A Nice Bottom

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Stripping, spanking and humilation

I walked into the hotel lounge brooding. I'm a feisty little thing and I had had a bad day. Business trips always irritate me.  I was in a bad mood; and only one thing cheers me up when I am in a bad mood. Administering a good spanking to a nice bare bottom. Nothing cheers up a girl, I think, like the sight of a bare bottom presented for spanking. I am a girl; I was in a bad mood; and I wanted a bare bottom to spank. A nice cock and a pair of nice firm round balls would be nice too, but what I mainly wanted was a bare bottom; and what I want I tend to get.
I stood with my hands on my hips looking round me. I wanted a new bottom, one I hadn't spanked before. Where was I to get one? Possessors of cocks were everywhere. They would all have bottoms. I wanted one so badly it was hard to stop myself from pulling down the pants of the nearest, putting him over my knee and spanking him there and then. But no, I'd have to be more subtle than that. It was difficult to know who to go for first; to know who to target. I looked round the lounge; it would be a good hunting ground. There were a few targets inside, sitting on their own. I went up to the first table where a good looking one was sitting. 
Do you have a nice bottom?” I asked. I was nothing if not direct.  He looked at me alarmed, said “excuse me” and hurried off. I shrugged; a few failures were to be expected. But ten minutes and four further failures later I was beginning to despair. Then I spied my next target. Yes! His eyes were looking fixedly at his tablet.  He shut it quickly when he saw me looking at him.  Looking guilty.  He must have been looking at something naughty. This was the one that was going to succeed. And he deserved all he was going to get. 
I was feeling nervous. The girl over the other side of the room kept looking at me.  I'd seen her approach other men and ask them something and somehow I knew it would be my turn next. I didn’t know how to manage that kind of girl - the self confident, slightly bossy sort. They always ended up getting their own way somehow. This one was small, dark, slim and wearing a thigh length mini-skirt and calf length boots. Her face was pretty, rather than beautiful and her eyes flashed as she talked. I shifted nervously in my seat. She was coming over. I quickly snapped my tablet shut guiltily.  I’d been watching one of those videos.  You know the ones  - kittens playing with balls of wool - what an idiot she'd think if she saw that.  She sat down in the seat next to me and smiled. I smiled back. It was the polite thing to do. I was in the corner seat against the wall and I felt a bit trapped. 
“Hi” she said 
“Hi” I replied 
“If I ask you a question, will you give me a straight answer”, she went on. 
I shifted nervously. What was she going to ask?
“Of course”, I replied. What else could I have said? Any other answer would have sounded churlish. I"ll do just to avoid appearing impolite or to avoid any sort of a scene. 
"It’s rather a rude question, but you’re not a prude are you?"
"Um... er... no..."
"Good, then you will give me a straight answer?"
"Of course."
“Do you have a nice bottom?” she asked 
I felt myself blush scarlet. I'd just known it would be something like that and any mention of anything rude always made me blush. 
“What?”  stammered. 
“Your bottom. You know - your bum. You have a nice one don’t you?” 
“Well... I... I think so...”, I replied in trepidation. 
“Have you ever had it spanked?” 
I blushed even more scarlet than before. I felt trapped. I am the sort who just can't stand up to this kind of bossy girl. I couldn’t make a scene. I didn’t have it in me.  At the same time she had me hemmed in the corner and I couldn’t just push past. I was going to have to answer. I considered lying, but I didn’t have that in me either. I am a terrible liar. 
'I don’t know.   I mean I’ve never..."
"Well, have you or haven’t you?"
“Well I mean er... no”, I said resigned eventually to having to humour the girl. Perhaps she was doing it for a bet or a dare and she’d go away when I answered her. 
"Lots of men like having there bottom spanked."
"Well, I suppose they do.  Yes."
"It’s sexy isn’t it?"
"Well I suppose it is..."
"Would you find it sexy?"
"Well maybe..." if truth be told I did rather.  It must be some sort of survey she was doing.  I’d better tell the truth.
"Would you like to have your bottom spanked"
"I don't know..."
"Think how sexy it would be..."
"Well, I suppose yes.."
"Your bare bottom..."
"Well...". Oh heck!  It did seem sexy, to have a pretty girl talking about spanking my bare bottom.  I could feel my face going red with embarrassment.
"Would you like me to spank your bottom?"
Oh dear!  What should I say?
