TSIFOL 17 A Very Naked Christmas

TSIFOL 17 A Very Naked Christmas TSIFOL 17 A Very Naked Christmas

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An after Christmas lunch swim leads to Karen, Greg and their siblings and cousins all ending up naked and Karen's brothers getting nailed by Greg's cousins


An after Christmas lunch swim leads to Karen, Greg and their siblings and cousins all ending up naked and Karen's brothers getting nailed by Greg's cousins


Submitted: January 22, 2014

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Submitted: January 22, 2014



From fairly early in our relationship I had started thinking about how our families could all spend Christmas together.

Greg’s family generally celebrated Christmas Day at their place where they were joined by Greg’s mum’s sister, her husband and three kids of around our age. Greg’s mum was from the day I meet her warm, friendly and generous to me and both he and I were fairly sure his parents would be only too happy to invite my family to join them.

My main concern was that we might end up having to go up to the country hinterland to join the friends of my parents there. Fortunately they were going interstate to have Christmas with one of their own children; so there was no invitation to compete with that of Greg’s parents and the day was arranged.

When the day came around it was interesting watching the families come together.

What struck me first of all was how similar all three mothers were. Greg’s mum and her sister could have been twins, even though they were several years apart. The scary thing was my mother could equally have been twined with either of them; at least on a fraternal basis. Not only were they much the same height and shared the same youthful figure, their personalities were very similar too; friendly but a little reserved and completely lacking – like me – any wild streak. They even smiled the same way.

They say a man marries his mother. If I’m anything like mine then Greg and I might as well get married now.

The dads were both tall and skinny, but whereas mine is your typical passionate surfer and a passionate follower of footy and cricket both with a strange combination of a hippie background and the professional manner of the accountant he is, Greg is very much like his father; quiet and a little shy, but intelligent, sincere and friendly.

The third father was very different; both more solidly built and more confident verging on (if not actually going into) bombastic in his personality.

The kids in Greg’s extended family shadowed their parents.

His 18 year old sister Jenna – just finished her HSC – was quiet and reserved by nature, pretty, slim figured and with small triangular shaped breasts. She was like a younger not fully ripened version of her mother.

The aunt’s children were in a different league. In the case of the daughters you could see they were based on their father’s genes. Quite attractive, they had their fathers more solid figure; more busty, curvy and overtly sexual than ran in my or Greg’s immediate family. They were also more outgoing; not as bombastic as their father but I didn’t doubt they’d been a handful as teenagers. Their younger brother had more of his mother in him and was superficially similar to Greg, but didn’t seem as sweet or kind as Greg. 

The families had agreed not to exchange presents, so each family had their own gift giving before they came to lunch. However, soon after we arrived Greg pulled me aside and gave me one he’d bought for me; a waterproof pocket digital camera with still picture and video mode together with a high capacity SD card. I loved it and as he’d pre-charged the battery immediately took it out to take photographs of the day.

Modesty prevents me telling you what I bought him but rest assured he loved that too.

Christmas lunch was had on long trestle tables set up on the back lawn facing the river; a glorious setting on a day when the weather was perfect for an outdoor lunch by the water. The food was plentiful and delicious and the hot weather encouraging somewhat of an overindulgence in drink for those who weren’t the designated drivers.

After lunch everyone decided to go for a swim. The backyard of Greg’s family’s house ended in a sea wall that dropped down to a sandy beach on the river. A jetty extended from one corner out into the river, at the end of which was tied up an open inflatable outboard powered small boat. The beach itself shelved gradually into deeper water. With an incoming tide and no heavy rain for weeks to stir up silt, the river was crystal clear, the sandy bottom of the river being visible even in the deepest water at the end of the jetty.

The kids were all dressed in their swimmers in no time; indeed since most of the girls had come in bikinis under a skirt or dress and the boys with boardies as shorts, most were pre-dressed. The girls were all in string tie bikinis; although my pants, like those of Jenny’s were low waisted pantie style without tie sides. There’s something about this town that seems to encourage full breasted girl to choose undersized bikini tops; a trend followed by the Aunt’s daughters.

