Second Summer 3: Erotic play on a lilo

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A picnic on a beach and a drift on a lilo down a stream lead to some wild sex.

 When we first landed and after I had stripped down to my bikini, washed out Greg’s swimmers after the hand job ‘accident’ and we’d reapplied sunscreen to each other, Greg showed me around the place he’d bought me to. It was a very pretty, sandy beach with some tracks leading back into the bush behind. On the eastern side of the beach a fresh water stream flowed into the lake. The stream was maybe three metres across and around knee deep, but the crystal clear water was flowing quite swiftly, even though it hadn’t recently rained. Evidently the ground water in the sand hills behind the water has a high water table and this is a permanent spring fed stream where that water escapes.

We walked hand in hand along the trails and up along the side of the stream for a while before returning to the boat drawn up on the beach. There Greg untied the picnic hamper and extracted from the top of it our towels and a rug; laying the latter on the ground. He had returned to the hamper still sitting on the cat’s trampoline to set out the food too, but I had other ideas.

As he went to bend over the deck beam to reach the hamper I pushed myself against his back, reaching around to his chest with my hands and holding him tightly. Greg got the message, ignored the food and turned in my arms so that our fronts were pushed together. Really, Greg’s boner had never gone down from when I’d cleaned out his swimmers; he’d stayed aroused all the time we were exploring the beach and trails. I was rather surprised food had been the first thing he’d gone for. Even as he’d turned towards me he’d had to bend his hips back to let the erection slide across my stomach instead of getting caught on my hips.

This day was our first anniversary. The first anniversary of our meeting, of our falling in love and of me giving my body to him in the most intimate and fullest sense of that expression. Our day out was intended as our celebration of that. To some it might lack romance; but we’ve done a lot of romance while we were down in Sydney. What we’ve run short of was sex; not in terms of an orgasm count, but in terms of the good, uninhibited, wall banging, scream inducing sex that requires the sort of complete privacy that neither a share-house or a parental house can provide.

So while we might not have talked about it in these terms, neither of us doubted that our intentions today were to take this opportunity to bang each other silly while we had the chance. Food could come latter; now was the time for sex.

As we kissed I felt the string ties on my bikini top being pulled, followed by those on my bottoms so that both garments were left hanging on my body only by the pressure of our torsos pushed together. I threaded my hands down between us, pulled the drawstring on Greg’s pants and exposed him.

By now we were both running pretty hot. Too hot to make it back to our towels and picnic rug. I pushed Greg back onto the trampoline, took the chance to strip his swimmers off him and jumped on him.

Cowgirl style, in the way that works best for me, I then worked myself up and down on him until I brought myself to a screaming climax before rolling him on top and letting him go for his own massive cum squirting orgasm. And the best thing was we could make as much noise as we wanted. That had been the trouble with the last nine months. I’m by nature a noisy love maker; something those who read my “A Strange Arousal” story will know I’ve inherited from my mother (sorry parents, but you’re never as quite as you think you are and sometimes people are awake or within listening distance when you don’t think they are). I wouldn’t say I scream all the way through; more loud (very feminine of course) grunts with something of a screaming climax. Greg is also something of a grunter; but with a much deeper, masculine, almost primitive – and to me incredibly sexy – tone to it.

In the big city there was nowhere we could let those feelings go. Our noises had to be suppressed. Even yesterday on the beach we had to be a little careful. Sure we were well away from the main area, but you never know who’s walking past the dunes we were hidden in. It’s not really something you want to attract random attention to is it? Here, with no one for miles, all bets were off and we could really let it go and that enhances the physical side of it. Wow!

Only then could we put our swimmers back on and go back to having lunch. Greg had packed it himself, drawing inspiration from our usual picnic stuff of anti-pasto, chicken and salad. He also had a couple of mini bottles of sparkling wine; something we found a convenient size without risking having too much on a trip like this – together with some drinking water. Then we settled down for our celebration lunch.

When that was finished we continued sitting with our backs against a rock chatting, progressively touching each other up in the way regular readers will know we do; starting on the outside of the swimmers and getting increasingly intimate and personal as things progressed.

But it was never going to be limited to that. After about half an hour our passions got the better of us again. With Greg leaning across and kissing me while we each had a hand down the front of the other’s swimmers and Greg had a finger in my pussy, some silent message passed between us saying it was time to stop mucking about. Greg pulled the tie strings on my pants – immediately followed by those on my top – and I broke momentarily free from our lovers’ embrace to strip his speedos down his legs before lying him flat on his back on our towels so I could mount him in reverse missionary style.