"Chance would be a fine thing!"
"Well over my knee and I'll spank it now!"
"You can’t do that here."
I was quite pleased with this response. I thought it was witty, and at the same time it made a point. It seemed to answer the question and get me out of my embarrassment without seeming rude. But too late I realised he had fallen into a trap. 
“Well, come up to my room and I can spank it there.” Her shrill voice penetrated the room again. 
I realised that my comment had been interpreted as agreement to getting spanked somewhere else...
I was pleased. I had my victim. All I had to do was reel him in. I grabbed him by the wrist, and calling out to the bemused waitress that I had a spanking to go to I dragged him out. He followed. Of course he did. That’s was why I’d taken such care to embarrass him.  Embarrassment makes people feel sexy, and it makes them submissive.  He was only too glad too leave all those people looking at him behind. Bossy girls always have that effect on shy men. We can always make them do,what we want. I pulled him along the corridor, up some stairs and in through the door of my hotel room. He couldn’t make a scene. I know the sort.  He'd rather strip naked in front of me than make a scene.
“Come on in”, I said, “and get your clothes off”. 
“Your clothes. Go on take your clothes off, I can’t spank you with your clothes on!” 
He hesitated, but I had him, he was out of his comfort zone, being bossed about.  Embarrassed and feeling sexy.  He would do as he was told.
“Come on - do as you’re told.  You want to.  You know you do.  You're imagining it now...  in the nude...your bottom bare as you bend over...  the sting as my hand smacks it..., your cock's going hard at the thought," she said hands on hips, "...isn’t it?"
"Yes Miss..." I gulped.
She was right.  I felt my cock twinge at the anticipation of the smack. Yes, I knew I would do as I was told, I just knew. I was the sort who always did what bossy girls told me to do. 
"Go on then.  Shoes and socks off... shirt...  trousers...  and your undies...  pull them down...  right down... Good boy..."
So I took my clothes off one by one.  She'd taken me to her room and made me do it.  Ten minutes ago I’d been having a quiet coffee and now here I was stripping naked for a complete stranger.  I undressed.  the sexy feeling and the embarrassment increasing with my increasing nudity until I stood naked, naked and embarrassed - shaking at the knees, trembling with embarrassment I stood there completely in the nude.  My penis twitching.  It was the embarrassment that did it.  Embarrassment always did that.  I stood there on display, being inspected. How had I got into this mess? I half hoped that she just wanted to look, it would soon be over and I'd be allowed to go. But I really hoped that I would get my bottom spanked.  
I was feeling better. I knew that I had needed a bare bottom. And now I had a bare bottom, and what’s more a naked slave, one that would obey me, and I wanted more. I had got the owner of the bottom stripped and in the nude with ease. And I knew from experience that once men were naked, once they could not hide their nudity, then they would become my toy for as long as I liked. I looked at the victim in front of me.  Slim, boyish; nervous of girls and bossed around by any he met. I could see why was nervous of girls. He combined a shy, easily embarrassed personality with having an embarrassingly big cock. And I'd forced him to show me his cock. And looking at it I liked his cock; it was nicely shaped, and really impressive.  His balls hung well.  Big cocks always looked better with a nice pair of well hung balls. 
It was then that there was a knock on the door.
I just stood there too embarrassed to move. 
There was a knock at the door.  She grinned at me.
"Don’t go anywhere now."
"No Miss.". 
She disappeared to answer the door.  What was I doing?  Stripped and submissive I hadn’t been able to resist and now I was at her mercy.
Then she returned, behind her followed a cheeky looking girl with red hair and freckles.  Her mouth dropped open as soon as she saw me.  She looked hard at my private parts.
"What's this?" She gasped.
"This is the bottom I’m going to spank today."
"But...  I mean...  he’s..."
"In the nude...yes..."
"And his...  I mean it’s...  it’s..."
"His cock... yes it is a big one isn’t it?"
"But...  I mean...  why?"
"Because," She said grinning, "because... he's feeling sexy," she turned to me, "Aren't you?"
"Yes Miss..." I said.
"Because...  he wants to be in the nude...  completely nude...  because it makes him feel sexy...  to be nude, to be submissive...
To do as he’s told... doesn’t it
"Yes Miss, Yes Miss.  It does Miss."
"Well Mandy," she addressed the new girl, "what do you think of that?"
