The summer I fell off a log Chpt 6 Friday's Passions

The summer I fell off a log Chpt 6 Friday's Passions

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Karen was meant to be joining Greg for his morning swim and run but after a three day wait the exercises they get down to won't be found in any training manual



Karen was meant to be joining Greg for his morning swim and run but after a three day wait the exercises they get down to won't be found in any training manual


Submitted: January 01, 2014

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Submitted: January 01, 2014



The next thing I was truly aware of was reaching that strange sense of semiconscious that is the first stage of waking from the deepest level of sleep. The morning sun was seeping into the room around the edges of the curtains, creating a low moody light which complimented my semi-wakefulness.

Slowly different parts of my brain emerged from their slumber. The first part tried to replay and fix in my mind the erotic dream I’d had; vaguely aware that it would disappear with the coming of full consciousness, but that just simply raised my already enhanced state of arousal. Then at some point my brain registered I was still laying uncovered spreadeagled on my back, legs apart with a hand still tucked in to the front of my bikini pants. Slowly, without immediately removing the hand, the brain figured out that either my body hadn’t moved since completing its nocturnal activities, I’d tossed and turned all night with my hand still down my pants or my hand had relocated itself there during my sleep. Then my senses told me that the sheet under me was wet with sweat and who knows what else and with it came a hope no-one in my family had come in to my room before I woke up; even more so that it hadn’t been a brother with a camera.

I was just processing these thoughts when the sound of Greg tapping lightly on my window penetrated into my consciousness. Crap, I’d arranged to join him for his morning training swim and run and he’d caught me still in bed with a hand down my pants. The next two seconds can be best imagined by picturing someone woken from a deep sleep by a piercing alarm from a clock out of each reach of their bed. The adrenalin rushes into their body; creating a panicky need to silence the alarm. Then there’s that mad flailing forlorn attempt to reach it with their arm. Failing that they scramble out of bed, their feet tangling in the bed clothes so they end up on their knees on the floor. Half crawling, half getting back on their feet, they move toward the direction of the alarm; arms outstretched, desperate to make contact with the alarm and silence its brain invading noise.

If you substitute opening the curtain for turning off the alarm, that was me; flailing arms, tangled feet, crawling and all. The panic reflected an irrational fear that he’d somehow run away if I didn’t instantly acknowledge his presence. And then when I reached the curtains, still only half on my feet, I pushed aside the curtain a bit too vigorously. Given my state, a demur parting of the curtain just enough to expose my face would probably have been most appropriate. Instead I flung them open enough to completely expose myself to him; that dishevelled, still only half awake, half on her feet self.

Almost blinded by the sudden invasion of light, in the moment before I had to shield my eyes I had a vision of Greg standing in silhouette with the sun behind him; light radiating in a halo from all around his body like some deity in a medieval painting. As I stood fully upright he in turn copped a fully length view of me in my night time bikini; at the very least dishevelled, possibly showing a very prominent damp patch and for all I knew at that point in my semi awake state and haste to respond to his tap, with a boob hanging out. In what must have appeared to him as a rather strange sight, I gave him a quick wave indicating I’d let him in the front door and closed the curtains again.

Only then did my brain have time to catch up and do an audit on what I’d revealed. Fortunately the boobs were both in and nothing too obvious was showing dampness wise. But I’d originally intended to change out of my night-time bikini as the crutch now had a slightly stiff feel and my morning state of arousal meant it was already being permeated by a new dampness. Now he’d seen me, would changing raise more question than I really wanted to deal with? We’d be in the water soon any way, did it matter?

As I walked to the bedroom door the feeling in my crutch left me in no doubt. A quick change was required. I just hoped he wouldn’t notice or that I could pass it off as a change of mind. Still, the new red one I’d intended to change into was a particular favourite and I’d been looking forward to trying it out with Greg.

