Second Summer 6: What did you do with Kate?

Second Summer 6: What did you do with Kate? Second Summer 6: What did you do with Kate?

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Karen wants to know just what Greg and Kate got up to as they grew up together


Karen wants to know just what Greg and Kate got up to as they grew up together


Submitted: February 09, 2015

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Submitted: February 09, 2015



If you’re just looking for a quick read about sex, this one might not be for you. While highly erotic, it’s more complicated than that.

Regular readers will have got some background to the relationship between Kate and Greg from some of Kate’s stories. Of course Karen hasn’t read those and actually has only the most superficial background. Karen’s decided it’s time for her to know more and that gives us a chance to get Greg’s side of the story.

For new readers all you need to understand is that for reasons buried in her parent’s divorce, Kate has a relationship block. She likes her sex, but boyfriends are quickly turned over. But for many years she’s kept Greg as her closest friend.


As strange as it was, I’d really only had snippets of the history between Kate and Greg. Sure I knew they’d been best friends – and by that I really do mean each other’s best friend - since they were about 8 years old. It was a friendship she was open about describing as a love, even to me.

I knew Kate had come from a broken home, the divorce had been hard on her and her mother had issues of her own. In this I understood Greg had been a companion for her during some of the tough years.

I knew they had been on a single date back in year 10, which had gone disastrously wrong when Kate’s commitment phobia cut in and caused her to cruelly sabotage it.

I also knew she was compulsively tactile with Greg. She was a tactile person anyway. But with Greg – and to an extent with me after we’d also became friends – she was extraordinarily tactile.

But really, that was all I knew. There was a whole back story I was ignorant of.

I knew why that had come about.

Greg had been hurt when he’d discovered that I had jealously sulked with him after seeing Kate seemingly flirt with him at the start of our relationship. I’d come to understand the relationship was important to him but presented no threat to me. It was what it was and couldn’t go further. She was a friend; that was all.

As Kate became my friend, my comfort with their mutual friendship simply grew deeper.

If from time to time I’d had some curiosity about the past, my willingness to probe was always limited by the need to ensure it didn’t come across as jealousy.

But in all that time I’d also got the impression that their respective genders were not irrelevant to the relationship; perhaps more so in the case of Kate. I suspect Greg had basked in such a close friendship with such a beautiful girl and it probably increased his credibility with both male and female peers, but to him she was just a friend, even if he’s admitted to frequently wanking to the thought of having sex with her before he’d met me.

With Kate I suspected the gender difference was much more important; perhaps fundamental. In part that explained her need for tactile contact with him. That’s not to say she was a threat to me, only the fact that Greg was male was close to the core of the relationship.

I really loved Kate’s exuberance. The way her greetings made you feel good about her joy in seeing you. It was heart-warming and beyond anything I’d experienced before. But still, there was something in the way she’d greeted Greg on the day they’d returned to town that struck me as having something underlying it.

At a simple level that might have been a statement to her new boyfriend, Luke. In effect she was declaring “This is Greg, an old friend. This is how I deal with him. Get used to it.” If so, it was a brutal way of doing it and I hoped she gave him some background first; although with me there as Greg’s girlfriend I would guess that some context was evident.

Still, I suspected there was something deeper than that. If something made me feel – I’m not even sure what the word is; uneasy sounds to suspicious, enquiring too benign - it was not so much the way she jumped up on him, wrapped her legs around his hips and rocked back and forth until she just about impaled her crutch on his growing erection as the way she stood and looked at Greg before jumping him. It just said something about a long and deep history which I knew was there but didn’t know enough of. It was more curiosity than anything else that made me yearn to fill in the detail; but just the same I’d come to understand that his relationship with Kate had been formative in creating the Greg with whom I suspected I’d be living my whole life. In the back of my mind I thought I couldn’t really know Greg without knowing that history.

The trick would be getting him to open up about it without him feeling there was any risk of a bad reaction from me.

