Candy on the Beach

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Naked and Funny

Candy loses all her clothes again

It was a beautiful day and the two girls had the afternoon off.  They decided to go to the beach for a nice long swim.


“Remember to put your bathers on under your dress, Candy,” said Tammy, “so we won’t have to get changed on the beach”


Candy just nodded, her big china blue eyes wide open, her long blonde hair in bunches down to her shoulders.  She sat on the Number 57 bus on the way to the beach, and smiled at the boy opposite.  He grinned back


They found a good spot right in the middle of the beach.  Unusually for that part of the world, there was no cold breeze blowing in off the sea, no sea fret to hide the sun, and even some blue sky with the hope that the sun might , at some point in the day, get out.  It was even warm enough to sunbathe when the sun was out – that was of course if you ran up and down the beach every thirty minutes to get the circulation going again.  Twenty yards away two middle aged women had gone so far as to take their coats off, as sure an indicator of the nature of the weather as anything.


This was sunbathing English fashion.


“Quick, Candy,” said Tammy, “the sun’s coming out.  Get your dress off and we can see if we can get a suntan.”


Tammy slipped off her dress lay down on her towel and closed her eyes but…


“Tammy, Tammy!” 


“What is it?” she kept her eyes shut


“I forgot to put my bathers on.”


Tammy opened her eyes abruptly.


“Candy!  I told you to remember your bikini!”  The silly girl had taken her dress off and was standing there in the altogether, “Put your dress back on!  You can’t sunbathe like that!”


“I don’t see why not, I don’t mind sunbathing in my birthday suit.”


“You might not mind, but other people might!”


“I don’t think so.  They’re all looking at me and they look very happy.  I think people like to look at me in my birthday suit,” and she gave a little wave to the next people on the beach.


“Well perhaps some people do but…” she saw that Candy was not going to be convinced.  What if the other students on the course came along.  Candy might be the most popular girl on the course, but she didn’t want them laughing at her – any more that they did already.


“Candy!  You weren’t sitting on the bus in that little dress with no knickers on!”


“It’s all right.  The boy opposite didn’t seem to mind.”


“I don’t suppose he did.  And when you dropped your money on the floor and had to bend over to pick it up.  I’m amazed you didn’t get your bottom pinched.”


Candy just rubbed her bottom ruminatively.


“Oh,” she said.


“Lie down on the sand Candy,” she instructed, “no, the other way round.”


“You mean on my tummy.”


“Yes, Candy”


“Bottie up”


“Yes, Candy, bottom up”


Candy did as she was told and Tammy looked down at her.  Candy had a nice bottom, despite the large pinch mark on the left cheek, and it was a shame to cover it.  But covered it would have to be.  She laid a folded towel over it, and lay back down on the sand.


“Tammy!  Tammy!” said Candy fifteen minutes later, when the sun had disappeared behind the clouds, “I’m going for a swim.”


“You can’t,” shrieked Tammy


“Why not?  It’s not that cold.”


“Yes it is, but that isn’t the point.  You haven’t got a bathing costume.”


“Oh, I forgot,” said Candy, “I know, I’ll go and buy a cheap one at the shop on the sea front.”


“Right,” said Tammy, exasperated, then, “Candy!”




“Come back and put your dress on if you’re going to the shops!”


“Oh yes.  I forgot.”


Tammy put her jumper on and waited for Candy to return.


“I’m going in the water!” announced Candy on her return, “I got a lovely pink bikini, only two pounds!”


“Well, don’t forget to put it on,” somehow you never knew with that girl.


“Of course.  I’m not stupid you know.”






“It’s normal to get changed under your towel, not just to pull your dress off so that everybody can see you in the nuddy.


“Oh dear!” said Candy, “I forgot.”


She went scampering off down to the water as Tammy turned on her back and took her jumper off again.  The sun had come out.


“Two pounds,” she thought, “that’s cheap for a bikini.”


She absent mindedly picked up the empty packet and looked at it.


‘The Amazing Disposable Bikini,’ it read, ‘WARNING!  Disintegrates in water!  For sunbathing only!  You have been warned!’


“Oh No!”, she leapt up, but too late, the plaintiff cry could already be heard coming from the sea.


“Tammy!  Tammy!”


She ran down to the water’s edge.  Candy was crouching down under the waves.


“Tammy!  Tammy!” she shouted, “My cossie’s disappeared.  It just sort of fell apart. I’m in the altogether, and you said I shouldn’t swim in the altogether”


“Just wait there!” shouted Tammy, “I’ll be back, and she dashed back up the beach to fetch Candy’s dress.