"It’s what?  Sexy?"
"It’s sexy to obey...  to be submissive... to have your bottom smacked, isn’t it Mandy?"
"Well..." Mandy gulped and I saw her face flush.
"You’d find that sexy wouldn’t you Mandy?  Having your bottom smacked over your tightly stretched white cotton panties."
"I...  er..." Mandy gulped again and turned redder than ever.
"How do you know I’m wearing white cotton panties?"
"I know everything Mandy.  You're imagining your bottom now...  your panties stretched tight over it...  the sting as it feels my hand... your nipples are going hard at the thought..."
Mandy gulped and nodded.
"You want to be submissive...  you want me to order you don’t you..."
Mandy nodded.
"Take your clothes off then."
"Yes Miss," said Mandy.
"Come on then.  Off with your shoes and socks and that pretty dress."
"Yes Miss"
Mandy stood there in bra and panties, her face scarlet with embarrassment.
"That’s right, you're feeling sexy, really sexy...  down to your undies."
And Mandy and I stood there, me completely nude, Mandy in her underwear.  I couldn’t help staring.  Her white knickers were stretched over her ample behind.  They were slightly see through so the outline of her bottom cheeks was visible and the triangle of her pubic hair showed through from the front.  Somehow that was more erotic than if she'd been nude.  The girl surveyed us hands on hips.  She grinned.
"Kneel on the floor," she said to us, "lean forwards, elbows on the settee, feet off the ground..."
We obeyed.  Our bottoms presented for spanking."
"Right," she said, "how many...
It had been so easy.  They liked to be submissive, they wanted to be ordered to obey, they found it sexy, all I had to do was stimulate the thought, and there they were, two bottoms for spanking.  It was a stroke of luck Mandy from work, my companion on the stupid trip, turning up just then.  I’d had her marked down as a target for some time.  She wore white cotton panties.  Always a good sign.  I let her keep her undies on.  Couldn’t have her ogled in the nude, that humiliation is reserved for owners of cocks.
I put him in spanking position, on hands and knees, legs apart, balls hanging down.  No only does it keep the bottom muscles tight, presenting a nice firm round bottom  for spanking, having the bottom on display is an additional humiliation.
Time for a little game.  I took out my leather spanking strap. They needed to think they were getting more than just a hand slap.
"How many..." I said, "Mandy.  She looked at me mouth open.
"Six," she gasped.
Mandy asked for six.  Six of the best.  But she had her knickers to protect her.  My bottom was bare.
"How many?" She asked me.
I looked at the strap.  That was going to sting my bare bottom.
"Um...  I... er..."
"Come on..."
"Four," I gasped, "just four I think."
Mandy smiled.
"Just my little game," she said, "I’m in charge.  I decide how many.  And my little game is... the one who asks for the least gets the most.  Four on the knickers.  Eight on the bare behind..."
I do so like my little games.  Always double if they ask for too few.  And they can’t object.  Not kneeling there with their feet held up.  Submissive.  Knowing they’re about to be disciplined.  Knowing I make the rules.
"One on the knickers," I said.
Whack!  Right on her panties.  Not with the strap, that was just for show, a bare hand spanking is more fun.
"Ow!" She gave a satisfactory little jump.
"And..." let him wait... a little anticipation always adds to the fun.
Smack...  the sound of the hand smacking Mandy’s bottom was louder than I expected.  Mandy gave a yelp.  Now it was my turn
I waited,  one second, two seconds, three, four, five, perhaps she wasn’t...  then...
"Ow ow ow..." it stung.
"...one on the bottom and..."
"Ow ow ow..." I yelped.
I didn’t  spank them hard.  I didn’t need to.  Just a little smack.  Just enough to show them who was boss, make them yelp a little, bring a little flush to their cheeks.  The cheeks of their bottoms that is.  They yelped.  Of course they did.  Their bottoms were hot and sensitive so they yelped, rather loudly by the end, but that was only to be expected.  The object was to inflict a little pain and a lot of humiliation. They had to be taught a lesson.  They had to be taught obedience.  I wasn’t finished with them yet.
"Ow ow ow!"
My bottom was hot and burning and I still had two more to go.
"Last one for Mandy..."
"Yow..." Mandy's eyes watered.
"And last two for..."
"Oooh oooh. Ow!" The tears ran down my face.
"Right stand up....  and don’t rub your bottoms!"
