Karen & Greg Chpt 10 - Sailing gets interesting

Karen & Greg Chpt 10 - Sailing gets interesting Karen & Greg Chpt 10 - Sailing gets interesting

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A challanging day on the water leads to more sex for our lovers


A challanging day on the water leads to more sex for our lovers


Submitted: October 04, 2012

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Submitted: October 04, 2012



Chapter 10 – Sailing gets interesting

With such a long summer holiday, Greg, as he so eloquently put it, said he needed to find ways to entertain me so that we just didn’t lie up the back of the beach and screw each other silly all day. One of the things he introduced me to was sailing.

It was a sport Greg had been active in until the end of year 10, at which point the need to get a job and study harder for his HSC years had left him with the choice of giving up sailing or lifesavers. Greg had chosen to give up the former and his sister had eagerly taken over the boat. So the boat was still owned by the family and kept in the sailing club by the river.

The club was one of those old boatshed type clubs built by the members themselves out of concrete blocks and fibro in the 50’s. The boat storage and change rooms were downstairs; while upstairs there was a big open hall and canteen with large glass windows looking out over the river. From the looks of it not much – and especially the change rooms – had been updated since the 50’s either.

The type of boat was a 39er; a high performance skiff type boat intended for experienced older teenagers. It was not really the sort of boat one generally learns to sail in; especially as it has both a spinnaker and trapeze. All Greg said in relation to that was that I was no ordinary student!

In actual fact Greg had got me sailing fairly easily. By the end of the first day I was trapezing confidently; for those of you who don’t know trapezing is hanging out from the side of the boat suspended only by a wire or rope coming down from the masthead and attached to a hook on a special nappy like belt that you wear. I was also setting the spinnaker and controlling it from the trapeze.

By the fourth time we went out I even more or less knew what was going on, where the wind was coming from and how the sails should be set. However, I was about to discover a whole different side to sailing.

We’d been out for a while when Greg pointed to the South where a big black cloud was forming and seemingly racing toward us and suggested that we’d better head for the beach. We’d really only just started out for home when the first gusts from the storm front hit us. It was much stronger than anything we’d been sailing in before. Greg saw the gust racing across the water toward us and called for me to ease the jib so we wouldn’t get blown over. I was still trying to flick it out of the cleat when the gust hit. Even though Greg fully dumped the main, the gust was strong enough to capsize us from the pressure on the jib alone.

Fortunately Greg had briefed me on what to do if we capsized while I was out on trapeze; so I threw myself out the back of the boat to land in the water behind the mainsail without damaging myself or the boat. By the time I’d recovered my composure, Greg was already on the centreboard having climbed straight over there as the boat capsized.

As Greg explained later, one of the issues with the 29er is that after it capsizes it rapidly turns itself around so that the top of the mast is facing toward the wind. This means as you start to right the boat the wind gets under the sails and often blows it straight over again on the other side. This happened to us three times, even though Greg had me lie alongside the cockpit of the boat as it was on its side so that as the boat came up I was scooped up in to the cockpit and just maybe in a position to stop the roll. Trouble was, even in those instances where I was quick enough to act I wasn’t heavy enough to make much difference.

For the fourth attempt Greg tried a different technique. He had me stand on the centreboard while he held on to the forestay a little less than two metres above the deck level. As I used my weight to right the boat far enough for the wind to get under the sail, Greg used the rising forestay to lift him on to the foredeck while his weight slowed the speed with which it righted. At the same time he dragged his foot in the water just enough to encourage the boat to spin around in to the wind as it came upright.

That left the boat facing in to the wind with Greg already aboard. While the cracking noise made by the madly flapping jib was deafening, and it was rocking madly from side to side, Greg was able to help me aboard and start sorting the boat out to get sailing again.

A strong outgoing tide had at least been pushing us back in the direction of the clubhouse while we were going through all this, but we still needed to get sailing or the tide would sweep up straight past the club and out to sea. With the increase in wind, my weight on the wire was more important than ever, so there was not able to be any slacking off on my part just because it had got a bit scary.

