Second Summer 6A: What did you do with Kate (part 2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Karen continues to probe Greg's history with Kate

“You were telling me when else Kate was a wicked temptress.”

“Really the only other times when I wondered what I should do were on our camping trips. On the winter ones she’d spoon into me so deeply in the middle of the night I could feel my erection pushed into the folds of her bum crack, even though we were both zipped up into our sleeping bags and had track suits and undies on. And then there was the time we were walking past a creek while bush walking and she suddenly stripped naked and jumped in; calling for me to follow.”

“Did you?”

“Yes. At first I was tempted to dig into my backpack for swimmers, but then I tried to undress quickly enough that I could get in while she was still paddling out away from me. Then she started to frolic with me in the water in the way you’ve seen Kate do. And you can guess the effect that had.

“I thought Kate hadn’t got a clear view of you naked, or at least not aroused, until the morning of Zoe’s party.”

“She hadn’t. At least not full frontally. I got out before her, so she only got a look at my butt; then held a towel in front of me.”

“You were a little prude weren’t you!”

“In retrospect yes. And I probably wish I hadn’t been. At least in terms of exposing myself to her. I suspect she wanted me to do at least that. But I don’t think she ever wanted more than that. I think she wanted me as the guy she could feel safe with whatever she threw at me; although maybe the morning of the hogtie match might have been an exception to that – there was definitely something happening that morning.”

“Did you get jealous when Kate started going out with guys?”

“Not really. It just never occurred to me at that stage to try and date her and even if she was hitched with a guy it barely made any difference to our relationship. Goodness only knows what the guys thought. I know she had some arguments with guys about me; but they usually just resulted in the guy being dumped.

Even when I asked her to the year 10 ball I wasn’t really thinking of it as a romantic date. I was just lacking anyone to go with and apart from the fact she’d make a drop dead gorgeous partner, she’s one of those girls who’s got a style on the dance floor that makes everyone else just want to watch. Still, that didn’t stop me being incredibly hurt by her behaviour that night, especially as I was really looking forward to the dancing.

Fortunately we got past that night, even if I never quite forgot it. I really felt better after that letter to you explained why she acted like that.

But it did give me a heads up on the problems Kate had with relationships, so just made me even more careful to not cross whatever line it was triggered the problems.”

“What about when you realised she was having sex with guys?”

“I might have been all innocent about getting laid myself, but even I could see long before it happened that Kate was going to be active. You might remember last summer I showed you the catholic school I went to; well Kate was at the public school right next door. There were a group of guys in the year ahead of her who were praying on the girls in Kate’s class, looking for the easy lays. They were circling Kate while she was still fifteen and were probably her first proper dates.

I suspect they tried it on with her even then but I know she got through to her sixteenth birthday, so she must have held them at bay. But I remember waiting at the school bus stop with her on her on the afternoon in October which was her sixteenth birthday and they were swarming around her like flies; some of them trying to divert her from going home on the bus and coming back to their place instead.

Even then Kate knew how to control guys trying to hit on her, but I think she’d decided she was going to be active sexually and for her it was just a matter of picking the lucky guy. There was one who’d previously arranged a date with her for the following weekend and I suspect her was the one who scored.”

“Weren’t you jealous?”

“Not that I recall. Obviously this was before the year 10 ball so I hadn’t had the wake-up call about Kate’s issues with relationships, but even then there was just something in the way we conducted our relationship that distinguished it from her dating and even then I could see that so called boyfriends didn’t last long. I just never expected our relationship to be sexual, so her having sex with other guys wasn’t an issue.”

“Did you think less of Kate because she was active?”

“That’s a harder question. I was a prude and, given how much alike we are in most other ways, I probably would have preferred if she hadn’t been; but whether that meant I thought less of her I don’t know. Maybe I did.”

“Did you ever say anything too her?’

“Only once in year 11 when she was letting that same swarm of guys – they were mostly from the senior football team – just pass her around. At the time I even wondered if she was letting them gang bang her, although I then found out that wasn’t the case. But it was ruining her reputation with her peer group at school. I’d often hear other girls running her down. So eventually I pointed out to her what was happening. She took it OK and I think she slowed things down a bit and she changed her approach completely and dumped that group after one of them got violent with her.”

