afternoon you receive your reward for success.  Or your punishment for failure.


"The challenge," she said, "will take the form of a race."


She came to me and fastened a leash to the collar round my neck.  She handed the end to Simone.


"Fastest round the house," she said, "punishment for the loser."


Simone tugged at the leash.  I crawled after her.


"Come on," she said, "the others are already ahead."


I went as fast as I could.  Simone was mistress.  I was her naked pet.


Out the door.


"Quicker... quicker... they're getting away..."


Simone could be quite competitive.  


"Woof woof..."


"Come on..." she tugged at the leash, "we'll go by the road.  It’s quicker that way."


The road.  Naked on all fours on a lead.  There’d be cars.  People.


"Woof woof..."


And out onto road.



"Woof woof"


"Come on.  We're on the grass verge wimp.  It won’t hurt your knees."


"It wasn’t my knees I was worrying about.  I could hear a car coming behind."


"Woof woof."  I tugged on the lead but was pulled along.  The car rushed past honking its horn.  Mortifying.


"This path."  She turned off the road onto a footpath through the wood.  Where on earth were we going!


"Woof woof."  There were stinging nettles everywhere and I was totally naked.  On hands and knees.  


"Ow ow ow!"


The nettles had brushed right over my private parts.


"Wimp," shouted Simone.  As I said, she was very competitive.  She didn’t have a burning penis to worry about though!  She dragged me along the footpath back to the front of the Manor.  We were last by miles.  I was covered in mud and my balls felt on fire.


"Look at you," snapped Marcella.  I'll fetch the hose.  I had to stand in the garden and be hosed down before I was allowed back in.




"The winner in fifty minutes..." she pointed at Kimmi.  


"The losers..." she pointed at us.  Simone and me.


"All your fault," said Simone.


"Sorry," I mouthed.  We weren't after all allowed to speak


"And now it's punishment time.


"Sorry," I struggled, but my hands were fixed high above my head, pulling me up on tiptoe.


Simone struggled as well, but she was also hauled up on tiptoe.  We were all slaves now.  We were all three naked.  Oh heck!  Simone was drop dead gorgeous naked.




Just like Marcella to have a little trick up her sleeve.  You'll be the Mistress she said.  We won’t have the punishments she said.  And here I was tied up naked.  Marcella picked up her punishment cane.  I knew how she liked to administer punishments.






Marcella landed the cane across Simone's bare buttocks.  She writhed about.  She obviously felt it.  Marcella bit her lip.


Whack.  Simone gave a little jump.  Poor Simone, getting punished for my failure.


Whack, whack, whack, whack.


Six of the best on the bottom.


Marcella came over to me...


"But...". I didn’t have time to say I wasn’t supposed to get punishments.  Marcella swung the cane.  Her ebony skin glistening.




"Waaah!"  An intense stinging across my bottom.


I opened my mouth but no words came out.  My eyes were watering.




"Ow ow... my bottom!"


I looked at Simone.  Her eyes were watering as well. All right for her to laugh.  And I knew what was making her laugh. My cock had gone rigid.


Whack!  Whack!


"Ow ow!" I yelped.  I could feel my face burning as much as my bottom.  My cock was vertical and Simone was convulsed with laughter.






My bottom was on fire, but my cock was primed.


Marcella grinned.


"Time for your party trick Kimmi," she said.




I’d told Simone to go easy on him. Just a little sting across the bum I said.  I didn’t know if he'd like it as much as I do.  She made it look very realistic though.  Six very neat bright red stripes.  Still Kimmi still had her five hundred to earn.  And he deserved a little treat.




Kimmi knelt in front of me and opened her mouth showing her little pearly white teeth.  The felt sharp as she bit gently but I didn’t care.  I was getting my reward.




"Nice weekend wasn't it?"


It was Monday morning and Simone was her usual bright and breezy self.


"Um..." I felt my face redden.  I had been dreading Monday morning.  Seeing Simone again.