The wind against tide very quickly meant large waves were forming. As much as Greg tried to minimise the effect the boat tended to leap off the waves and into the air as we went through them. For me on trapeze, this was exciting and scary all at once. Even though the wind was vicious, now it had settled in Greg was able to keep the boat sailing in a fairly stable manner; sailing a little bit free of the wind to give him the best course back to the club and me a very fast ride.

When we’d left the beach it was 35 degrees and sunny. I’d dressed only in a very light pair of wetsuit pants I’d borrowed from Greg’s sister; which was mainly to minimise bruising to my legs. Up top I just had a rashie over my bikini. Apart from that I was wearing a lifevest and trapeze belt; but neither of those gave anything in the way of insulation from the cold which was now settling in to me.

Matters became worse as it started to rain so heavily I couldn’t see the shore any more. I was already saturated. Now a combination of the cold rain, the cold air swept down by the storm cell and the wind chill factor meant I was soon shivering madly. I was of course saturated and the wind on my wet rashie was especially chilling, although in these conditions even the wetsuit pants didn’t stop my legs from freezing.

As I stood out on the trapeze, I looked down the length of my body to watch my legs as they shivered enough to shake the whole boat. In the process I couldn’t help but notice my nipples. Being a bit too big for me, the lifevest and trapeze belt tended to stand proud of my chest as they supported my weight on the wire, so I could quite clearly see the rashie absolutely plastered to my breasts in their soaking state. The cold had raised the nipples to their full height. As they stuck out from the top of my breasts, they reminded me of vents of extinct volcanos from which most of the cones had been eroded away. To cap it off as I shivered both breast and nipple were vigorously wobbling like jelly shapes left on the dashboard of a car speeding along a rutted dirt road.

I was glad Greg couldn’t see them since I neither wanted him distracted at the moment from his task of sailing the boat nor trying later to compete with the cold to make them even bigger. That momentary thought process brought back memories of the nipple orgasm Greg had given me. My groin warmed to the arousal that thought gave me and I held it savouring the pleasure of the experience and the diversion from all pervading sense of cold that just moments before had crowded my brain. No doubt that warmth was being drawn from deep within my body’s core and even as I enjoyed it was being dissipated to the outside cold. As a strategy for long term survival it was probably a poor one. As a way of spending the next ten minutes getting back to the beach it made the most of my situation; maybe even helped me enjoy the excitement of the sailing experience over the misery of the cold.

As we roared in to the beach, Greg had me let the jib go and come in off the trapeze to bring the centreboard up. Greg then slid over the side to catch the boat. Once he had it steady he had me jump of so I could go up the beach for the trolley. As I jumped off I fell flat in the shallow water. Ironically it was much warmer fully submerged than it was standing up and it took a lot of will power from me to get up and get the trolley.

By the time I’d got back with the trolley Greg had already released the halyard on the jib and it was sliding to the deck captured by the hanks that held it to the forestay. At least that stopped the infernal cracking noise it made as it flapped. As soon as the boat was tied to the trolley and we’d got the boat a reasonable distance out of the water, Greg told me to go and get warm in the clubhouse while he dropped the sails. I meekly protested that he’d need my help but I think he recognised that in the state I was in I’d be of little use.

So I went and waited just inside the door of the clubhouse where neither the rain nor the wind blowing viciously through the door could directly get me, but where I could still see Greg through the driving rain as he secured the boat. Hunched over, my whole body was shaking madly.

I’d barely got under shelter when an enormous thunderclap shook the whole building and it started to hail; just small ones but coming down with an intensity that deafened me as the hit the tin roof of the clubhouse. Greg came in carrying the mainsail and jib bunched up as much as he was able in the wind and rain. As he dropped them on the floor just inside the door he took one look at me, pointed at the ladies room and told me to quickly get under a hot shower and that he was going back out to get our dry clothes from the car.

I went in to the ladies and started fumbling with my sailing gear to try and get it off. The zipper of the lifevest was easy enough to undo, but as my whole body shook I couldn’t get my fingers to untie the rope that held my trapeze on. To compound matters, my brain wasn’t functioning that well so I couldn’t really concentrate as I worked on it. I heard the door of the clubhouse close with a bang as Greg pushed it against the wind and he came in to the room with my gear bag wrapped in his towel. He was still hunched over the lot having walked through the rain like that to try and keep it all dry.

