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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Naked in front of the girls

"You what!"

"I've booked the training room for next week."

"Why on earth? Don't you know we've got proper work to do?"

"Actually you told me to."

This was Veronica, my secretary, or as she preferred to be known, business support executive.

"Did I?  I don't remember."

"Because of the instruction from Head Office.  To arrange incentivisation training."

I remembered now. Bloody head office and their stupid ideas.  Well I supposed I'd better go along with it.  It was a good job I had Veronica to do menial tasks like that,

"Well you'd better get on with it then, and stop wasting my time.  Can't you manage a simple thing like that.  I've got decisions to make."

"Well that's what it's about.  Making good decisions."

"Waste of time.  I always make good decisions."

Incentivisation!  It wasn't even a proper word.  Why couldn't head office get on with running the company instead of wasting my time. 

Well whose doing this so-called training then.

I am, and theres nothing so-called about it.  Its game playing to aid decision making.

"Games!  I haven't got time to waste on playing games."

"Well you might learn something."

"Pigs might jump over the moon," I said, "what could I learn from a woman?"

"A lesson perhaps," said Veronica.

Still every cloud doesn't necessarily have an ill wind.

"Will Debbie from Accounts be there?"

"All the girls will be there.  Why do you ask?"

"No reason."

Of all the girls I managed in that office, and there were about thirty of them, Debbie from accounts was the sexiest.  It would be a good opportunity to show off in front of Debbie from Accounts.  I'd been working on getting into Debbie's knickers for weeks.  She would be bound to succumb soon.

"No chance there," said Veronica, "she only likes guys who have big ones.  And I don't mean heads."

What did she mean by that?  I'm not big headed.  It's just that I'm always right.  I can't help that. Anyway if Veronica was going to the bother of doing the thing I reckoned Head Office should know about it.  I e-mailed them about the fantastic game playing decision making course I'd devised as part of the Incentivisation programme.  They were delighted.

"And remember to put on your bathing costume," said Veronica.

"Bathing costume.  Why on earth?"

"I explained in the invitation to the session.  Everybody has to do it.  I'm going to incorporate the ice bucket challenge."

The bloody ice bucket challenge!  That bloody thing where you pour a bucket of ice water over somebody.  Veronica had been going on about it for days.  Apparently she'd done it and actually nominated me.  Of course I had nothing to do with it.  And now she was going to incorporate it into her stupid training course.  We'll blow that for a bunch of bananas.  No way I was going to get involved in that!  No way was I going to put any bathing costume on.

So there I was in the executive training suite.  The thirty girls in the department were sitting chatting and ignoring me.  I tried sidling up to Debbie from Accounts in her, was that what they call a tank top she was wearing, and her short tight skirt.

"Hi," I said nonchalantly.

She just have me a look and stalked off, swinging her hips in her high heels. Did she think I had a little one?  Well I'd show her a thing or two.  I always shine at this sort of event, show people what I'm made of!

Debbie was playing hard to get which annoyed me, so I decided to let Veronica know what a waste of time all this was.

"Veronica, waste of time this," I said, well she may as well know what I thought,  "playing silly games when we should be working.  But head office in their wisdom insisted we do something."

"Well I think we might find the girls see something very interesting by the end of the session.  If what I've been led to believe is true."

Veronica plugged her laptop into the system and a big sign came up on the screen.

'Veronica Masterson.  Learning through games.'

Dear me!  What rubbish!

"Girls," she said, "Your attention please," the girls stopped chatting, they never did that when I tried to get their attention, " we are going to play a game, a game about making decisions.  Some of you might thing that games are silly and a waste of time," she looked pointedly at me, "but I will show you how making the wrong decision can end up making you look extremely foolish or even worse."

What a waste of time.  I never make wrong decisions.  What was I doing there!

"First," she went on, "for this game we need two volunteers.  You at the back perhaps. Debbie."

"Who me?" It was Debbie from Accounts.  Debbie with the long legs, short skirt and estuary accent.

"Yes you."

Debbie strutted forwards in those narrow heels that made her behind swing.

