Losing it at Schoolies

Losing it at Schoolies Losing it at Schoolies

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Emma loses her virginity at Schoolies.


Emma loses her virginity at Schoolies.


Submitted: March 15, 2017

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Submitted: March 15, 2017



[HEADNOTE: “Schoolies” is a debauched week of celebration which occurs soon after the end of the Higher School Certificate; the high school leaving exam and University admissions test in Australia. It might be compared to spring break in the US.


Holiday towns organise tightly controlled entertainment, part of which entails the wearing of coloured bracelets to distinguish the Schoolies from the “toolies” (too old for schoolies – older guys there to prey on the schoolies girls) and the over 18’s (most of them) from those under 18 and therefore too young to drink legally


All characters in this story are over 18]


It was the second day of schoolies. The four of us had returned to the two bedroom unit that we’d rented on the 10th floor of the Gold Coast unit block at around 4 in the afternoon for a break from the sun and a bit of refreshment before the evening’s entertainment.


Gloria and I had each had two bottles of cider and Sophie and Chrissy had demolished half a bottle of white wine when I think it was Sophie suggested we take the traditional photo of us lined up topless on the balcony of the unit on her time lapse waterproof camera for our Facebook pages.


What that means in practice is a matter of interpretation.  We started with one of us all facing out; so the camera captured our backs naked but for the bikini bottoms, even if we were exposed to those below and in the unit block across the street. We got a couple of those and then some turned around, our breasts covered first by our full hands and the progressively less covered until we were down to two fingers across each of our nipples.


That was as far and Chrissy and I were willing to go. As it was, the two fingers weren’t enough to cover Gloria’s nipples. Sophie and Gloria went all the way with a couple more photos, even hitching their bikini pants down to a virtual exposure level with the last one.


All of this was carried out with a lot of giggling and carrying on; completely oblivious to the outside world.


As we were milling about on the balcony putting our tops back on a male voice called out.


“Hey girls. Mind if we climb over and join you?”


As one, we looked to the right where the voice had come from. Four guys dressed only in board shorts had been sitting on the balcony two away from ours, watching us. Sitting quietly, with just their heads and shoulders above the glass railing, they’d been unnoticed in the background clutter and our self-focused carrying on; enjoying the show. In a flash, they stood up and lined the rail; one of them starting to climb over to the balcony of the unit separating our units, even though there was a one metre gap between balconies.


Every year, it seems at least one guy kills himself doing that. Sophie quickly shouted out.


“Don’t do that, we’ll let you in.”


Almost immediately they disappeared inside their unit.


They weren’t a bad looking bunch; universally tall, bronzed, with surfer’s figures and cheeky grins. The guy second from the left had instantly attracted my attention even in the brief moment we’d been looking at them.


It wasn’t long before they were at our door, each with a six pack of beer in their hands and offering up a few packs of chips and nuts to dilute the alcohol.  They were a confident lot. Each of them gave each of us a kiss and a hug as they greeted us and we went through the introductions; not a modesty protecting bent pose hug either. They hugged us straight bodied, almost lifting us off the ground in a way that brought the full length of their torsos in contact with ours. I, for one, could feel the package in their pants each time.


Although I didn’t twig until later, from the outset it seems they were pairing off with us according to some prearranged distribution. As we initially stood around the lounge room talking, each guy just seemed to position himself to engage a particular girl and focus on her more than any other, being quite touchy in the process. Then as we sat down the shortage of chairs left them ample excuse to sit in intimately close contact with the same girl. Close enough in Gloria’s case for her to willing sit down on the guy’s lap on a dining chair with a hand over her bare thigh not that many minutes after meeting him. As for the rest of us sitting next to the guy on a lounge, we immediately had an arm around our shoulders.


Any complaint I might have had about being pre-allocated was moderated by the fact I’d ended up with the guy I’d first been attracted to. Tall and on the skinny side like me, he was nice built and a really attractive face and a voice they conveyed an attractive confidence,


With our exam years just finished and each with our hometown stories, there was no shortage of stuff for the group to talk about and the conversation flowed freely and entertainingly.