All the guys except Greg had boardies on, whereas Greg wore one of my favourite of his many pairs of speedo like swimmers

As a pack the kids all ran down the end of the wharf and dived into the water; swimmingly around meaninglessly. The parents in their own time got changed and joined us in the water, where they splashed about for a bit before exiting to find somewhere nice inside the house to fall into their post Christmas lunch food coma.

That left four guys and four girls all around 20 so it wasn’t surprising that the game quickly developed where the girls sit on the guys’ shoulders and you joust with each other to tip the girls into the water.

I thought it would be amusing to have my new camera on my wrist running in video mode as we played the game. I found I could hold it between my thumb and forefinger to shoot without being too handicapped in my wrestles with the other girls; albeit while actually wrestling I mainly ended up with close up shots of bikini tops and shoulder skin.

For about five minutes we played the game conventionally. Then at a time I was locked in a struggle with Jenna and Phil I suddenly I heard Jenny let out a “don’t” followed by a squeal. Her sister had ripped her bikini top off and thrown it away. For a moment she wrestled on unperturbed before Zoe managed to topple her off Brad’s shoulders and into the water. As I watched, Steve and Zoe then turned and started to make a bee line to where Jenna and I were still engaged in our match.

Ignored for a moment, Jenny came up behind Zoe and started pulling all the strings on her bikini, causing her previously tightly tied top to fly forward off her not insignificant breasts. Squealing and saying stop, Zoe was always one step behind trying to recapture each knot until Jenny managed to untie both pants knots too, leaving the pants in place only by virtue of being held on by Steve’s shoulders.

Brad quickly picked up on what was going on to also pull Steve’s board shorts down around his knees. Steve, suddenly rendered immobile by the entanglement around his knees toppled forward, throwing Zoe into the water, causing her pants to come away and float off with the tide.

From the first squeal Jenna and I had stopped actually trying to push each other off and the two of us with our partners just stood there balancing each other watching the scene unfold in front of us – my camera still running.

Zoe emerged naked from the forward dive she’d taken as Steve toppled face down, looked around and started moving in on Jenny while Steve was still lying in the water trying to pull his pants back up. By the time he’d finished, Zoe and Jenny were engaged in a spirited wrestle as Zoe kept making lunges for Jenny’s bikini bottoms. Brad decided discretion was the better part of valour and kept out of the tussle between the sisters.

Steve had no such reservations, coming around behind Jenny and unchivalrously holding her with his arm wrapped around her naked breasts while Zoe slid her bikini bottoms off to the accompaniment of Jenny’s squeals and none too persuasive cries of “nooo”. As soon as Zoe had her pants off, Steve dropped Jenny and moved in on Brad looking to pay him back. The naked girls by now had lost any sense of team spirit and as Zoe and Steve wrestled with Brad and held him by the arms, Jenny actually applied herself enthusiastically and with little care (or maybe a great deal of care depending on how you look at it) as to where her hands went to the task of pulling his pants right off his legs. To compound his embarrassment, as Brad’s body broke the surface with the force of Jenny’s final pull it disclosed he’d grown a now fully exposed boner; Zoe had noticed it before it broke the surface and positioned herself to circle it with her fingers and hold it up with a squeal of “hey everyone look at this” producing merriment, jibes and clapping from the other three and a deeply blushed face on Brad.

Like a shark feeding frenzy the group then turned on the only one of the four still clothed and wrestled Steve’s boardshorts off too; although by this stage I suspect Steve was enjoying himself in amongst the naked girls and being the least modest of our family offered only token resistance to the efforts of Jenny as she pulled his pants off his legs too while he was held by Brad and Zoe.

Jenna and I and our mounts had been happy enough to laugh along with the others at the game so far; although in the back of my mind I guessed we weren’t going to remain spectators for long. I looked at Jenna “Are they going to come for us too?”

