Summer I fell off a log Chpt 8 Declaration of love

Summer I fell off a log Chpt 8 Declaration of love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Greg declares his love for Karen and in the process she discovers something about how guys think


Greg declares his love for Karen and in the process she discovers something about how guys think


Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014



It was shortly after the incident with Kate - about three and a half weeks in to our relationship – that my parents planned a fancy dinner at one of the better restaurants in town and invited Greg along. To match the occasion I had worn a nice low fronted red cocktail dress. I’d chosen one of my sexiest pair of panties to go with it. There was no question of wearing the matching bra as, split to just above the navel at the front, the dress wasn’t really cut to facilitate one. Some Hollywood tape might have been in order, but I didn’t have any and didn’t really care if Greg got a peak anyway as long as the whole thing didn’t fall out in front of my family. Greg also had made the effort to dress, wearing slacks and a button up shirt in lieu of his usual shorts and T Shirt. He even wore shoes.

As was our habit, we’d gone for a walk along the beach afterwards. In this case it was after sunset, but a bright full moon made it a very romantic setting. I don’t think we set out on the walk just to have sex; initially we just walked hand in hand along the water’s edge admiring the night and enjoying the small talk as the offshore breeze wafted the beautiful scent of the wild jasmine from the bush. But not every time did our hands swing neatly between our bodies. Sometimes a wayward swing would finish by brushing lightly against one of our crutches. Sometimes as I held his hand in both of mine, the natural resting place for our combined fist was at my crutch. Each brush aroused me more or communicated to me all too clearly his state of arousal. Eventually I could feel the gossamer material of my panties plastered to the valley of my crutch by my body’s wetness. His shaft was tenting out the front of his pants and when the back of my hand happened to brush against it; the erection’s ungiving firmness told me all I needed to know. Finally, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other any longer. We turned and embraced; a moment later Greg had sensuously slipped one shoulder out of my dress, the deeply plunging split front leaving me naked me to the waist on that side, his hand gently caressing the exposed breast. Instantly I unzipped his pants, pulled aside his undies and wrapped my fingers around his manhood. Leaving the breast alone just long enough to place both hands under my bottom and lift me off the ground Greg carried me the short distance across the soft sand to a spot closer to the line of bush.

Then like carnivores at a carcass, we completed the process of ripping each other’s clothes off; Greg slowing just a moment to admire my sexy undies before they too gave me up to nakedness. The sex, when we got down to it was passionate, physical and beautiful.

After we’d finished, Greg was lying on the sand and I was lying perpendicular to him with my head on his chest. We were both still naked. As he was prone to do when we were post colitis like this, Greg was absent mindedly stroking one of my nipples with his fingers as we lay there each in our own thoughts. I don’t think he understood how that tended to stir me up again.



“Would you mind if I told you how much I love you?”

The words hit me like a hammer. I climbed on top of him, laying along his body my legs astride his and looked him in the eyes. “No. How much”

He put his arms around me. “A lot. An awful lot”

I felt a wave of emotion. Planting my face in his I gave him a deeply penetrating kiss. I could feel his body respond to the physical contact; a growing erection pressuring in to my crutch. My own response was matching his. “Why did you think that I’d mind?”

“Karen, our relationship has become incredibly important to me. I didn’t want to threaten it by saying something that made you feel you had to pull back if you didn’t feel the same way.”

“But I do feel the same way about you. More than you could know”

“Well you don’t know how happy you’ve made me by saying that”

“Greg, from the first day we’ve meet I’ve completely fallen for you. You were even so patient and understanding about me being a virgin and what a sex fiend I seem to have become since then”

“You weren’t the only one who was a virgin that day”

“What? You did a pretty good job of making me feel as though you knew what you were doing”

“Ah well, a bit of bluff and reading your sisters Cleo magazines will get you everywhere. Plus towards the end you were pretty good about making it clear what you wanted. About as far as I’d gone before meeting you was sticking my hand down a bra. When you said you were a virgin I nearly blurted out there and then I was too, but stopped myself because I thought it would be uncool. It was only by accident that I first started stroking your crutch; I’d never have had the courage to premeditate that on the day I meet you. In fact it was only because you’d kissed me first I was brave enough to kiss you back. Anyhow, you handled yourself pretty well for a virgin too”

“Why, was I scary?”