"And another.  Boys versus girls perhaps.  Someone who wants to show off their decision making ability. And she looked at me."

I knew what she was trying to do.  I was the only 'boy' there.  She was trying to make me look a wimp by not volunteering.  Well I never usually get involved in this sort of rubbish, but I wasn't going to let her get away with that trick.  Anyway it was a chance to show Debbie from Accounts what I was made of.

"Of course I'll volunteer!" I said.

That would show her.

She got us both up on the stage at the front.

"Now this session is about decision making, and in any decision there is an upside, a downside, and a risk.  So, this game for each contestant there is an upside, a downside and a risk.  So, we have a prize for the winner and how shall I put it.  A forfeit for the loser."

"Cor," said Debbie, "that sounds like fun.  I love a bit of fun I do."

The implication was that I was somebody who didn't like a bit of fun.  Anyway, no way would I lose anything against Debbie from Accounts.  Debbie from Accounts was not famous for her intellect, and somehow the notion of beating Debbie from Accounts, after what she had implied about how big mine was, held a certain attraction.

"Yes,  I like fun as well," I said,  for some reason the audience groaned.

"Well the game is quite simple," said Veronica, "her is a buzzer for both of you.  A question will come up on the screen.  First to press the buzzer and give a correct answer wins and..."

"And nothing..." I interjected, "get on with it."

I was looking forward to this.  I could show off my general knowledge to Debbie.  Piece of cake!

"... All right, but I have to explain - there is a prize and a forfeit."

At this point she unlocked a large box and took out a large bucket of icy water.

"The ice bucket challenge," she said, "the upside of the prize is that the winner gets to empty the ice bucket over someone, the downside is that the loser is the one that gets iced."

I was about to protest at this stupid notion, but Debbie butted in.

"Cor, that's great.  You'd have to be a real wimp, a little man, not to love that."

Debbie was implying I was a wimp, implying that I only had a little one.  Well I'd show her.  No way would I lose anyway.  No way would I lose to Debbie.

"Quite," I said, "only a wimp would turn down the offer."

"I need to explain something else," said Veronica.

"Come on...  Get on with it," I said.  Ruddy Veronica, always rabbiting on about something.

"Not so fast," said Veronica, "I said there was an upside, a downside and a risk. You have to risk something to take part."

"You mean like a bet."

"Exactly like a bet."

"Well how much?"

"Not money.  That would be no fun.  You bet your shoes and socks."


"Your shoes and socks."

"I ain't wearing no socks," said Debbie.

'Well just shoes for you then"

"That's preposterous," I said.

"Scared are you," said Debbie, "knew you had a.."

"Debbie!" said Veronica.

"...were a wimp."

She'd been going to say I had a little one till Veronica stopped her.  Well I'd show her!

"I'm not scared.  I'm in"

Well, I thought, I'm never going to lose, and even if I did I'd just chuck the stupid Veronica out with her silly box and her bucket,  I could make a decision when I had to!

I took off my shoes and socks and Veronica put them in the box alongside Debbie's heels.
Right, let the competition begin.  First question.  She pressed a key on her laptop.

A question sprang up on the screen.

"What was the date of the Battle of Agincourt"

I pressed the buzzer.  Well if that was the level of question this would be a walkover.

"Fourteen fifteen!" I announced triumphantly.  Let's have that bucket.

"Not so fast," said Veronica, "I hadn't finished telling you the rules when you so rudely interrupted.  That would be far too simple a game.  Debbie gets the chance of a rerun.  We toss a coin and if she wins she's back in.  It's what I think is called in card playing circles the dog's chance."

"But that's not fair."

"Well you should have established the ground rules before you started instead of interrupting me.  First rule of business that."

"Still not fair."

"Shall we put it to the audience then.  Who wants to see Debbie get a second chance."

A big cheer went up.  Well it would.  They like a bit of fun do those girls.

"Don't I get a say then," says Debbie, "what do I have to do for a second chance."

"Simple.  We toss a coin.  If you call correctly you're back in and if you lose, well there's the bucket and there's the icy water!"