Two rounds of drinks in and the things were getting more friendly still. Everything was just so tactile and physically playful. Even at the time I was aware that they guys took every chance they had  - moments of laughter or anything else that gave them some excuse to move their hands – to slip their hands closer to a blatantly sexual contact with our breasts. But then I might even have facilitated that by slipping lower in the chair to give Tim an easier reach. And I don’t think I was alone in that.


Of course, there’s always an excuse found for some tickling too, even if it’s nothing more than a “who’s the most ticklish” test. That allows them all sorts touching up as we squirm about. At one stage Tim even had an arm up between my legs tickling me, causing me – or allowing me, depending on how you judge it – to brush my crutch along his arm as I squirmed about


But the really blatantly stuff probably started when Tim, as he passed the bowl of nuts to Chrissy and her guy on the other side of me, brushed his arm along my breast for the full length of his arm’s passage across my body. That’s all it took to get my nipple pushing out my bikini top.


The guy Gloria is sitting on opposite us points to it and says…


“Hey Tim, did you just deliberately brush up that innocent young lady’s nipple?”


Tim reaches around the front of me, puts the tip of his finger on the feint outline of the nipple of the other breast and says…


“What, that one? No.” Of course it immediately rises to his touch too.


“No, the other one.”


Tim put his finger on the first nipple, flicking it almost imperceptibly, but enough to harden it even further.


“This one? Did I?”


Then he forms two fingers into a side on v and puts a finger down either side if it, as if measuring the depth of its rise. Holding it up, he asks….


“Wasn’t it about this big before?”


“I don’t think so, I could barely see it before. I think you’ve made it about as big as it can go. And look, now you’ve done it too the other one too”


“I’m sure it can be bigger…see”


With this Tim tweaks the nipple, pulling it a little until he’s sure he’s got the full rise out of it. Then stacking one finger tip over the other he turns to the first guy and say….


“Look, see, now it’s this tall.”


“Yea, you’re right mate. My mistake.”


Of course everyone by now is just about wetting themselves laughing at their comedian and straight man routine at my expense. That’s alright, because I laughing too, even as I squirm at the pleasure of what he was doing too me. But he doesn’t leave it there.


“Still, I bet Gloria’s nipples are bigger.”


And so without even asking, but without any objection from her, he touches up Gloria’s nipples. And yes, we all already knew here’s were bigger. That’s why two fingers couldn’t hide them at the start of this story.


“Can any of you other girls do better?”


Which really is more an excuse for the other guys to touch up Chrissy and Sophie. And since Sophie’s bikini top has a lining, her guy assumes he can expose her to take the measurement. After finding the barrier, he’s at least polite enough to ask, even if he doesn’t really leave enough time for an answer.


Tim pipes in with…


’’Hey, that’s not fair. We were measuring through the bikini top. We’ll need to compare them all naked.”


The guys take the laughter and squealing that’s accompanying all this as being permission to pull our bikini tops aside to touch us up for another measurement. Chrissy even gets her nipple sucked to bring it up further.


In the end Gloria’s guy tactfully declares it a draw.


Of course Gloria can’t leave it there.


“So which of you guys has got the biggest?”


Tim decides to play a straight bat.


“Wadda you mean?”


“You know………package. You want to judge us, so now it’s your turn. Line up, get them out and let us see.”


Chrissy and Sophie start squealing like girls in a strippers’ club on a hens’ night. Without the slightest hesitation, the guys get up and stand in a line; letting their waist bands go to drop their pants to the ankle.


Of course, they can’t be compared. After what’s just been happening they range from flaccid to nearly fully aroused. Gloria kneels in front of her guy and tickles the fold between his ball sack and his shaft; causing it to instantly rise to what I can only assume is its full height.


Half turning around, she calls out to the rest of us….


“Come on girls; equalise the competition.”


Caught in the moment, we each follow Gloria’s lead until there’s a line of four erections. Gloria makes a point of spreading her fingers apart and trying to measure each one using the span of her hand; the guys simply looking down in amusement as she touches up each one in the process. But actually, even with her hand spread so that her little finger and thumb are at their widest possible spread, she can’t reach between the base and the tip of any of them. With her thumb at the base, all you can really do is guess how far the tip projects above her little finger.


