Kate: Breaking in a virgin. Part IV

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I made an offer Ive never actually made before. That’s not to say it hasnt been taken, just that Ive never verbally gone so far as to give it freely. “Would you like a no obligation quickie?”

I’ve always had the habit of waking up about ten minutes before my alarm goes off – whatever time I’ve set it for. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I never wanted to disturb my mother if she was in one of her depression phases. So it was on this morning that I woke up to a pre-dawn light.

As I reoriented myself to where I was, I wondered if I would ever know the comfort of the familiar; of being able to consistently wake up in a home and next to a lover that that was my own; maybe my own children in an adjoining room.

Lying on my left side, it took just a moment for me to remember the male lying spooned against my back, his arm across my shoulder and hand cupping my left breast as his erection pushed deeply into the naked flesh of my right bum cheek was Chris. A moment more to register the dull ache of the lady boner between my legs and the engorged hardness of the nipple pressed between two fingers of his cupped hand.

Chis was up here to go surfing and one of the things surfers do is an early morning surf. Woe behold any girl who tries to come between a surfer and that; even more so as Ben would have had my hide for distracting him. Chris had set his alarm for 6.

His body was still, his breathing slow and regular. As far as I could tell he was sound asleep.

As gently as I could I reached out an arm to check the time on my phone. The alarm was due to go off in fifteen minutes.

The movement was enough to cause Chris to stir. Initially his hand moved slightly on my breast, stimulating my nipple and as his body stirred the movement of his erection against my flesh caused it to surge; pushing even harder against me and stimulating itself with some up and down movement. I sensed Chris turn his head to look at the clock next to him.

Realising he was awake, I swivelled under his arm so I was facing him and promptly received a whispered good morning greeting and kiss.

As we cuddled closer together I realised the lady boner wasn’t going away any time quickly. If it was originally some sort of night arousal, Chris’s body next to me had converted it to something more than that. But our time was limited.

I made an offer I’ve never actually made before. That’s not to say it hasn’t been taken, just that I’ve never verbally gone so far as to give it freely. “Would you like a no obligation quickie?”

I don’t think Chris was playing dumb when he responded “What’s that”

“You can have a ride without worrying about my satisfaction”

“Wouldn’t you like me to do you too?”

“There’s not time and I’ll enjoy it enough just letting you have a ride.”

To forestall any argument I’d already been rolling the condom on him even as we spoke. Now I just inserted him as we lay side by side; something which does of course require some co-operation from him, so he wasn’t entirely resisting. Rolling him on top of me I wrapped my legs around the outside of his hips. Chris started off slowly; seemingly testing my state of readiness for him. He’d gone in easily enough, but he made sure he could feel me well lubricated before really getting serious.

At first he curled his head down and sucked on my nipples as he thrust, but as he got more excited he held his head up; increasing the tempo. Before long he was really going at it.

Did I call it a quickie? That was a mistake.

I suppose dumping three loads in a 24 hour period is going to slow doing the fourth even in a newbie. In part that might have been because he was clearly trying to hit my spots even if it meant using a less pleasurable movement for him. And to an extent it was working. I’d wish I’d had more experienced lovers than him try as effectively. If we’d hard more time I might have helped him work me up even more by repositioning myself to present a more favourable angle. But the clock was ticking.

His alarm was soon going to go off and I wanted him to go off first.

Much as it was tempting with Ben in the adjoining room, I don’t do Meg Ryan style false orgasms or even unforced groaning. But my efforts weren’t needed. Quite apart from the squeaking from the combination of the dodgy bed and Chris’s considerable exertions, he’d had found his own voice and was grunting away like a pro. And I doubt Ben would have had any doubt knowing the precise moment Chris, with just a minute to go on the clock, filled his condom.

A moment later he was up getting dressed. I noted a pair of speedos was part of his dressing routine. On the whole, surfers don’t always, or even often, do speedos, and never alone. For summer days, boardies are the universal outfit. Under those they might wear nothing, an ordinary pair of undies or sometimes speedos. I already knew Chris wore nothing.

But I’ve noticed if you’re expecting to wear a wetsuit, speedos are handy for getting in and out of it, so figured that’s what he was doing. I wasn’t unhappy about the speedos this morning. Watching Greg over all these years has given me something of a fetish for them.

With the boys gone I drifted off back to sleep until about 7.30 when I figured it was time to get up and have a shower.