"Ooh!  That's exciting," said Debbie, "I put me bathers on specially!"

"There's just one thing though."

"What's that."

"You have to put in a new stake.  After all there has to be some downside to losing doesn't there."

"What's that then."

"Another article of clothing.  Your lovely, er... Is that a tank top, perhaps."

How stupid could Veronica  be!  She would never do that.  But I'd reckoned without the even greater stupidity of the Debbies of this world.

"Yeah, no probs," she said, "I've got me bikini on.  Quite respectable under here I am."

 I thought of putting a stop to it there and then, but Debbie did have big tits.

"Well go on then," I found myself saying.

"Hark at him," said Debbie, "want to see me tits do you."

"Not at all," I blustered, caught out a bit by the remark, "it's an important lesson in decision making."

She pulled off her ridiculous tank top and threw it in the bin.  You could see why she didn't mind.  She might have had big tits, but she revealed only a modest bikini top.

"Okay," said Veronica, "time to toss the coin"

My so called Business Support Executive produced a coin to toss.

"Heads," called Debbie.

Veronica caught it and slapped in on the back of her hand.

"Heads it is," said Veronica.

Blast it.  Well another round and I'd win again so it didn't really matter.

"What happens now?" I asked, "another question?"

"They certainly do, but first you have to put in your stake for this round."

"Stake, what stake?"

"Your shirt, you've got to bet your proverbial shirt on it.  Let the girls see your manly chest."

"No way," I said.

"Oh well, I that case you lose by default."


"That's the rules.  First person to back out loses by default.  Theres a decision to make here,  keep going or lose.  If you'd rather be be iced than take your shirt off it's up to you."

Well, put like that it was a no-brainer.  What if the girls did see my manly chest.  It would show I could make the difficult decisions when it came down to it.  To rather raucous cheers I took off my shirt and put it in the box.

"Okay next question," said Veronica.

It came up on the screen.

"What is the capital of the United States?"

To my amazement Debbie beat me to the buzzer.  I needn't have worried.

"New York," she said, "everyone knows that."

She was quite surprised to hear she had got it wrong.

"Do you want to risk another coin toss," Veronica asked Debbie.

"Yeah, why not."

"You'll have to put in another stake."

"I've only got me bathers and me skirt left."

"She can't take anything else off," I interjected, "it wouldn't be proper."

"Well we're all girls here, except you of course, and if she doesn't mind that, do you mind that?" She asked Debbie.

"Well if I took me skirt off I've got me bikini bottoms on like we was told to wear.  They're quite respectable really."

"There you are then," said Veronica, "she can make the big decision."

"Well all right," I said.

"You just want to see me in me bikini," said Debbie.  To which I felt my face turn bright red, well it had influenced my decision a bit.

She took off her skirt and threw it in the box.  Her bikini was almost respectable.  Well rather skimpy really, but well..  She'd agreed to parade around in it.

"Toss the coin then Veronica."

"Heads," called Debbie.

"Heads it is."

Damn and blast.

"Are you in for another round then?" Veronica asked me.

"What?" I was still getting over my disappointment.

"Another round."

Another round.  Yes of course.  Even Debbie wouldn't stake her bikini would she, when I won next time.  I had Veronica just where I wanted her.  Hoist by her own petard I think it's called. 

"Right, yes, I'm in."

"Good.  You can put your stake in the box."


"Yes, you have to stake something you know.  Another article of clothing."

"But...  But..."

"Don't tell me you didn't put your bathing costume on.  After you were specifically told to?"

"Well I..  I...  I was to going to...  But I didn't think I'd lose..."

"Well you have to now haven't you.  Or I'm afraid it's going to be the ice...  Unless you think your underpants are respectable enough...  You are wearing some aren't you?"

"Well yes..." well they were just as respectable a swimming trunks really.

"Well it will have to be in your underpants won't it.  That's what you get from not following instructions.  I'm sure the girls won't mind,  do you mind girls?"

A big shout of 'No!' went up from the girls.

"There you are.  The big decision.  Can you make the big decision.  Debbie did.  Shes not a wimp.  Are you going to let her win?"

