Kay and Xander part I

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Kay and Xander are polar opposites, but really they're a lot of the same. These two are hilarious with their hatred towards each other, but really it's pure lust.

It's been a while since I've seen Xander. It almost felt like our first time was just a dream. We were arguing, naturally. He was considered an outcast and I was the socialite at work. I couldn't help but want him though. He was everything a girl like me could want. Attractive, as well as witty. He had the short brown hair, that was always slightly messy. He often would wear contacts, but even with his thick rimmed emo-boy glasses he was edible. He also had a perfect smile and facial hair that went perfectly with his face.His eyes were a brilliant green, which was also a huge weakness.
I of course also had green eyes, shoulder length brown hair that was usually straightened. My skin pale, and my makeup always done flawlessly. Don't get me wrong, Xander had his friends but I was the center of our work place. Well, at least compared to the both of us. 
Our first time, like I mentioned before was on accident, he was arguing about something and I of course being an instigator had to rebuttal everything. Eventually everyone at work got sick of the constant arguing and locked us in the small cafeteria. I don't even remember what the argument was about, but I'm glad it happened. 
We calmed down, eventually but saw there were spectators still watching us in our glory. He wrote me a note, and slyly slid it under a table. Acting like he dropped it. 
"Cut the shit Kaylee, I know you want me just as badly as I want you." It read.
I smirked, and replied. 
"Prove it, jackass." I replied and crumpled it into a ball and threw it towards the trashcan, that he just so happened to sit by. I walked over to the doors, seeing if by some chance they were unlocked. Failure, still locked and there was fresh fog on the glass from nosey co-workers, but none were around.
"I don't have to prove anything, I know I'm the best and you just need to realize it." He exclaimed.
"You're delusional, Alexander." I replied. My phone vibrated in my pocket, it was from Xander. 
"Come over tonight, here's my address..."
I replied, 
"Why?" I replied
"Cause you think you're so damn good at everything, I have to admit I'm hella curious." He replied.
"For the love of curiosity, fine...But if you're lame I'm leaving." I replied.
"See you at 9:00." 
And that was the end of it. Eventually our supervisor Dylan unlocked the doors, and made us stay over to finish up our work load we couldn't finish earlier. 
By the time we were finished, it was a quarter til 10:00. We were alone, only with Dylan in his office and Charlotte the janitor lady.
"So much for tonight." I replied, slightly relieved, but disappointed.
"Says who? You got other plans? A hot date with a guy who will treat you like shit as always?." He replied. This statement pissed me off to no end. One because he doesn't have the right of saying these things and two, because he was right, most if not all the guys I talk to treat me like shit.
"No, I'm going out with my friends. It's tradition." I said in my defense as I walked out of the door, nearly slamming it in his face. 
I quickly got ready at my place and I was off to the bar with my best friend for some much needed karaoke and liquor.
While I told him about my day, I was getting blitz. 
"You should of slept with him." Sabby replied. Sabby, short for Sebastian of course. Sabby was the perfect definition of; damn, why is this boy gay? Perfect brown hair, perfect shade of brown eyes to follow, and always looking 100%.
"The hell, why would I do that?" I asked, just as the DJ called my name for my awesome song.
"Cause you've been almost obsessed with him since you started together at that place, ya whore." He laughed as I walked on stage.
I had just enough liquor in me to sound like a rockstar. I finished my song, and got off stage. 
"No, he doesn't deserve it." I replied, as we continued to drink.
Eventually last call came and gone, as Sabby pulled up to my house and let me out.
"You're going to text him..." Sabby said sharply.
"No, I'm not. I'm going to bed." I replied. Truth be told, we had been texting the entire time., mainly me trying to push him out of my life.
"You home yet?" Xander asked 
"Oh? What's this?" Sabby grabbed my phone, and replied.
"Yes, please come fuck me to infinity and beyond." Sabby replied, and tossed the phone back to me.
