I Wouldn’t Do That for Just Anyone

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

What would you do if you were asked

Table of Contents

The Band

  Tom and Josh stood in the square watching the band. It was a brass band. The band of The Moral Crusade in fact. Mostly middle ... Read Chapter

Sexy Girl

Trudy was so excited she could hardly sleep, her mind alternating between shame at the vanity of wanting to be photographed and excitemen... Read Chapter

In Your Undies

  Trudy stood in front of her full length mirror the next day admiring herself in her Sexy Girl underwear. She couldn't believe ... Read Chapter

The Outline of Her Nipples

Trudy was up early the next morning. She had to look right for today’s shoot. She sat naked in front of her mirror with her legs wide a... Read Chapter

The Shame of Her Nakedness

    Trudy had vowed that she wouldn't pose any more after she had been so embarrassed on the beach. But of course back ... Read Chapter

I Wouldn’t Do This for Just Anyone

  Trudy slept fitfully that night. How could Josh do that to her. She understood now that the whole idea of the calendar had jus... Read Chapter