Kate: Breaking in a virgin. Part V

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We are going to take off your pants and then Im going to give you permission to treat me as your real life living breathing Barbie doll toy. As long as you play nicely, you can play with my body however you like.

As we’d alternately come together and gone our own way during the day as we each attended to the elements of our day’s programme, one thing had been clear. With me dressed as I was, Chris had been like a kid with a brightly wrapped present under the Christmas tree; barely able to keep his hands off it, constantly feeling it out to see what was inside and absolutely desperate to finally be able to unwrap it.

So after work I changed out of my uniform, showered and gift wrapped myself back into the one piece swimsuit and skirt, then picked up a pizza that would substitute for both our dinners on the way over the Chris’s.

With the boys both bare chested and dressed in a pair of boardies the three of us sat around on the lounge finishing the pizza and having a glass or two of wine. They were both drooling and unable to divert their eyes. It wasn’t just my breasts either. Low, deep and only moderately comfortable, it was impossible to sit on these lounges and eat while keeping my legs together, let alone crossed. I noticed Ben had deliberately positioned himself with an up-skirt view and was taking good advantage of it. But what the heck; given I was wearing swimmers he could see the same thing on the beach tomorrow.

At least Chris, whose thin boardies disclosed a partial erection, was drooling in anticipation. For Ben it was in frustration; something made clear from the near full erection which could be made out in the folds of his boardies. He seemed genuinely shocked he hadn’t managed to score with one of the locals in the two days he’d been here. Maybe we’re not all the desperate sluts he imagined beachside town girls to be. I’m no expert, but my guess was he was heading for a wet dream or a bit of self-relief.

Maybe I’m being too hard on Ben. After all, if I ignore the fact he tried to hit on his mate’s girl, the only thing I know he’s guilty of is the public teasing of Chris’s virginity.

Mind you hitting on a mate’s girl is no small crime. But the real problem was I’d read him as a bully. Maybe not too hard on Chris – although the teasing was part of that – but I’d seen a few other things that confirmed my belief he was a grade A bully. I’ve no tolerance for bullies. I saw enough of that at school and was disgusted by it then. This was my own subtle revenge; wicked though that makes me.

And I lathered it on. I was at my girlie playful best. Not airhead this time; I wanted Ben to know I was an intellectual equal (I’d say better, but didn’t need to go that far). But quite apart from looks I know how a girl can make any guy around her squirm in cross legged frustration and while thoroughly enjoying myself – because that’s a major part of the secret – I trowelled it out.

Superficially you’d say we all had a great and entertaining evening; the conversation and laughter flowed freely. Chris and I were, of course, all over each other like a rash – and an increasingly sexual rash at that as the second glass of wine disappeared - but I even gave Ben a friendly conversationally appropriate hand on the thigh or two and tolerated a grope or two from him in return.

It’s just one of us was going to bed alone with a desperate need for something that being alone gives you a very second rate experience of.

Once we were finished dinner and the second glass of wine, Chris seemed anxious to retire to our room and frankly, so was I. So we prepped for bed.

As we embraced each other after closing the door I made an offer to Chris that I’d been contemplating all day. What I’d been had been an enormous tease. But whereas a lot of guys would fairly quickly be giving me the “I want to stick my dick in you now” signal, Chris had been different. Yes in a way he’d been all over me like a rash. But he’d been wanting to touch and explore; not just fuck me. As I said, like a kid exploring a Christmas present wondering what’s under the wrapping.

I liked having the attention of guys; really like it when they’re completely focused on me. When you get a rare someone like Chris who wants more than a quick dip in my pussy, letting his impulses loose can be just as much fun for me as it is for him.

“We’re going to take off your pants and then I’m going to give you permission to treat me as your real life living breathing Barbie doll toy. As long as you play nicely, you can play with my body however you like. Not full on sex yet, we’ll come to that later, but without penetrating any part of my body, you can satisfy whatever little fantasies you might have. I’ll tell you if you do something I don’t like, until then you can go for it. When you ready for sex, let me know, but don’t feel any hurry up from me to get there. I’ll be enjoying the attention you give me”

Initially Chris looked a little dumbfounded taking in what I just said to him. I broke the ice by pulling his pants off his hips, unhooking his erection from the waistband so they could drop to the floor; exposing in the process his rampant erection.

“Now you can ask me to stand, sit, lie down or roll over whenever you’d like. You can undress me or even redress me however you’d like.”

As I stood back up from pulling his pants away from his ankles, Chris wrapped me in a full body embrace and started kissing me, letting his dick push up hard into the crutch of my swimmers. Maybe, I thought, he does just want to stick his dick in me.

But then he stepped back, contemplating my body for a second before bending in and kissing the exposed skin on the top of each breast. I put my hand on the top of his head and played with his hair as he knelt down at my feet, kissed the material covering each nipple and explored the exact location with his lips before trying to tease up a reaction from them. He cupped my breasts with his hands as he kissed down the length of my torso until he kissed my mons.

