A Massage up North

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: CFNM

This is a true story. A young man (me - I was young in those days) gets stripped and, how shall I put it politely... no I can’t put it politely. You'll just have to read what happened.

This is a true story... basically.  Well it was many years ago and perhaps it has grown a bit in the telling, but this is how I remember it!


My one and only naughty massage. Many years back in a northern industrial city when I was young and foolish. I saw the place as I went past and well, succumbed to temptation. I mean I was so naive that when it said 'Sauna and Massage' I thought it meant just that. That was naughty enough for me. 


It was a nondescript looking establishment. A rather attractive looking woman sat behind the desk. Plucking up my courage, my face burning with embarrassment "Sauna and massage please" I gulped.


It wasn’t cheap, but I handed over my money


She handed me a towel. Oh heck, I was so new to this. 


"What do I do?" I stammered.


She looked at me quizzically and rolled her eyes.


“Your personal massage room is there," she said in what you must imagine to be a Yorkshire accent, 'Take clothes off and hang them in t'locker. The sauna is down the t'corridor. Give me a shout when you’re ready for t'massage”.


"All my clothes?"


"Sorry?," she said, giving me a 'we've got a right one here' look.


"Do I take all my clothes off?"


"Well you can't wear anything in t'sauna Pet."


In truth, I was ready for the massage there and then, but I thought I’d better go through the ritual of the sauna first.


I went into the massage room and took my clothes off thankful there was nobody there as there was nothing as sophisticated as a changing cubicle. I took my clothes off and stuffed them in a cupboard. Then the door opened and a cute looking girl came in. Oh. My God! I had nothing on and a girl was looking at me. I hastily wrapped the towel round my waist an and headed for the sauna. Obviously the establishment was concerned about global warming it was about 65 degrees (Fahrenheit!). People didn’t bother much with the sauna, that was obvious. was getting more and more nervous. What was I supposed to do next? I crept back to the pretty girl on reception.


She called through to the back and a lady came out. She looked like the one in charge. Smart white uniform. Short black cropped hair. Air of authority.


"Lad needs 'elp ," said the receptionist.


"Come this way," a posh accent!  I was led through to the main rest area.


“You have to have shower first," she said, "do you want help?"


I had no idea where the showers were, so I nodded.


"Give me your towel then," she was very authoritative and I was totally inexperienced. I removed the towel.


The woman shouted through the door.


"Girls! This one wants an assisted shower"


Half a dozen girls came out of a door and stood in front of me.


"Choose which girl you want."


I was so embarrassed being made to stand naked in front of the smirking girls I didn’t know who to choose. Was this what she did just to embarrass the newbies. I don’t know. (I'm blushing now all these years later just at the thought of it!)


"Come on, which one? Louisa is the new girl," she pointed at the cute looking girl who'd seen me in the changing room. Louisa must have been eighteen to be doing the job, but she looked like she was on work experience. "Would you like her?"


I nodded.


"Go with Louisa then," she said.


The shower was off my massage room. The cute looking Louisa turned the shower on and stood there, while I stood waiting for her to go.


"Go on then," she said




"You asked for an assisted shower. I'm have to soap you down"


Now you must remember that this was many, many years ago when I was young and shy, so I was a bit taken aback. She was going to soap me down! Was she going to soap everywhere!


I don’t know that I had been seen naked by any female, never mind a cute young girl before and I was really embarrassed at the thought. Still there was no option, I had to stand in the shower while she applied the soap. I was acutely aware that she could see my penis responding to the situation and tried desperately to keep it down. It was bad enough that she could see my penis at all, but to see my erect penis would have been just too much.


But she was careful not to soap absolutely everywhere.


Oh heck! Louisa watched grinning as I towelled myself dry scarlet with embarrassment


"Lie down on t'massage table," she said.  She had a high pitched voice, which combined with the accent was incredibly sexy.


I remember the walls and the ceiling were mirrored so you could watch yourself being massaged. 


"What extras will you be wanting?"




"Yes. Yer know.... t'...   yer know...  Extras." She nodded towards my penis. "We calls 'em...  Special services."


"Er.. Um...' Oh heck! I was so innocent I didn't know anything about special services involving my penis. "Er.. No thank you. I'll not need any.. Er... Extras."


Louisa looked disappointed.


"Oh. Right. Turn on t'front then."


She started on my back and was just rubbing the oil in when the lady in charge popped her head round the door.


“Are you ready?” asked the newcomer


“Just about Miss," replied the girl, "but he dunt want extras."


“Doesn't he indeed! Strapped for cash are you?" she sounded posh compared to Louisa's northern tones.


It seemed a good excuse.


"Yes. That's it. I don't have any money. I'd love er... Extras... But I don't have any money."


"Well. I'll tell you what. I’m just training Louisa said the lady, "she's the new girl. It's her first day."


"Oh... Yes..."


"As you're not paying for extras you can be her demonstration model. You don't mind do you?"


"Er.. No. That's fine..." Anything better than the embarrassment of 'special services'.


"Get him well oiled Louisa."


"Yes Miss."


“Now rub the oil gently into his bottom Louisa. And now more firmly."


"Yes Miss. Like this Miss?" Louisa followed her instructions. Over my back. Down my legs. Up my legs, to the top.


"Oooh!" A hand had touched a sensitive place.


"Ee sorry! I touched his er... Miss," she added in explanation.


"That's all right Louisa. He won't mind. Do you?"


"No Miss."


Why was I calling her 'Miss'. It was just that she was so authoritative.


It was all very sensual. One stroking, one looking on, and me watching in the mirror.


Then of course I had to turn over. My penis was twitching. Miss looked at it and said (no kidding)


“Your little man's keen," she said.


What a funny way of putting it. I didn’t know what she meant at first, and when it dawned on me I didn’t know what to say. I just blushed scarlet. Louisa started on my arms, chest, stomach, feet, legs...


"No extras?" asked Miss.


"Er.. no thank you..." very polite.


"All right I'll take over Louisa."


"Yes Miss."


Miss started on my thighs. Higher and higher until...


"Genital massage?"


I didn’t know what to say. I nodded. The next thing I knew she'd oiled my, how shall I put it politely, pair of vulnerable orbs, and was massaging them vigorously. My penis went rigid, well it would, wouldn’t it?


"Hand relief?" she asked.


I just nodded. I was so desperate for it by now.


"You see Louisa. They all want extras really. Just need a little encouragement," she gave my orbs a little squeeze, "Stand at the top, I’ll show you how it’s done."


"Yes Miss."


She started stroking my penis. Gently at first. Then more vigorously. I was getting more and more excited. She slowed down, then as I relaxed, speeded up, and again, getting me more and more worked up each time until... my back arched, my buttocks clenched, my balls contracted and... my pistol exploded firing directly over my head with such force that it hit Louisa.


"First lesson Louisa," said Miss, "don’t stand in the line of fire," she turned to me, "ten pounds extra," she said squeezing my balls again.


"Yes Miss," I said.


A lot of money in those days. But worth it.

Submitted: August 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joex. All rights reserved.

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It's more arousing and erotic if we imagine the same while reading pl continue more

Wed, August 26th, 2020 4:20pm

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