There was actually one which was considerably longer – Chrissy’s guy, although Tim’s was thicker. Still, Gloria take a diplomatic approach.


“It’s a draw guys. Now put them away, you’re spoiling the view out the window.” Which suited me because I thought we were about to have to line up and give them head.


As we sat back down again, all pretext of decorum is gone. The three of us with hands originally around our shoulders now had one cupping our breast. Tim, with his hand over my breast had jiggled his fingers enough for the nipple under them to raise to its full height, whereupon he spread his fingers just far enough apart to let the nipple slip between two of them, a constant subtle movement keeping it there and arousing me more than a little. Chrissy and Sophie’s guys had their inside their bikini tops.


Gloria’s guy had got even further. When she’d sat sideways across his lap he’d put a hand half way down her thigh, the other one around her back.


Now the hand on her thigh was tightly up against her crutch. Perhaps recognising we were collectively submitting to a pre-planned touch-up – if not a lot more - the four of us girls were sort of exchanging strange looks; the sort of raised eye, startled look of people questioning whether they are getting in over their heads while even facilitating it.


As we progressed through another round of drinks, Gloria’s legs spread progressively wider. From where I was sitting, I could see his little finger had completely disappeared into a fold of the material of her bikini bottoms as it was pushed up between the lips of her labia. I could see the finger was moving deep inside its cacoon; a damp stain spreading across the salmon pink material of her bikini bottoms. 


By now Tim’s hand had slipped inside the triangle of my top, all attempts at subtlety lost as his finger circled my areola and felt up the nipple. Which wasn’t as far as the other two guys had gone; having pulled the triangle completely off the breast to give their hands uninhibited access. More alarmingly, if that was the right word, Tim’s erection had pushed itself out of the waist band of his boardies. An inflated, pre-cum weeping bell and 40 cm of shaft was poking over the top.


This might have been all very well except for one small thing. I was still a virgin. That hand playing with my nipple was as far as I’d ever gone with a guy before today; partly through my own reticence, partly because the guys had failed to push home an advantage. And until the line up fifteen minutes before this moment, I’d never ever seen what I could now see sticking out of Tim’s pants; the poignancy of the fact that bell was very likely soon to be inside me – the first one to get there if you will -  adding to the situation. When we’d invited the guys in, it had never occurred to me we were doing more than inviting them for a drink and a chat.


Yet here I was heading down a steep ravine towards little less than an orgy with a guy I’d just met. One I liked admittedly, one I had the hots for; but still?


I come away for this week with a thought I might get laid. Maybe even relished the thought and had certainly prepared for the possibility if you get my drift. But that was in the abstract; thoughts to the fore of being swept off my feet in some romantic encounter; days of being entertained and slowly seduced before eventually falling into his arms late in the week.


Now it looked like I’d be putting it out there mere hours after meeting him. He was nice; my early attraction to him only growing as his smooth sophistication continued to sweep me off my feet. At first I thought he must have been a toolie, but the wrist band told me otherwise. But he was from a private school. I’m not going to generalise, but he and his friends had a class about him the guys at my school didn’t. It might still be no less about getting our bodies, but without saying so, somehow he and his friends conveyed the message they were going to do it respectfully.  


But it still felt like I had no control. It wasn’t a case of being scared he wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was more peer group pressure. They guys clearly had some experience at this game; the cynic in me thought that for them there never had been any other outcome than the one we were now heading towards. We’d had four and a half drinks since coming in from the beach two hours ago; at the very least our inhibitions were down and they’d encouraged us to that point. Once the other three girls fell under their man, I was destined to follow. Not entirely reluctantly or without consent, but not with the control that might have made me feel more comfortable.


As Gloria first fell silent in the previously animated conversation, then suddenly turned and buried he face in that of the guy fingering her, squirming under the stimulation of his hand, it was pretty obvious the first domino was about to fall. Almost immediately he slipped his hands down her pants to bring him into direct contact with her clearly aroused womanhood.