"I do like a weekend break don’t you.  And it’s such a nice place - The Manor.  Marcella's making a real go of it."


"Er... yes..."


It was if we'd had a pleasant stay in a country house hotel.  As if Simone hadn’t made me run on the spot in the nude, hadn’t made me run round the house naked and leashed, hadn’t seen me caned on my bare bottom hadn’t seen... oh my gosh.  I still had those teeth marks on my cock.


"I had a lovely room.  What was yours like?"


"It was er..."


"And delicious food.  How did you find it?"


How did I find it!  I’d had to eat out of a dog bowl.


"Um...  er..."


"Good fun wasn’t it?  You’ve got a nice cock.  Bigger than I’d imagined."


"Well... er..."


"I was telling Sheila all about it.  She was impressed."


Impressed?  Sheila?  With my cock?


"With the set up at The Manor that is.  She's booked for next weekend."






"Faster...  faster..." barked Marcella.  I ran faster.  My knees pounding up and down while Sheila gazed at my naked body admiringly.


I’d somehow thought I’d be Mistress again but...  my boobs bounced up and down as I ran.  Marcella smiled.


"Faster..." she barked.  She had that side to her.

Submitted: June 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

It was a little hard to follow when the POV switched from the boss to the secretary, but I think I figured it out. And I believe toward the end Simone and M's names got switched. Very exciting bit. The way these women manipulate is something else. I would have thought the boss and the big boss would be there as well as Simone. Ahhh, but the script was flipped on her. M chooses the roles. :)

Sun, June 7th, 2020 6:37pm


I wondered whether to put the POV changes in italics, then forgot! In the end Simone has become the slave. I always start off writing quite hard BDSM stories, then feel sorry for the victim and soften it. I originally had the victim whipped all over by the three girls at the end as they get carried away in a sexual BDSM frenzy. I thought that would be quite fun when Simone just acts like it's been a normal weekend when they’re at work the next day. Do you think I should include it as an alternative ending? I could post alternate hard core and soft core versions.

Sun, June 7th, 2020 2:56pm


I would appreciate comments on this story. Simone/Marcella is based on a girl I used to know. It would like to know if people would appreciate more stories about them

Sun, June 7th, 2020 9:59pm


As Amy mentioned, the POV flip needs some sort of recognition. You intuitively catch on, but you don't want to depend on your reader's intuition.

I thought the story was fun and I'm not sure I would make this too aggressive. If you go overboard with S&M, it looses its charm. The first person protagonist 'wimp', who goes nameless, probably can't handle a serious lashing...at least not as a virgin to this scene. Simone can probably handle more than he can. I do like how she lures him into the situation by challenging him. I thought the humiliation was good and could even be more intense. The pain and brutality are fine where they are.

I thought your writing was really good, here. Entertaining and curious.

Sun, June 7th, 2020 11:10pm

Amy F. Turner

I would totally enjoy reading more about the adventures of these girls and the things they explore during a weekend of fun. As for this story, I rather like it as it wrote it with those indications of POV changes of course! :D That being said, I sure wouldn't not have minded also to know what reward the boss experienced and if that alone was enough to make up for all he endured so much that he would be tempted to endure it all over again. Yes, loved how she was nonchalant about the weekend at work. I got quite the chuckle, J. I think when it comes to hardcore bdsm it is great to balance that with the cooldown though. As this was his first time it would be better to ease him into it. Especially baring in mind he was paying for it. I would imagine they would want to our him back or encourage him to tell a friend. :)

Mon, June 8th, 2020 1:58am

Annabelle B

I liked how Kimmi held Joe for the bum hole pose! Very embarrassing!

Sun, July 19th, 2020 7:45am

Annabelle B

Hi everyone, I have some art I wanted to share with you all for this great story, Its on my blog though. Its from Joe X after he gave me permission to publish it on my blog. I did two drawings. Please check it out and let me know what you all think:


Sun, May 9th, 2021 8:10am

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