"Yes Miss."
We stood up.
"Who's Boss here?"
"You are Miss."
"And who are my slaves?"
"I am Miss."
"I am Miss."
"Good.  So from now on you obey my commands.  Failure to obey and further discipline will follow.  Do you understand?"
"Yes Miss."
"Good.  Now go down to the lounge and bring me a latte."
"Yes Miss."
"Well, What are you waiting for?"
"Our clothes Miss," said Mandy.
"You are slaves.  You don’t get clothes..."
"But..." I stammered, "I’m... I'm..."
"You’re what?"
"I’m in the nude."
"Of course you are.  I can see that.  I can see your cock.  Which means I am the boss and you will obey."
"Yes Miss."
"And remember, I have your room keys and your clothes.  You don’t get them back until you bring the coffee.
She opened the door to her flat and we crept out into the corridor.  I looked around horrified.  What was I doing there with no clothes on.
Mandy looked at me and grinned.
"You’ve got a big cock," she said.
"Well...  I er..."
"The girls are going to get a treat..."
"A what?"
"A treat...  the girls in the lounge...  when they see your cock...  girls like big cocks.... at least most of them do."
"I can’t go in the lounge with no clothes on.  You'll have to go."
"In your dreams.  You want your clothes back.  You have to go."
"I can’t go into the lounge like this...  they’ll all see..."
"See what?"
"You know..  my..."
"Your cock?"
"Yes...  I..."
"I can’t see why that’s a problem, but if you’re that shy there’s a room service tray stuck out in the corridor for collection there.  Take the serviette off that.  You can hold it in front of your cock."
"But it’s not big enough..."
"It looks pretty impressive to me..."
"I didn’t mean my...  I didn’t mean my er... you know... penis, I meant the serviette."
"Oh, I thought you were being a bit modest...   I know...  you can wear my knickers..."
"I'll take off my knickers.  You put them on.  They’re white cotton, embarrassing, but respectable..."
"Well...  I suppose..."
"That’s agreed then."
"Turn round while I take my knickers off."
"Turn round, I’m not having you see me with no knickers on am I?"
"Well...  I suppose," I turned round.  It didn’t seem fair.  She'd seen my penis, why shouldn’t I see her...  but I didn’t seem to have an option.
"No turning round when I give them to you mind.  Take them down the corridor and round the corner and put them on there.  I’m not having you peeking."
"All right..." I didn’t seem to have an option.  There was a scuffling noise behind.  Something was thrust in my hand.  I scuttled down the corridor and out of view, terrified that I’d meet someone on the way.
It had been fun, smacking the bottoms, and now it was time for another game.  I sent them both off on a little task together.  It was an experiment in interpersonal dynamics.  To get their clothes back one or other would have to go into the lounge and bring back a coffee.  One of them would make the other one do it.  One would come out dominant and one submissive.  My money was on Mandy.  She was the one with some clothes.  The one in the nude is always at a disadvantage.  There was a knock at the door.  I peeked through the spy hole.  Mandy was standing there grinning.  I opened up.
"Good girl," I said.
Thank goodness the corridor was still empty.  I was trembling with embarrassment at the thought that someone would appear.  I started to put the knickers on but...  oh no...  in my hand was not a pair of knickers but the serviette off the tray.  I’d been tricked.  I had no clothes on and only the serviette for protection.  I could perhaps have gone to the front desk to try and get a duplicate key.  But it would be busy there...  I couldn’t do it...  not in the nude with just a serviette for protection.  The lounge might be empty by now.  It seemed the best option.  I ran to the emergency stairs and crept down them terrified of meeting someone.  They opened out opposite the lounge.  I peered out.  The coast was clear.  Everyone must be at dinner.  Perhaps the lounge would be empty.  Holding the serviette in front of me I scurried across and through the door.
It wasn’t empty.  Across the room were three young women playing bridge.  They looked round and their eyes opened wide.
"Er...  good evening..." I stammered.  To preserve my modesty I was holding the serviette in front of my privates like an apron.
"Good evening," grinned a rather busty blonde haired girl, "some sort of a dare is it?"
"Something like that," I said, "I have to get a coffee."
"You’d better ring the bell then."
"Yes...  I..." I rang the bell, and stood there blushing furiously while the girls resumed their game.  A waitress appeared, smartly dressed in a black dress and white apron.  Her eyes opened wide.