“No but I was completely afraid of stuffing it up. All I really wanted was to be able to ask you out again. I don’t think I’ve told you that I’ve fancied you from the first day you walked in to class. It’s really hard for a guy, you can lose a girl by being too aggressive, but you can lose one by being too shy too. If at any stage you’d have said ‘that’s enough’ that would’ve been OK by me, but had I offended you by being too pushy, you might not have wanted to see me again”

I had to lift my hips up off him to let his erection settle down under me. I would have liked him inside me, but I would have needed to fit a condom to do that and I didn’t want to spoil the moment. “Just out of interest, how did you accidentally start stroking my crutch?”

“I’d pulled my hand away to swat a march fly on my bum. I thought I’d brought it back on to your outer thigh. I wasn’t at first sure what it was I’d come up against. In fact had I realised straight away it was your crutch I probably would’ve pulled my hand away with an apology. But in the second or two it took for the penny to drop, I realised you weren’t objecting. Then I felt how aroused you were and it all sort of went from there. I thought I was being incredibly brazen when I started undressing you, but figured if I took it step by step you’d let me know if I was going too far. Even then if you hadn’t mounted me, we probably would have finished after you came. I took your virginity answer to be a no.”

So spreading my legs apart had completely changed the course of our relationship. “How come you didn’t chat me up in class?”

“I thought at least one of the guys you were with might have been your boyfriend. In any case with them there it was really hard to get to meet you without being really obvious. I thought of you then, as I do now, as this completely gorgeous stunningly attractive unapproachable woman who must have guys trying to crack on to her all the time. Unless I had a chance to get to know you as a friend first, I figured you’d hardly be likely to give me the time of day if I pranced up, interrupted your conversation and invited you out”

“Wow, flattery will get you everywhere; although I think you underestimate yourself. No, they’re just friends. What about the girl you always sat with?”

“Emma, also just a friend”

I really did want him inside me. Sitting up on his thighs, I reached a condom out of his pants pocket, fitted it and inserted him. These days it seemed all such a natural thing to do I didn’t even feel I had to explain. But I didn’t want to go at it; I just wanted him there while we talked. Just the slightest bit of occasional back and forwards movement was enough to keep us at peak arousal.

“Greg I actually fell madly in love with you the moment I saw you coming out of the water? Something hit me like a bolt of lightning. It was like you’d shot me with some sort of hormone gun and you then completely seduced me with your smooth talking on the walk?” I wasn’t going to tell him I had deliberately knocked him off the log.

“Well since all our secrets are coming out, I nearly had to chase after you to say hello because I was so transfixed by the beauty floating past me. I recognised you straight away, but was in something like a state of shock.”

 “Greg, what first attracted you to me in class”

“How many compliments do you want?”

“No, I’m actually wanting to know what attracted your attention. After all there were other pretty girls in the class and some of them certainly had bigger tits than mine”

“You girls do have a dim view of guys if you think we just judge a girl by the size of her tits. Well I suppose it’s your smile more than anything else that captivated me across a room and every time you said anything in the class you just seemed like such a nice person; although the fact the smile was attached to a damn pretty body sure multiplied its effect”

That surprised me. I always thought guys went for boobs or pretty faces. “Why my smile?”

“It just sort of lights up the room. I think of it as a million watt smile. That first day you said hello, the smile as you approached me had already made my day. It just puts a happiness in the air; announces to the world what a wonderful joyful person you are and makes me want to be with you. Why do you think I hate it when I do something wrong and upset you and lose the smile? Mind you, smile or not I think your one hell of a sexy woman and your body is well capable of attracting my attention all by itself.”

“When did you think I was upset with you?”

“The previous Sunday when you came down the beach and were grumpy with me for a couple of hours”

Naturally I would have preferred he’d forgotten about that morning

“Sorry about that day. What would you have done if I’d had a horrible personality; do looks make up for personality?”

