Kate: Liquid Sex

Kate: Liquid Sex Kate: Liquid Sex

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I wrapped my lips around it, held my breath and slid them down the length of the shaft as far as was comfortable for me. There was something about the combination of my mouth and the hot water that amped up the sensation for Chris.


I wrapped my lips around it, held my breath and slid them down the length of the shaft as far as was comfortable for me. There was something about the combination of my mouth and the hot water that amped up the sensation for Chris.


Submitted: June 11, 2015

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Submitted: June 11, 2015



After a week’s torrid affair last Summer Chris and Kate have got back together for a weekend as Chris visits Canberra for a conference. A date on the first evening is followed by an intense love making session. Now read on….


We spent most of the night cuddled spooned together.

Like I understand is the case for many girls, I like spooning. Supposedly guys don’t; I’m not sure why, although maybe it’s just they don’t like being aroused by the contact without an outlet for it.

During our week together so many months ago, Chris had proved to be a willing spooner.

Of course all night spooning has its limitations. First there’s the need to constantly change positions in tandem as the person behind has their lower arm go dead where it’s tucked under them.

More prosaically, if the guy is behind - which his greater height makes for a better fit – there’s that little problem of where his night erection goes if you’re both naked. If he angles back so it doesn’t touch you, the total body contact can be pretty disappointing. If he doesn’t then it either settles into your bum crack – the default position if you are both really asleep - or pushes into the cheek of your bum.

Some girls don’t like the former that much. Me? As long as the guy can control his ardour I don’t mind; maybe apart from the greater than normal need not to break wind.

Chris’s cock had one other place it often seemed to end up in as we spooned; especially if he wasn’t aroused at our moment of first cuddling. As it grew, it would grow between my legs and come to rest buried in the fold of my front bottom; the shaft of his engorged throbbing cock pushing firmly against my engorged throbbing clit, pulsing occasionally even when he was asleep, while the head of the former stuck out from between my thighs like I’d grown a cock of my own.

After an evening of physical passion when our immediate ardour had been expended it was something I quite enjoyed; bringing about a night of erotic dreams and an episode of half-awake sex when neither of us could contain our arousals any longer.

The boss who’d passed his conference ticket onto Chris had intended to bring his wife, so I had a pre-paid breakfast if I wanted it and if Chris wanted me there. The offer of a nice hotel breakfast made the former a no-brainer. In connection with the latter, I wasn’t so sure about whether I might just be an embarrassment to Chris. After all it sort of made clear to his workmates that he’d had company for the night.

That wasn’t an issue for him, and certainly wasn’t for me; so a hotel breakfast it was.

Given the stature of the profession organising the conference, I wasn’t sure what the protocol for conference partners in relation to dressing for breakfast was. I think I could fairly safely assume these days – even for them - that it didn’t need to be some Stepford Wives demure 1950’s style dress; but what?

I intended to take the opportunity to use the nice warm hotel gym and pool to, for a change, get some exercise out of the freezing mid-winter Canberra weather. So I wondered if I could get away with my spray on tight leggings and matching plunge neck cropped sports top. I put it on and asked Chris, who promptly grew a boner the minute he saw me. Maybe not.

The default – and only alternative – were a pair of nearly as tight fitted jeans and a plunge neck t-shirt, worn without the jumper and overcoat intended to get me back to my car afterwards without freezing. Even that created enough of a scene as we joined Chris’s work colleges at a communal table. Still, it wasn’t out of place compared to other WAG’s; it was really all very casual and even a bit exercisey. One mum with her kids even had swimmers on under a beach wrap; intending to take the kids to the heated hotel pool after breakfast; giving me notice that maybe it was best if I went to the gym first and pool after if I wanted to avoid that crowd.

After breakfast I left Chris to his conference, organising to catch up with him in his room after the conference sessions finished at 5 and from there get ready for the conference dinner dance later in the evening.

Shortly after five that afternoon I turned back up at his room. When there was no answer to the knock at the door I let myself in using the spare room key he’d given me for that purpose. As I laid my stuff out on the bed I heard Chris call from the bathroom “I’m in the spa. If you’d like, get undressed and join me.”

Stripping down to my undies I walked into the bathroom to find Chris laid out in the spa. I wasn’t kidding when I said at the start of this story that Chris’s boss had booked a deluxe suite for himself that Chris was now the beneficiary of. The spa was big enough to hold a party in and Chris had more than enough room to stretch his significant height fully out and still be up to his neck in the water. Putting a hand on his chest to support myself, I bent over to give him a greeting kiss and watched down through the clear water as he predictably grew a boner.

Releasing my bra clip behind my back while I was still bent over, I let my breasts fall out under his nose and slid a nipple across his cheek before offering it to him to lick and suck for a moment. Then I finished undressing and got into the spa; sitting on top of him, his erection pushing against my coccyx and lower spine while I laid my head back over his shoulder, his arm around my chest as he turned the spa bubbles on.

“How was the conference?”