She was right there.  For once she was right.  Debbie was respectable in her swimsuit, I'd be no different in my underpants.

"And she'll have to stake her bikini top or bottom to stay in when I win?"

"Of course.  Or be iced."

Well that settled it.  I could make the big decisions.  Debbie was going to get it.

"I'm in," I said.

Rather than cheers, howls of laughter came from the girls as I stood there in my pants.  I suddenly realised how ridiculous I looked.  Not like wearing a swimsuit at all.  They looked nothing like a bathing costume.  Veronica had got me standing in front of the girls in my underwear, and my pulse was racing, I was feeling like a scared rabbit.

Still it wouldn't be for long.  I'd soon be dressed again, then Debbie would get it good and proper for making me do this,

"Time for the next question," said Veronica.

Up it came on the screen

"What's 16 times 18.”

Oh my Gosh!  Debbie was in accounts.  She did this sort of sum every day.  I saw her finger move towards the buzzer.  I had to beat her to it.


"Yes?"  Veronica looked at me grinning.

"It's er..."  What was it?  I couldn't think.  It was so pressurised.  Ten times ten.  Plus ten times eight plus.  Oh!  What was it again, "a Three hundred and twenty four," I blurted out.

"Oh dear," said Veronica, "what is it Debbie?"

"No idea," said Debbie, "I only do the filing."

"Never mind.  It doesn't matter.  It's 288.  He got it wrong so he loses.  Bad decision to go on.  Time for the ice I think?  Unless you want to bet your underpants for the dog's chance."

"I can't do that!"

"Well I don't know.  They don't leave much to the imagination do they.  But if you will ignore instructions.  But I'll tell you what we'll do.  I have a couple of towels here.  If you ask Miss Debbie nicely she might just hold one round you while you pull your underpants down.  I think the towel might actually be less revealing."

"Yes but..." then a thought suddenly struck me.  When I'd won I still had to remove an item of clothing to go on to the next question.  So this time Debbie would have to remove... "...I've only got one item of clothing left and Debbie has bikini top and bottoms.  Debbie will have to remove an item of clothing in order to go on to the next question won't she?"

"Well yes.  Of course."

"Well, in that case I'll go on if Debbie counts her bikini as one item of clothing.  She can use the other towel..."  The towels looked rather skimpy.  I secretly hoped it wouldn't cover much and I wouldn't be trapped by a trick question again.  Icing Debbie in a skimpy towel would be real fun!

"Well I don't know. What do you say Miss Debbie?  Are you up for it?"

"Me?  Of course!  I'm always up for a bit of fun."

I'd done it!  I'd baited the trap and stupid Debbie had fallen into it,  I knew she'd agree.  With any luck I might even get the towel to fall off!

"Well that's agreed then," said Veronica, "ask Miss Debbie if she'll hold the towel round you."

"Hold the towel round me Debbie..."

"Nicely," I said, "Please Miss Debbie... Would be a good start..."

Well if I had to... "Please Miss Debbie, will you hold the towel round

"Yes of course I will," said Debbie, picking up the towel and holding it round moe.  She'd used the smaller of the two towels.  Just a small hand towel really.  I have a slim waist but it barely met at the side.  Still it probably was more respectable than the underpants. It was tricky trying to get hold of my underpants in a respectable way.

"Do you want me to pull them down for you?" asked Veronica.

"Well that might be best..."

So there I stood, suddenly feeling very vulnerable wearing nothing but a skimpy little towel and visibly naked all the way up side where the towel didn't quite meet.  Still I wasn't going to fooled like that again.  I'd let Debbie answer and get it wrong next time.  Foolproof!

Still, now it was Debbie's turn.

"Somebody better hold the towel for Miss Debbie," I said.

"Hold on," said Veronica, "haven't you forgotten something?"

"Forgotten?  What?"

"The coin toss.  You have to win the coin toss before you can go on to the next question.  If you lose the coin toss you've lost."

The coin toss!  I'd forgotten all about it.  Debbie always won it so I'd forgotten all about it.  There was still a chance I'd lose...  But it was too late to say anything now.  The coin was already in the air.