The story Greg had been narrating had been stirring up all sorts of feelings within me; jealously at the intimacy of the relationship they’d shared and arousal with some of the physical closeness among them. But this was the first thing that had shocked me. I’m sure my voice reflected that as I asked what had happened.

“She turned up at the beach for lifesaving duty one Sunday morning with a black eye. One of the guys had wacked her when she wouldn’t let him control her; she never told me why but bits I pieced together at the time made me think he might actually have been him telling her she had to gang bang the team. But it was also possible he was telling her to stay away from me; which just made me feel guilty.

She was caught completely by surprise by the hit and was knocked over by it. Anyway she got back onto her feet and just as he was about to start the argument again with another threat of violence she kneed him hard in the groin and fled.

She stuck pretty close to me that morning. He and a mate turned up and he tried to make a scene but between myself and the other lifesavers they couldn’t really do anything about it. The club captain walked off with them. He was a pretty big bloke and I’m sure he told them if anything else happened to Kate they’d cop it from him

Fortunately Kate saw the light. She wasn’t emotionally involved, so could plainly see she’d let herself get in with a bad group, and with a really bad guy, so just avoided them like the plague. I know he tried all the usual ‘I’m sorry and it won’t happen again’ stuff, but Kate’s no fool. That was it.

She couldn’t completely avoid them at school, so just made sure she was never alone. And outside school she stuck to me like glue for a month afterwards; she even arranged for me to sleep over at her place for a while. It was funny, because she didn’t actually say it was for additional protection, but we both knew that’s what it was.

After that I think she gave her sex life something of a rest for a while and then was a lot choosier about how she went about it.”

“Was she popular at school?”

“Not all that popular. Sure the guys might have hung around her like flies at times but it would be fair to say they were only after one thing; and it wasn’t friendship. Once they found what they wanted wasn’t being offered to them they dissipated.

With the girls, Kate suffered from being a bit like you and me in not being all that interested in drunken parties and that sort of thing. But whereas you and I could fly under the radar it was harder for Kate to do that.

I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, but your beauty is the sort that just makes guys ejaculate quietly in their pants. Kate’s is more brassy in her style and her beauty attracts overt attention. The alpha girls had tried to incorporate her in their group but she wasn’t willing to do the drunkenness and drug thing that they effectively do as their team building and just point blank refused to bully and intimidate the girls the group had decided to pick on. So they turned on her as well.

She’s emotionally strong, so to a point could deal with the verbal harassment and even push back against it as much as was sensible without just provoking them further. It probably helped that she wasn’t all that fussed one way or the other whether that group accepted her, so wasn’t making herself more vulnerable by looking for their approval or worrying about it being denied. Still, I know she was hurt and offended by their treatment of her, however well she dealt with it and I think that just drew her closer to me as a friend.

In the end I think Kate was similar to both of us; she had a wide group of acquaintances who liked and respected her, but didn’t really have a close group of friends. Which is really why she and I were so close to each other.”

“Did you ever get annoyed by her constant prick teasing of you?”

“I recall in a different context I might have said once before that’s not an expression I would ever use against a girl. I suppose I just don’t accept the term and I think it’s more used by guys who think every girl who displays a bit of flesh is offering them sex.

I look at it this way. How many other 13 year old kids got to regularly see a gorgeous girl his own age naked as he grew up? Was the sexual frustration worth the experience? It was to me. If you think of the alternative as being not having the experience instead of getting the sex some might think it promised, you see it in a different light.

And that applies even to all those even more intimate moments like when I lying next to her naked body in the hiking tent. I really value all those memories; even if I was as frustrated as hell, I wouldn’t swap them for anything.”

Ever since he mentioned it ten minutes earlier, there was one moment he’d shared with Kate that had played on my mind. I had indeed watched Kate as she’d frolicked with guys in the water. To say it was sexually provocative was an understatement. She really knew how to turn it on. Equally, Greg and I had done no shortage of frolicking ourselves. I’d even copied some of Kate’s moves. And if we were somewhere private, it nearly always ended in sex. Greg himself is not immune to the moment Kate describes of a guy’s body language turning to “I really need to stick my dick in you. Now.” Mind you, mine by that point might equally be described as “I need your dick in me, now” too.

Those of you who read about our threesome might remember that the sight of Greg interacting with another girl is actually a bit of a turn on for me – more than a turn on in the right circumstances. I’m not going to boor you all by repeating at length why that is, but it is totally reliant on the trust I have in Greg.