“I don’t know about Brad and Steve, but I know Zoe and Jenny are going to come for Phil and me”

Already Greg and Phil were backing slowly off into the deeper water as the four others started wading menacingly towards us. Still mounted with girls on the boy’s shoulders, we were sitting ducks. Greg called for me to hold my breath as he fell backward, allowing me to float off his shoulders and placing me furthest from the action about to occur; in water deep enough I couldn’t touch the bottom. So while treading water I decided the best thing I could do was just keep filming.

Phil and Jenna were caught with her still mounted on his shoulder. Zoe and Jenny moved around behind them and started undoing all Jenna’s bikini string ties, Jenna not having enough hands to resist them and always being one step behind in trying to recapture whichever knot had just been pulled. They pulled her top completely off before trying to upend her off Phil; but Phil had been holding her by the feet. When he started to defend himself against the actions of Brad and Steve in going for his pants, he did so with an elbow still hooked around one of her ankles.

So instead of a clean backward flip, Jenna was momentarily left upside down along Phil’s back, head curled forward to keep her face above the water, exposed breasts wobbling up and down near the waterline, her pants resting limply on Phil’s shoulders instead of around her crutch and one leg over his shoulder and one leg askew until her leg finally freed itself letting her spear vertically head first towards the bottom. When she put her arms down to break the fall it left her briefly in a handstand position with her crutch still clear of the water, before she final capsized and fully immersed herself. This inelegant slow motion dismount gave everyone a long clear look at Jenna’s wiry, honey blond rug of pubic hair shaved neatly to the bikini line; in contrast to her cousins’ landing strip and Brazilian. At least the hair hid some of the more intimate details of her anatomy, which even as it was could be view in some gynaecological detail.

Phil in turn had been caught by my brothers with Jenna still on his shoulders, so was easy prey for Brad and Steve and they pulled his boardies down his legs, losing them completely as the boys inverted him legs and lower torso in the air, head under water, after Jenna was off.

By now, amongst all the squeals, laughter and token resistance the whole thing had developed an inevitable “you’re all losing your swimmers” atmosphere which made it hard to know what to do. Greg was standing between me and the group. If he moved it left me as next in line, so he could do little but stand his ground. I knew I could have just swam out of reach and maybe even come back in further up the beach and exited the water; but it seemed something of a wet-blanket thing to do.

I thought it would be my brothers that made the first move on Greg, but it was actually his female cousins. Jenny held him from behind with an arm around his chest, while Zoe stood in front of him as she tried to undo his swimmers. Since both the girls were standing neck deep they weren’t exactly in a position to exert much force against Greg. But I think like me he’d decided it was best just to let it happen and in any case it wasn’t in his nature to put up forceful resistance against the girls, so Greg sort of passively accepted his fate.

Because they were only just tall enough to keep their heads out of the water, the girls of necessity had to stand very close to Greg; Jenny behind maintaining a token hold with what looked to me as though she had the full length of her body in contact with him. Zoe jiggling around in front was trying to get his swimmers down. I could see the largish breasts of both of them were dancing up and down on Greg’s back and chest as the girls moved around a bit with the occasional wave or in the case of Zoe, just as she went about her task. And I was fairly sure there was a lot more contact that that happening under the water. I actually found it a bit confronting to see Greg sandwiched between two naked girls in this way even if they were his cousins.

Of course speedos are a lot harder to get off in that situation, since you need to undo and then actually loosen the waist tie before then can be persuaded to come down. Zoe seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time fumbling with his waist tie, the deep water forcing her to stand right up next to him jiggling about and holding her chin up under his just so her hands were able to reach to his waist. Finally I saw movements suggesting she was trying to ease his pants down his legs as far as she could without putting her face in the water. Then she inverted herself; her bare arse under Greg face, the back of her legs lying along the surface of the water, the whole lot moving about as she struggled with the pants. Coming up for air, she completed her tusk with a final duck dive, finally resurfacing with the pants held triumphantly aloft to loud applause from everyone else, before flicking the swimmers toward the shore. Once he was naked, the whole group grabbed Greg, lifted him horizontally over their head for a moment to make sure he was adequately exposed and cast him shoreward to remove the last barrier between me and the group.

