Summer I fell off a log Chpt10 Making friends with Kate

Summer I fell off a log Chpt10 Making friends with Kate Summer I fell off a log Chpt10 Making friends with Kate

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Karen realises she's stuffed up matter by her reaction to Kate and sets out to put things right


Karen realises she's stuffed up matter by her reaction to Kate and sets out to put things right


Submitted: January 10, 2014

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Submitted: January 10, 2014



Apart from initiating his overnighting at our place, Greg’s revelation of his feeling for me raised some other things I needed to achieve.

I was painfully aware I’d completely stuffed it up in my reaction to Kate. I knew my initial reaction had meant a cooling effect on the way Greg dealt with Kate and by letting him know how jealous of her I’d been I must have only compounded Greg’s sense that he had to be very careful in the way he dealt with her. And yet I knew how precious a relaxed friendly relationship with someone of the opposite sex was; I even understood what an ego boost it was to have them flirt with you.

As long as I could be sure that Kate was safe, I didn’t want to deprive him of that. But I knew I actually had to do the work to make him feel it was OK.

So the first step was to establish a friendly position between Kate and myself. I was lucky that buying her an ice-cream that first day had provided a bit of an ice-breaker. Since she was often down the beach on Greg’s work days when I was there alone, it wasn’t difficult to strike up a relationship between us even if she was at first a little understandably wary of me.

That’s not to say I still didn’t find her intimidating in a girly competitive sort of way. I shouldn’t really complain about her choices in bikinis since it wasn’t that different to my own with the key exception that I’ll swear she wore the same size top as me notwithstanding the fact she had a lot more to cover. She also approached the surf more aggressively than I did, so seemed to be constantly having blowouts and needing to tuck herself back in after every wave. I doubt there was a guy on the beach who couldn’t give you a detailed description of her nipples. With the rest of her dreamboat figure equally I display, even I found her distracting and difficult not to stare at.

But I actually found the person quite charming. She was naturally funny and engaging. She soon became just as tactile in the way she interacted with me as I’d observed her being with Greg. It wasn’t long before we got in to the habit of breaking our mornings at the beach with a coffee at a nearby coffee-shop. It was clear from what she said that she was having a great time at Uni and was as interested in what I was doing there as she was happy to share her experiences with me.

I’d wondered how she could spend so much time down the beach when I thought like Greg she might have had to work to save for the coming year; something that had become even more important as she contemplated a shift from law to medicine. But just to show that you should be careful how you judge people, it turned out she had a full time job on an evening shift. As she said, it was great because she got most of the daylight hours to herself, and yet still got home in time to go to bed at a normal hour. It did strike me that might not have been great for her social life, but I thought it best not to go there.

She also told me lots of interesting stories about Greg. There was nothing too embarrassing, just stuff that gave me a better idea of his backstory and how he fitted in to the town. As she described it, the school they went to was very football orientated. Because Greg just wasn’t interested, he was never going to be a member of the in group. Nor did he show any signs of missing that intense male bonding those team sports bring. I’d already noticed he didn’t seem to have any close buddy friends amongst his old school mates. Since I was a bit the same I could hardly complain about that and at least I didn’t have to contend with the judgement of the ‘mates” like a lot of girls do.

She also let on me that there were more than a few girls who fancied Greg but had never managed to get his attention. Some were even a bit heartbroken he was now spoken for. I even wondered for a moment if Kate was one of them.

Whether or not she was, I almost got the impression she had the same sort of protective approach to him that an older sister might have. It was clear she was fond of him, but didn’t express it in a way I found threatening; indeed maybe her accepting me as a friend indicated an acceptance of me as a suitable girlfriend for him.

It was interesting watching how Kate dealt with the stream of male attention she naturally attracted. I admired her confidence. They were dealt with matter of factly; encouraged or firmly but not unkindly deflected according to where the male stood in her eyes. I watched as she evaluated new suitors; accepting some invitations and politely declining others using rules that weren’t immediately apparent to me. Sitting next to her on the beach could have made me feel like the ugly cousin as the guys kept approaching Kate while leaving me alone.

I knew the locals had already pinned me as effectively belonging to Greg. So that kept most of them at bay, but the competitive spirit in me told me that when we sat together I was a very poor second in attracting the attention of less knowledgeable outsiders. That’s not to say I was looking for anything on the side other than some recognition of my own desirability. It was funny watching a guy get brushed gently off by Kate and then looking across to me wondering if it was too late to have a go at what I’m sure he considered to be the second best option.

I was lucky that I was confident enough to observe all this in a detached analytical manner and with the knowledge that there are some things you just shouldn’t try competing against.

I couldn’t detect the presence of a permanent boyfriend. Indeed I rather got the impression Greg was in one her higher levels of male friendship. Only a few males were dealt with in as tactile a way as he and I were. She clearly enjoyed male attention, company and sexual favours, but only on her own terms.

There was another aspect to Kate that I detected in all of this. It wasn’t something I could put my finger on, but I just felt that to a certain extent what she presented to the world was a front. Not a manipulative one; rather one that hid a deeper hurt or loss. If I was right about that I sensed she wasn’t readily going to admit me to any insight of what that was; I actually doubted anyone would know of it.

I also got to see something of her mother. In one aspect Greg was clearly right. She was very much her mother’s daughter. You could see in her mother a shadow of the same stunning beauty Kate now was. While time had not been kind to her, I thought Greg had been a little harsh in his judgment. She was still attractive, still one who wore bikinis not that different from those Kate wore. But you could see how a full figure had become somewhat more solid and how gravity, cellulite and childbearing had degraded the quality of her looks. In one respect Greg’s words rang true. Kate might presently have the advantage over me in the dreamboat stakes, but I thought my mother was better looking than hers; at least to my eyes. There was also a sadness about Kate’s mother that disturbed me.