I was interested to know just how far Kate had gone with him. “When you were frolicking with Kate in the creek, what did she do?”

“What didn’t she do without actually taking my virginity? The water was deep enough we couldn’t stand up. I’m sure you’ve seen Kate duck dive. Her whole bum and crutch comes out of the water as she pushes her torso down. The view is nice enough if her head is towards you as she goes under. If her bum’s towards you it would be fair to say everything gets displayed as her hips hang above the water for that moment before her legs come up and she goes down. She did that several times and there’s no doubt she knew perfectly well the view she was presenting to me.

Then there’s the way she floats with just her breasts, the mound of her mons and her face above the surface and we way she’s learnt to flick her wet hair about; and all of that before she actually gets tactile.

As usual with Kate she started a sort of wrestling game where she was trying to push me under the water. I don’t really need to tell you how much contact that involved and let me say there’s not the slightest doubt she knew how aroused it made me. There was quite a lot of contact; some of almost dangerous – at least if you count the possibility of an accidental penetration as being dangerous.

Then when she’d exhausted us both with that game, I was lying face up half floating half submerged and sort of treading water and she actually swam over the top of me until her head was at my chest level and started talking about what we should do for the rest of the afternoon and where we should make camp that evening. Which really meant we were in almost full frontal contact. It was intimate enough when my erection was just pushing into her stomach, but as we trod water our positions reversed; I suppose in a way it was as I angled myself away from her and she followed. But eventually she was on the bottom, her body constantly rising up against mine. She was holding me to her as I had my head into her boobs and my cock was dancing around between her thighs; occasionally coming up against her crutch.

Kate, as always just acted as if nothing unusual was happening and I’m trying to be cool and not get embarrassed while wishing I could crawl off somewhere private and relieve my arousal.

And that’s the thing about Kate, she always makes it look like it’s entirely natural. Like there’s nothing the slightest bit strange happening. Like were just in the middle of an ordinary conversation or game. There’s never any pregnant pause or awkward silence that makes you wonder where it’s all going. Even when she was in her early teens and changing in front of me, she’d be talking to me as normal as anything while she did it, often stopping the changing process while she was naked so she could talk with her hands and arms like she does to illustrate whatever it is she’s talking about; waving the top or swimmers or whatever it was she was about to put on or had just taken off around and leaving me just watching her naked breasts jiggle about with all the movement. And then, just as nonchalantly, she swims away or puts on her clothes and it’s all over. Just like that.”

By now Greg had gone hard in my hand again. Very hard and as a quick slide over with my thumb confirmed, discharging large quantities of pre-cum. I was certainly stirring up some powerful memories in him.

But he wasn’t the only one. Greg’s description left nothing to the imagination. What he’s describing was stuff I’d watch Kate drive men wild with, even when they weren’t both naked. Greg and I had engaged in a lot of it ourselves. And all of that was before the effect of his fingers playing with my nipple, which alone had brought me close to a climax at least twice. Until now I’d kept my arousal under control to keep the flow of information going. But I couldn’t wait any longer.

Holding his shaft in one hand, I swivelled my body over his; staying on the towels to try not to bring any sand with me and making sure none got in uncomfortable places. Then I wiggled up his body until my face meet his and buried my tongue in his mouth.

A lift of my hips and he was in me; filling an emptiness that had started to completely distract me. For a moment that was enough even though I could feel Greg’s shaft surging inside me. “Do you ever wish that one of those episodes had led to sex?”

“That’s hard to answer. Even at the time if Kate had taken the initiative and clearly said that’s what she wanted, I would have been uneasy. After year 10 I had no doubt about where Kate’s flaw was and I would have been paranoid about triggering it. For all the times she aroused me, I might even have failed to be able to perform for her if I thought she was serious because of that concern.

Kate was definitely pushing me to the limit with what she did to me. In part I think that’s because she thought I liked it; and I did, however much wanking I had to do afterwards. To a small extent she might have been intending to tease me, but I don’t really think that was her plan.