“No way! I know girls think guys make every judgement with their eyes, but it’s not that simple. Sure looks can influence the initial judgement on whether to initiate contact, but the second a girl opens her mouth, everything is rejudged. If she strikes you as nice, she suddenly looks a whole lot more attractive; if she sounds like a bitch, then even the prettiest girl can suddenly appear fairly ordinary. Once you’re in love with her, then she’s the prettiest girl in the world.”

“How much did you look at me in class?”

“It was hardly going to help my case to be caught perving, was it? You were certainly a major distraction, but I couldn’t be caught making too much of a point of it”

“That depends. Were you perving or expressing interest in me with your eyes? The second one can work wonders”

“My suspicion is the difference between perving and expressing interest probably depends on the girl’s impression of the guy. If she doesn’t like the look of him then he’s perving anyway. Still, there were certain other of your charms that caught my attention that were certainly in the perving category”

“Ah, so now the secrets really come out. What were they?”

“You’ve got to be kidding! A mini skirt and low cut T Shirt on a body like yours. You forget I usually sat opposite you. Do you have any idea how distracting it is to think you I might just have been able to get a glimpse of the colour of your panties? I know in a way it’s silly. Every day at the beach I get to look straight up the crutches of hundreds of girls lying on the beach covered only by a tightly fitting bikini bottoms and don’t get that excited by it. Call it a pantie and put a mini skirt over it and suddenly it’s the most compelling sight in the world – maybe other than a down blouse. Mind you, you must have been well brought up. Even though you wore some short skirts, I rarely got a pantie peek”

“How many down blouses did you get?”

“I never managed to get close enough to you for a full on down blouse nipple peek; although I do remember one time when you dropped something over the front of the desk and went to reach for it that I got a great valley view”

Greg had a way of expressing himself in these things that always amused me. I also found his honesty refreshing, partly because it demonstrated a trust in me not to take these things the wrong way and partly because it gave me an insight in to how guys really think.

“Isn’t someone like, say Kate from your lifesaving group prettier than me, did you find her distracting too?”

He hesitated and thought about his answer for a moment. My question had been pointed; not as a challenge to Greg but to get the issue out of my head. I thought I’d managed to raise it in context enough not to be caught out; but something in my tone must have betrayed me. I knew I’d transgressed when I felt his erection soften inside me.

“I don’t think girls can be given some sort of universal order of prettiness. I’ve always read with interest those articles you see on research they do on the rules of sexual attraction – indeed I’m pretty sure Cleo ran some of them too – and doesn’t it really depend on how compatible they are with your own appearance; the more they look like you, or maybe it’s your mother, then the more you’re attracted to them – at least at a deeper more meaningful level. Look at our families, if you put them all in one room and asked somebody to divide the families by appearance, they’d have no chance – it’s almost like we’re all related. It’s no wonder I find you so attractive. Plus isn’t there something to do with smell that’s meant to work too – let’s each other know about the compatibility of your immune systems or something – and isn’t that why you can sometimes be attracted to somebody almost from across the room? All I can say is that whatever it is, you hit all the buttons for me. And when I got to know you and what a fantastic person you were, I was just hooked.

As for Kate, she’s someone who’s been a friend for years. We joined nippers as kids together and have both been in the surf lifesaving movement ever since. She’s pretty enough and, as you’ve noticed, her tits fill out her swimmers pretty well. When she has a swimmer blowout after getting dumped by a wave – as she regularly does – I’m more than happy to have a gwak, we even went on a date once a few years ago but I know she’s not for me. She’s even a nice enough person but…. Look, don’t hold it against me that I sound so analytical about this. Look at both our mums. If I came up behind you and your mum together, I’d have trouble picking you apart; you and your mum have the same figure. It’s actually the same with my mum and my sister. I wouldn’t mind betting that Katie’s figure won’t be anything like her current one in 10 years’ time. She might be every guy’s idea of a perfect female figure now, but it won’t last. And it’s not as though I go around somehow clinically analysing how someone will look in the future, it’s just an intuitive thing – it doesn’t have the same attraction to me. Beside I know Kate well enough to be well aware of her limitations; we all have our little foibles; some we tolerate in each other while others are enough to be a turn-off to a serious relationship”

Greg had hit a few buttons there for me too. I was certainly aware of those same factors.