I decided to take my chance on the matter the morning after Kate’s arrival. She had other commitments for the morning, so Greg and I got to slip back into our morning routine of a training run and swim followed by sex in the dunes. We’d just finished and repositioned ourselves into our common post coitus position of him lying on his back with me with my head on his stomach lying perpendicular to him, both of us still naked, him playing idly with my nipples, me equally idly with his cock.

I knew from earlier conversations that, even though Kate and Greg were in the same class at primary school, Greg had really got to know Kate as a friend when they’d both joined nippers together. So that seemed like a good starting point.

“Greg. How long after you and Kate joined nippers did you become close friends?”

“Fairly soon. I think we started to sit together in the playground soon after that and I got invited to her birthday party very shortly after. It sort of went from there.”

“Were you the only ones from your class who joined nippers?”

“No, there were a few of us and I recall it became a bit of a common bond, but Kate and I just sort of hit it off together.”

“Did friendship in those days just mean playing in the school playground together or did it extend to after school too?”

“A lot more. My memory is that we hung out most afternoons; doing our homework and a lot of other stuff together. Since she didn’t have anyone else to play with, I was even willing to play with dolls with her and do other girlie things she wanted to do. That pattern continued even after we went to different high schools. But it was all complicated by her mother’s depression. When she was suffering from it she’d just go to bed, so that left Kate basically looking after herself; all alone.

When her mother had depression, even if she could just manage to get through the working day,  that was all she could do. So it pretty well left Kate to run the household too. You don’t really know what happens between adults when you’re 7 years old, but I think my mum twigged to what was happening and tried to help where she could. Kate often stayed over at our place. I remember her hanging around mum while she was cooking, actually asking mum to teach her to cook a basic meal.

I think mum was pretty good with her. I remember a few night where she actually let Kate do all the preparation under her supervision.

Other days mum would take Kate and me shopping, leaving us to do shopping for Kate’s house while she did her own and letting us as a couple of 7 or 8 year olds check ourselves through the checkout and then catch up with her on the other side. I suspect as we passed her in the isle she’d keep an eye on what was in the basket, but I think she tried to let Kate feel she was doing it all herself – with only my help for what it was worth – as much as she could.

But Kate was one of those really responsible little girls, so I think she got the hang of it pretty quickly. Indeed, I think that’s where it’s easy for people to underestimate Kate. I suspect because her sexual relationships are a bit complicated people write her off as a rebel and an airhead. But she’s actually someone who accepted adult responsibility at an incredibly young age and is smart and sensible beyond belief. 

Her mother managed to hold down a reasonably well paying job so they weren’t short of a quid, but really Kate was the one who kept the household working.

As I remember it wasn’t long before I’d actually go to her place after school and she’d cook dinner for her mum and the two of us. I recall being impressed when, after dad included Kate in a family birthday dinner out, Kate imitated the fancy restaurant we’d been to by every time after that setting a formal table – cutlery properly laid out, candle and all –for a three course meal. Then after she’d taken her mother’s dinner into her we’d sit down to eat just like at the restaurant; adding some made up entrée to a main of sausages or steak and vegies and an ice cream dessert. She even made us both dress nicely for dinner like dad had for the restaurant.

She made me learn to cook too, by teaching me what my mother had taught her.

It’s quite amusing when you think about it. A pair of eight or nine year olds sitting down to a formal dinner they’ve made themselves. But the food was OK really.

I even helped her clean her house on many of the afternoons when her mother was incapacitated.”

“Did you get to know Kate’s mum very well?”

“Pretty well. Our family normally invited Kate and her to our Christmas lunch and when she was well Kate’s mum would try and make up as much as possible for what Kate did when she wasn’t; including having me over and being as nice as she could to us. She’s actually a really nice lady at her best; you can see the Kate in her at those times.”

“Did you stay at Kate’s very often?”

