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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Our hero loses his clothes in embarrassing and humorous circumstances yet again

Why had I drunk so much?  I mean I usually drink on business trips, I mean I might go to dinner with a colleague, but I don’t usually drink so much.  But then it was Marie-Louise my Boss who was entertaining me on this trip.  Short skirt, long legs, blonde hair, big... well you know what I mean.  And when she said she'd be staying at the same hotel overnight I thought I was in with a chance.  


I might get into her knickers as the saying goes. I dreamt of getting into her knickers.


But she was the Boss, and I didn’t have the courage to ask, so I drank, and I didn’t get the chance, dreams of getting into her knickers faded, and now it was the middle of the night and I’d woken up with a dry mouth and a thick head and the heat was intolerable.  A bloody heat wave!  And how often did we get those?  And I had switched the air conditioning off because it was so noisy.  The room was oppressive, I clambered out of bed and went to switch it on.  But what I really needed was a breath of fresh air.  


It was a nice hotel they'd put me up in.  One of those ones with a golf course and rooms scattered around the grounds in little blocks of four - two up two down.  I was on the ground floor with patio doors leading out onto a little terrace.  I could just step out for a breath of air.  I had no clothes on, I mean who lugs pyjamas round with them, but it was four in the morning.  There’d be no-one about.  It wasn’t as if anyone would see me.  I opened the patio doors.  The air conditioning cut off.  I’d have to shut them again to keep it on, still, no problem.  I stepped out and pulled the doors to behind me.  It was blessedly cool.  I stood a few minutes to clear my head and turned to go back in.  I pulled at the patio doors.  Oh heck!  I pulled again.  Oh double heck!  They wouldn’t budge.  They had fastened shut when I pulled them.  And there I was trapped outside my room completely in the nude.  


What on Earth was I to do!  Get round to the front.  That was it.  There was a telephone somewhere.  I could ring reception.  I could explain.  They would laugh, but I could explain.  I set off in the dark trying to find my way.  I seemed to be on the golf course.  I could see where I needed to go, but the way was overgrown with brambles.  Picking my way through thorny brambles in the nude was going to be tricky, but there was no other way.  I ventured in.  Scratch, scratch...  I pushed my way through growing more and more desperate until...  ooh!  ow!  ouch!  I looked down.  A large thorn had stuck in my...  in my...  well I hesitate to use the word but I have two of them, and they dangle down and they’re rather rude and well... rather vulnerable.  And now I was trapped by them.  A large thorny branch had whipped up and the thorns held me tight.  And I couldn’t move and I needed four hands to free myself, two to pull the branch and two to make sure my delicate orbs weren’t damaged when the thorns were pulled out.  I just stood there trapped naked.  For twenty minutes as the day slowly grew lighter I struggled in vain to free myself until... oh heck!  Somebody was coming.  A security guard in a smart brown uniform could be seen in the distance.  I struggled and struggled to free myself.  It would be just too embarrassing to be caught like this.  But it was no good.  The guard had seen me.  He was coming towards me... except it wasn’t a he, it was a she.  A girl in a smart uniform and I was trapped completely nude.  Oh heck!


"Excuse me Sir..." she was petite, dark haired, attractive, one of those self-assured no-nonsense types.


"Yes...  er..."


"Can I be of assistance?"


"I seem to have caught my...  my...  er...."


"I think those are your private parts Sir."


"Yes...  I er... er..." I was gabbling.


"Can I help extricating them Sir?"


"Well...  er...  um..."


"If you stand still I'll free your parts..."


"Um...well... if you think..."


"I do Sir.  I'll just need to hold your penis out of the way Sir."


"Yes... er... thank you..."


Extracting a small knife from her pocket she flicked my penis to the side, gripped my balls,  pulled and cut the branch at the same time.  I was free!


"Um... er..."


"Yes Sir?"


"You’re still squeezing my er..."


"Your parts Sir?  Of course.  First Aid training Sir.  I have to squeeze tight to prevent any bruising."


"Well... er... Yes...  of course."


"Now Sir.  How did you come to be in this predicament?  Are you a guest at this hotel?"


"Well yes...  I er...  stepped out for a breath of fresh air and er..."


"You got locked out with no clothes on?"


"Yes...  I suppose so."