As soon as Zoe disposed of Greg’s swimmers and had a good perve at his body as the others lifted him up, she started swimming out to me. As he resurfaced, Greg looked at me for some signal as to what he should do. With a wave I indicated I too was willing to just go with it. When she reached me she grabbed a hand and started dragging me back to the waiting throng now standing in a line in chest deep water. Clearly I could have just swam away, but instead I used my free arm to do a one sided breast stroke assisting the process back to the shallower water.

Suddenly a multitude of hands were all over me. My bikini top quickly disappeared and I last glimpsed it arching towards the beach. Then I was lifted completely out of the water crowd surfing over the heads of Jenny, Zoe, Brad and Steve while Phil pulled my bikini pants down my legs, before I was toppled head first back into the water near where Greg still floated. Although more reserved than his sisters, I suspected the fact I was the only unrelated female in the group gave Phil special interest in being the one to claim my pants.

I’d kept the camera running throughout the whole exercise. Until Zoe had come for me I’d even managed to mostly point it in the right direction; although while treading water I often had it immersed. Once I was the victim I rather lost focus on where it was pointing even though just to keep it safe I’d continued to hold it between my thumb and forefinger; but I did sense someone turning my wrist with the object of ensuring I was filming a selfie of my own undressing somewhere in amongst the groping that had accompanied it. It was only that awareness that reminded me to turn the camera off as I came back to the surface afterwards  

I wasn’t really sure what was expected to follow this mass stripping. Nakedness – except with Greg – is not my thing. While I was still in deep water I wasn’t too worried. Although it would have been unthinkable two months ago, I could now even tolerate the thought of my breasts being exposed to this group; brothers notwithstanding. But I was keen to get my bikini pants back on as soon as I could and with as little additional exposure as possible. In part watching the cousins’ bikini parts drift rapidly away with the tide and in part my own discomfort with nakedness had caused me to be hyper-aware of where my bikini parts had ended up as they were displayed and thrown around by my strippers. I also had a fair idea where Greg’s pants had landed.

I managed to whisper to Greg “does this happen every year”.

“No, only when you and your brothers are here”.

“What do we do now?”

“I don’t know I’ve never been in this situation before; get dressed again I suppose” And yet it just didn’t seem that simple. My brothers and the female cousins seemed in no hurry to get dressed again; they didn’t even seem too concerned by the fate of their swimmers. I’m quite happy to think independently and act on my own in a group situation if I think something is important. Two months ago my present nakedness would have been in that category. Now for all my discomfort, it no longer seemed important enough to once again be the wet blanket amongst other people’s fun. Still I had a strong desire to at least get my bottoms back on.

As I was talking to Greg, I looked down through the water to see if he was aroused by the situation. I can’t say I was unaffected by it; especially standing next to Greg as I was. When I saw he wasn’t I think I may even have been a little disappointed. Until now I’d had absolutely nothing to compare Greg against. Seeing Brad aroused had given me the impression Greg fared more than flatteringly well by comparison. Of course maybe Brad’s wasn’t full on, but it looked it, especially in the way it reacted to Zoe’s provocation.

Given how jealous I’d been about my brothers’ active sex lives compared to my virginal status – even if it was self-imposed – I think I almost would have like to point it out to my brothers and say “hey, mine’s bigger than yours”; which really just shows again how possessive I felt about it.