“Not often. Mum generally picked me up after dinner. But sometimes if Kate’s mum was a bit active, she’d ring and see if it was OK for me to stay over.”

“Has Kate always been so tactile?”

“Always. Jenna and I got on pretty well, so we’d wrestle and play games or sometimes when we were watching TV I’d lie on my stomach on the floor and she’d stack on top of me. When Kate came along, she just joined in; making sure the girls always won the wrestling and ended up sitting on me or being the third person in the stack.

When we were at her place, Kate would often start some sort of wrestling game and as we got older down the beach she’d often steal my towel or something like that and make me wrestle her to get it back. I don’t suppose I always used my full strength and may be when she developed before I did she actually went through a time she could actually beat me. Either way she often ended up pinning me to the ground while she sat on top of me. It was only much later I realised the significance of how often she actually ended up sitting with the centreline of her crutch bisected by the line of my cock as she did that.”

“Did it arouse you?”

“Certainly as we got older it did; once it even caused me to ejaculate, although I was young or naive enough to barely know what had happened. But I think even when we were younger it caused some reaction; I just did understand it. Gradually it seemed to transition from something to laugh about to something that felt nice to something recognisably sexual”

“How did Kate react to all of that?”

“For the most part she just ignored it. Even as she must have felt it growing in my pants under her crutch, she just sort of repositioned herself to let it escape enough to point upwards and then sat back down on it. Again I was naïve enough that it was years before I realised she was probably sitting in a way her clit was in contact with it.

I do recall one day in our mid- teens she asked if she could feel what it was like with her hand and I let her; although that was still with my speedos on and a couple of times after that she grabbed it as a way to win as we wrestled, but it was all really innocent.”

“I always wondered why you weren’t more embarrassed by being so aroused on the day we met. Do you think Kate got you used to displaying an erection to girls?”

“Who said I wasn’t embarrassed or was comfortable with displaying an erection to you. But you didn’t really give me much chance to hide it. Indeed, if I remember correctly, you insisted I display it. The truth is, normally when I was at the beach with a girlfriend I wore boardies to make it less obvious. You sort of caught me unprepared.

But if I really think about it I suppose Kate did make it less of an issue to be caught with an erection. There’s times I’m sure she actually deliberately did things to arouse me; just so she could act like nothing was happening.”

“Why? What else did she do?”

“She often used to change in front of me before our training swims; probably from about the time we were about thirteen. At first it was just her top as she changed out of a running top into something for swimming. Then later she started stripping naked in front of me to get into her one piece swimmers. She was none too quick about getting changed and certainly didn’t turn away from me. Even though she just kept talking as if nothing unusual was happening, I could see her glancing at the effect it was having on me.

And that’s nothing compared to what she did when we were out on our hiking and camping trips.”

“Why? What camping trips and what did she do?”

“From our last high school years to the time we first went away to Uni we used to go on occasional hiking trips; carrying all the gear we needed for a couple of night camping.

I clearly remember one hot night when after stripping down to a g string under her sleeping bag, she threw off the top of the sleeping bag as soon as the light was extinguished and lay there almost naked next to me. The thing was it was a bright moon out that night so I could see everything. It might as well have been full daylight.

I suppose in a way it’s not something I should have got excited about; after all I’ve come across girls sunbathing naked while running or on patrol all the time. But you’ve got to remember this is a tiny little hiking tent. There’s just room for the two of us to squeeze in, so my body is somewhat in contact with hers for much of its length and all I’m dressed in is a pair of boxers since it was hot enough I had to throw my covers off too.

And it is Kate. I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I acknowledge she has particularly nice breasts. Not once did she even cross her arms across her chest, turn away or otherwise block my view of them. What’s more as she lay on her back the bikini gap on her low slung g string let me see all the way down to the base of her mons. She might as well have been fully naked from the angle I was looking.”