He was blue and shaking almost as much as I was. He took one look at me, walked past me to the shower cubicle, turned on the water and adjusted the temperature and dragged me under it fully clothed. As he did so I notice him register the sight of my breasts plastered down within my top, the nipples out and the whole lot wobbling. But he was too concerned by my condition to even joke about it. The showers were just a single bay with a line of closely spaced showerheads with individual taps, so Greg turned on the one next to it for himself and got under it; also still fully clothed.

As I pathetically hunched under the hot water and it penetrated in to my clothes, I stared at Greg with an intensity that only a zombie like state can induce. As soon as he was under the water, he stood upright and put his head under the stream, opening out the neckline of his sailing gear to let the water run down inside. Then working from the top down he started to undress. Like for me, getting the life vest off was easy. It wasn’t quite so easy for him to get out of his rashie; once they’re wet you have to wrestle with them extract your body from them. Next he bent down and took his booties off after which he actually sat on the floor of the shower cubicle while he pulled his legs out of his wetsuit pants. Finally he stood up, dropped his swimmers, wrung them out and hung them on the tap.

As he turned his back to me to hang them, I had time to think how rarely I got a good look at his bare bum even as I admired the view. A cute tight little bum it was too. I liked it. Now naked, I watched as he let the water run over him; imparting its warmth to his body. It seemed special that he could stand so comfortably naked next to me; a couple of months ago I couldn’t have conceived of being in this situation with a guy – now it seemed entirely normal. Sure, we’d spent a lot of time naked together; either having sex or just lying in bed, but to just be casually have him standing next to me like this as if it was the most normal thing in the world thrilled me more than I would have expected. I felt a surge of desire between my legs.

He’d been casting an eye toward me through his undressing process. As I continued to stand there just hunched over and letting the water run down my back, I could see the look of concern linger on his face. “Are you going to get undressed?”

“Eventually, when I can move again” While it suited me to sound pathetic, I was overstating my case. It was really just inertia locking me in place; I was enjoying the initial effect of the hot water and being able to stare vacantly at Greg’s naked body without judgement being cast on me.

“Let me help you”

So stepping out of his life giving hot water stream he came over to me. In seconds he’d undone the knot on the trapeze belt that had defeated me and slid the belt down my legs; bending down and telling me to balance myself with a hand on his head while I lifted each foot out of it. Then standing up he stripped my rashie over my head; casting it down on to the floor of the shower. Following the same order as his own undressing he knelt down to take my booties off and while he was down there he rolled my wetsuit pants down my legs and pulled them over my feet; his head in each case being my balancing point.

Being undressed by him had only caused a surged in my desire. As I stood there with my hand on his head I eagerly awaited the moment he would rip my bikini off, stand up in front of me, drive his erection between my legs and take me. I longed to be taken; for him to impose his manhood upon me.

When he had me stripped down to my bikini, instead he stood up behind me to coerce me in to a fully upright position with my head under the shower stream. With his hips against my bum he encouraged me with his hands around my underarms in to an upright position. As I straightened, I deliberately kept our bodies in contact; pushing the full length of my back in contact with his front, my head almost leaning back on his shoulders as his gentle hands rinsed the hot water through my hair and encouraged it to run down the full length of my body. “You’ll absorb more heat if you let the water run over your head and neck.”

I was waiting, wanting to feel his manhood swelling against my spine or rising through an arc between my legs. I assumed his actions were foreplay and enjoyed them as such. This was it, I was about to be taken. Instead he’d remained almost flaccid. I was touched that he was so concerned about my well-being that it was suppressing what I thought would be an automatic reaction; but frustrated by the lack of action. While our bodies were in full contact I waited; expecting nature would take its course. Instead, when he thought he’d broken the spell that the cold had over me, he kissed me on the side of my neck and moved back under his own shower.

I admit my brain and body functions were taking some time to catch up with my libido in returning to normal. I followed Greg’s lead in taking off my swimmers and hanging them on the tap before turning to face him, to stare at that beautiful body. Those broad shoulders, that body all tall, lean and muscly like a greyhound. Couldn’t he tell how aroused I was? Wasn’t the swelling of my breasts and the engorgement of my nipples under the hot water enough of a signal. Surely there must be some change visible in my loins to tell him that my groin was wet with something other than the water of the shower and my body had already fully anticipated the arrival of his manhood.