"Entirely understandable Sir."  She said it as if she hadn’t believed a word.  The thought 'nudie show off' was written all over her face.


"I’m not a... a..."


"Nudie show off Sir?"


"Yes...  I mean no...  I mean..." voice tailed away.


"Of course not Sir.  But I’ll need to take you to the front desk to complete the incident form and get a key to let you back in."


"Yes...  of course. Do you need to..."


"Keep squeezing your parts.  Of course Sir.  We don’t want them to bruise do we?"




Nudie show offs!  Prancing around the hotel grounds a night in the altogether!  Well, I’d caught this one good and proper.  I had him by the balls and he wasn’t going to get away.  Locked out by accident!  My arse!  I squeezed his balls hard and tugged.


"This way Sir," I said ever so polite.  He followed meekly.  They always do when you have them by the balls.




"This way Sir," she said pulling me along by my danglies.


"Yes Miss," I said.  I didn’t have any option as I was paraded naked through the hotel grounds to the Reception Block.  The sun was now up and I was clearly visible to any early risers.  


I was pulled through the door and up to the desk.  A young blonde lass stood behind the desk mouth wide open.


"I caught...  I mean found this gentleman in the grounds.  He requires First Aid and a key to get back in his room."


"But he's...  he's... got nothing on."




"And your squeezing his..."


"Just applying pressure to prevent bruising.  He's going to need some cream rubbing in."


"But..." I started.


"You, shut up."  She barked at me.


"Yes Miss."


"What...  what..." stammered the blonde receptionist.


"Go and fetch the First Aid Box."




The blonde receptionist was used to doing as she was told.  She returned with the box and the guard extracted a tube of ointment.  She examined the label carefully.


"It says we have to shave any hairy parts." She loosed her grip an looked closely.  "I think you had better bring a razor."


"But..." I stammered.  Somehow standing being stared at with no clothes on I found it impossible to object.  "Yes Miss," I went on.


The receptionist opened a drawer and removed an old fashioned cutthroat razor.  "I bought this for myself," she said, "I like to keep smooth...  er...  down..."


"Too much information," barked the guard, "hand it here.  You..." she barked at me


"Yes Miss..."


"Stand still, I don’t want to slice anything off."


"Yes Miss," I stood still.  You do when a cutthroat razor is applied to your balls.


I closed my eyes as she lifted up my penis.  I felt something caress my private parts and then.


"There we are.  Smooth as a pair of ripe plums."  I looked down.  Oh heck!  Bald balled!  I felt even more nude than ever.  "I'll rub some ointment in."


I stared at the tube.


"But it’s called Fiery Jack," I gasped, "won't that..."


"Good antiseptic," she said.  Did I see a faint glimmer of a grin as she started rubbing it in.  "And along here," she grabbed my penis, "better safe than sorry."


"Yes Miss..." what else could I say.  "Thank you Miss.  Please can I go back to my room now?"


"Yes...  er...  certainly," the Receptionist could hardly take her eyes off my private parts which were slowly turning bright red, "if you could just show me your ID I'll make out a new key card."


"But I haven’t got any ID.  I haven’t got any clothes on."


"I had noticed.  But it’s the rules.  Either that or someone to identify you.  Can’t have people prancing around in the nude to steal key cards can we?  Oh...  I've got no clothes on...  you'll have to give me a new key...  blah blah blah..."




"You think that just because you wave your willy at me I’d fall for that one!  No way.  Anybody in the hotel can identify you?"


"Just Marie-Louise... er...  Miss Duval... but she can’t see me with no clothes on!"


"Why not?  Everyone else has."


"But...  She's my Boss..."


"Do you want to get back in your room or would you rather wait here all day."


"Well...  oh dear..."


"I'll give her a ring."


"I suppose so Miss."


"Hello.  Miss Duval?  Sorry to disturb you but your colleague has locked himself out of his room in a state of undress and we need you to identify him.  What’s that?  Oh yes.  Completely.  Not a stitch.  Thank you."


"Is she coming?"


"I think so.  I couldn’t really tell she was laughing so much."


I waited trembling.  What would she say.


She came through the door wearing a hotel bathrobe, and as far as I could tell little else.  Grinning.