Naturally Greg got to follow all this as I related to him what I’d been up to each day while he was at work. When I felt the groundwork with Kate had gone far enough I decided to tackle him directly on the issue that had been bothering me.

“Greg I want you to know I’m completely relaxed about your friendship with Kate. What I saw that day down the beach was a lovely interaction between friends and I don’t want to feel you need be deprived of that. It was a silly moment of insecurity on my part. Now I know how you feel about me there’s no reason for me to worry any more. I don’t know what more I can do to make Kate feel as though she can be relaxed and normal with you, but if there is something let me know. Maybe you should be the one to take the lead and demonstrate to her that I’m not concerned by how you two interact even in front of me”

We were sitting side by side on the beach as we spoke and Greg leaned in to me and gave me a kiss.

“What was that for?”

“For being such a lovely person”

“Well I have always deeply regretted how I carried on that day. I know these things can be very hard to undo and I can see what a good friend Kate is to you.”

“I’m sure it will sort itself out with a little time, but I think what you’ve done and said will make it that much easier”

“Greg, I’ve really come to like Kate. I think she’s a delightful person, even though I think she’s hiding some deeply buried pain there. You hinted before that you’d seen a different aspect to her. What made you only go out together once?”

“I invited her to our year 10 formal. At that time we were in different groups at school and she sat on the table with my group. One of the girls who was a friend of mine had a very longstanding boyfriend there from outside the school and they were sitting opposite. Kate spent the whole night talking intensely to him as if she was trying to crack on to him. I couldn’t even get her away to have a dance and the other girl was certainly not going to leave the table while Kate was there.

I’m not sure why she behaved like that. Personally I’d always thought the guy was a bit of a jerk and my friend could do better; but you just don’t do that to a date, especially one who was meant to be a friend. Of course I wondered if I had done something wrong. The only thing I could think of was that I’d put a hand on her thigh while we were sitting alongside each other and maybe she thought I was wanting to feel her up. Still, since I never actually touched anything inappropriate, I thought it a bit of an overreaction.

I suppose I’ve never admitted to you just how insanely shy I was about initiating physical contact with girls. Fact is for many years I could go out with them many times without so much as putting an arm around them or kissing them goodnight. In retrospect they probably thought I was a little weird, but I just took a while to work out what was normal. Crazy of me I know, but at the time a hand on the top of her thigh seemed less forward to me than one around her back. So I certainly wasn’t intending to feel her up, even if she didn’t know that.

Anyway, I did still really value Kate’s company as a friend, but I realised she was a high risk proposition for anything more.

You obviously think about these things and as I watched her over the years I’ve come to suspect that she might have been traumatised by something in her parent’s divorce. I’ve even wondered if her father behaved inappropriately to her – although that was just a wild guess so you shouldn’t make anything of it.

You may have noticed how protective her mother is of her while still being a rather sad case herself”

Wow, that was quite a story. Still it seemed Greg had detected in her much the same pain as I had. I wasn’t sure I’d rush to any conclusion about her father, but it did make me reflect on how lucky both Greg and I were with our families.

“When did you lose your shyness?”

“It wouldn’t be far wrong to answer ‘the day I meet you’. As I admitted to you before even if I didn’t give you all the embarrassing details, I thought it was incredibly bold of me to even have kissed you that day. To have set out to touch you more intimately was inconceivable. The day just sort of worked out as it did by a series of accidents”

I shuffled my body up next to him as closely as I could. I wondered if I could ever admit to him they may not entirely have been accidents.

“Have I corrupted you?”

“Karen, you’ve made life perfect for me. I’d say I’m probably the one who’s corrupted you except that would suggest we’re doing something wrong and I certainly don’t think of it like that. You’ve taught me is more how I’d put it”

Greg did as I suggested and took the initiative in instigating a more relaxed relationship with Kate again. As a result, it wasn’t long before the three of us would be hanging out together. But my personal friendship with Kate also continued to blossom. I’d never really had someone I would tag as a BFF before; or at least not since primary school anyway. But to my surprise Kate rapidly became that.

Because she was such an awesome female, it wasn’t at first apparent to me why I’d get that privilege. I’m perfectly happy to admit my lack of female friends lies entirely in my own personality – boring, reserved and shy at least in a group context.

But I came to realise there were factors that isolated Kate too. Put bluntly, my reading was that girls found her too hard to compete with and were unwilling to be the perpetual Cinderella alongside her. And she was well aware that guys just wanted to get into her pants; something she was willing to let selected ones do on her terms, but she knew was no basis for a friendship. It was almost as though Greg was the only guy she knew truly interested in her without wanting to take her to bed, which was why she held him so close as a friend. Ironically I suspected he might also have been the only guy she wanted but knew she couldn’t get.

As we talked over the weeks she also dropped a hint of why I had been so readily accepted. While I tried to hide it when she told me, I was incredibly chuffed when she said that Greg had acquired a glowing confidence since he started going out with me; adding for good effect that she thought I unbelievably good for him.

I was dying to get her perspective on the year 10 formal that had made Greg so wary of romantic entanglement with her. And yet it was more than sensitivity that held me back. The last thing I wanted to find out and have both Greg and Kate discover was that it was all a monumental misunderstanding; that their romantic estrangement was based on a false premise. I didn’t really think that was right anyway; I could clearly see Kate’s style of love life would be a big turn off to Greg. But it was still not a place I wanted to go.

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