There we stood, each silently eyeing the other off, captured by our own thoughts. Mine were full of lust and desire; his of care and concern.

I pouted. I stood under the shower bolt upright, stomach sucked in breasts thrust forward. I turned gently from side to side, running the water over my breast as they swung to the momentum of my turns. My whole body was calling out “come on Greg, come and take me”. I managed to induce some reaction but he was still essentially flaccid. Damn his lifesaver background. Just because he’d recognised me as clinically hypothermic ten minutes ago, somehow I’d ceased to be a sexual object and had become a patient. Keep up with it Greg, can’t you see I was ready to go back to being a sexual object?

Finally I conceded I wasn’t going to get myself taken standing here. I’d have to make the first move. I stepped over to Greg and put my arms around him. “Thank you for looking after me” The words weren’t merely an excuse for pressing myself against him. They were sincerely felt. Somehow in his presence I always felt safe; felt that he was always looking after me, protecting me, just there for me. Indeed it was probably those very feelings which were driving my physical need for him. Is there a name for the syndrome that causes a rescued woman to want to melt in to the arms of her rescuer?

If you’re of a feminist bent, don’t condemn me for these thoughts. I too am an independent woman; always have been. It’s all Greg’s fault. He seems to have woven this spell around me that’s turned me in to some sort of old fashioned fairy tale princess; the type who gets rescued by and falls for their prince charming. I’m as appalled by as I’m sure you are, but can’t control the feelings just the same.

He put his arms around my shoulders and drew me closer to him. “I was the one who got us in to trouble in the first place”

“Not really. You’d checked the forecast. Sometimes these things just happen”

As I put my head on his chest he stepped back a little giving me a generous portion of the flow of water coming from his shower head. Once he was certain I was staying where I was Greg reached over to turn off the taps on my shower, then we both just stood there locked together letting the warming water cascade down our bodies. At last I managed to induce a sexual response in him. I felt his growing cock arc up the inside of my thigh before its progress was stopped as it lodged itself firmly along the length of my pussy valley; throbbing as it tried to force itself higher. With my head on his chest I heard his heart beat louder and faster.

For a moment, just to feel his body respond to me was enough. I didn’t feel I needed to rush things. I always enjoyed being in Greg’s arms.

“It’s teamwork that got us back to the beach. You were spectacular. I thought it was fantastic the way you handled the trapeze; especially as the boat started to fly off the waves. Mind you your body was shaking so much I could feel it through the whole boat. I didn’t know whether to worry about you or laugh”

In his ‘sell job’ on me for sailing before we started, the fact that it teaches both teamwork and self-reliance were things he’d stressed. I’d put it all down to PR, but after this afternoon was willing to concede he might have a point. We had needed to work together to get back and we were the only ones able to get ourselves home today. Had we waited for help, even I could see we’d have been washed out to sea by now. In fact I was quite chuffed by Greg’s compliment on my sailing ability. In such challenging conditions I thought I’d done pretty well given my lack of experience and to have Greg say so in such unqualified terms meant a lot.

My desire told me it was time for more. I pulled my head up from his chest and kissed him; starting to move myself back and forward along his shaft as I did. While I’d rubbed myself along him like this before, it was usually as a part of foreplay while we still had swimmers or undies on. Somewhat surprisingly, apart from the last tennis match where Greg had used it as a bit of foreplay, this was the first time I’d had this sort of bare contact while we were naked in a way I could control.

It was nice enough when Greg did it; but now it was nothing less than mind blowingly stimulating. What started out as just a bit of light sexual interaction soon found me sliding my hand down and grabbing Greg’s cock so I could fully control the action. With my hand around its base I was able to adjust the amount of pressure I brought against my clit. I was also able to control whether I just slid the shaft back and forward through my pussy lips and against my clit or flicked my clit using the bell shaped head on the end of his cock. Not being able to work out which was the best of two near perfect options; I did a bit of both!

I started to get more excited and moved back and forward more quickly, to the point Greg was having trouble bracing himself against my pushing, so he positioned his back against the wall of the shower bay.