"Heads," I croaked.  It also came down heads.

Veronica caught the coin and slapped it on the back of her hand,

"Tails," she said "you lose."

And suddenly, before I could say anything, Debbie whipped the towel away and I was left stark naked in front of the girls in the office.  My girls the girls who worked for me.  I stood rooted to the spot as the howls of laughter echoed round the room.

My hands clamped over my private parts and I stood in the classic pose of the exposed nude male.  Knock kneed, privates hidden, face red, nothing on, cringing.

"But you said I could wear the towel," I stammered, my face blushing scarlet.

"Dear oh dear, you really should listen more carefully.  I said Miss Debbie could hold the towel while you took your underpants off.  I didn't say you could keep it on if you lost.  Thank you Miss Debbie you can get dressed again while I explain what will happen to the loser."

She turned to the audience while Debbie put her skirt and top back on.

"Well girls," she said, "you'll remember when I nominated our loser for the ice bucket challenge I said it would be double contributions if he did it naked.  And you said I'd never get him to do that so I said in that case treble contributions.  Well girls, get your money out.  Here he is naked.  And here is Miss Debbie with the bucket of icy water.

"Debbie you do the honours," said Veronica.

Debbie picket up the bucket of icy water and emptied it over my head.  I shrieked as the cold water hit my naked body.  It was freezing.  I shrieked and leapt up and down, rubbing my skin hard to get some warmth back.

"Very impressive," said Veronica.

Oh no! What with shrieking, jumping and rubbing, I'd forgotten to keep my hands over my privates.  They were fully exposed.  And the cold water hadn't done my penis any favours.

All I could do was try to make the best of it.

"All right Veronica," I said, trying to look a good sport, "Of course I lost deliberately to make more money for the charity," may as well try to get some kudos from my humiliation, "can I have my clothes back now please."


"I said let me have my clothes back."

"Oh dear.  You really should pay attention to the ground rules.  You bet your clothes.  You lost them.  You don't get them back.  At least not till its time to go back home.  Even then I might keep cute little underpants.  Get them framed as a sort of memento."

I should have exerted my authority.  Demanded my clothes back, but somehow standing in front of the girls completely nude and soaking wet  I just couldnt do anything except plead.

"Please Miss Veronica. Please I'll do anything."

"Risk another coin toss?.

"Yes of course, anything."

"...and a little grovelling wouldnt come amiss."


Yes, perhaps kiss Miss Debbie's feet while youre doing it.

Yes of course, of course, I went down on my hands and knees and kissed Debbies feet.

"Excellent said Veronica.  But of course there has to be a forfeit if you're to be allowed another go at the coin toss.  I know.  You've lost all your clothes perhaps you can lose your dignity as well.  You can be Miss Debbie's little doggie."

"Miss Debbie.  The collar and lead."

Debbie produced a dog collar and lead and fastened it round my neck.  I was already on my hands and knees and now I was Debbie's doggie.

Veronica picked up the coin.

"Tails," I said.

"Oh dear," said Veronica, "Doggies can't talk. They can only go woof woof.  Mod your head for heads and waggle your tail for tails".

She tossed the coin up and much to the delight of the girls I waggled my bottom vigorously.




"Oh dear," said Veronica, "Heads.  Miss Debbie.  Take your doggie for a walk."

I looked at Miss Debbie imploringly as she tugged on my lead.

"Woof woof," I said, and the room erupted in gales of laughter,

"Oh dear," said Veronica, "bad decision that.  You're going to have to be Debbie's little doggie for the rest of the day now.  Well girls, what have we learned today,". Debbie was parading me round the room stark naked on my hands and knees, an activity which had made my cock go rigid, "three things I think.  Number one, always make sure you know the rules before embarking on anything.  Number two always make rational decisions based on evidence not on wishful thinking, and number three you can see now Miss Debbie's little doggie has really got quite a big cock."

Howls of laughter and there was nothing I could do.  I'd taken all my clothes off voluntarily and I couldn't complain about a course I'd taken all the credit for.  I just crawled past the girls in the nude while they laughed and laughed

"Don't you agree Doggie?"