From there I simply pounding him until I found my climax before rolling over and letting him have his way with me.

When Greg’s passions were finally spent and he rolled off me we repositioned ourselves into our favourite post coitus position of me laying naked with my head on his chest. There Greg usually starts playing with a nipple while I play with his now flaccid cock; surprised by how much I actually like the feel of the combination of my juices and his cum that by this time generously coats it. Of course It usually doesn’t remain flaccid for long; but then I’ve never really told Greg just how much his playing with my nipples at this time stirs me up too – although having given me a couple of nipple orgasms, he could probably guess.

We’d only been lying like that for maybe fifteen minutes – long enough for Greg’s boner to be well and truly back - before Greg gently lifted my head off his chest as a prelude to getting up. “Let’s go rafting down the creek”. Going back to the picnic hamper, he pulled a tightly rolled inflatable pool mattress or lilo from it and blew it up by mouth. Then without bothering to put swimmers back on he grabbed me by the hand and we walked naked a fair distance up alongside the stream to a point where it started to narrow and become overgrown.

All this time Greg’s boner has shown not the slightest sign of going down and while our nakedness might have something to do with it, I’m was fairly sure Greg had something more in mind than just floating down the stream. As we enter the water I braced a bit. Freshly disgorged from the spring, it was cool compared to the warmer water of the shallow sun drenched lake. After getting ourselves wet and adjusting to the temperature, Greg anchored it while he got me to lay on my back on the lilo. Thin and flexible, it only just supported my weight; curling around my body as it semi-submerged, letting the water flood up around my legs, bum and back.

Then he knelt between my spread apart legs, puts his arms along my flanks and laid his head down on my stomach before lifting his knees off the ground to start the drifting process. That was nice, and with his chest pushed in against my clit, very arousing even; but I must admit I thought he had something more adventurous in mind.

He did.

No sooner had we started drifting then he slips further down my body and buries his face in my crutch, licking and flicking my clit with his tongue and occasionally very gently sucking it between his lips; all in the way he knows I love.

And so I simply lay back and enjoyed the eroticism while facing the deep blue sky. All the time we drifted effortlessly along while Greg started rapidly marching me towards an orgasm. After a few moments he tries to bring one hand up to play with a nipple; knowing I find him tweaking them really stimulating and orgasm inducing. But all that does is make him lose balance and nearly drift away from me, so he had to just hang on; bringing his hands up over my pubis so his fingers can spread my lips further apart and add whatever they can to my arousal.

I don’t normally self-stimulate my nipples while Greg is making love to me. I prefer he does that; and he quite likes doing so. But they do make a powerful contribution to my overall arousal and eventual orgasm. With Greg’s hands out of action up top, today I make an exception; using both hands to feel them up and really enjoying the sensation – not just of the pleasure their stimulation adds, but also the feel on my fingers of playing with them. Sometimes I do get to understand what it is guys like about the female body and this was one time I almost understood (but only almost; who really understands guys?).

I suppose it was about two thirds of the way down the creek that I came; letting out a prolonged cross between a groan and a scream as the pleasure flooded my body. Putting my hands down over Greg’s head I tried to drag him further up my body inducing him to put his head back on my lower stomach while I panted out the residual vestiges of the orgasm; closing my eyes and enjoying the floating sensation as a compliment to the beautiful physical sensations the orgasm left in me.

I was quite content just to keep drifting along. I knew Greg’s boner would need some attention soon enough, but Greg sensed my desire for time just to savour the moment so he laid still on my stomach; although now able to play with my nipples without falling off.

It wasn’t long before I felt the previously cool water start to turn warm. We’d reached the lake; been disgorged into it by the flow of the stream. I wondered where and how Greg would like his turn.

Getting off me, Greg stood up in the shallow water and extended me a hand to help me off the lilo. Picking it up, he held my hand in his free one and started walking me back up the stream. We exchanged wordless knowing smiles. So Greg wanted another ride; sort of two rides in one!

Greg was encumbered by carrying the lilo, causing me to have a slight tendency to be a step ahead. About half way up I released his hand and wrapped mine around his erection; now sort of leading him by it to the top of the stream; giving him I hoped a sense I was looking forward to this as much as he was.