Maybe it was the adrenaline from the survival sailing still in my system, maybe it was the hot water under the shower or maybe it was nothing more complex than the fact I’d just had my wax job redone and so didn’t have any friction from hair. Whatever it was this was incredibly, powerfully arousing; pleasuring me at a whole new level.

Recognising from my breathing and rising physical passion the speed with which I was bringing myself to a climax, Greg bent down and started licking my nipples; which simply further heightened my arousal. As I got more and more excited I started to move faster and more violently against Greg. Over my pounding heart beat I could hear the noise of Greg’s back slapping against the shower wall in time to my movements.

There was a tug of war going on in my crutch between my pussy; which desperately, longingly wanted to be filled by Greg and my clit which wasn’t going to give up the source of such pleasure. The clit won. My whole mind and focus became centred on that little swollen nub greedily demanding more and more of the stimulation it was getting; flooding my body with its addictive hormonal rewards. Everything down there seemed as though it was going to burst.

When the dam of my orgasm broke all I could do was scream out Greg’s name. “Oh Greg, Greg ooohh, arrrr…” as I held his shaft as hard up in to my crutch as I could and bent over with the power of the forces ripping through me. The first wave eased off, only to be followed by a second even more powerful wave…”oooohhhhh”. By now it was only Greg’s strong embrace that was supporting me in an upright position. When the second wave eased back, my pussy started screaming out “my turn, my turn”. With the strength I could still muster, I positioned the head of Greg’s shaft at the opening and lifted myself up before bringing myself back down on it, grinding out the following waves of my orgasm by pushing myself hard down on to him. To cut off the objection I could see forming in Greg’s throat, I managed to blurt out “I’m on the pill”

As I finished I started to pound away on Greg with the last of the energy still in my legs trying to give him his orgasm, but he stilled me, turned me to have my back against the wall, lifted my legs up around his hips and found his own climax with slow deliberate thrusts until his orgasm took control and forced a more powerful response.

By the time my feet reached back to the ground, Greg’s legs were already starting to wobble with his post climatic weakness. Then as we so often did we just stood there in each other’s arms joined together until Greg shrunk back out of me. As I felt our combined juices poor out of me and slip down my thigh I looked down. Greg’s cum was clearly distinguishable by its milky colour. I watched as the water took it and washed it down my leg toward the drain. As it disappeared forever, I momentarily imagined the sperm as thousands of potential little children running away. Greg’s mere presence was continuing to have some very strange effects on my maternal instincts. Still nothing dangerous or that I couldn’t control, just completely unexpected.

After a while Greg broke our hold with a kiss so that he could get out of the shower “before he dissolved” as he put it. I wasn’t yet ready to surrender the warmth it gave me so watched as he dried his nakedness and reached his clothes out from my gear bag. Normally when we went sailing we changed at the car and just slipped our clothes over our swimmers; which were usually no more than slightly damp and often not even that by the time we’d finished unrigging and were getting dressed to go. So spare undies weren’t part of our kit.

Greg just put his shorts on commando, his not yet fully flaccid cock bulging in an unfamiliar more defined manner under the soft material of his board shorts. He busied himself picking up the pieces of wet gear and hanging them on pegs around the room to at least drip out the surface water. “I’ll make us a cup of tea. Come up when you’re ready” With that he leant in, gave me another kiss and left me to my thoughts. I followed his progress with my ears as his feet moved up the old creaky boards of the clubhouse stairs where the riser cut across the corner of the ladies room; the noise rising even above the constant drum of the rain on the roof.

Left to my own thoughts, I marvelled at the force that had caused me to scream out Greg’s name. I’d never done that before – I normally just moaned or groaned. It wasn’t put on; it was just something that had uncontrollably burst out in the moment of passion.

Eventually I built up the willpower to get out. After drying myself I slipped on my T shirt and skirt. Contemplating my undies options, the thought of putting on my wet bikini bottoms was very unappealing. While I knew I’d left another bikini in Greg’s car, going out in the rain to fetch it was no more inviting. So it was with only a moment’s thought that I went commando too. At least the skirt I had on extended a few inches below my crutch. Then pulling the brush from my bag I turned to brushing my hair; giving the matter no more thought.