I turned towards Tim. I’d been wanting to kiss him, but didn’t want to be the first one to succumb. The turn of my body pulled my breast away from the hand around my shoulder, but he quickly replaced it with a more direct approach from the other. I pushed my face against his and my tongue into his mouth.


Soon his hand broke away from my breast and a finger started tracking down my stomach. I knew where it was heading. It circled my navel and kept going down. It reached the waistband of my bikini pants and slipped inside. He was going slowly enough to allow time for objection, but absent that its progress was relentless.


The last guy who’d tried this had his hand stopped quick smart. What had changed?


Yes I was older and freed of the school girl mentality; if only just. I was certainly tipsy and maybe therefore less inhibited, but I certainly knew what was happening and capable of a conscious decision to let it. I was aroused and randy as hell, but that hadn’t cause me to throw myself under a guy before. In the end I think I was just ready for it. I’d never pictured my first time as being some incredible love match; more a moment of bodice ripper seduction with a hunk and this was as close to fitting the bill as I was likely to get; especially with Tim.


My heartbeat rose with the decent of his finger. I just hoped he couldn’t detect the heaviness of my breathing as our tongue wrestled or the slight spreading of my legs. His finger descended to the turn of my mons and hesitated as he felt out my lips and separated them to give his finger unimpeded access to the crease which lay beyond.


Tentatively he entered the valley, finding it moist and slippery enough for his purpose. He found my now sensitive clitoris and began to rub gently back and forth. The pleasure was intense. UnIike anything I’d felt before. I thrust my hips into his hand, groaning into his mouth.


His fingers wandered further, to dip inside before tracing upward again, coated in the evidence of my desire. Soon he was slowly rubbing his finger in a circular motion against my now wet pulsating clit.


He lay me back against the lounge, turning to lift a leg over my thigh as I put my hand around the back of his head to press his face ever harder against mine, lifting my hips up and down in time with the movement of his finger as I penetrated his mouth deeper with my tongue. With his other arm no longer trapped behind my back, I felt the previously tight ties of my bikini top go lose and the material swept off my body before fingers once again started playing with a nipple adding to the overwhelming pleasure.


He pulled against the hand holding his face to mine, slipping his head down to flick the otherwise neglected nipple with his tongue before I felt the breast absorbed wholly into his mouth, wet lips upon its flesh as his tongue flickered vigorously against the hardened nipple at its centre.


Unsure how to reply, I fumbled between our bodies for his manhood. As my fingers first touch it, it surged; reaching towards me, asking for more. I wrapped a hand around it. It was harder and thicker than I’d ever imagined them to be; unyielding, the skin tight as a drum. With my fingers moistened by my first accidental contact with the pre-cum oozing from the tip, I slid downward along its length, the lose waistband of his pants falling readily away. Down, down, down my hand went, wondering when I’d find the base; somewhat alarmed at its length. One hand width, another, it seemed like a third before the brush of pubic hairs and the taught skin of his ballsack told me I gone as far as I could.


I half opened the eyes previously closed in pleasure to see Gloria over the top of Tim’s head, now naked straddling her man on the chair, the base of his shaft, framed by his balls, emerging from her womanhood, his pants around his ankles. She was passionately kissing him, their arms a moving tangle of desire as their heads jousted for oral dominance.


Intrigued, I cast my eyes sideways to see Sophie and her man both naked, writhing on the carpeted floor in sensual need and urgency, him half over her and then she half over him, his erection flicking about as it was captured between their bodies and then released.


My view of Chrissy was blocked by her guy’s back; his boardies half way down his bum crack, indicating a high degree of exposure at the front. Suddenly he stood up, his boardies falling to the floor. Stepping out of them, he turned towards Chrissy, my now profile view of him showing his erection standing tall. He offered her a hand, which she took and stood up dressed only in her dishevelled, half down bikini pants. Then he led her into the master bedroom.


As she walked past me, we exchanged glances; she giving me a wide eyed look of an animal startled by their situation.