I found it a bit disconcerting that a single wild morning of sex with a guy I was madly attracted to seemed to have turned me in to a sex fiend. I was having urges that were completely foreign to my former existence. But it was only Greg that I felt that way about. I could only hope that he didn’t turn around and spurn me; because it was far too early to get any real idea of what he thought of me. In a rather cynical way I also decided I needed to avoid going more than two whole days without sex if I could. As my sense of humour woke up to join the rest of my brain, I also managed to amuse myself with the juxtaposition of the image of Greg as a deity and the pun of a likely second ‘coming’, given the activities I had in mind for the morning.

I was relieved as I walked through the living room to find no-one else was up yet so hopefully my brother’s Facebook page wasn’t going to be adorned with an incriminating photo of a sleeping sister any time soon. Even now still in a sleepy state of arousal I opened the front door to him, wrapped my arms around him, pressed myself against him and give him a big kiss. Although the enthusiasm of my greeting caught him by surprise, his body quickly responded and I felt the start of an erection pushing in to my crutch. His mouth had a lovely fresh mint taste; which only made me feel self-conscious about what I was sure was my morning breath state. I really just wanted to drag him in to my bedroom and have him there, but I don’t think my family was ready for that. There’s only a fine line between a good greeting and a seduction. I’d probably gone over it by the time I disengaged, told Greg I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and invited him in while I had a quick bite and finished getting ready.

Greg’s presence and that first contact with him had done nothing to diminish the state of arousal I’d started the morning in and it was influencing my behaviour as I got ready to go out. Without even thinking about it I found myself waving my bum at him as I bent down to get the milk out of the fridge and leaning seductively toward him over the breakfast bar as I ate my cereal so that my boobs just about fell out of my bikini top. A quick glance down told me I was having quite a strong effect on him. I thought I’d better finish getting ready and get out of the house before I did something rash.

My towel and beach dress were already in the bag – with a fresh supply of condoms – so as soon as I’d finished breakfast and cleaned my teeth we were heading hand in hand down to the beach. As we headed up to Greg’s usual spot there was a briskness to both our walks that suggested we were more than just in a hurry to get in the water. By the time we arrived my heart was racing in aroused anticipation and I could feel the wetness permeating my groin.

We’d barely managed to throw our gear down in Greg’s usual spot before we were wrapped back up in each other’s arms, exploring the other’s mouth with our tongues. Greg was still in his T shirt and shorts and I stuck my hands inside his T shirt to give me direct contact with the skin of his back. His arousal was already making itself felt between my legs.

I really just wanted to rip his clothes off, but didn’t want to seem to do so with indecent haste. “You’re over dressed for swimming” I blurted out in pathetic excuse as I slid his pants down his legs and waited while he lifted each foot to let me remove them fully; all the while staring at the visibly growing erection tenting out his swimmers as I knelt by his feet. As I stood up my hands slid along his body and straight in to the process of lifting his T shirt off. When I stood on my toes in full contact with his body to let me lift it off his upstretched arms, I lifted my crutch over the end of his erection now trapped by his swimmers at ¾ attention and brought myself down on top of it – forcing it outward between my legs.

Then we fell back in to a full standing embrace; our mouths inseparable; our genitals separated only by the thickness of our swimwear material. Within moments both of us had slid a hand down the back of the other’s swimmers to bring it in to contact with bare bum check. No longer feeling any need to disguise my actions I was already swaying back and forward on Greg’s shaft rapidly bringing me to a high state of arousal.

Greg started playing with a breast; first gently rubbing his hand over the area of the nipple from outside my bikini top, then sliding his fingers under the top. Finally he undid the lower tie on my bikini top; lifting the top over my head before starting to play with my nipple. That was all the invitation I needed. I slid my hand inside the front of his swimmers and undid the tie string as a prelude to peeling them down his legs and off his feet. As I was down there I grabbed a condom, stripped it from its packet and rolled it on his shaft. Even as I was standing back up, Greg bent down and stripped my bikini bottoms down my legs and off my feet before guiding me to the ground to lie on top of him.

I didn’t need any more foreplay. I eagerly lifted myself up and brought myself back down on his cock before going straight on to work his shaft inside me and my clit against his pubis. I was no shrinking violet at it either. I went at it with a will; driven by pure lust and the sexual frustration I felt over the last days. As I arched over him Greg first played with my nipples with his hands before bringing himself up to take one of my now massively engorged nipples in his mouth and swirl it around with his tongue.

