Two virgins: virgin no more. Part II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

aware that with his cock already exposed things could soon move out of my control, Kate’s advice to me many years ago flashed into my head - a girl should always give up her virginity from on top.

When I asked Cory if he’d like to lose his virginity with me, his jaw dropped; sort of hung there suspended and drooling while his brain processed the information it had just received as if it was having trouble finding the right neural pathway. After all it’s not every virgin male who gets the problem of cracking his first chic solved so easily.

I could tell his brain had worked out the meaning of my words as a smile started to spread across his face. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, but was probably just a moment, his brain managed to form the word “yes” and get it to come out of his mouth; quickly followed by “that would be nice”.

The problem of where this should take place is one I’d already given thought to. Mum and dad, but especially mum, are a little staid in their attitude to sex. Greg finally got away with bringing Karen home for the night because he’s nearly three years older than me, my parents could see the strength of their relationship and finally – not to be underestimated – he’s their son. Yes, that’s right, I could definitely tell there was an element of it being all right for your son to bang away at someone else’s daughter, but it’s different when it’s your daughter receiving the banging from someone else’s son.

I knew that’s an adjustment process they’ll eventually get over. I was less certain of whether they’ll so easily get over my intention to have sex in the context of a more casual relationship.

Anyway, my house was definitely out. But nor was I sure I’d feel comfortable in Cory’s parent’s house either.

I knew Greg and Karen were at it in various hiding spots up and down the beach; but Greg knew them better than I did and I didn’t really want them walking in on Cory and me.

However, I’ve got my own history in this town and that’s given me some geographic knowledge too. There was a nice little spot behind the beach near where my horse was stabled. Mid-week there was usually no-one there and if someone did decide to come riding in that direction you’d hear them on their horse in good time.

So I suggested to Cory we go for a picnic there. And tomorrow seemed like a pretty good time to make it happen.

Do most people spend the night before they’re about to lose their virginity thinking about it; or does it just happen when they least expect it? I suppose in the old days the bride would know the day before her wedding, but I suspect these days most people sort of just trip over their first sexual encounter.

But for me it was certainly a sleepless night; a mixture of fear and randy anticipation.

Cory picked me up at 10 the next morning and I navigated as we drove through the national park that the stables had got themselves stuck in the middle of. It was a slightly bizarre feeling to be sitting in the car idly chatting to the guy who was about to take my virginity. With a tingle in my crutch – more of an arousal really – I was looking at Cory in a completely different way from the times we’d spent as part of a group at school.

He was pretty good looking really. Tall and skinny, like me and the rest of my family. He had a straight back and I knew from the beach an OK body. A fairly hansom face and nice surf bleached hair completed the picture. He was wearing his new boardies again – although I could see they’d been washed overnight – and a white t shirt. The bulge in his boardies indicated he was as affected by the moment as I was.

Me? I was in my other new, brief, bikini with my favourite sun top; a lose flowing almost see through sundress, with a really deep v front and ultra mini hem length that just brushed my crutch when I was standing up straight and usually completely revealed it when I was sitting down.

Just once in the drive did the conversation veer from the sort of conversation you’d have with any other random friend you might be in the car with; when I raised the issue of condoms. “I’m on the pill, so since we’re both virgins, I’m happy not to use a condom if you are.”

I think I keep catching Cory by surprise by coming out with the sort of statements nobody ever thought “sweet little Jenna” ever would. For the second times in as many days his jaw hung open while he processed my words.

“I can guarantee I’ve never done anything likely to cause a problem, so I’m happy if you are.” And with that we went back to the conversational equivalent of talking about the weather.

When we arrived at the deserted stables I directed Cory down a 100 metre long track that led to the beach. His small SUV was just good enough to navigate the sandy clay track with a reasonable prospect of reversing out again. From there the spot I had in mind was about 150 metres down the beach to the left of the track.

At least the day was nice; beautiful sunshine, and with this North Shore beach (as the stable people called it) protected from the southerly swell by a headland and facing north, flat water, so safe for swimming.

As we walked along the beach, Cory wore the backpack that contained the picnic hamper and carried the esky, while I carried the towels and picnic rug.

The spot I had in mind was as I’d remembered it; an area where a break in the wall of scrub that normally fronted the beach allowed easy access to a clear flat area of nice sand, intermittently shaded by a number of gums. It was a perfect picnic spot offering water views, comfortable sitting and a good degree of privacy from anyone who wasn’t standing directly in the line of the access.

When we arrived and I set about laying out the rug - trying to keep it as sand free as possible – it occurred to me that this whole arrangement where we go somewhere specifically to have sex left something to be desired. Even as – at my suggestion – Cory opened the bottle of champagne we’d bought and poured us both a glass, he was showing a rampant erection in his pants. And while his arousal might have been obvious, mine was no less.

If I had always imagined my first time might have been due to an act of powerful seduction, where some romantic figure wove an erotic spell upon me converting my meek protests to a willing surrender, this wasn’t it.

Now with the rug laid out and the drinks in our hands, the last vestiges of tangible tasks that allowed us to be distracted from what we came here to do were gone. Awkwardly we sat down facing each other kneeling on the rug; both of us patently wondering how we start this.