As the youngest, Jenna - bless her heart - broke the ‘what to do now’ ice by diving down to collect her pants from where she’d seen them sink; her cute naked small pale skinned bum breaking the surface momentarily as she started the dive. Then she quickly tied them back on. Her top, having been padded had stayed on the surface and was thus more vulnerable to the tidal flow and it had gone missing. Jenna’s action let Greg breaststroke up to the shallow water where both our pants had landed near each other and retrieve them. He couldn’t see my top; although I was aware it was safely lying in a lump on top of the sea wall

Ignoring the actions of Jenna, Greg and myself my brothers and Greg’s cousins undertook a token search for their swimwear, threw what bits they found onto the beach and simply went back to playing the jousting game the whole thing had started with; now naked. Although Jenna was a bit concerned about her missing top, Phil even persuaded her to join in too – while he joined the rest in not bothering to re-dress. As she prepared to mount Phil I noticed Jenna put a double knot in her bikini bottom ties.

By my count all the other girls were missing their tops and Zoe was missing her pants too. I mentioned this to Greg and he asked me whether I was alright to be left alone for a moment. When I agreed he slipped out to his inflatable tied up at the end of the jetty, started it up and motored slowly upriver along the bank; his actions seemingly unnoticed by the rest of the group now re-immersed in their game.

Five minutes later he motored quietly back and tied up at the end of the jetty. Without a top I didn’t want to get out of the water and walk along the jetty so I swam out to the inflatable and after he’d turned off the motor pulled myself partly over the side to see what he was up to. There in the bottom of the boat were three bikini tops. With an incoming tide and a light breeze blowing toward the shore, the padded tops had simply drifted upriver until the wind caused them to be snagged on some shoreline feature; so they’d been easy to find.

By now the other six had tired of their game and were talking while sitting in a circle in the waist deep shallows just as naked as before. Confirming a suspicion that had already started to form in my mind as I’d watched them over lunch,  Jenny was sitting on Brad’s lap; snuggled up to his body with an arm around his shoulder. Zoe was also sitting across Steve’s lap but the posture was more uncommitted. Each of them were leaning back on their own arms so the contact was limited to Zoe’s bare bum on Steve’s upper thighs; although with Zoe’s naked crutch exposed to him. Phil and Jenna completed the circle sitting apart.

My dad was a bit older than mum and as a 17 year old had actually attended the Nimbin Festival in the early 70’s. In the family album were numerous photos from that festival showing dozens of naked hippie looking teenagers drying out after having a swim in the local creek. The scene on the beach reminded me somewhat of that and I couldn’t help but take a photo to complete the circle on the generations.

I was still a bit torn as to what to do. One option was clearly just for me and Greg to go and join the rest; me still topless. The other was for us to make a point of bringing back the lost bikini parts, maybe being the party pooper who breaks up the whole scene. Or I could ignore their clothing, but just put my own bikini top back on before joining them; leaving me the only fully dressed female. I was just about to ask Greg what he thought when he took a massive dive off the boat into the deep water upstream of the end of the jetty; re-emerging a few seconds later with Zoe’s bikini bottoms which he tossed onto the pile of other bikini parts already there. “I saw them as I was heading out to the boat”

Greg sort of made the decision for me of what to do “Will we go and join the others”

What will we do with those?” I asked pointing to the pile of clothing.

“Leave them. They’re not in any hurry to get dressed and they’re safe for now. I’ll tell Jenna her top is there if she wants it. Do you want me to get your top from the sea wall?”

I thought for a second and took for me what was a very brave decision; especially given my brothers were there “no leave them; actually can you drop them down onto the beach with the rest of the clothing so I can get them quickly if I need to”

So I swam back to the beach and joined the circle while Greg walked along the jetty, tossed my top onto the pile already on the beach, came up to the circle and whispered something in Jenna’s ear and came and sat next to me. As I’d walked up to the group there was one thing I’d been curious about and had made a point of observing before I sat down and the answer was lost in the reflection of the water. I could see Steve’s manhood floating flaccid next to Zoe’s thigh. Brad’s was under Jenny thigh; a visible short length of rigid base indicating her weight was holding down his boner.