I knew that the physical exertion and pleasures induced by my approaching orgasm were causing me to vocalise somewhat louder than might have been appropriate for a public place even at this early hour; but there was no way I could control them. With a loud groan I came; at first squeezing my whole lower body in to a singular muscular entity focused on Greg’s cock and then as the first wave of the orgasm passed pounding myself almost violently against Greg to induce a prolonged second wave before finally pushing myself hard down on to him to extract every last ounce of pleasure. As it finally subsided, I rolled us over to bring Greg on top; squeezing his shaft just enough to provide a firm grip without instantly wringing a climax from him while the hands I had on his bum checks encouraged him to go at it. Greg eagerly found his own orgasm; climaxing with the uncontrolled powerful thrusts that I had already noticed were a feature of a good one.

Greg started to relax his body down on to mine, but even I could feel the tension still in his arms and legs where they were in contact with my body. With a “I’m scared of crushing you” he rolled us both over so I was on top our bodies still united by the unyielding shaft he had inside me.

“Won’t I crush you?”

“No I love having you draped over me, just relax” I took him at his word and put my head down along-side his to attract the wonderful stroking that was rewarded with and relaxed the muscles in my body to let my full weight be supported by his. I took in the gentle slow rise and fall of his chest of his breathing; each one lifting my body and easing it back down again.

Deep within me somewhere a soft lonely voice wondered if maybe we hadn’t got down to business with just a bit too much haste. Aren’t you supposed to romance each other first? After all, this was only our third ‘date’ for want of a better word and we’d barely greeted each other before our bodies were pounding away together. And it wasn’t even a case of me being able to point the finger at Greg as maybe being too fast on the draw; I’d made it clear I was ready to get down to it from the moment I’d opened the door. Isn’t it the guys who are meant to be this lust driven?

But it was only a soft and lonely voice. I decided it was best ignored!

The calmness I felt in Greg’s strong presence, the gentle movements of his breathing, the soothing effect of the way he stroked my hair, the gently warmth of the morning sun on my back, the post orgasmic bliss and the lack of sleep from the previous night all must have caught up with me. Apparently I feel asleep.

The next thing I recall is hearing Greg’s voice softly in my ear “Karen…Karen”

I came too; the first sensation being of Greg’s rigid shaft still filling me and joining us together. “Did I fall asleep?”


“How long was I asleep for?”

“About 10 minutes. I was starting to get worried you might get sunburned if I left you there too long”


“Don’t apologise, I’ve loved every minute of it”

As I lay there, I squeezed his shaft within me and was rewarded with a powerful stimulating surge in reply

Lifting myself up on my elbows and staring into his eyes, I couldn’t help asking “Are you still as hard as you feel?”


“Did it go down and come back up or has it just stayed hard?”

“It’s stayed hard since we finished otherwise I would have taken it out”

“I didn’t know they could do that”

“Nor did I until I meet you”

“Is it telling me it wants more?”

“When you’re around it always seems to want more, but that doesn’t mean it’s entitled to get what it wants”

Already I was starting to rock back and forwards on him.

“Karen I think maybe we’d better change condoms if we keep going”

Greg was of course absolutely right. I was a bit cranky with myself – having been concerned that condoms weren’t enough protection and yet failing to take the most obvious precaution in their use. I supposed I was just enjoying the continuity of the moment and was reluctant to break it. I kissed him for his thoughtfulness then draped a boob across his face as I reached across his head to my bag. Then as quickly as I could I sat back up on him, took him out, changed condoms, wiped any spillage up with my towel and re-inserted him.

At that stage there was nothing all that adventurous in our lovemaking. We started with me on top in a reverse missionary - which worked best for me - and then we’d roll over and let him finish himself on top. But unlike the wild uncontrolled passion of our first go of the morning, this was more a slow sensuous build to what was for me an extremely powerful orgasm. Greg seemed to enjoy his too if the noise he made and the strength of his orgasmic thrusts were anything to go by.