Showing less shyness than I would have given him credit for, Cory started the ball rolling by clinking my glass and offering a toast “to us and the successful loss of our virginity”, making it clear we should interlock arms as we drank the toast. I took a big swig out of my glass; watching as Cory did the same to his.

Our eyes met briefly as we finished that first gulp, before, without untangling our arms Cory indicated for us to have a second. But this time, as I raised my glass, Cory took the opportunity to slide his hands up the loose folds of my sundress, finding my right breast with his left hand and cupping the bikini top covering it; quickly locating the already raised nipple and surrounding it between two outstretched fingers.

As I drained the glass with my third gulp I felt Cory’s hand slide across to and under the triangle covering the left breast; this time capturing my nipple between his thumb and forefinger and tweaking it gently.

The rush to my brain of both alcohol from the glass rapidly drunk on an empty stomach and endorphins from the stimulation of my nipples broke any remaining barriers. As our glasses were cast aside with sufficient care to make sure we didn’t end up on them, we embraced each other with a kiss.

Almost immediately I felt Cory’s hands sliding my sundress up my body until we had to separate our lips to let me put my hands in the air to let him take it completely off. A moment later I had his t-shirt off too.

Now as we kissed his hand was back inside my bikini top, first teasing up one nipple before moving to the other. Then he broke away from my lips, bent down to my breasts, slid a triangle aside and took my breast into his mouth, stimulating the nipple with his tongue. As I put my hand over his head and arched my head back enjoying the bliss of it, I realised it was time for me to take a more positive action too.

I moved my other hand from behind his back to the top of his thigh and slid it up until I felt through his boardies the hard rigid base of his cock guarded by a tightly drawn ball sac. Continuing the movement, I surrounded the shaft with my fingers and followed it upwards; slightly alarmed at how thick and long I discovered it to be.

Cory sighed a long deep moan into my breast indicating the powerful rush of pleasure I’d unleashed with that single stroke.

His hand ferretted behind my back looking for the ends of the string ties on my top, found first the bottom one and then the top one, pulled them both and then came around and pulled the top off me; casting it careless aside.

Then the fingers of that same hand traced down my stomach, over my bikini bottoms into my crutch and felt out my clit, stroking it gently. Now it was my turn to moan.

My fingers had been stroking up and down his shaft; drawing his boardies completely around it as I circled it with my fingers. With the next stroke I lifted my hand up to the drawstring on his pants, pulled it, stretched the waist band out as far as I could and slid my hand inside his pants, pulling the waist band down at the front as I did to partly expose him. Recapturing the now naked flesh of his erection between my fingers I continued to trace my fingers up and down its length.

Warm and with the flesh of it drawn tight and completely and absolutely unyielding, I continued to find this strange male appendage full of surprises; all the more so when I discovered slippery fluid leaking from its top. Stroking my finger over the top, I felt out the shape of the bell at the tip and the ridge that sat immediately below it as I drew the fluid down the side of the shaft, changing the texture of my fingers as they stimulated its length.

Again Cory was moaning; so distracted that he couldn’t even tongue my nipple.

Cory’s hands were directing me from my kneeling position to the ground, guiding me to lie flat on my back. As I complied he started kissing down the length of my stomach; coming to a stop as he seemingly contemplated my bikini bottom and what lay beneath it; examining the bikini bridge formed where the low slung hem of the pants sat just above my mound. After a moment’s hesitation as he stared at it, he kissed the bikini over my mound once, hesitated again and kissed it a second time; all the while with a fingers sliding up and down pushing in my bikini bottoms as he stimulated the clit underneath. Then as I lay with my head back on the rug I felt the knots on each side of the pants being pulled and the pants themselves being dragged from under me.

Maybe he was surprised to find me lacking pubic hair because he gave vent to a moment’s fascination with the smooth flesh of the mound, gliding his hand across several times it before rolling the finger down and across my clit again as he kissed the mound one last time.

The task completed, he kissed back up my stomach, across each breast and settled down again by holding me in a passionate embrace and penetrating my mouth deeply with his tongue as his fingers intensified their efforts on my clit, sliding periodically back and forwards along my valley, testing my tunnel’s readiness for him.

Momentarily overwhelmed by the forces unleashed by Cory’s seductive undressing and fingering of me and aware that with his cock already exposed things could soon move out of my control, Kate’s advice to me many years ago flashed into my head “a girl should always give up her virginity from on top”.

Yes, it was a typical Kate outburst, expressed in a sisterly way at some totally inappropriate time in response to some long forgotten conversation. But its meaning was simply to be in control; not risk some guy getting carried away and forcing himself into you before you were ready.

As Cory started to edge his body over me, I rolled him onto his back, ending up on top of him. Then I sat up on him straddling his thighs.

Maybe doing that wasn’t such a good idea because as I got my first clear look at his erection I momentarily slightly panicked. To feel it was one thing. To see it another altogether. Surely it wasn’t meant to be this big. Surely it was too long and thick to fit. As part of the generation who got at least half their sex education from Cleo magazine, I consoled myself with the thought I’d read those words many times before. It does fit; I simply now needed to prove it.

