Kate: Breaking in a virgin. Part II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Chris needs some more practice and a mate needs putting in his place

Personally, I wasn’t finished with this guy.

As I continued to lie there on top of him after we’d finished, I had to ask “how come a great catch like you was still a virgin?”

“Until two months ago I’d been going out with the same girl since year 10. We were both at the same Catholic School and she had a fairly strict approach to those things.”

“You obviously know how to finger a girl. Where did you learn that?”

“Over the last few months she let me go that far as long as I didn’t go inside her panties.”

“I suppose you’ll tell me she was wearing granny undies while you did it.”

“Well actually, they started out a bit that way, but I noticed they pretty soon got fairly thin and filmy”

“Did you get to her orgasm?”

“Did I ever. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time when she groaned so much and arched her back so high I thought she’d gone into some sort of spasm and actually asked her if she was OK. After that it was just about every time. She also seemed to get pretty keen to make out whenever we went out.”

“Did she reciprocate?”

“No. She didn’t offer and when I tried to encourage her to she ignored the hint or just took her hand away.”

“Is that why you broke up?”

“No, I wasn’t too worried by that. We were just sort of drifting apart as we got older and eventually she said we weren’t compatible and found someone else.”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have been so nosy.”

“That’s alright. I think she was right, I just didn’t want to admit it.”

“So did you feel guilty about having sex?”

“A little. But I’m not really a practicing catholic. I just think feeling guilty becomes a bit of a habit.”

“Does that mean I’ve just condemned you to hell?”

He slid his hand from the small of my back onto the check of my butt and gave it a squeeze. “Actually it feels like heaven to me.”

It was lucky this guy was a visitor to town. I liked him enough and felt enough animal attraction to him that my attachment aversion might have cut in if I thought he wouldn’t be back out of my life soon enough. Still, I thought I’d better check my ground.

“Who are you up here with?”

“Just an old school mate. We’ve come up for a week’s surfing and low and behold on the first day I bump into Mark who drags me along to that party.” Don’t think it didn’t register that he was here for a week. Something that left me with a combination of ‘that’s great I might have him for the week’ and ‘cool, no commitment issues’.

“Where’s your mate now.”

“I donno. He’s a bit of a player. Last I saw him he was chatting up some chicks as I went into the surf.”

“Did he know you were a virgin?”

“Sure, he’s a good friend of my old girlfriend. He always teased me about it.”

“In a mean way?”

“Oh well, he’s a bit cocky about his own ability with the girls, so likes to lord it over me a bit. I just wish he wouldn’t do it front of others.”

“Do you know who the girls he was trying to crack onto were?”

“I don’t know their names, although they were locals. The main one he was targeting was this platinum blonde with humungous breasts”

I let out an audible giggle as it occurred to me who that was. “Was one of her friends a tall, gangly girl with pimples and short curly hair?”

“Yes, why do you know the girls?”

“Yea, it sounds like the big breasted girl was Merc. She likes teasing guys by letting them chat her up, but she’s got a bogan body-builder for a boyfriend and I can assure you your mate’s not going to get anywhere with her.”

By now Chris was starting to become aroused again. I’m always one to think that practice makes perfect, and I was happy for this guy to practice on me. Lifting myself off him I unrolled the old condom of the tip of his rapidly growing cock. “I’d better get rid of this.”

There was no on suite. I took it into the bathroom, rinsed it and chucked it in the bin under the sink. Then I attended to a few personal needs.

Collecting a couple of extra condoms from my bag I re-entered the bedroom to find Chris on his back watching me, his hands behind his head and his erection back to full bloom.

Putting myself down on top of his body I whispered into his ear “why don’t you show me what you used to do for you girlfriend and I’ll show you how she should have treated you”. Chris rolled me off, lying me on my back while he brought his body half over mine. For a little while he nuzzled and cuddled me, stroked my skin, caressed various parts of me and then kissed up and down the full length of my body.

On the upward pass of my body, he lingered at my breasts, kissing around each nipple before taking each one into his mouth and extending it to its full height and hardness with his lips and tongue and then stimulating it by taking it fully into his mouth and playing with it. All the while his hand is caressing slowly down my stomach and eventually down to the turn of my mons. There the fingers of the hands played and loitered there, teasing me with promises of things to come.

The thing about Chris’s approach was he made me feel it was all about me. While I had a hand wrapped around his shaft, it was fairly static and not yet offering him much in return.

Finally when he’d teased me to the point I felt like begging him for more, his hand slid along the length of my crutch, seemingly testing the state of my arousal, feeling the opening to my body, penetrating gently inside judging it wetness and receptiveness. Only then did he move his fingers up to my clit and really start fingering it. Initially he explored its engorgement, a single finger outlining its shape, touching every part of it as if to map it out and discover its most sensitive points. If he discovered a touch produced a little shudder of pleasure from me then periodically he’d return to that point, looking to enhance the pleasure and draw it out further.

Every now and then he’d return to my opening, penetrating far enough and in a way that seemed to suck out my juices and flood my clit with them.

All the while he’s sucking on my nipples; not hard, not trying to bite them off or rub them out, just in a way that kept them wet and slippery with his saliva and at their maximum engorgement.

Eventually his fingering of my clit became more unrelenting, the pressure he applied to the fingering firmer. It was almost as if he could read what I felt inside and was responding to it, layering pleasure down upon pleasure. With that and what he was doing to my nipples it was if my whole body was being assaulted with euphoria; as if it was being rubbed in through every pore of my skin.

His body was half over mine, pressing down on it; itself communicating I have this big gorgeous hunk of a man pleasuring me.

Originally I thought I’d mount him at the last minute and finish my climax with him in me. A condom was opened and ready to go on the bedside table. But the will power to do that had long gone. What he was doing was too nice however much my pussy was longing to be filled.