This time when he finished I felt his shaft subside and Greg quickly rolled us on our side to let him hold the condom on as he withdrew.

I was starting to think I’d had all the morning exercise that I needed, but Greg had other ideas. All too soon he declared it was time to get up and get down to swimming.

Greg indicated he usually swam laps for about half an hour and if I wanted to swim too he’d keep an eye on me as we each swam at our own pace. I’d wondered why Greg swam where he did instead of down at the flagged area. As Greg explained it, the place where he swam had the longest stretch of safe water between rips. It would have been the place where they put the flags except for the fact it was so far out of the main part of town and they recognised people would get lazy and not come up this far. And in any case at this time of the morning no-one was on duty yet even down at the main part of the beach.

Greg pointed out to me the markers of the safe area; slipping in to his lifeguard mode as he reminded me what to do if I went too far and got caught in the rip. Then we set out to swim; his pace being considerably faster than mine. At least each time he overtook me I got a good look at his bum as I trailed in his wake.

Once the swim was over and without even stopping to dry it was time for the jog. Again Greg let me set the pace. Having become more confident with my fitness I maintained a slow jog; fast enough to be called exercise but not so fast that we couldn’t talk.

After the run we had one last jump in the water to freshen ourselves up for the rest of the day. As we came up out of the water I picked up my towel to dry myself. Greg put his hand on my towel and offered me his “Here, you’d better use this one. It’s clean”


“You used your one to clean up earlier; I know I’m being excessively cautious, but maybe that’s not the best one to wipe between your legs with”

I doubted – as I’m sure Greg did – that even if anything was actually still alive it could penetrate the crutch of my swimmers. Still, I admired his thoughtfulness and with a big grin I exchanged towels.

That was followed by a glorious day together; nothing exciting – just hanging out, talking and doing things – just like I always wanted from a boyfriend. He was even happy to go shopping with me as I checked out the local fashion scene (which I have to say wasn’t bad compared to the look alike clothing chains that now seem to dominate city shopping). I didn’t buy much; the general guide being the greater the tenting induced in his pants by something I was trying on the more likely I was to buy it. I hope he didn’t catch me staring!

After an early dinner at a local gourmet pizza place I managed to arrange things so that we ended up back on our favourite spot on the beach for another session! I wasn’t going to bed randy again.

For the next two weeks things sort of developed in to a pattern around Greg’s work and Surf Lifesaving commitments. Apart from Tuesday and Thursday, he also worked a normal Saturday shift. Then he was on duty as a volunteer surf lifesaver for much of Sunday. I actually enjoyed joining him for his morning training swims and runs on the days when he didn’t start work early. As my fitness and pace picked up, I don’t think I was too much of a burden on him. Indeed, I was quite please how fit I was getting just from spending time with Greg.

After that we generally had sex up the back of the beach in the scrub where we’d left our clothes that first morning, followed by another frolic in the water. Then we’d just ‘hang out’ together. It was a small town, so there were only a limited number of activities that weren’t somehow related to the beach or the adjacent river. On Sunday, I’d hang around the Surf Lifesaver tent like some infatuated groupie – which in a way is what I suppose I was.

Most dinners were shared with one of our families. Fortunately I seemed to get on as well with his mother as Greg did with mine. If it was still light after dinner, or if there was a bright moon out, we’d often go for a walk on the beach; which more often than not was another opportunity for sex. Because it was such a long stretch of beach, it was fairly reliably private either way. My preference was during the day because I liked being able to see what was happening and it was nice to share a swim with him afterwards. What was that I said about having become a sex fiend!

Of course for a girl there are other things to think about. I was pleased that my feelings for Greg didn’t change as I passed the point when I could possibly still be ovulating. I had also been worried how I’d cope when it became ‘that time of month’ but between the black bikinis I kept for that purpose and a “this could be a little messy” nothing really changed. Finally I was on the pill and equally glad that whatever else it did to my hormones, it too didn’t affect how I felt about Greg.

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