Once there Greg helped me lie back on the lilo again a little lower down this time so that the top part had more floatation to support the combined weight of our heads. Then again with him kneeling between my spread apart legs I helped him enter me. As he lay over me the whole lower halves of our bodies submerged, my heels dragging along the bottom.

At first Greg’s movements were gentle; letting him get the rhythm of making love on what for all practical purposes was behaving like a floating lump of jelly. There was little point in Greg trying to use the lilo to provide leverage for his thrusting. All he could really do is hold me to ensure he got the pumping action his cock was demanding; trusting to fate and my balance to keep us on top of the lilo.

In the end he got it going pretty good too; nearly as good as he would on the beach. All the while the lilo was bucking and bending like a demented horse (mind you, since men seem to like women who buck during sex and clearly my body was reacting to the lilo’s movements, maybe that just enhanced his feeling). At the same time all that movement was causing the water to surge up and down; sometimes washing completely over us.

Greg’s grunting away like you wouldn’t believe and for a while I even thought I might get to come again too; although the risk of getting a mouthful of water limited how much I could vocalise.

Sometimes sex writing talks of a girl feeling herself being filled with hot cum; a nonsense since the guy’s cum is the same temperature as both the girl’s and guy’s bodies. But this time it was true. With my lower body submerged in and flooded by the stream’s cool water, there was not the slightest doubt about the moment when, accompanied by his final powerful thrusts and bellowing groan, Greg’s cum flooded my body; warming it to its core and being part of what nearly sent me over for an orgasm myself.

It seemed like he’d had such a good one that I had to ask him whether that was the case. He said it was a mind blower. He thought the cold water on his balls might have helped it along. He was certainly fast. We were only half way down the creek when he put his head over my shoulder and lay still and cuddled up to me as we continued to drift on. But this time he wasn’t going soft; as far as I could tell he remained as hard and big as he’d started out, just occasionally stealing a few more thrusts to complement his pleasure.

Regular readers will know that the maternal instincts that my feelings for Greg have stirred up in me never lets me forget that sex is above all an act of procreation. I might be on the pill and know nothing can actually happen, but receiving Greg’s life creating seed is to me an essential and very erotic part of sex. To have him plug his seed inside me by staying hard afterwards is even more erotic.

And the most erotic of all is for him to be able to double shot me; cum inside me twice in a row without having withdrawn or gone soft and let the first lot escape. Even though a Greg on top position is not one that usually hits the right spots for me to climax, any time he’s double shotted me until now I’ve climaxed anyway; the interaction between the mental stimulation and maybe the extra physical swelling that stimulation causes getting me there.

With growing excitement, I realised I might be about to get double shotted. Greg was still obviously getting a lot of pleasure from his erection; those bursts of thrusting becoming more frequent.

Somewhere about this time I felt my heels touch the bottom. Lifting them to let the drift continue, then I felt my bum ground, the water continuing to swirl around both sides of us. I was looking skywards; any ability to see out to the side being limited by the way the lilo curled up around my head. But I did remember there was a mid stream sandbank just before the creek entered the lake; presumably being created by the stream slowing down as it entered the lake and was backed up by it.

But any thoughts about where we were or why we’d grounded were distracted when Greg arched his head down and started licking and sucking a nipple while thrusting with more determination. I put a hand over his head; encouraging him and already feeling a building excitement. Whatever factor it was that made this more climatic for me was already working again; which was strange considering that normally when he’s double shotting me I’m gripping him around his cock for grim death to try and keep the first load inside me.

We often make love in water of some description and I’ve always wondered what the piston effect of Greg’s cock on a vagina full of water was.  It has never caused any problems I’ve been aware of, but for that reason when we’re having sex in the water I don’t grip him; figuring that gives some space for the water to escape. And whatever the excitement of being double shotted might be, I wasn’t gripping him now either; self-preservation taking precedence. Still my body didn’t seem to care about the details; it was getting excited anyway.

Now we were grounded, Greg could bring a hand up to play with the other nipple without losing balance. Given their powerful effect it was almost a race to see which of us would come first.

I did; but with the force of my contractions on him and the enthusiasm my whole body and soul showed for the feeling of it, Greg was right behind; pounding me with the passion of his final few cum squirting thrusts.