And yet all of this observation had been carried through with a sense of detachment. My mind and body was elsewhere; entirely absorbed in pleasure. Never had the sensuous ecstasy of my clit been released before; not by a guy, not by me. I was almost unaware it could bring such pleasure.


I felt myself begin to ride the crest of a tidal wave climbing within me; a rush, hot and fast of mounting energy. In moments all I could do was shut my eyes and arch back, shuddering as I exploded with a new kind of pleasure, one I’d never experienced, moaning into the ceiling as his fingers relentlessly circled.


I was frozen, arched, swaying from side to side, and moaning to an orgasm that seemed unwilling to release me from its overwhelming power. Just as I thought it was over, it redoubled, arching me higher.


All this time I’d been instinctively jerking Tim’s manhood; not with any skill or finesse or even much attention. Indeed, since I was vaguely aware I didn’t really want to trigger his release too early it had probably been a fairly pathetic attempt.


As I finally settled my hips back on the couch, Tim stood up, freeing his manhood from my clutches. I was still swimming in some sort of post orgasmic hormonal miasma; still aroused and desiring the man who’d just delivered me such a life defining experience. Even so, as he held out his hand, I swallowed a silent gulp. It was about to happen. That enormous hard erection that now stood ramrod straight right in front of my eyes would soon be hidden from view; inside me, penetrating deeply into the most intimate space in my body. I would walk into the bedroom a virgin and come out no longer one.


Would it hurt? Would I bleed? Will he be gentle? Should I tell him? Questions without answer flooded my brain.


I took his hand and let him pull me to my feet, leaving me face to face with him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled us together, his erection pushing into my stomach and weeping fluid over it as he kissed me; something I willingly reciprocated. Silently he took my hand and led me into the other bedroom, his pants falling down his legs and being kicked off his feet and into the room as he went through the doorway.


Standing me with my back to the bed, he turned and closed the door. I watched as he then rummaged in his boardies before pulling a condom packet from the pocket. I was quietly thankful that he had relieved me of the need to break the moment as I searched for those that were in my bag.


Kneeling at my feet he pulled my bikini pants down, kissing my mons as he waited for me to lift each foot to release them. The proceedings were wordless; physical and highly tactile but with that sense that the moment for conversation had passed; that any further communication would be with our bodies alone. My willing consent was assumed; as indeed was the case whatever reservations I felt. Still, my heart was racing for far more complex reasons than my mere arousal.


He eased me down onto the single bed then lay alongside me, pushing the condom packet into my hand. In a way, that answered the first of my questions; was I supposed to give him head? It seemed he was keener on getting pussy than head, at least right now. Maybe that suited my purpose, even if it brought closer the moment of truth.


As I lay there, I unwrapped it, bending down to let me see what I was doing as I put it on him. Again I got to look at that thing that was about to penetrate me; the flared bell, surging anxiously as I wrapped my hand around the shaft and weeping from the tip; the taught unyielding skin; the shaft itself, scarily long and thick, hard as wood, seeming reaching out to get my pussy even as I held it. I sheathed him in it, just like in our sex education classes, finding solace in my degree of intoxication not to simply freeze up in fear.


Tim rolled me over on my back and lay down on me. Slipping his legs between mine, he raised his hips on his knees, putting his hand down between our bodies to let him guide his shaft between my legs. He slid the tip along my crease until he felt he’d found the right spot.


The first bit of penetration wasn’t too bad. I’d read that the tearing of the hymen can be excruciatingly painful or barely noticed; although with all the horse riding I’d done, I could even be sure mine was still there. But then he pushed a bit harder and faster. I let out a whelp; if not of pain at least of discomfort. I couldn’t hide my secret any longer. I resorted to what, even as I said it, was a corny line.


“Tim, I’m a virgin. Can you be as gentle as possible?”


Tim looked down at me, easing his body down flat onto mine without pushing in any further.


“That’s OK; we’ll do it a different way.”


Without withdrawing, he rolled us both over so we were lying side by side again. Separating our bodies, he brought his lower hand onto my nipple, freeing his finger enough to let him tweak it. Then he slipped his upper hand down between our bodies; bringing a finger back onto my clit and stroking it gently.


“Does that feel nice?’