I guessed that I’d also blown it in giving away that I was jealous of Katie that day. Suddenly I’d started to feel that every pretty girl was a competitor to me for Greg’s affections and I’d even started to doubt myself – started to compare myself unfavourably with other girls. I don’t think Greg had realised until now what was bothering me, but the way he’d answered my question was clearly designed to put that issue to rest. “Greg, I’m really sorry about being cranky that day. As I think you’ve guessed, I was jealous of Kate and I’ve beaten myself up ever since then for being so stupid and behaving so badly. To be frank, it’s only because our relationship was so important to me and until I knew how you felt I was easily threatened. It’s a whole new experience that I’m processing here and I don’t feel as though I’m totally in control of it; although knowing how you feel makes a big difference. I promise never to do that to you again.”

“I actually do understand. I’ve felt very uncertain myself since I meet you. One part of me feels ten foot tall being associated with a girl like you; the other realises how much I now have to lose. It’s unsettling. If in the future I do something to hurt you or make you feel insecure talk to me. I just don’t want to do that. But bear in mind for the girls in this town that I’ve known them all my life. Some of them might be nice, they might be attractive too, many are friends but they’re not you.”

He pulled me in to him and kissed me as he said that and I felt better when I sensed his erection harden within me again. Greg changed the topic by reversing the conversation on me; although making a point of adopting a light challenging voice least the last few exchanges had put a downer on the evening. “Now you’ve cross examined me, what about you. Spill the beans on why I hit your buttons”

I deserved that, but females have more complex reactions that can’t be analysed quite as easily as Greg had managed to do with himself. Still I didn’t want to appear evasive, since he’d been open with me. “I’m not sure a girl can explain these things as easily. As I said, I was like I was shot by a hormone gun from the time I first laid eyes on you. I certainly found you attractive too; OK since you’ve been so open with me, I’ll admit I could barely keep my hands off your chest muscles from the minute we started talking and the sight of you in wet swimmers was completely distracting. I was even a little aroused by the time I’d given you that hello kiss, but I’ve always thought the physical reaction was caused by the hormonal one.”

Greg flashed a giant smile “Are you sure what you call the hormonal reaction isn’t the same as I get from staring at your tits. Does your friend Karl have the same effect on you?”

I giggled at his turn of phrase. “I’ve even doubted that myself at times, but no. I think it’s more like you described – a combination of chemistry and compatible genes. But I should add it wasn’t until we’d been talking for half an hour that I was completely ready to swoon in to your arms.” Karl was one of the two friends who sat with me in Accounting 1. With a squared jawed face and a solid muscular body, he looked like one of those men pictured on the front of a women’s’ bodice ripper novel. In fact, there were times during my cycle when I did find him compellingly attractive; but it was only momentary and he certainly wasn’t my type as far as boyfriends went. Too much of a ladies man. I was fairly sure he’d once even had a go at trying to sexually hit on me once, but I’d chosen to ignore it and he’d not persisted. “As for Karl, no definitely not my type”

“You know of course that I was desperately trying not to get too aroused all the time we were walking together. I just couldn’t get it to go completely down. I knew that in my speedos it would be really obvious. I started to wish I’d put my shorts on. After we fell of the log it was completely out of control. It was really embarrassing when you were brushing my hair; but I just couldn’t help it, you just had such an arousing effect on me. I wouldn’t have been willing to display it the way I did unless I’d known that you must have felt the erection as you were brushing against me – so you must have known what you were going to see.”

“I was glad you hadn’t put your shorts on. I was just lucky you couldn’t see how aroused I was. I admired how brave you were when you stood over me after you stood up in the quicksand.”