“Ok I suppose. Some of it was a bit over my head and other bits a bit boring. Still, you learn a lot and it’s good to get to know your workmates a bit better”

“Did you get any good gossip?”

“A few snippets which won’t make much sense to you because you haven’t met the people concerned; but I suspect the best gossip comes when they all get drunk in the evening. Actually if the truth be known, most of the gossip I was involved in today was people fascinated by you.

I think you left most of the guys you met at the cocktail party last night drooling into their drinks and weeping pre-cum into their pants and the older women wanting to play matchmaker and make sure I didn’t let you go.

Since I’d never mentioned you before and they hadn’t seen you at the socials we held in Sydney, they all wanted to know who you were.”

“Did I embarrass you with what I was wearing?”

“Hardly. I loved it; as I suspect did every other male in the room. Anyhow you wowed both the men and the women with your charm. They all thought you were an absolute darling“

“Flattery like that will get you anywhere. The dress I’ve got for tonight is even more out-there; but if you don’t like it I’ve got a backup. What did you tell them about who I was?”

“I wasn’t sure you’d like me to call you a girlfriend, so I just told them you were a really good and special friend who lives in Canberra and I hadn’t seen for a while; although I will admit there were a couple of guys who were complete strangers came up to me at lunch and wanted to talk about you and I did use the ‘g’ word with them just so they didn’t bug you and I could keep you to myself tonight.

I suppose these days even the older ones wouldn’t find my describing you as a special friend and you being at breakfast the next morning all that strange a combination”

Ah, sweet Chris; stepping delicately through the minefield of my relationship aversion problems. At the end of our week of mad passionate sex last summer, which had started with me taking his virginity, he’d made it clear he was more than happy to commute from Sydney to see me so we could continue a relationship. I’d poured cold water on the idea. As much as Chis and I had a special chemistry from the moment we’d laid eyes on each other, I wasn’t at that time willing to risk making things complex.

Chris had taken it in his stride; even encouraging me to talk out my issues and the reasons for them. We’d parted with a resigned sense of sad mutual loss and lingering affection that was worthy of the ending of the movie Casablanca or a weepy movie; me seeing him off at the airport, shedding a sob and tear as I sat in my car afterwards and all.

Of course, that was before Karen and Greg and their relationship had really challenged me to think about what I wanted out of life.

I’d thought of Chris from time to time over the months and wondered if I’d made the right decision; wondered whether some girl has captured his heart and taken yet another nice guy permanently out of circulation. Even now I was curious about the path of his love life over the past months.

Still, my medicine course left little time for play. I recognised a geographically impossible relationship would put more stress on me than I thought my studies could cope with and would seriously complicate what would in any case be a fraught attempt at maintaining a relationship. If Chris lived in Canberra things might be different and worth a try. But he didn’t. Already, in the last 24 hours, I’d braced myself for another sad goodbye.

But that was tomorrow. Tonight should be fun and unburdened by such thoughts.

I spun around to face him, grabbing his erection under my own body with both my hands to anchor myself as I floated over him.

“I don’t mind what you call me. I know you understand what is and isn’t possible and that I think you’re a really nice and attractive guy just the same. That we can enjoy the time we share together is all that really matters.

Still if you call me a girlfriend how are you going to explain all the other attractive chicks you go out with in Sydney”

I pushed myself against him and kissed him, lifting the tip of his erection up hard against my stomach.

If you think my last sentence was dangling a line looking for some evidence of his love life, you’re not wrong. But with his male brain now dominated by the feel of my hands around his cock, he missed he hint, simply responding to my kiss by placing his hand behind my head and pulling my mouth more firmly against his.

As a stream of bubbles from the spa ran through my crutch and tickled up my clit, I let myself sink into full contact with the length of Chris’s body; first of all bringing my nipples and breasts down onto his chest and then sinking my hips to bring them down until our bodies were separated only by the thickness of his erection with my hands around it.

We embraced and kissed; rolling around in the spa like hyper-active lovers on the crisp sheets of a newly made hotel bed – him on top, me on top and back again, our legs intertwined, his thigh moving against my clit and his cock rubbing softly up and down on the lower parts of my stomach. The firm unyielding shaft of his erection was constantly surging deeply into my flesh with its excitement and anticipation; auto-seeking an opening which while there and ready wasn’t yet part of the play. There was plenty of time for sex; but before that we wanted some pure unadulterated passion.

I’m not a great one for giving head – or receiving it for that matter. I prefer the heat of two bodies firmly bound together while I’m having sex. Still, today I was feeling playful. In the liquid warmth of the spa and in the knowledge Chris understood the difference between foreplay and the final act, I broke away and floated back down his body until my head was over his cock.

Lifting it upright until the tip just broke the surface, I wrapped my lips around it, held my breath and slid them down the length of the shaft as far as was comfortable for me. There was something about the combination of my mouth and the hot water that amped up the sensation for Chris. Dropping his head back he let out a long deep groan of incredible pleasure.

Like a scene from an exorcism, for the next couple of minutes as my lips pleasured him under the water, I watched as his head turned slowly from side to side against the side of the spa as he continued to groan. It was as if I was inflicting on him an ecstasy too great to bear; tortured by pleasure almost.