An orgasm detonated inside me. I wasn’t deliberately trying to follow the lead of his former girlfriend; it was just so powerful that I couldn’t help it as it made me clamp his head against my breast with one hand and his hand to my crutch with the other as I arched my back high into the air and swayed it from side to side, all the time letting out a prolonged “ooohhhh,ooohhh….”

Every sense in my body wanted to throw him on his back, mount him and pound my clit against him for a second orgasm. But that wasn’t the plan I’d set out with as far as his sexual education was concerned. Instead as we lay side by side, I rolled the condom on, inserted him and rolled him over on top of me, pushing his legs outside mine.

Then I whispered in his ear “go for it sport”.

He didn’t need a second invitation. At first he thrust lying almost fully on me, but as he gained more confidence he lifted his head and shoulders up and thrust a bit harder.

It wasn’t a marathon; but then I didn’t expect it to be. After a few minutes his movements suddenly froze, the cutest little look spread across his face and then with a mighty groan he dumped his load in a couple of big thrusts before collapsing back down on top of me again.

From there he rolled over onto his side and after he withdrew we lay there cuddling until we both drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to find the bedroom door was shut and the sound of two male voices in the living room. One was Chris. I could only guess the other was his room-mate. I looked around the room before remembering that both my bikini top and my beach wrap were out there. All I had in the room was my bikini pants.

I wasn’t really one to skulk around hiding in bedrooms. The thought occurred to me I could grab one of Chris’s t shirts out of his bag on the floor, but that’s not my style either. Anyhow I decided to play a little game on his room-mate; seeing just how much of a player he was while giving Chris a few credo points at the same time. So instead, donning my pants, I opened the door to the sight of Chris’s boardie clad butt hanging out while he leaned over the kitchen bench with his back to me and with another guy on the other side of the bench talking to him.

Intent on looking out the window at the surf, it took a moment for the other guy to register my presence; letting me close about two thirds of the gap to Chris. Then he saw me and his jaw just about dropped onto the bench.

I’d been quiet enough not to signal my presence to Chris either, but as he saw his mate’s jaw drop he realised I must be there and without otherwise changing his stance he turned his head around to watch my approach.

I closed the gap on Chris, pushed my hips against his out-thrust butt, slipped my left hand down the front of his pants and wrapped it around his cock, looked his mate in the eye, held out my right hand and said with my most seductive voice and smile “Hello, I’m Kate”.

Since it was well below the line of the kitchen bench, the mate probably couldn’t see where my left hand had gone. But even if it was in plain sight with a spotlight on it, it wouldn’t have mattered. Since the moment he’d seen me the mate’s eyes hadn’t moved from my naked breasts. If he was a player, he hadn’t yet learned to play it cool. At first he didn’t even acknowledge my greeting or outreached hand; too transfixed and distracted.

I was quite pleased when Chris, acting as if it was the most natural thing in the world, broke his spell with a calm, “Kate, this is Ben” all while his cock exploded into an erection in response to my hand. Pointing downward when I first grabbed it, the erection had actually grown downward in his pants and as I slid my hand down its length I could feel it had actually emerged out of his leg opening and the tip was now exposed.

Finally Ben took my hand and spluttered out a hello. With my other hand still down Chris’s pants, I held his hand in mine for longer than was normally decent, letting him squirm a little; even more so as I let him sense my gaze upon his own crutch where the start of an erection was clearly making its presence known. Then finally, before entirely letting his hand go, I swung my shoulders and head from side to side – ensuring my boobs did a nice little dance in tune with my shoulders – as I innocently expressed the thought that I was sure I’d left my bikini top somewhere out here.

Only as I did a girlie, giggly little “oh, there it is” did I finally release both guys to point at the top with an exaggerated delight. Walking over to where it now lay on the floor, I wiggled my bum at the boys as I bent over to pick it up, turned around and took my time tying it back on as they both watched goggle eyed.

Then I seductively bent down again to pick up my wrap, put it with my bag and grabbed my phone.

I’ve always enjoyed knowing how much power girls have over guys. It’s a power I’ve spent a long time refining and I enjoyed even more using that power to good; trading off a little bombshell airhead behaviour to give Chris a bit of a thrill and some additional credibility with his mate.

I walked back up to Chris, took his hand to put it over my shoulder and made him face me directly then gave him a little wink with the eye Ben couldn’t see to make sure he knew I was playing with Ben’s brain. “Chris dear, I’ve got to go now, but how about we get together for dinner and I’ll show you a few sights of the town.” Handing him my phone I added “Here dial your number so we both have the other’s phone details.”

I waited while Chris dialled his phone and let his own phone ring twice in response, then tucked the phone under the side tie string of my bikini pants. “What say I met you here at seven? Then maybe afterwards we can come back here and give that a bit more exercise.” With that final comment and in full view of Ben, I’d wrapped my fingers around the tip of Chris’s erection where it came out the bottom of his shorts and slid it upwards, not just exposing almost its full length as I pushed the material up, but effectively locking in the exposure as his cock had come up to the horizontal as the downward pressure of the material was released. Then I’d pushed my body against his, letting the erection slide between my thighs and up against my crutch, as I gave him a prolonged goodbye kiss.

Finally, before breaking contact with Chris I gave Ben a smile and little wave. With a “see ya Ben”, picked up my bag and beach cover wrap and sashed out the door.

Submitted: February 17, 2015

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This was fantastic,like this character kate very much

Wed, February 18th, 2015 5:09pm


Thanks Chuparustam. I agree Kate is a character you can have some fun with

Wed, February 18th, 2015 11:51am


Very hot! Especially the part of playing with Chris in front of Ben.
Thanks for the fun!

Wed, February 18th, 2015 6:20pm

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