Erotic Fantasies

Erotic Fantasies

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Your dreams come true


Your dreams come true

Chapter1 (v.1) - Putting on a Show

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 15, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 15, 2020



There's something about having someone under control, making them do what you want them to do, controlling their mind so that they become completely obedient. It's not precisely hypnosis, it uses the same techniques, but it's a bit different. The subject knows what they are doing, they're just powerless to resist. And when I say powerless I mean completely powerless. Take Kimmi for example. She's completely under my control now. She knows she has to obey. As I said, theres something about it, something that makes it a complete sexual turn on... I call it mind control.'


 I looked across at the girl standing in front of us completely naked.


 'Marcella,' I said, 'you got her to take all her clothes off just by what? Persusion?'


'My sweet Simone,' she smiled, 'it's so much more. It's the power of the strong over the weak. The strong will always take control.  I'm in her mind.  She will do as she is told.  Shall I show you?'


'Of course.'


'Kimmi,' she said 'Do a nice dance for us.  A nice sexy dance.'


'Yes Mistress.'


And Kimmi did.  Her black hair tossed, her pert bosoms bounced, her lips pouted, her hips swayed provocatively...


'And stop...  See...' I gave a little smile of satisfaction, 'I'm in her mind.  She does what I tell her.'


'And she'll do anything?'


'Of course... her only wish is to please me...'


'But... I mean... anything?'


'Watch... Kimmi... Pleasure yourself...'


I stared open mouthed.


'But... you were saying...'


'Ah yes...  I'm putting on a show this weekend...' Loud moans came from the girl on the floor, her legs wide apart, fingers probing as she writhed in ecstasy. ' I was saying.  It's a show. For the girls this week.  So I need a man. For a complete show you know.  And I thought...'


'Yes,' I said 'Yes... he'd be just perfect.


'Yes,' said Marcella, 'now take all your clothes off.'


'Yes Mistress,' I said, 'she was in my mind too.'





It was a few weeks after the slave weekend that Simone had persuaded me to go on.  Just a fun weekend of role play she'd said.  I'd not expected to be the slave though.  That hadn’t been explained to me.  Not a naked slave made to do all sorts of humiliating things in the nude.  It was just role play, Simone reassured me, she'd just tickled my bum with the cane.  Just a bit of fun, so I suppose that was all right.


'Marcella's holding a special show tomorrow... I thought you might like...'


'I think perhaps...' I felt my face redden.


'Oh... not the same as the last one.  Though that was fun wasn't it?  Your face when I swished the cane!  It was a picture.'


'Well... er... yes... but...'


'...but we've done that.  This is different.  It’s an erotic fantasy weekend.'


'A what!'


'Erotic fantasy.  It's a new thing of Marcella's.  She uses relaxation techniques to arouse erotic fantasies.  It's been a tremendous success.'


'But... I mean... I don’t think...'


"But you have erotic fantasies don’t you?  I mean we all do.  I do.'


‘Do you?  I mean of course you do..' I didn’t quite know what to say to that.


'So you do don’t you?'


‘I suppose so.'


'Good.  I'll book two places then.'


Somehow I felt I’d been manoeuvred into that.  I had a lot of erotic fantasies that night.  Mostly concerning Simone.


It cost me a thousand pounds in all, of course I paid for Simone as well.  She'd done the organising, and drove us out to Marcella's place in the country.


'Lovely to see you again,' Marcella smiled welcoming me into the big hall. 'We had such fun last time.  We'll get started straightaway.  Just get settle into your rooms then meet me wearing comfortable clothes in the relaxation room.'




'Of course.  You have to be completely relaxed.'


'Of course,' said Simone, 'we couldn’t relax in these clothes could we?'


'Well no,' I said.


Half an hour later I was lying on a bed in the relaxation room.  It was warm, cosy, a dull orange glow filled the space and a musky perfume filled the air.  I had been given headphones.


'Listen,' Marcella's voice came over the headphones, deep, low, reverberating, sensuous.  It seemed to originate in the middle of my head, 'Listen,' it said, 'Listen to my voice.'


'Relax... relax...  your eyelids are heavy... my voice and only my voice...  I am taking control of your mind... you surrender your will to me... your only desire is to serve my will...  you will think of nothing but obeying my will...  obedience will you such satisfaction...  I am going to count to three... on the count of three you surrender your will to me... one... two... three...'


I blinked awake.  I was standing in the middle of the room completely nude.  Marcella and Simone were standing chatting.


'Excellent,' said Marcella, 'that went really well didn’t it Simone?'


'But...' I gasped, clamping my hands over my private parts, ‘I’ve got no clothes on.  Where are my clothes?'


'That is your erotic fantasy,' said Simone.


'But I don’t remember...  where are my clothes?'


'It's your fantasy,' said Marcella, 'being stripped naked in front of girls and losing your clothes.  Isn’t it?'


'Well... I suppose so...'. It must have been, mustn’t it?

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