It did, and I was happy to tell him that. Perhaps I was tensed up. It wasn’t as good as when I was sitting on the chair, but by focusing on that I found I could relax my body a bit.


“I’m going to push in slowly; just a little bit at a time.”


I felt a slow gentle push, stretching me a bit. Then he pulled out a little and thrust slowly back in, only to the depth he’d already opened up; repeating that several times but now going just a little deeper each time. I could sense my body adjusting to the invasion; lubricating him and opening to him. I still felt a little bit stretched, but as I gained confidence in his technique, I was able to relax more and that of itself helped, which let me better savour the stimulation of my clit and nipples.


Before I knew it I could feel his pubis pushed up hard against my mons. That impossibly long thick object was completely inside me and my virgin days were over.


After a few more gentle thrusts he started to roll us back over again; putting a leg across mine. I got the message. Feeling more confident; both in myself and of him, I lay on my back, helping him come over on top.


Now he rose up on his outstretched arms. His thrusts were long and slow; each to the full depth of his shaft. I was surprised that my vagina wasn’t all that stimulating. Once I’d got used to it, the thrusting was nice enough – even if still a bit stretching – and arousing in a sort of way, but nothing was lighting up the way my clit had. I could quickly tell there wasn’t any orgasm in it for me, although the crash of his pubis on my mons touched up my clit nicely enough when he got it right.


A couple of times he bent in and had a lick and suck of a nipple, which was nice too.


Now it was his turn to start grunting. With my hands wrapped around his butt, I watched his face as he stared down at my breasts. It was a look of intense concentration. His thrusts speed up a little. Suddenly he closed his eyes and a Zen like look came over his face before his mouth formed into an almost perfect ‘O’. With a moan he pushed himself hard in as he released his cum, little mini thrusts grinding his pubis on my mons in a way I found really arousing. Wanting more of that, I used my hand to pull his butt in as tightly as I could, but he was all too quickly spent; collapsing down on top of me.


He loitered there a few moments, kissing and sucking the flesh of my neck, before he rolled us back on our sides. Then he put his hands down between our bodies again and massaged my clit and licked my nipples until he got the climax from me he was looking for; my womanhood contracting onto the residue of the erection that was still inside me.


As he finally withdrew, I rolled back over onto my back, a euphoric mini death washing over me; my eyes closed, my breathing slow and laboured as my senses reset and recovered something like normality. Tim rested his head on my chest, nestling between my breasts, his hand cupping one and standing it upright, pushing its flesh into his face. I brought my hand up to idly play with his hair.


In a way that, even at the time, I thought was slightly foolish, a sense washed over me that now I was a complete woman. That I had reached a higher state of life. As one of Tim’s fingers touched up the nipple of the breast he was cupping. It reminded me how aroused and sexualised I still felt.


And yet I wasn’t ready for another round. I wanted more; but not right now. There was a dull ache between my legs that I hadn’t noticed in the thrall of peak sexual excitement. It needed time to recover. I was aware that already I could feel Tim’s erection returning; the rubber coated tip crawling slowly up my thigh as it filled out again.


Even then, I knew it was a gamble. I was realistic enough to know that Tim and his mates might be out for a maximum body count this week. Ours had now been counted. There was a chance – even a likelihood - that, even though I might have wished to share my bed with him tonight after we’d been out for dinner and an evening on the town, he’d be looking to be in the bed of another girl; some fresher meat.


That was a chance I’d have to take.


With a sense that I needed to control the situation, I kissed Tim’s forehead and struggled to sit up; Tim taking the hint and moving his head. I hugged him around his shoulders, pressing my breasts against his chest.


“Tim, that was really beautiful. Thank you for being so gentle and good with me; but I think I need some time to recover. Should we see if the others are ready for dinner?”


Tim stood up and offered me a hand to help me off the bed. Pointing down at the filled condom hanging off his half aroused manhood, he said….


“I’d better deal with this.”