I have never in my life sat around in a group topless before this; the presence of my brothers making it even more fraught. But a bit like Greg had described dealing with his arousal on the first day we’d met, I was determined not to make my discomfort obvious by hunching over as if I could hide things. So instead I probably did the opposite – thrusting them out with my shoulders held back. If they were going to be on display I wanted them looking as good as possible; especially with Zoe and Jenny as competition. After a while I repositioned myself on Greg’s lap, supporting myself with an arm around his shoulder.

As we talked it was interesting following everyone’s eyes. All the guys seemed obsessed with looking at the boobs; rarely not being caught without their eyes focused on somebody’s. Whenever talking to any of the girls – including me – Steve’s eyes always drifted down to their breasts. Otherwise he seemed obsessed with Zoe’s which were just under his line of vision; although I did notice her crutch attract his attention a bit too. Because Jenny’s were too close to be viewed without looking directly downward, it seemed to be Jenna’s and Zoe’s that mainly captured Brad’s attention. Phil seemed fascinated by mine, although Jenna’s also came in for a good perve from him.

It was harder for me to monitor where Greg was looking. I caught him looking down at mine quite a lot and apart from that Jenny’s seemed to attract his eye too.

The girls weren’t immune to a bit of looking either even if their views were distorted by reflections from the water’s surface. Zoe quite blatantly kept a close eye on Steve’s member while I suspect Jenna was getting her first exposure to male nakedness and since Phil’s was the most visible to her it seemed difficult for her to pull her eyes away from it.

From time to time a boat would motor past. I had my back to the river but occasionally you could hear the engine revs drop as the occupants took a second look at the group of topless women sitting in the water. Jenny and Zoe as the ones facing seaward weren’t immune to waving at them and when they suddenly both stuck their breasts out I guessed they were even willing to pose for a photograph. I was just glad I was facing the other way; as I suspect was Jenna.

In time the group started to break up. Jenna slid into the water and swam out to the boat, lifted herself far enough over the side to collect her bikini top, put it on and disappeared up the stairs to the house; bringing the rest of the swimmers and adding them to the beach pile as she did.

Shortly afterwards Jenny gave Brad a kiss and launched herself off his lap in a seaward dive, leaving him the need to quickly follow if his boner wasn’t going to be left exposed; the bare white cheeks of his bum gliding past me as he left. That gave me a chance to ask Greg to get me my top and I put it on before we also made a retreat to the house where we got a drink, found the parents ensconced in the air conditioning it offered and settled on more comfortable chairs in the back yard; joining Jenna and Phil who were now both there dressed in swimmers.

Before I sat down I had a quick look over the sea wall. Brad and Jenny had disappeared. At first I thought Steve and Zoe had too; but then I noticed them tucked right up against the sea wall immediately below passionately kissing. Zoe had her legs spread wide and they each had their hands intimately in the other’s crutches. Even with Zoe’s hand wrapped around it I could see that Greg’s family were much better hung then mine. For just a nano-second I was tempted to call out something along the lines of “you call that an erection”, but having amused myself with the thought, I retreated unnoticed back to join the others on the chairs.

I was sitting talking to them when my eye was caught by a very strange wave pattern radiating out in a circular pattern from under the far end of the jetty. As I watched the hidden centre of the circle seemed to move to the down-tide side of the jetty until the figures of Brad and Jenny suddenly came into view; his face over her breast, the rhythmic movement of his body and the matching response from hers leaving absolutely no doubt about what was happening below the surface. As I watched, Brad caught sight of me and the couple bounced back under the jetty again leaving me feeling a slightly mixed combination of bemused and grossed out at seeing my brother full on making out with someone like that.

Half an hour later and all the kids were dressed in their swimmers and back sitting on chairs on the lawn. Whether Steve and Brad knew what each had been up to, I don’t know; a crumbling old stone jetty which went part of the way out under the new timber one might have blocked their respective views. Brad of course had seen me see him, but the rest were probably oblivious to the fact my two brothers had just been nailed by Greg’s two cousins (and I’m pretty sure I’ve put that the right way round).