But first his pants needed to come off. I wanted him as naked as I was.

He lifted his hips to let me draw them down his legs and off his ankles before I straddled him again, sitting hard up against the base of his cock, my hand drawing his erection upright against my stomach.

It was time.

I lifted my hips up and edged forward so I was directly over his cock. Lowering myself just enough that he was located firmly at my opening, but still with a hand around his cock preventing a sudden unexpected upward thrust from him, I used my free hand to encourage him to start fingering me again.

Then I brought a little weight down upon him; burying him about as far as I thought we’d achieved with swimwear on, before I felt some initial resistance and discomfort. I was wet and lubricated enough. I was aroused enough. I was even keen enough. It’s just my body was taking some time to adjust.

Taking it easy, I started to slide up and down on him using my hand as a stopper, each time going a little deeper until the resistance and discomfort came back again; each time letting the combined effect of his additional penetration and his stimulation of my clit let my body become more readily accepting of this new and unfamiliar intrusion.

I think I could have just dropped myself onto him. I was certainly enjoying what was happening and it was more discomfort than pain. I was just being greedy; wanting a maximum enjoyment to pain ratio as we progressed.

I soon had him about half way in.

I was just starting to rise up again when with that now familiar groan and a pulsing sensation transmitted through his erection I felt him climax, spraying my tunnel with his seed; his body involuntarily thrusting up into me as he did; a full sudden penetration stopped only by my hand.

I knew him being premature was a risk. To his credit, even as he lay back and let his body be washed out by his climax, he never stopped fingering me.

Some of the details are always missing from your sex education. I sort of knew guys lost their erection after they came; but didn’t know how quickly or how much. I did know that when he came yesterday he was still able to hammer away at me with a reasonably rigid cock for a while after.

When I realised he wasn’t going instantly floppy, but his shaft wasn’t quite as thick as it had been, I reinforced it with my hand and did drop myself fully down on it; no longer feeling any great discomfort while still registering a fairly deep penetration.

Now scared to move in case he fell out, I just lifted his spare hand onto my breast to get him to stimulate my nipples while he continued to finger me. To a certain extent, while I had been really enjoying it all, managing the whole process and the discomfort had held back me relaxing into a mood where I was likely to climax. Now as I sat on him I just let him do all the work; closing my eyes, tilting my head back a little and forming in my mind the mental picture I’d always had of Kate as she pounded away at guys.

It took maybe another five minutes but with that state of relaxation came a sense of rapidly building excitement. I’m reserved by nature, but with Karen’s example I found the confidence not to suppress the vocal indications of that. I was even vaguely aware I was rolling my head from side to side and running my hand through my hair as a natural outlet for what I was feeling inside.

That excitement must have been communicated to Cory because I was suddenly aware he was inflating inside me. He’d never really gone that soft or shrunken; now I felt it expand out again, gently filling my cavity and stretching me out as it did so. I felt its unyielding rigidity, its hardness, even the gentle curve of his shaft all return. The fear had gone. Now his swelling manhood excited me; the sense that I was really and truly completely penetrated by a man adding an emotional level to the physical sensations.

Gaining confidence I lifted myself along his shaft again, bringing it just to the point where I could feel  its tip nearing my entrance and sunk myself back down onto it again; moving slowly, making sure I didn’t distract Cory from his fingering. My body had lubricated it generously; letting it slide easily inside, my juices flowing out to smear Cory’s fingers as he played with my clit.

Again and again I lifted and sunk, excited by the thought this was proper sex, excited even more by the feelings of it all; Cory’s fingering of my clit, the sensation of this man inside my body filling and stimulating my tunnel.

The most intense and most beautiful orgasm I had ever experienced overtook me, made me double up over Cory’s torso, and caused me to cry out a cry of pure bliss as I lost control of my body and any concept of my surroundings – completely focused inside myself at the waves of pleasure and rippling contractions that pummelled Cory’s shaft.

I pushed myself hard down on Cory, jamming his fingers between my clit and his pubis as I ground myself against them.

Finally regaining some sense of externality I lifted up and sunk down onto Cory again and again until, somewhat less quickly than he had before, Cory again froze before letting out that grunting moan as I felt his ejaculate pulse through his shaft the full length of which was immersed in my body. As his cum burst forth to spray against the top of my tunnel, Cory arched his hips up, seemingly seeking a deeper penetration where none was available and instead leaving me feeling I was for a moment hiding a bucking horse.

As his excitement finally settled down I laid myself out on top of him, letting his erection take its own time about exiting my body as it returned to its normal size.

So I thought, this is what sex is all about. I could get to like it.

Submitted: March 06, 2015

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Probably the best "first time" stories I've read.
Good job!

Fri, March 13th, 2015 9:58pm


Thank you Bear, Very much appreciated

Sat, March 14th, 2015 2:57am

Laura Lewis

Very detailed and it flowed nicely too

Sat, April 25th, 2015 8:35pm


Thankyou for you kind comments

Sat, April 25th, 2015 1:50pm

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