Opening the door, he slipped still naked out of the room, heading for the bathroom. I put my bikini bottom and a t shirt from my bag on and started to follow. As I stuck my head out the door, the first thing I saw was Sophie riding her guy on the carpet over the other side of the room in a reverse missionary position. She was going at it like a high speed lunatic; half panting and half quietly grunting like you wouldn’t believe.


I wasn’t game to enter the room , so lingered in the door frame, transfixed by what I was seeing; too inexperienced to recognise she was moments from a climax. What I did see was that there was already a dead condom on the coffee table next to them, leaking stuff onto the table top, letting even me guess this was a second round.


In a moment she was crying out a rather clichéd… “Yes, yes, yes, oh yes,” as she climaxed.


Immediately her guy started thrusting hard from below, almost rag dolling Sophie’s body in the process, like she was riding a bucking bronco. It was about this time that Tim surprised me by suddenly appeared in the door frame; having edged quietly along the wall back from the bathroom. I let him in and he cuddled into my back – a fresh erection pushing into my butt cheek and his hand stuck up my shirt and cupping a breast - as we pervertedly watched as the bucking got higher and higher until, with a loud groan, he too came. 


I felt like clapping, but thought better of it.


Only then did I stick my head around the doorway to see Gloria curled up on the lap of her guy; her head against his chest as the both watched the performance of the other couple. His partly flaccid cock hung down under her; the used condom sagging below it and suggesting they hadn’t long finished themselves.


There was no sign of Chrissy. But I was still wanting to postpone Tim getting too randy and wanting to start again. As Sophie finally settled down and lay draped over her guy I walked into the room and addressing no one but everyone, suggested we get ready for dinner.


Gloria and Sophie both languidly turned their heads towards me and each in their own way expressed their agreement; slowly disentangling themselves from their studs. Then I knocked on the door to Chrissy’s room and made the same announcement, her guy appearing a few moments later with a condom in his hand, Chrissy visible behind him still spread open legged on the bed.


I may have been innocent, but I wasn’t naive. These guys had clearly all come equipped with condoms when they came to our room. I’m sure, like me, the girls had a supply stashed somewhere. But these guys had them at the ready and were willing to use them without being told. Which indicated to me that what just happened was pretty well preordained, and that they’d come away this week expecting to fully take advantage of the smorgasbord of female flesh on display up here and were at least sensible enough to take precautions when you’re after a high headcount.


More to the point, it reaffirmed my suspicion they weren’t going to be hanging around us, but looking elsewhere to add to their tally. Don’t get emotionally attached was the message I took from that. For myself, I did rather hope that they’d at least stay the night. I wanted the novelty of spending a night curled up with a guy and at least one more session with a guy like Tim who I trusted to allow for my inexperience.


As it turned out, I got my wish. They hung around us for dinner and followed us to the nightclub; even if they worked the room while they were there. But when we decided to leave, they willingly came with us.


Chrissy and I shared the two rooms in our unit with our guys while Gloria and Sophie spent the night in the other unit.


Tim gave and got head climaxes after we got home, followed shortly after by another play in my pussy finished by a fingered climax for me. After a night spent with our naked bodies intertwined on a single bed and his erection pushed into whatever bit of flesh was facing it, at first light the following morning, my pussy got its third workout. This time Tim encouraged me to go on top, where, with some assistance from his nipple sucking, I learnt to give myself a climax while penetrated.


By the time he and his mates all left for an early morning surf I at least felt confident about being sexually active. My body was still adjusting and had its limits; but I had enjoyed it and had passed the point of fear and serious pain or discomfort.


As I suspected would occur, they then disappeared for a few days. As the guys had left for their surf, Gloria and Sophie had been asked to lock up their unit when they got up and as far as we know that was the last time they set foot in it for two nights. Then they crashed back into our holiday and our beds for the next two nights; no questions asked or answers offered.


Since that is pretty well what I expected, I might not have liked it, but wasn’t upset by it. Indeed, since I hadn’t succeeded at throwing my body under any other guy (not through a lack of offers – just a lack of acceptable offers) I was quite glad to have Tim back for a couple of nights. Gloria and Sophie seemed equally sanguine but I think Chrissy found it more emotionally unsettling.


Still, that’s schoolies, isn’t it?








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