“I didn’t really have much choice. I took my time standing up to give it some time to go down, but it wasn’t going to go down much further than that and I couldn’t have just waited forever. A guy normally wants to hunch over to try and make it less obvious, but with the way I had to stand over you that wasn’t going to achieve much, so in the end I figured just stand proud and deal with it. I knew you must have felt it between your legs – and in fact I’m pretty sure you were rubbing yourself on it – so who was I going to be kidding. By the time you came to brush my hair I knew you’d already have felt how aroused I was, so I figured ‘what was I trying to hide’”

I could feel myself blush when Greg mentioned me rubbing myself against him. “I was hoping you hadn’t noticed that”

“Let’s see now. What’s the chance of a guy not noticing when a girl is rubbing her crutch on his cock? But I certainly wasn’t complaining and I didn’t pull away so you can mark me down as a fellow conspirator in that one. Do you have any idea how hard it was that day for me not to stare at your boobs in that bikini you were wearing?”

“I was hoping you’d just think it was me laughing. I’ve got brothers, so I do know that. I have always admired how well you did in not looking actually”

“Only because there was this constant voice in my head saying ‘don’t stare at her boobs, don’t stare at her boobs’. It was bad enough when you were first coming toward me to say hello. It was impossible when I was brushing your hair as you were floating on your back; the cold water had bought your nipples up. When they popped out of your bikini top I just couldn’t help it. To make it worse, your stomach was sucked in as you held your breath to help you float, so your hips were lifting the waist band of your bikini bottom up to create the impression I could get a peek down”

“I was deliberately doing that to you. I think by then I wanted you to look. Greg there’s been something bottled up inside me for the last three weeks that I’ve desperately wanted to tell someone about, to scream to the world and I haven’t felt there was anyone I could. That morning was the most wonderful life changing moment of my existence. I was always a bit scared of sex; not enough to put me off, but enough to make me nervous. I always assumed the first time would be a bit of a disappointment. Instead it’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I don’t just mean that I had fantastic orgasms – although they were that. I mean that the whole thing meant something; that even if I’d never seen you again it was something to bring a warm glow to my heart every time I thought about it. But it’s really important you know that the reason it meant so much is because it was with you. The only trouble is now that you’ve turned me in to some sort of sex fiend – I’ve just got to get more of it – and it’s all your fault! The first time I’ve ever masturbated was between our first meeting and the next time I had sex with you” I knew I’d blushed again when my brain caught up with my mouth and told me that I’d been silly to reveal that last bit.

Even in the moonlight, I could see Greg’s smirk. “Goodness never go solo when I’m even in the same country. You know me I’m always happy to meet any sexual need you might possibly have. More seriously Karen, it meant a lot to me too. I don’t know that a guy feels quite the same need to talk about things, but it’s a day I’ll never forget either. Did it hurt you? I was really worried about doing that. I still am.”

“At first just a little bit. I felt as though I was stretching things, but because I was on top and felt I had control it didn’t worry me and as you can see certainly didn’t spoil the experience. I was thankful you were so patient and gentle with me.”

“I’m only asking this next question because I was in the same boat and know you’re entitled to ask the same question, but how did such a wonderful girl like yourself manage to stay as a virgin for so long”

“I think it’s just I hadn’t meet the right guy. I wasn’t really driven by a need to get myself laid to meet my sexual needs and no-one ever appealed to me enough to let them go at it only for their sake. Yes, there might have been a few guys had to be restrained from trying it on, but I just made sure I was in a position I could say when to stop and if I didn’t think they were the sort of guys who’d respect that then I wasn’t going to let them get that far in the first place. What about you?”

“Much the same. I think I was always more interested in developing a relationship that just trying to lay a girl, so I didn’t really push hard on the physical side. In fact I was very shy about it. The one night I probably could have gone much further I sensed it would be making a statement to the girl about our relationship I wasn’t ready to make, so I didn’t”

I dropped my head down alongside his and he stroked my hair. I felt so many burdens had been lifted from me; to know Greg’s feelings and to be able to express to someone just what that morning had meant. After a while I brought my head up and kissed him again. I not sure who started thrusting first, but what started as a gentle rocking motion soon became a full on path to orgasm for both of us.

That night as I was thinking about our conversation, I also tucked in my head that the day was approaching that we didn’t need condoms. I thought we’d still have to use them for STI’s; but since we’d both started the relationship as inexperienced virgins, that was no longer a concern. From what the doctor had told me we probably could have stopped using them now. Still, I wanted to wait just a little longer – maybe even a full cycle - to be really safe. 

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