I read the message in horror.
"Sebastian!" I screamed trying hard not to laugh.
"You're welcome." He said happily as he drove off. 
"Give me the address and I will." He replied.
"We really shouldn't do this...I don't want shit awkward at work." I replied, trying to be civil.
"Lame, you're just scared." He replied 
"Yeah, scared for your sake. Don't wanna break you." I laughed with my reply. 
"Prove it, asshole." He used my words against me.
"I'm too drunk to drive...and my pace is not the ideal situation." I replied. 
"Meet me at the park in 15?" He asked 
"Fine, if it'll he you to shut up." I replied, and started staggering my drunk ass down to the park. 
He was there, earlier than I imagined. 
"Punctual, are we?" I asked.
"You're not that drunk." He replied 
"Too drunk to drive...seriously though what do you want?" I asked. 
"Bitter." He said softly.
"I'm not gonna be a slash on your score board, Alexander...I'm not that low." I said.
"What makes you assume you're going to be a slash on a score board?" 
He asked.
"Don't play coy with me...just get on with it."
I replied.
"Give me head." He said, partially joking. I rolled my eyes, but got turned on for no reason at all. 
"What do I get outta it?" I replied. 
"We'll see..." He said softly 
"No, I don't do nothing for free." I replied. 
"Get in the car, we're gonna go to my place." He said
"Fine." I replied, and got into his car. 
We got to his place. By that time I was so annoyed, that I had sobered. 
"Help yourself, there's fresh coffee." He said, as he gave me a cup, and poorer himself some coffee. We drank a cup of coffee, and we walked to the bedroom. He shut the door behind him, and that's when all hell broke loose.
"What do you want?" He asked me softly, as he stared at me lustfully. His green eyes infused with wickedness, I was speechless, for once in my social life I was speechless. I was captivated by his charm, his body, his gaze. I wanted him on top of me. I wanted his hard cock deep inside me. But I couldn't say a word. 
"C'mon Kay, cat got your tongue?." He asked devilishly, as he inched closer to me. 
"I...uh..." I stopped myself before I could word vomit, and ruin this sweet torture. 
His white shirt was already half way unbuttoned, and his black tie loose around his neck.
"How is this possible? The queen of the social scene silenced?." He smirked, as he was now not even an inch away from me. I started panting, as I bit my lip. That's all I could do. He took a long deep sigh, as he traced his fingers down my face and towards my neck. My heartbeat quickened, the closer he got to my collarbone.
"Oh, I think I found a spot.." He chuckled. He applied slight pressure, as I moaned softly uncontrollably. 
"Mmm...Kay." He said softly into my ear as his warm breath was near my neck, and his fingers on my collarbone, I couldn't take anymore of his torture. I grabbed my wit, and spoke...
"You're enjoying this, aren't you Xander?" I asked as seductively as I could...
"Oh...she finally speaks." He said softly. I smirked, as much as I loved the torture game, it was my turn to play. I slowly reached my hand around him, and pressed his lower torso against mine. 
"Oh...is this how we're going to play?" He asked me softly.
"Indeed, actions do speak louder than words, do they not?" I asked softly, as I returned to gazing into his eyes. 
"They do..." He paused, and grabbed both of my arms and pinned me against the very wall I stood against. 
"But I'm afraid there is only one master to this game, Kay." He smirked. I couldn't help but let out a sigh of delight. I felt my sex moisten more and more. I wanted him so badly, it almost hurt. But, I wanted to see how much I could take. 
"Tell me, what do you want right..." He pushed his hard cock against my sex, "now..."
He's good, very good...but I cannot give up this easily. "I'm a tough cookie to crack, Xander...you're gonna have to try harder than that." I smirked, almost believing my own bluff. 
"hmm...he said as his face was inching near my neck once more. He nudged my head up, as he began to nibble softly on my throat. My teeth started to chatter, as I grew weaker beneath him. "Damnit ." I accidentally said out loud. 
"Too much?" He asked happily. I tried to calm my body, and didn't say a word. He let go of my arms, but only for a moment. I started to inch away from the wall, but he pushed his body against mine, and I hit the wall with a gentle thud. His hand grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them back once more. "It's only going to continue to get worse from here, you know..." He said softly as he used his free hand to caress up and down my chest. "Make it easy on yourself...and tell me what you want right now..." He said. 