Eventually I deemed myself presentable enough to front Greg for that much looked forward to cup of tea. As I came up the stairs Greg was sitting on one of the chairs we had positioned for our pre-sail lunch. They were just two of those plastic moulded arm-chairs which we positioned facing each other with just enough of a gap for our legs. This facilitated conversation, sharing food and general looking longingly in to each other’s eyes. I plonked myself down on the other one; the tea was already beside it.

Greg’s first question was predicitable

“When did you go on the pill?”

“A few weeks ago. I wanted to go through the better part of a cycle to satisfy myself I was safe. Sorry, I’d meant to mention it when we had sex this morning, but sort of got carried away in the routine. Is it more fun that way?”

“Let me say that sex with you is always fun, but it certainly has a nicer feel to it”

“Was that a southerly buster?”

“I don’t think so. I think it was more likely an isolated storm cell; especially with the strong down drafts we were getting. Hopefully it will soon just move on and we might even get sunshine and the rest of a warm day behind it to finish unrigging in. In fact I noticed to the South as I was making the tea that there’s already signs of blue sky”

“That’d be nice. I don’t think I want to be either cold or wet again today. How strong do you think the wind was?”

“Well I’ve been out in 25 knots before and some of the gusts we got on the way back were much stronger than that. I can only guess we experienced something up to 30 knots at times. It was probably much stronger after we got back to the beach and the hail started. It’s already eased off a lot though.”

“It was freezing cold”

“That’s because the rain brings cold air down with it from the upper atmosphere. The wind is actually that air rushing down with the rain and spreading out when it hits the ground. That’s why the wind goes away with the cloud”

“Is the boat OK?”

“Yep, I had a quick look out the window at it and it all seems to be still there. I left it facing in to the wind, so the only real danger was likely to be a tree blowing down on it or a lightening hit. Either way, better the boat than us. I hope it didn’t put you off sailing”

“You’re kidding. I hated being that cold, but I’ve never done anything so exciting. I suspect you’ve only let me go out on light wind days so far; I want to try it in stronger winds – even if I do want a chance to dress a bit more to the occasion”

At about this point I absent mindedly lifted my right leg up and rested my foot on the arm rest of Greg’s chair. It was an instinctive seating posture I often used in this situation while we were having lunch. Indeed sometimes I put both feet on the arm rests. Not very lady like I know, but it was relaxed and comfortable and generally all I was presenting to Greg was the crutch of my bikini. If I was lucky I got a foot massage and had I subjected Greg to some sort of eye tracking test, I’m sure he would have paid more attention to my boobs than down there; especially if I was wearing a bikini top. As he’d said once before, he looks up hundreds of bikini crutches on a single afternoon at the beach.

Today of course was a bit different. I know. You’re wondering how I could have forgotten I was commando. Well I did. If Lindsay and Brittney can do it so can I.

“Do you think the hail damaged anything?”

“I don’t think it was heavy enough for that; at least I hope so anyway, not that the car hasn’t seen hailstorms before”

It was about this time I noticed his gaze drift south and stay there. At first I had forgotten about the changed circumstances, and then as he was more focused than normal down there the penny dropped.

I blushed a little “Sorry I forgot” as I dropped my foot to the floor and readjusted my skirt. Greg reached down and brought my foot back on the chair.

“Don’t apologise or change position because of me. If you want to put your foot down you can, but not because you think I want you to. Anyway it’s a novel perspective on you”

“That’s one thing to call it. I don’t suppose you get to have a perve down there very often do you?”

“I’ve never really got a look from that angle before; I’ve had to work it out by touch”

“Do you want to take a proper look?” It seemed a little weird even as I said it, but I had appreciated the times I’d got to have a proper study of Greg’s anatomy; especially as he’d slept beside me with his morning glory rampant. A couple of time I’d even got to have a good look as he’d first got aroused and I still often think of the time I’d caused him a wet dream and watched as he came. I’m not suggesting it made me an expert on the male anatomy and I still had a lot to learn about what they really liked, but it did help me understand things better.

How’s a young guy meant to answer that question? With a meek “OK” Greg slid down between the seats and between my legs. I slid forward to bring my bum to the edge of the seat and brought my other leg up on to the chair as well. As I found it a bit strange looking at him looking down there, I leaned back on the chair and rested my head on the top of its back support looking at the ceiling. I felt him flip the front of my skirt back to give himself an unimpeded view.