As one of my little peculiarities, I’ve never been one to like wet towels in the bedroom. So after I’d finished drying I just hung the towel on the rack and opened the bathroom door to walk naked to the bedroom. And low and behold, as I emerged, there was Chris behind the kitchen bench dressed just in his speedos.

I suppose there’s a few possible reactions to that.

One’s to just squeal, duck back into the bathroom, put on a towel wrap and go from there.

The middle approach might just be to sprint to the bedroom.

Then there’s the Kate approach, which is to do a quick check to make sure Ben wasn’t in the room, amble across it naked, bend over the kitchen bench and give Chris a kiss.

“You’re back early.”

“Yea, the surf was lousy, so we decided to go back when the tide had turned.”

We! I had assumed Chris had come back alone. If I had any doubts they were disabused when I spotted Ben’s reflection in the oven window, standing half out of his bedroom door and clearly enjoying the view straight up my pussy that my bent stance over the kitchen bench was offering him. I at least had the presence of mind to make sure he didn’t have a camera in his hand.

Now I’m a bit agnostic about nakedness. Not a nudist, nor am I prudish. My topless exposure is limited more by the law than any discomfort on my part. Bottomless I treat as a form of intimacy sharing which is why I presented myself to Chris like I did. I had no desire to share any intimacy with Ben and frankly the view he had at that moment gave away more intimacy than even Chris had shared with me; although I’d mentally already set something similar aside for his lesson for tonight.

But nor did I want to offer him any sense that he’d embarrassed me by catching me out.

So, thankful that Chris had been too focused on me to have glimpsed Ben lurking there, like a gambler with a doubtful hand, I doubled up my bet. Acting as if I was unaware of Ben’s presence, I eased myself back upright and firmly on my feet, walked around the bench to Chris and embraced and kissed him. As I felt his erection grow in his speedos, I half turned my body away from his just enough that I my hand could easily access Chris’s cock and from his vantage point Ben could see what I was doing.

As it grew his erection had been trapped by the material of his speedos and had grown out at an odd angle. I readjusted it so that it bisected the line of his stomach and ran my fingers up and down the sides of it a couple of times to ensure the material folded around it and gave it an unusual prominence while teasing it up to its full height.

Then I gave Chris a final kiss and with a “I’d better go get dressed before Ben comes out” I turned towards the bedroom door. That naturally brought Ben into my line of sight. So I just gave him a wave and a “hya Ben” as I ambled into the bedroom.

My intended outfit for the day was as top shelf as my dress for last night. It was based on my sexy ‘We Are Hansom’ brand deep v one piece swimsuit. Now I accept guys usually prefer bikinis, but this one is definitely designed to arouse. I was never sure if it was a design flaw or intended, but where the cross over straps reattach to the sides of the triangles of the top piece is about in line with where the nipples would be if you wore it normally.

That means you have a choice. You can hitch it up to normal height, in which case the straps pull the breasts somewhat flatter, or you can let the front piece do what it wants to do, which is then ride down so that the point of attachment sits just under the breast. If you do the latter, the triangle sits like a shelf bra, supporting and covering the underside of the breast and making it unnaturally perky and pushed up while barely managing to make it over the turn of the breast and adequately hide the nipple let alone any of the top flesh around it.

The effect will make the average guy go goggle eyed on first sighting and because of my height it’s the way it naturally wants to sit.

As for the rest of the swimsuit it plunges deeply at the side down to a back that sits just over the top of my bum crack and because of my height and breast size the overall material sits drum-tight on my body, highlighting every curve. To top it off the material pattern is based on a lovely painting of wild brumbies in colour tones that flatter my skin.

It’s real advantage over a bikini, and why I wear it on days out with top shelf guys, is that if you match it with a nice skirt or pair of shorts, you can wear it just about anywhere all day without any other top. It’s sort of guaranteed to keep your date in a permanent state of arousal throughout the day. And since Chris had just dropped four loads in less than a full day, he definitely was going to need a testosterone top up.

Today I was matching it with a sexy little hip sitting mini skirt, just modest enough to let me walk around town while still guaranteed to offer Chis an eyeful of anything he wanted to see just about any time he wanted to see it.

As I walked back out of the room both he and Ben nearly fell over backwards.

Leaving Ben drooling into his cereal I sidled up against Chris’s body to plan out the day.

The truth was we had something of an all over the place day ahead. Chris had several more surfs planned and I needed to fit in a training run and swim, catch up with Greg and Karen and then head off to a work shift between 2pm and 10.

But whatever else happened I fully intended to be back here after 10 tonight to continue Chris’s lessons.

Submitted: February 23, 2015

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