“Tammy!  Tammy,” the plaintiff cry went up again, “Hurry up, it’s cold in here!”


Tammy rushed back for the dress, but too late, by the time she got back, Candy was already jumping up and down at the water’s edge trying to keep warm.  It must be admitted here that the site of Candy jumping up and down at the water’s edge with nothing on was enough to gladden the hearts of most men passing, and not a few girls at that.  Candy, as has been said before, had big bouncies, and they were being made to bounce with a degree of gay abandon that quite belied the need for any material support.


“Candy!” expostulated Tammy, “what are you doing!”


“Just trying to keep warm.”


“Well, you’d better put you dress on.”


Only when Candy started to try and get the dress over her head did Tammy realise that this was perhaps not the best idea, and that she ought to have brought a towel.  The problem was that Candy was still soaking wet and the dress wouldn’t go over her head easily.  In no time her arms were stuck and she was running up and down the water’s edge stark naked with her arms entangled in the dress over her head, bottie wobbling, and bouncies bouncing, until the inevitable happened, she tripped over a stone and fell headlong into the water.


“Tammy!  Tammy!” she cried, “Help!  I can’t get up!”


There was no shortage of gallant rescuers.  Such is the  instinct of the English male to come to the rescue of a maiden in distress, particularly the naked maiden in distress, that willing hands were soon pulling her out, needing of course to get a really firm grip on her bouncies and wobblies to do so.  The soaking dress was pulled off and Candy was enveloped in a towel.  She thanked the helpers profusely and they went on their way only too happy to have been of help.


Sadly as the sun was now sinking unseen west masked by the region clouds which so often populate the English summer sky, it wasn’t really warm enough to sunbathe any more.


“Come on,” said Tammy, “enough excitement for one day.”


“I’m not putting that wet dress on,” exclaimed Candy, “I’ll catch my death!”


“Well, wrap the towel round yourself then.”


Of course in this world there are towels, and there are towels.  That is to say there are great big beach towels that would cover bouncies even bigger than those sported by Candy, and there are little hand towels which, to put it succinctly, wouldn’t. 

Candy’s towel, it must be admitted, fell somewhere between these two extremes.  It covered her bouncies and came down just enough, as she said, to cover her naughties, but not a lot further.


The two girls packed up and headed back to the town.


“Look, there’s the number 57 bus,” shouted Tammy, “we’re going to miss it.  Run, Candy run!”


“Tammy!  Tammy!” Candy was running as fast as she could behind.


“Run Candy, we’re going to miss it!”


“Tammy!  Tammy!”


“Shut up Candy and run!”


Tammy jumped on to the bus and heard Candy panting as she climbed on behind.  She turned round to help her on.




“I know Tammy!”


“Where’s your towel?”


“It fell off.  Because I was running.  I did try to tell you!”


“You can’t sit on the bus stark naked.”


“You think I’ll have to stand?”


“No, no!  Come upstairs.  It’s quieter there.  And put this round you.”


She handed Candy her towel.  As I have said, there are towels and towels, and Tammy’s towel was of the smaller variety.  There was no way it was going to cover Candy’s bouncies.


“Tammy!  Tammy!  I can’t get it over my boobies,” she wailed.


It was perhaps better to cover her naughties.


“Well just wrap it round your waist and fold your arms.”


Candy did as she was told.


Five minutes later the conductor appeared, puffing laboriously up the stairs.


“Tickets please!  Oh my goodness Miss,” he had spotted Candy, “you can’t come on the bus like that.”


“Why not?”


“It’s against the rules.”


“What rules?”


“The bus company rules.  It’s not allowed.  See it’s on that notice there.  Your not allowed on the bus with bare… er… bare… I mean with a bare…  Well not wearing a top.”


“That’s no problem, “said Candy


“Good,” said the man


“I’ll just put my towel round my boobies,” and she took of the towel and wrapped it round her torso.


“Oh my goodness, Miss.  You can’t do that.”


“Why not?  Is that against the rules as well?”


“No.. but…”


“But nothing.  If it’s not against the rules I don’t see why it’s  problem.”


“Well you’ve got a bare… a bare… I mean a bare… faced cheek.”


Words failed him.  They did not however fail Candy.


“Well I’m happy like this.  Give me a fourpenny one,” handing out the money for her fare.


“I’d love to give you one Miss, but I’m not sure the missus would like it”


Tammy stared out the window.  Sometimes, she decided, the best thing was to pretend not to be with Candy.

Submitted: July 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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