"Well I asked if you were bare bollock naked, but I didn’t expect your bollocks quite that bare.  Why are they bright red?"


"Um...  er..." they can’t have been redder than my face.


"Antiseptic," said the guard, "I’m a First Aider."


"I got..  I got...  er...  scratched by a bramble...  er...  down there...  and...  in the nude..." I spluttered barely audible, "and this lady was keen to..."


"I bet she was," Marie-Louise grinned even more, "Yes.  I can identify him.  By his face, not by his bollocks.  I'll take him back to his room.  Come on..." she slapped my bum, "walk of shame back to your room.  You deserve it."


"Er.. Yes..  thank you."


"And thank the kind ladies for helping you."


"Yes. Of course.  Thank you Miss." Thank you Miss.  But can I..."


"Can you what?"  Marie-Louise looked quizzically.


"Put something on...  I mean I don’t think I should walk back in the nude..."


"Can he walk back in the nude?" 


"No problem.  And slap his arse for him again.  Give him a good spanking.  He deserves that as well" said the guard.


"Don’t worry.  I will.  Won’t I?" she looked at me.


"Yes Miss."


We stepped out into the open air.  Oh my Gosh!  It was full daylight by now.  Walk of shame wasn’t the half of it.  There were people about.  Staring.  Giggling.  Pointing.  What could I do.  Stare straight ahead and keep walking.  


Marie-Louise turned to a group of giggling girls.  "Don’t mind him.  He's an idiot." she said.


I looked down at my danglies.  No wonder people were laughing.  They were bright red.  But my face was burning more than the two combined.  I hadn’t a stitch on.  Every inch of bare skin visible to the laughing girls.  I was being led through the site completely nude, my glowing private parts on view.  No wonder they were laughing.


Eventually we got back to my room.  Marie-Louise took the key out the pocket of her bathrobe and opened the door.


"Er...thank you," I said going in through the door.


She came in after me.  She unfastened the belt on her robe and...  oh gosh it dropped to the floor.  Underneath she was wearing the sexiest black underwear I’d ever seen.  The implication was obvious.   I was going to get in her knickers.  


"Oh my gosh..." I mumbled.


"Well, I didn't want to miss the opportunity," my mouth fell open.


"Well, if you..."


"Oh I do...  believe me..."


"You do?"


"I do... bend over."


"Bend over?"


"Oh yes.  I said you deserved a good spanking.  And as I also said.  I don’t want to miss the opportunity."


"Yes Miss."




There's nothing like spanking a bare bottom to get me in the mood.  The privilege of rank, my old boss used to tell me when he bent me over the desk.  Well, I was boss now, and I was going to exert my privilege


He was bending over the chair as meek and submissive as I used to be.  His bare bottom an inviting target.  I swung my little leather strap in front of his face,  I’d come prepared.


"How many?" I asked.  I'd double it if he asked for less than twelve.


He gaped at the sight of the strap.


"Ten Miss," he gulped.


"Good, that's twenty then."


"Yes Miss..."






"Ow!  Thank you Miss.  Nineteen."




"Ow!  Ow!  Ow!  Thank you Miss.  Twenty."


"Don't move!" she ordered.


"Yes Miss."


"I do find administering a firm but fair punishment well...  stimulating...  don’t you the submission well...  stimulating too...  I see you do..."


"Um...  well.  I suppose..." I glanced round.  No use denying it.  She was looking at my cock which was rigid and throbbing... "I suppose..."


"Then you'd like to...  I’d like to as well...  would you really like it?"


Oh my Gosh!  I knew what she wanted.  I was going to get into her knickers!  My dreams were going to come true.  I was getting into her knickers!


"Wonderful.  Bend over again.  Twenty more it is then!"


"Yes Miss..."


Dreams of Marie-Louise and her knickers faded away..




"Ow!  Thank you Miss.  One..."


Only nineteen more to go.











Submitted: April 01, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Annabelle B

the walk of shame was the sexiest part in this one

Sun, July 19th, 2020 7:54am


A wonderful erotic story , a shame walk and I just like to do it as your story

Fri, July 31st, 2020 5:13pm

Annabelle B

I loved how the girl found him naked and had to walk naked to the boss! She was sexy!

Mon, April 12th, 2021 5:25am

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