Until now I’d been playing it straight; not wanting to throw Greg off from the train of disclosures he was making – even if they did cause occasional slight pains of jealously. But I had to tease Greg on this one. I know he’s a breast man and I’ve seen close up the boxer shorts he wears as undies sometimes and how little they actually manage to capture their contents. “So I suppose you just rolled facing the other side so you couldn’t see. By the way you weren’t wearing one of those boxers with a button-less fly opening that I’ve banned you from wearing at strip tennis because it’s too distracting when your erection pops out of them and dances about were you?”

“You know, it never even occurred to me to roll the other way. I’m fairly sure she was happy for me to look. I think she might have even wanted me to look. No I just lay there awake for half the night staring at her breasts with a great boner in my pants. Or at least I thought it was in my pants until it brushed against Kate’s hand as it lay by her side and I realised the contact was flesh on flesh so it had popped out.

It was that realisation that caused it to be one of only a couple of occasions with Kate that I really had to fight an impulse to make an overtly sexual move on her. Whether she was lying on her back or on her side facing me, her hand was lying just millimetres away from my cock. I just really had to fight a desire to do something to get her to jack me off; I was tempted to slip my cock into her fingers and see what she’d do.”

“What do you think she would have done?”

“I don’t know. She might have even taken the hint and jacked me off; I’m sure she knew what she was doing to me. The path I’ve always taken with Kate was to let her be as tactile as she wanted and be reserved myself; that’s more my nature anyway. Something just told me that was the best way of not slipping over any line that triggered Kate’s withdrawal. I suppose a lot of guys trend to be optimistic with these things; a case of ‘what the heck, slip it in and see what she does’. Maybe I might have gotten away with stepping over the line occasionally if I was careful to pull back the next day; but I wasn’t willing to test the issue.”

Greg hesitated before proceeding; as if he was trying to work out whether to add the next bit.

“Anyway it did nothing for my mental health when I woke up much later in the night after the moon had set to be able to just make out the sight of Kate with her hand down her pants and her finger rubbing her clit. It wasn’t the frantic rubbing I saw her do to you the day of our threesome; more a slow stroking with a single finger so that I could see her hand rise up in her pants and the finger slide up out of her mons with each stroke. While I’m sure she was happy to put her breasts on display, I don’t think she intended for me to see that; she was being fairly discrete and not making much noise about it, even as she eventually came. Although I have to say there wasn’t much doubt about when she did come; she couldn’t resist something of one of her ‘oohs’ and a bit of a rise and sway of her hips.”

All the while we’d been talking I’d still been fondling Greg’s cock. It had long since recovered from any post coitus flaccidness and was now hard again. Rather too hard I thought for the light play I was having with it. I slid my finger over the top of it and found it dripping wet and slippery with pre-cum. So it seemed just talking about the night was having a rather strong effect on Greg.

That just encouraged me to explore further. I changed my action from one of fondling to circling him with my fingers and using to pre-cum to lubricate a slow hand job movement; “So there are other times you’ve wanted to cross the line?”

“The most powerful was probably after she lost her hogtie wrestling match and I was the one who found her naked and tied up with the strings of her bikini and had to untie her. What you saw on the internet was a shortened version of what really happened because the girl who beat her made such a point of tangling up her knots that they edited it down. I was probably with her for nearly forty minutes.

You saw how when I was untying her she actually half rolled towards me to expose herself. You thought it was only her breasts I was coping an eyeful of. Actually, as she half rolled she spread her knees apart so I had a pretty good view of her crutch too.

The thing was there was just something telling me she was as aroused as hell. I hope I can acknowledge Kate has pretty nice breasts at any time, but as she rolled over my first instinctive reaction was ‘OMG, her breasts are enormous’. I didn’t even know at that time a girl’s breasts can swell when she’s aroused and I’m not sure even today with you I could always tell the difference,  but on that day with Kate I sure knew something was different. They weren’t just larger, they looked plumped out too, and her nipples were gigantic. But the real give away was her crutch. I’d never had a good look at a girl’s crutch before that so couldn’t really judge. Even when Kate stripped in front of me before then all I got to see was a frontal view. But as I was untying her I was sure she was fully aroused. Everything just looked so open and engorged in a way I just didn’t think was the normal state; I was sure I could even see a little bit into her pussy and it all just seemed to glisten with moisture.