Finally he could take no more. His actions made it all too clear the “I really need to stick my dick in you” moment had arrived. He held my arm and pulled me up towards him until our lips were melded again, my body high enough on his that the tip of his cock was between my legs; instinctively surging to lift itself as it searched out the opening to my body.

“Shit” I thought. I hadn’t brought a condom into the bathroom. It was going to be a real mood spoiler to get out and go dripping through the bedroom to get one. But I didn’t know what he’d been up to for the last many months. It wasn’t an option not to.

“On the corner of the tub” was all Chris could get out as his passions started to overwhelm him and demand release. I looked over and there sat a number of still sealed packets. Thank god. Chris knew the rules and between us there was never any coyness about revealing our lustful intentions.

In a moment he was sheathed and letting out the most deeply intense, satisfying sigh as my body readily swallowed the full length of his anxious manhood into its warm embrace.

For a moment I’d thought he’d just go off prematurely; so great had been his pre-penetration state of arousal. Instead, there was a brief interlude as we both enjoyed that profound sense of intimacy that comes with having a part of someone else’s anatomy so deeply inside yours and conversely for the guy as having that most sensitive part of your body entombed so completely inside the girl’s. Pushing hard against each other we just kissed and stroked each other’s faces and rolled around in the water with our legs intertwined while our bodies were caressed by the jets of water and air streaming through the spa.

When the moment came for the serious stuff to start, I was on top in a reverse missionary; my legs outside Chris’s. Trouble was as I started to move my body up and down over his, the water in the tub started to surge back and forwards in rhythm with me, picking up momentum with every thrust until it was starting to slosh over the side and leaving us both giggling at what we were doing.

Still, rather than attract the attention of building maintenance by causing a leak in the ceiling below us, I switched to my more normal cowgirl upright stance where my lifting and dropping and grinding movements caused less water problems and Chris could curl his body up to suck one nipple while playing with the other between his fingers.

With the head start he’d had, it wasn’t long before it was becoming clear Chris didn’t have long to go. I could see he was trying to hold back, but both the noises he was making and his body’s movements made obvious his moment of release was close. I started to ramp up my movements, trying to make sure I found my climax too, but all that did was set Chris off; leaving him groaning his orgasm into my nipple and jerking up into my hips as I kept pounding away at him.

Now it was a race; my orgasm against his loss of hardness. I banged up and down on him, grinding my clit against his pubis.

I think Chris had reached that moment of exquisite sensitivity post orgasm, because he was making these little squeally groaning noises; whether they were of pleasure or torture or a bit of both, I don’t know and I doubt he did at the time. But that wasn’t going to stop me. I was running hot and focused on getting there.

As I came I threw my head back and involuntarily let out a stream of “Oh, Oh, Oh, yes, oh…..”, the first few probably loud enough to be heard three rooms away not to mention in the corridor outside. That’s hotels for you – even the fanciest. Just when all the delegates were in their rooms getting ready for the evening too. We might have to check the corridor was clear before we left this evening, just so no-one knows who was making all the noise

I lay back down on top of Chris as my body released what was left of his erection; but I was still feeling quite frisky. As I smothered him in kisses, he put his arms around me, sliding his thigh up between my legs only to have me start gently rubbing my clit up and down on it.

Guys can get bad press for their post sex performances. Supposedly all they want to do is roll over and go to sleep; which for a while anyway, is all their now flaccid cocks are good for. Girls often want something more. The trouble for guys is that something can range from a peck of a kiss, to a cuddle all the way up to another five orgasms. And there’s no sign on their forehead telling the guy what it is for today. And god help you if you guess wrong too!

Chris had always been a wonderful post sex satisfier and I had no hesitation in making my intentions clear. Taking the hint he slipped his hand down between my thighs, rolled half over me and started fingering me while alternating between kissing me and sucking a nipple or generally playing with a breast. Fingering was a speciality Chris came with when I first met his virginal self. From the first time he did it for me he inevitably seemed to induce a back arching, cry out loud end result.

With the currents of warm water swirling between my legs and magnifying the effects of his fingers, today was no exception; inducing an arch of my back that brought my whole body clear of the water as I again left anyone within three doors of us in the hotel in no doubt that more than a little hanky panky was going on.

But after some ten minutes of that sort of fingering and sex play, Chris’s erection was back. Like most guys, Chis always really liked a him on top, massive thrusting, sexual climax. Of course, that’s not always what is going to satisfy a girl and Chris was ever one to put that first. So when our sexual games had put me ahead on the orgasm count I was always happy to give him a free pass to a climb aboard and just go for it turn.

After a renewal of his condom, that’s what he got now. When his thrusting also started to cause the water to slosh over the edge we finished with me arching my back to bring my body nearly up to the surface of the water while Chris continued to work away on top of me; making sure that by the time he filled his condom, we were both completely knackered.

Still, then we got to use the spa for what they’re intended for – relaxing. We had a big night ahead. We needed to recover our energy.


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