For a while it was like we were a single being; stuck together on the lilo. But eventually Greg rolled off me and into the water, holding the lilo while I rolled off too, then grounding the lilo on the bank. That left us to frolic in the shallow water, now warm, now cool as we moved around the spot where the stream met the lake.

A question had been building inside me all day. Apart from knowing Greg was a virgin when I met him and that he’d had no shortage of what I might call ‘dates’ before me, we’d never really discussed our previous love lives. But Greg obviously had been on a few of these picnics; I could tell he sort of had it down to a routine.

“How many other girls have you brought up here?”

“What makes you ask that?”

“I just get the feeling this is something you’ve done before; so how many?”


“Did you float down the stream on a lilo with them too?”


“Were they naked too?”


“Did you fondle them while you were floating?”

“Define fondle”

‘Did you touch up their crutch?”


“Did you touch up their breasts?”

“Yes on two of them”

“Did you expose their breasts?”


“Did you suck her breasts?”

“Yes. You’re not jealous are you?” Poor Greg; especially typed like this that would seem to be a fair question, although the intonation and body language wouldn’t have communicated that message quite so clearly. The fact was his virginity was a boon because it took STI’s out of the equation. But I rather preferred to think that he’d been around girls before me. I’d long since ceased caring one way or the other – Greg was mine and I was his and that’s all that mattered. After all, I’d even arranged a threesome with Kate.

But on the whole I suspect that a girl likes to think her man is attractive to other girls too. Maybe not so attractive they’re going to fight you for him; but you do want them to be jealous of what you’ve got. I’ve always found it a turn on that since I’ve known him Greg’s female school friends all seem to want a piece of him; even more of a turn on that he’s only interested in me. And terribly flattering that Kate tells me that it’s actually his relationship with me that makes him so attractive to other girls. It’s almost a competitive thing.

“Seriously? No, just curious. Did she come?”

“No; you’re the only girl I’ve ever given a nipple orgasm too. In fact you’re the first girl I’ve ever gave any orgasm too.”

“Have I met either of them?”

“Yea, you met Caroline when she was serving us at a café.” I remembered Caroline. She was a scrawny sort of girl. A pretty enough face in a way, but almost anorexic in her appearance and a little stooped. There was something in the interaction between Greg and her that suggested they had a history; more its warmth and the way she looked at him than any hostility I should add. It’s why I took more notice of her.

As she’d bent over to wipe down the table I’d got a look down the front of her t ‘shirt. It confirmed my suspicion that most of the profile of her t shirt was padding. As her bra fell away as she bent down – partly because of her stooped shoulders - I could see her actual breast was only just a bulge and it was capped by a tiny light coloured nipple. As I remembered her, I actually found myself hoping that the second girl Greg exposed was more rewarding; not that my B cups really give me any cause for smugness.

“Were you aroused by them?”

“Yes; mostly” That was another thing about Greg which in a way was unusual; even if it had been to my benefit on the day we met. Most guys are really shy of becoming visibly aroused in front of a girl on a date (maybe I should add, when they’re not intent on screwing her; but I don’t have a wide enough experience to generalise about that). It’s probably why guys prefer boardies to speedos; especially if interacting with girls. Greg on the other hand seemed less embarrassed about it; not exactly pushing it at me, but more accepting it was happening and not something he had control over. Both Greg and Kate have dropped snippets of their historic relationship that suggests she did a fair bit of cock teasing on Greg; enough to visibly arouse him in her presence. Maybe that was good training for him. It’s something I’ve always wanted to know more about and I sort of resolved to make it a topic of conversation with both of them in the near future.

“Did they touch you up?”

“If you mean did they play with my cock; no.”

“How come you didn’t bring me here last summer?” The fact was, as a nice day out with some good sex thrown in, this was a pretty good way of going about it. I was surprised we hadn’t done this before, which probably was the real source of my questions.

By now Greg was standing up, offering me a hand to help me get up. He’d obviously decided that one way to end what he probably regarded as a dangerous conversation was to start packing up for home.

“The guy who owns the cat was away”

As I took his hand I cast my eye over the length of the naked male standing before me. My male. My one true love. I loved staring at Greg’s body; a body that only moments ago had been ravaging me. I saw his eyes scan the length of my body as it still lay flat out in the water, my legs immodestly apart. I knew the feeling was mutual. Greg was starting to become aroused again.

“This is a really good day out. I hope we can do it again.”

Submitted: December 30, 2014

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