As she chatted to me while I was squatting down untying her, she just kept staring up between my legs at my cock as it became aroused in my speedos. And boy did it become aroused. The material was so stretched it was crushing my balls and more than any other time in my life until I met you I could just feel the pre-cum flooding out. I knew it must be oozing through the swimmers and Kate could see it; but there was nothing I could do about it; especially with the second filming everything from the bushes.

And my erection just seemed to have a mind of its own. You’ve probably heard Kate talk – in a way only she can put it and usually as a result of her deliberate provocation of him - of the moment a guy’s body language stops saying anything other than ‘I really just want to put my dick in you; now’. Well I’m trying to concentrate on untying her while conversing normally with her and all my dick can think about is ‘Come on, slip me in. She wants it; you know she does’

Even after I’d untied her, she asked me to help her finish untangling the knots her bikini was still in and handed me the bottoms to work on while she did the top. Then she sat squatting in front of me, offering a view straight up her open pussy while I could feel her juices still damp on the crutch of the bikini. All the time I could feel the tip of my own swimmers getting wetter and wetter with pre-cum.”

“Do you think it was her vulnerability that made you feel that way?”

“If you mean because she was tied up and that meant I could somehow take advantage of her, definitely not. You know any sex that’s not fully consensual is a big turnoff to me, even if I’ve always found our bondage games exciting. No, it was more like she was on heat; really, really on heat. I just assume she was on the pill, so couldn’t have been fertile in a biological sense but whatever she was pumping out at me was having a major effect at the deepest level of my being.”

“Why didn’t you act on it then?”

“You mean apart from the presence of her second filming from in the bush. What if I was wrong; just misreading the situation however obvious I thought it was? My friendship with Kate wasn’t something I was willing to risk on an assumption. If she really wanted something she’d have to say so; there couldn’t be the slightest subtly about it. All I could really do when I’d finished with her was jog up around the next corner, throw myself in the surf and wank myself back to sanity while trying to wash out the pre-cum stains on my swimmers.”

“When else did she tempt you?”

Greg didn’t immediately answer. Indeed he’d gone silent. At first I wondered if I’d asked the wrong question. Then a little groan and something in the hardness of the cock I was playing with told me that wasn’t the issue at all. I turned my head to look at his cock and found it pointing straight at my face.

Greg’s never had the obsession with ‘money shots’ that I get the impression some guys acquire from watching too much porn; and I certainly don’t. We share a view that nature provided a perfectly good cum receptacle and Greg seems to lack no keenness to use it whenever he can. I bent his erection to the side just in time to be able to watch several squirts of cum shoot out of the tip and come flying across to splatter themselves across the top of my breast and down over my nipple; a nipple which, while it wasn’t the one directly teased up by Greg playing with it, had nevertheless risen in sympathy with the other.

Greg muttered a quiet “sorry.”

I leant over and kissed him. “What for, I was the one playing with it”. Instinctively as I rolled towards him, Greg had lifted the hand playing with the other nipple up to what was now the top, cum splattered breast and cupped it; automatically capturing – with an expertise resulting from much practice – the engorged nipple between two fingers spread just the right distance apart. I suspect he was surprised to suddenly get a handful of his own cum as he smeared the beads of the stuff across both the surface of my breast and the palm of his hand.

As I lay back on his stomach, the now wet fingers reattached themselves to the original nipple and continued to play with it, stimulating it further with the lubrication the cum provided.

The fact was, Greg playing with my nipples, and even the story itself, was getting me pretty worked up too. But there was more I wanted to hear. Any overt reaction to my arousal would have to wait.

(To be continued)

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