Kate’s a deep one. I speculate about her motivations in this area very cautiously and without any great conviction. But I think really Kate was mainly doing it for herself. I don’t mean selfishly, but I think she had a need which was fulfilled by making me a surrogate for everything missing in her life; a father, brother or in time a boyfriend who she could feel emotionally attached to. Indeed, given her mother’s state, maybe it was for any parental dependency at all. And in a way I think exposing herself to me and fooling around with me the way she did was just part of filling that need; of maybe being closer to me or maybe finding more intimacy. If I’m right, then I’m flattered that she trusted me so much, because there was a large element of trust involved, but that’s also why I was so careful about acting on any impulses.

But you know, in the end, there was one thing that has always made me glad nothing happened. When I met you I was still a virgin and that has certainly taken away a lot of the issues people have about new sexual relationships. So really it all worked out best in the end.”

“Did you feel the threesome was sort of the culmination of all of your past?”

“I didn’t. By then I’d been with you for nearly a year and a half. I certainly wasn’t sexually frustrated, so didn’t need that release and while I have extraordinarily fond and erotic memories of the times we shared, I didn’t feel by then that they lacked a consummation.

But I think it was for Kate. That orgasm she had was something again. I don’t know what’s normal other than what I’ve shared with you; but I very much doubt that was anything like a normal orgasm. Whatever that released in her had been building for a long time. I hope it didn’t make you jealous.”

“No, it make me proud that my man had that effect on another woman; but I know you think I’m a bit weird in that area.”

By now Greg’s body language was communicating his its own message. I was too late for a “I really want to stick my dick in you moment”; it was already there. It was more a “it’s starting to feel really nice down there and it wants more” message. He was starting to thrust gently from below within the limits of the movement my weight on him permitted. And that was just stirring me up even further.

Forgetting my cross examination of him, I raised myself up on my arms and started working myself against his body. It didn’t take long. Normally Greg can last forever when I’m on top. He can give me all the time I need to find my orgasm and wait till I’ve rolled him over before he works to find his own. Not this time. Within moments he’d squirted his load into me, thrusting hard from underneath with each pulse that sprayed the inside of me with his seed. And it was only a moment later I found mine; my contractions squeezing his now rapidly softening erection.

Which really just goes to show the emotional and erotic power for us both of the story he’d just related.

As I reflected on the story over the next few days I came to realise it had stirred up other emotions.

Guilt was certainly one. In capturing Greg’s heart, I felt I had stolen something from Kate. Something not just valuable to her but almost existential to her being. Really I was surprised that her only push back had been that one time on the beach in those first days when she had flirted with him as a way of laying a claim to him.

Rationally it was true she couldn’t keep him in some sort of state of suspended relationship forever. Eventually he was going to find someone or she was going to have to commit to him if he could ever believe the latter possible. But still, I was the one who broke the dream. It says a lot about her maturity how well she dealt with it.

But there was another source of guilt niggling at me. One I wasn’t entitled to. When Greg started our relationship we were both virgins; not just in a physical sense, but also in a relationship sense. Neither of us had known romantic love before. Of course I didn’t know that when I first fell for him. It wasn’t a condition of our relationship. Rather it was a fact that had emerged over time.

But now I found myself envious of his history with Kate. I'd always known how close their friendship was and there’s nothing in their present relationship that worries me or I’m jealous of.

Rather I felt I’d missed something. What Greg and Kate had as they grew up was special. It’s also rare; maybe unique. But that doesn’t stop me from being envious of it. Would I have liked to grow up with a male friend who was so close – who I trusted so much – that I could have shared with him the intimacies that Kate did? You bet I would have.

Greg wasn’t the only one who was a prude until recently. I might be willing to wear skimpy clothing, but when it came to full exposure I wasn’t even willing to expose myself more than was absolutely necessary in a woman’s change room. While I wouldn't change my family situation for Kate’s for all the world, there was something profoundly attractive about the relationship she’d shared with him as they grew up. A relationship built on pure innocence and trust that nevertheless gave a more nuanced process of maturing.  


Submitted: February 10, 2015

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Good background story and important for everyone to note that lasting relationships are built on high level of trust.

Tue, February 10th, 2015 10:07am


Thankyou. Of course Kate could be a bit mor eopen with what she really wants. But then she wouldn't be Kate!

Mon, February 16th, 2015 5:26pm


Your story really shows the depth to which you understand your characters. Well done!

Wed, February 18th, 2015 7:25pm


Thanks for all your comments Bear. Nice to see you still reading

Wed, February 18th, 2015 11:36am

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