An hour and a few more drinks later and the day was over; Greg staying at his place as I went home and thus leaving us without sex for the first whole day since our second encounter; my brothers had done better than I had, but I was willing to concede this single day to them.

I was really keen to play back my film of the afternoon. I had a quick look on the camera itself, but the small screen reduces the impact of it somewhat, so we needed to get some private time at Greg’s place to set it up on his computer or TV. When we did get to watch it, its effect was immediate. What I hadn’t noticed and only became evident after we played back the film was that Brad had spent much of the first half of the game feeling up Jenny’s crutch with the fingers of his hands as he pinned her thighs to his shoulders; which, with Jenny fondling his crutch as she pulled his pants probably explained the boner he showed when he was stripped. Once the undressing started there was something about the raging hormones on display that was an instant turn on for both of us.

By half way through both our crutches were exposed to the stimulation of the hand of the other. For some reason my arousal surged when I found that, in treading water, I’d been filming under the surface as Greg was undressed by Zoe, so I had detailed film of my boyfriend in very intimate sandwiched body contact with two busty women. I even saw Zoe take a moment to study Greg as she dived down to slip his swimmers down his legs.

Why it was so arousing to me (other than to anger) I’m not sure, but just bringing the picture to mind was for a long time after enough to get me quite randy; a bit like the effect of my dream about the threesome with Kate. I had suspected from the outset that Greg had been the object of some sexual curiosity from his cousins, and that just confirmed my suspicions.

Seeing Greg then picked up naked – everything on display – and thrown back into the water had an equally powerful effect. What I also hadn’t realised until I watch the film was just how early in my own undressing someone had taken control of the direction in which the camera was pointed. I saw Zoe undo my bikini top strings and pull the top off, then for a moment the camera pointed skywards before it was redirected down the length of my body from over my shoulder; my breasts, stomach and crutch - all surrounded by a multitude of the fingers and hands holding me up - framing Phil as he pulled my pants down my legs; his eyes unfailingly focused on my crutch as he did. What was more interesting – because I hadn’t realised I was doing it – was the way I was moving my hips up and down as my pants were pulled. I might just have been trying to get them off quickly and myself back in the water as soon as possible, but whatever it was, it set my breasts wobbling and looked like I was sexually thrusting in the process.

Even my landing back in the water was an interesting bit of filming as my naked body could be seen emerging underwater through the stream of bubbles generated by my entry. The last two bits had been particularly provocative for Greg and I think he was just about ready to burst by the time they played through.

The moment the film was finished we attacked each other with a vengeance stripping off the last vestiges of the others clothing and enjoying wild passionate sex on the floor in front of the TV.

But the film had another effect. It made me feel good about my body. Greg might have found the last two scenes very arousing, but for good reason. I too thought the naked girl in them was pretty hot property.

As was now obvious, that was the start of a month long relationship between Brad and Jenny. Brad was a lot less shy than I had been and Jenny had her first night over within the week. He was a lot less shy after he went to bed too. Half an hour after we retired to my room Greg and I could hear Brad’s bed start up a constant monotonous metallic squeak. A few minutes later we could hear Brad panting and groaning; the eventual moment of his orgasm coming through loud and clear. As I cuddled up to Greg beside me – getting more and more aroused by the sounds coming through – I wondered if there wasn’t something slightly incestuous about my brother hammering my boyfriend’s cousin.

Apart from a few feminine little groans, Jenny had been relatively quiet during all this, but shortly after Brad came we heard the unmistakable sounds of her rising excitement too. Whether she came or not was ambiguous as the noises sort of petered out without any definitive climax.

About 2 in the morning we were woken by them doing the same thing

And then as quickly as the relationship started, and after more than a few disturbed nights’ sleep for the rest of the family, it petered out and Jenny disappeared from our family’s view; for a few weeks at least.  

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