"Woof woof," I said, "woof woof."

Good doggie, said Veronica taking the lead and thing it to the table leg.

Still, it's an ill wind that doesn't have a silver lining.  I got a nice bowl of dog biscuits for lunch.  And at the end of the day, after taking me out into the garden to cock my leg against a tree, Miss Debbie took me back to her house in the boot of her car, well she didn't want a doggie on her nice leather seats did she. 

So all in all it was quite a successful day I thought.  Head office were delighted with the positive feedback from the girls about the course.  All the girls had given me top marks for my role in the training.  And I think I got a lot of kudos from doing the ice bucket challenge in the nude.  I nominated Debbie next, but she was a wimp and wouldn't do it naked.  So that showed I was better than Debbie.  True, the girls had all seen my cock, which was a bit embarrassing, but then so had Miss Debbie.  And she likes big ones.  And do you know what?  She likes doggie position as well.



"Tails it is," pronounced Veronica, "Miss Debbie.  Give him his prize!"

I looked at Miss Debbie as I got to my feet.  She had a sort of naughty grin on her face as she removed the collar from my neck.

"Can I have my clothes please Miss Debbie.

"Not till you've had your prize."

"Prize?  What prize."

"You'll see.  Just put your hands behind your back and close your eyes."

I was naked, I was wet and I was thoroughly humiliated, which meant I was putty in her hands.  I did as I was told

Suddenly the collar was slipped round my wrists and pulled tight.  The lead was given to Veronica.  I was bound, naked and helpless.  And about to find out what the prize was.

"What's happening?" I'm croaked.

"Say 'Please Miss Debbie will you wank me'."

"Please Miss Debbie will you wank me," I repeated almost automatically.

"Of course Babes," said Debbie, "I love a bit of fun I do."

And before I knew it she had a hold of my cock and was gently stroking it.

I suddenly realised what I'd said.  I'd asked to be wanked in front of all those girls

Debbie gasped as my penis went erect, "Gosh Babes veto impressive that is."

Well girls," said Veronica, "what have we learned today,". Debbie was now wanking me vigorously, "three things I think.  Number one, always make sure you know the rules before embarking on anything.  Number two always make rational decisions based on evidence not on wishful thinking, and number three you can see now Miss Debbie has really got quite a big cock on her, or should I say in her, hands."

Howls of laughter and there was nothing I could do.  I'd taken all my clothes off voluntarily and I couldn't complain about a course I'd taken all the credit for.  And I'd just asked to be wanked in the nude while they laughed and laughed

And Debbie knew how to wank.  She would bring me to the brink then stop until I was begging for more.

"What do you want Babes?"

"Wank me Miss Debbie please.  Wank me.  Wank me!"

"What is that you said Babes?  I can't hear you Babes."

"Please Miss Debbie.  I want a wank.  I want a wank!" I shouted.

She really joe how to tease a cock,  to build up a head of steam, and then at the crucial moment...

"Please Miss Debbie, please! Oh. Oh!  Ooooooooooooooooooh!"

My halls contracted and fired, just as Veronica looked over my shoulder to see what was happening.

So all in all it was quite a successful day I thought.  Head office were delighted with the positive feedback from the girls about the course.  All the girls had given me top marks for my role in the training.  And I think I got a lot of kudos from doing the ice bucket challenge in the nude.  I nominated Debbie next, but she was a wimp and wouldn't do it naked.  So that showed I was better than Debbie.  True, the girls had all seen me wanked in the nude to a dramatic conclusion, which was perhaps a little bit embarrassing, but then Veronica had got it in the face so that was a cause for satisfaction.  And do you know what?  Debbie now knew I had a big one. I had to be in with a chance now.

Submitted: March 01, 2020

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Love this story. Kind of a "stripping and humiliation" "all's well that end well". I do especially like the stories where the girls just want to get their hot boss naked, and him too dim to realize it.

Sun, March 1st, 2020 1:43pm


Fun story!

Sat, March 7th, 2020 7:14pm

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