"Ooh la la," she said.  She sounded French.
"A latte please," I stammered, "to take up to my room."
"Certainly Sir," she grinned, and disappeared.
The blonde girl looked at me and smiled, "Don’t look so much like a frightened rabbit," she said, "I presume you’ve nothing on behind that rather inadequate protection.
I shook my head, my face burning with embarrassment.  She stood up.
"I’m dummy," she said, "that means I don’t play this hand."
"Yes, I know."
"I'll get a book from the bookshelf."
The bookshelf was behind me.  I knew she was doing it deliberately.  I had to keep hiding my penis so she'd have a full view of me in the nude from behind.  She knew it.  I knew it.  And there was nothing I could do about it.  She walked past to the bookcase.  I turned to face her giving the girls at the card table the rear view.  Perhaps they’d be to involved in their game to notice.  An audible gasp indicated that they weren’t.
"Could you do me a favour.  Get that book down for me.  I can’t reach the top shelf.  The big cookery book there."
She'd done it deliberately.  She knew I couldn’t look churlish and refuse, but I’d have to drop one hand from my protective apron.
"Yes...  um... of course," I said.
I reached up, holding the bunched up serviette to hide my penis as best I could.  I glanced back at the girls at the card table.  The game had stopped and they were staring open mouthed at the completely nude rear view as I reached up on tiptoes to get the book down.  It was a mistake, glancing back, the book slipped out my hand and started to fall towards my head.  Instinctively I dropped the serviette and put up my hands for protection.
"Your coffee Sir."
I spun round.  The waitress was standing with a glass containing the latte on a tray.  I was completely nude.  Full frontal.  Penis on display.
"Sacre bleu!" shrieked the waitress, "how big is that!"  and she dropped the tray on the floor with a loud bang that seemed to resound through the whole hotel.
I turned and ran.  I forgot about the emergency stairs.  I ran into the front lobby, past a group of startled schoolgirls, over to the main stairs.  I could feel my penis swinging, my balls bouncing, as I ran up the main staircase in full view of everyone, completely nude.  And as I did so, the grins turned to giggles, the giggles to laughs, and as I finally disappeared from sight the howls of mirth could be heard throughout the hotel.  I ran back to the room and sanctuary.
Mandy and I were chatting.  I was on the seat and Mandy was standing obediently like a good little slave.  She had no clothes on.  Well, she hadn’t brought back a coffee had she, so she deserved a little extra punishment.
"If he brings back the coffee you can both get dressed and go," I said.
"But...  Miss...  what if he doesn’t."
"Well, at least he tried, so you can give him a little treat."
"Yes, he's got no clothes on, he'll enjoy a little treat."
"You mean..." and she made a motion with her hand.
"That’s right.  You give him a wank.  Your punishment.  His treat.  Now order that champagne.  I feel in a good mood."
"Yes Miss," she picked up the phone and asked for room service.
Suddenly the sound of howls of laughter could be heard from downstairs.  I opened the door to see what was happening.  A naked figure was running down the corridor, cock windmilling, balls bouncing.  The reason for the laughter was evident.
As I approached the room the door opened and the girl peered out.  Thankfully I ran in and stopped short.  Mandy was standing there starkers.  My eyes went automatically to her right breast, her left breast, her...  oh my gosh...  I just got a glimpse of it before she put one arm across her chest and the other over her...  Well you know where I mean.
"Well, you’ve made an impression there Mandy," said the girl and she glanced at my penis.  The sight of Mandy with no clothes on had been too much for me.  It was vertical.
"Ready for a treat I think..."
"Yes Miss," said Mandy, and comes over to me flexing her hand.  Her wanking hand.
Oh my gosh!  I’d lived a sheltered life. Mandy, on the other hand... well with both hands at times...
Oh my gosh...  oh... oh...  I can feel my balls starting to contract, my penis starting to throb...  oh... oh...
"You ordered champagne," the French waitress is standing in the doorway carrying a tray with a bottle and glasses..
Oh... oh..  ooooooh!
Mandy takes her hand away and....
I fire with both barrels just as the tray clattered to the floor and the waitress stands there open mouthed.  She should perhaps have kept it closed.  My aim is too good.

Submitted: January 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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What fun! I like your sense of humor. (One typo that I noticed: ...there bottom spanked...)

Sun, January 10th, 2021 4:18am

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