After that he asked me to lie on the bed.

I admit it I’m a tactile person. It might well stem from some deprivation of my upbringing and sorry guys to make us hard to read, but a lot of girls would be telling Chris to “get on with it” if he did to them what I encouraged him to do to me. But I like being touched (by the right person of course) and I like touching in return. To me touching is a form of communication; one that is remarkably hard to come by without giving an unintended message or simply having a guy wanting to move too fast and get down to the real action before you’ve had your fill of it.

To describe every movement he made in the next twenty minutes would be tedious; but it wasn’t tedious to me at the time. With my swimmers still on he touched, kissed and caressed every inch of my body, from my hair to my toes before rolling me over and starting again on the whole of my back. I was his gift wrapped package and he wanted to feel out everything inside before he opened me. Every moment he was doing this, one hand was in my crutch. It wasn’t pushing or rubbing hard; just playing with it – tickling it if you like, stroking it gently. But I wasn’t squirming around laughing. I was just becoming more and more aroused.

As he finished my back I felt the string tie on the back of my swimmers being pulled like the bow on the present I had made myself. That wasn’t strictly necessary to take them off. They’ll slip off each shoulder. Having undone the knot he pulled the strings lose before rolling my limp body over.

Then, starting by peeling the covering over each breast and having a prolonged oral play with each nipple, he slowly, sensually slipped them off my body to let him start all over again with my naked flesh.

But there were two significant differences this time. After he’d stripped me naked, gone back to start with my head and then worked down to my breasts he straddled me lightly, let his cock fall between them, pushed them together with his hands and gave himself a bit of a titty fuck. Not for long; just long enough to let him know what it felt like. He must have liked it because he was dripping pre-cum all over me. Then further on when he came to my crutch, he straddled my thighs. As he bent down to my crutch I thought he was about to give me some oral again; but instead he pulled my labia apart to give him a chance to see what it all looked like.

Given how aroused I felt I could only guess he got some really deep insights into me. It seemed as a sort of reward for that exposure he then leaned in again to tongue my clit for a bit, before continuing his journey down my body.

After rolling me over and doing my naked back I felt him lie on top of me along the length of my body and bring his mouth to my ear. “I’d really like to make love to you now.”

I put my hand around my back and wrapped it around his cock. “I want to show you something different this time”.

Spinning underneath him to bring us face to face, I slipped the already open condom on him and asked “how about I teach you doggie style?”

Now it’s not actually one of my favourites. I more like a face to face encounter; and for my satisfaction usually try to make sure I’m on top – often cowgirl style. Plus too many guys have being watching too much porn and got themselves obsessed with anal; and that’s just tempting them too much.

Mind you, they tell us doggie style is good for those with an active g spot; although it’s never really rocked my boat in that regard. They also tell us it gives the guy better access to finger the girl’s clit during sex; which assumes he cares enough to do it or even knows where it is.

Still, it’s part of Sex 101 and I’m in the role of Chris’s teacher. And I know he cares enough to find a clit and use it, so why not give him a go at it.

So kneeling on the floor, I bent over the bed, guided him into me and took his right hand and  wrapped it around my hip to bring it up against my clit. As the soft warm moist folds of my body first completely embraced the full length of his unyielding shaft, he let out this long, low, almost mournful, groan. Initially it made me think he’d gone off early.

But no, after hours of teasing; hours of building passion and desire, it was simply a sigh of relief. Maybe full satisfaction hadn’t yet been achieved but the mere feeling of my body’s most intimate acceptance and capture of his manhood had gone a long way there.

At first he didn’t thrust; being merely content to stimulate my clit with his fingers; just the slightest movement of his cock keeping it fully aroused. That was good enough for me, increasing my passion enough to bring forward a constant stream of vocal indications of my delight.

When he knew he had me going, he started pleasuring himself inside me. Slowly at first, as he read from the sounds of my groans the quickly building momentum towards my climax, so he also increased the movement towards his own.

By the time it was clear I was about to go he was pounding away at me like a pro; grunting loudly with his exertions.

I went first; giving both Chris and Ben the benefit of a full Meg Ryan performance; but one that was real and fully justified by the waves of ecstasy flowing through my body. I tried to focus the full pressure of my climax down into my pussy; bringing it to bear on the piston now rapidly plunging the depths of my body, letting Chris feel the full force of the orgasmic contractions he’d induced. He only lasted a moment longer before he too signalled his release with a bellowing groan and collapsed weakened and drained along the length of my back.

As we still both lay there too weak to move and too satisfied in each other’s embrace to want to, I could hear through the wall just the faintest sound of a guy climaxing; one who was trying to make no noise at all but couldn’t help himself, followed quickly by the sound of the same guy trying to deal with the mess he’d just made of his bed.

The pleasure that gave me was nearly enough to give me a second climax.

Submitted: February 28, 2015

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