I knew the effect was subtle but to let Greg see what happened as I became aroused, I closed my eyes, tried to relax and brought to mind the sort of thoughts that would normally achieve that.

I had only been partially successful when I felt Greg’s fingers on my crutch, at first gently circling my lips and then spreading them gently apart. Almost immediately I didn’t need to use my imagination; my body automatically responded strongly to his touch; that sense of swelling and dampness permeating my groin. As far as I could tell his thumbs were spreading my lips apart down near my pussy and his fingers were doing that near my clit. He started moving the fingers up and down a little a little; indirectly stimulating my clit with my own lips.

Without warning I felt his warm wet tongue against my clit. I let out a loud involuntary sigh of pleasure as my heart instantly leapt into a faster beat. He started alternating between flicking my clit with his tongue and using his tongue to massage it. The pleasure was so intense I felt I wanted to start squirming to his touch but froze my body in place least he interpreted that as a request to desist. I found it hard not to continuously moan and groan, the noise only interrupted by a need to draw breath.

As happened under the shower, I felt a desperately longing to be filled by Greg’s manhood even as my brain became totally and absolutely focused on the arousal driven by the stimulation of my clit. Glancing downward from my head back position, my view of the top of Greg’s head was broken by my swollen breasts; the nipples tenting up my t shirt asking to be invited to the pleasure party raging in my body. Boldly I slid a hand down the front of my t shirt and started playing with one of them.

I felt Greg’s fingers slide into my pussy; pressing firmly on the front wall while moving in and out to a regular rhythm. His thumb rose up the length of my pussy valley and over my clit giving his tongue a rest from its sterling work. His other hand slid up under the hem of my skirt, inside the front of my t shirt, cupped a breast and found its nipple before proceeding to multiply the stimulation he was inflicting on me.

As I was driven toward orgasm I had to fight the urge to reach down and pull Greg’s head into my crutch; to have him swallow me whole or suffocate in the process. I just had this crazy insatiable longing to have more of him in intimate contact as if I wanted his whole body inside me.

The orgasm when it came was explosive; ripping instantly through my body; compelling me to clamp Greg’s head between my thighs as I squirmed about on the chair and for the second time that day screamed out his name. It was only after two or three waves had passed that I was physically and mentally able to register the discomfort I must be inflicting on Greg and release his head from the iron grip of my thighs.

For maybe a minute after I couldn’t move. I just had to lie there and recover my strength. Greg remained between my legs; his hands and fingers where they had been at the start of my orgasm but no longer moving to stimulate things. When at last I could move, I eased myself back upright in my chair and pulled Greg up to have him meet my lips with his. As I watched his body rise, I saw his erect cock pointing uncomfortably out the bottom of the legs of his shorts having grown in the wrong direction as he squatted on the floor between my legs. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around it as I kissed him passionately.

I assumed Greg would want his turn and my hand was already moving up and down along his shaft as my body was preparing itself for his insertion. I was just starting to wonder whether we would be both stripping down to finish or having a quickie partially dressed when Greg gently took the hand around his shaft in his hand and unwrapped its grip.

“I don’t need to go again today” he said as he kissed me gently

“You may not need to, but would you like to?”

“It’s not that comfortable on a hard floor. I totally got my rocks off giving you oral like that and then watching you come. Unless you’re desperate for more, I’m happy to take a rain check”

“As long as you haven’t gone off me”

“I think you’ve had ample evidence of that not being the case. Catch me somewhere more comfortable and I’ll prove it to you – many times over if you’d like”

How about that! I didn’t think guys ever said no to sex. In a way I understood and it let me finish on an absolute high, so I couldn’t complain. I did wonder if I shouldn’t give him an oral like he gave me. I hadn’t really done that before and wasn’t sure yet I fancied it; so I squibbed it.

The extra time had given the storm a chance to pass and, as Greg predicted, we were back to sunshine and the warm breeze we’d started our sail in. Greg asked if I’d mind helping him finish unrigging the boat and putting it away. On the way down I stopped at the car and put on the pants of my spare bikini. Unrigging involved a lot of bending over the boat and I’d had my Lindsay and Brittney moment for the day thank you very much.

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