Honestly, I was enjoying this way too much to give up now. Half of the enjoyment of sex is the foreplay. What was I to say without sounding desperate? 
"I'm enjoying this, almost as much as you are." I said sharply. 
"Is that so?" He asked.
I nodded, "yes." I said softly
"He unpinned my wrist, and quickly pulled my shirt off of me, and began kissing my shoulders.
Oh, fuck...I think to myself...how does he know this much about me? 
"Mmm..." I moan softly, as I feel his hang rubbing my sex through my skinny jeans. 
"You're still way too clothed." He spoke.
"as are you." I admitted. 
" I want you naked, and in that bed...more than anything.."he said softly.
I was again speechless, he wanted me badly. That was my biggest turn on. 
"Only if you join me." I said softly 
"Deal." He smiled, as he took me by the hand, and lead me to his unmade bed. I took off my skinny jeans, and was left with just my matching pair of purple lace bra and panties. He examined me up and down, and just as I was about to take off the rest, he spoke. 
"Mmm, no...leave the rest to me. Lie down, I'll join you shortly." He said softly. I nodded, with a smile and I got on the bed, and covered myself up with the sheets left on the bed. He was down to his black boxers at this point. He crawled into bed, and lied beside me. Our hands and lips explored each other until we were both eventually naked. 
"I'm dying to taste you..." He spoke softly, as he kissed down my naked body and spread my lips open with his tongue and began to suck on my clit. My hands clutched onto the sides of the mattress. 
"Mmm...if you keep going...I will cum..." I said in-between pants. He looked up at me, and winked. He continued to suck, and swirled my swollen clit with his tongue. I was inching closer toward my climax. My legs started to shake, as I bit my lip. He removed his mouth away from my clit, and continued massaging it with his thumb. "Cum for me now...I want to taste it...and shove my hard cock deep inside you." He demanded softly. 
I climaxed, he quickly licked up and down my sex and moaned with delight. 
"Xander..." I moaned softly 
"Yes, Kay?" He asked softly 
"I want you inside of me...now." I demanded 
"As you wish." He smirked as he spread my legs apart and slowly guided himself inside of me. His thrusts were slow and deep. I moaned softly as I enjoyed my climax. His cock felt amazing deep inside of me. He quickened his pace, as I neared a second climax. 
"Fuck me as hard and as fast as you can Xander...please make me cum again." I begged weakly.
"Yes ma'am." He smirked and forced his hard cock into me deeper and faster. I didn't think it was possible. I clinched onto his back and he moaned and grunted deeply.
"Fuck,..."he yelled as his pace slowed down, and I felt him climax deep inside me. 
I also climaxed with him, for a second time. Both of us short of breath, hot and sweaty, but with nothing but euphoria in the air. I moved over, so he could lie beside me once more. He lied back, and motioned for me to come close to him. I kissed him deeply, and laid my head on his chest. 
"Better than you thought?" I asked 
"Oh yes, and I didn't think it was possible." He admitted. 
I chuckled and held onto him closer. 
"How long have you wanted this?" I eventually got the balls to ask him.
"Since the day you tried to ask me out."
He replied.
"I don't know what you're talking about." I admitted honestly.
"You were talking to Rachel about it months ago, it's all about puzzle pieces my friend." He smirked.
"I knew I hated you." I smiled, and hit my face away from him so he couldn't see my blush.
"Don't hate me cause I'm awesome, and don't hate yourself now cause you realized it..."

He was right, he was awesome. He is everything I want in a guy. He challenges me, he keeps up with me intellectually, he's handsome, as well as persuasive. Damn, I miss Xander and hope to see him again soon...

Submitted: October 07, 2014

© Copyright 2023 JKayTondy. All rights reserved.

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Good read. Keep writing.

Tue, October 7th, 2014 11:56pm


Thank you. I'm trying to write again, just been going through a writers block from hell lol

Wed, October 8th, 2014 12:22pm

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