The woman who knows it all

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The modest woman, the respectable one...oh maybe even a role model for chastity. Or is it? The woman has 50 shades ...the side which no one except one man knows

This is a place of extreme traditions.

Chastity is a big deal. Virginity is overrated.

Maybe its just who we are. Its age old traditions and beliefs have shaped society over thousands of years.

But what can we say about human desires, needs. Like a river, it has its own takes its own path and cant be hindered. We all wear a mask....masks to suit our surroundings, to fit in....its maybe a way to survive.

The story of Meena is just about that...human desires.

Meena was a village girl from a poor family. Her parents worked the agricultural fields of rich landlords. Meenas parents struggled to make ends meet. Meena had a rough childhood. Many days she survived with no food.

She turned 18. She had grown into a beautiful woman. Her breasts were plum like apples, stiff and wholesome.Her skin had a shade of brown which was unlike anyone else. Her face had a look of exploding sexuality.

But alas, for her bread was the priority, not beauty. She joined her parents to work in the fields.

Other men in the field had their eyes on her. Their wives envied her. It took no effort on her part to become the centre of attraction. One day a desperate man started wanking off in front of her. It sure made her feel disgusted, but for the first time she understood the importance of her beauty.  It was the first time she saw a dick too. Somewhere inside, she could feel an urge. The heat inside her chest and her pussy dribbling wet.

What was it? She didnt know it yet...but the image of the mans cock filled her head. She somewhat liked it.

That night, when the fireplace was still burning faintly, the heat from the fire in the cold night felt a little different. Her panties seemed still wet. She slowly put her palm into her panties and slid a finger into her pussy. With the warm liquid oozing out, she slowly started to caress her pussy. It was a heavenly feeling. She never felt this way before.

She fantasized about what she saw that day and looked around for things that looked similar to a penis. She saw a cucumber lying nearby. She grabbed it and slid it into her pussy. It hurt her a little but somewhat felt pleasurale.

She could feel the heat pass through her body and her tits slowly becoming hard. She didnt know what it was as no one ever told her about sex and her body as it was a taboo.

She couldnt get her mind off the image of the cock. The head, with the tiny hole dribbling precum, the wet shaft moving up and down while the man took pleasure ...this image got caught in her head.

The next day she went back to work in the field. The man who jerked off the previous day was not there. What he did was disgusting, but for Meena her hormones made it look sexy. the man thougha pervert, had a very handsome body. After working in the fields for yeards, he had developed abs and muscles. His dick was above which actaully impressed the other ladies ( even though they pretended to be disgusted).

But, desire was so strong, she couldnt control...

Raja was a young boy who was just a year older than Meena. She had known him from childhood. They were friends and had no other intentions. But today, she wanted him....

Meena went to work in the corner of the field where Raja was working. It was a little away from the others.

While working, Meena started staring at Raja often. She would stare right into Rajas pant, right at the bulge at the dick portion. Raja noticed Meena staring but was not confident about getting at her.

Meena purposefully bent to pick a sack of hay, and moaned while lifting it. Raja could see the boobies of Meena as she stood up. Raja immediately had a boner. Meena turned back to see a bigger bulge in Rajas pant....

She threw the sack and walked towards Raja and caught his cock.

Raja was schocked but he got hold of himself and pulled Meena to a corner and unbuttoned his pant. Meena kept rubbing her hand on the pant over his dick. As he pulled down his pant his boner was evident. Meena got a good look at Rajas cock. It was bigger than what she saw yesterday, with precum drippling down. Meena held the cock in her hand and it felt so warm, she touched the head of the cock and wiped the precum with her hands.

Raja felt so hot. He said, " Do you like my banana?". Meena lost her voice and muttered "hmmm".

Raja said "Now peel my banana, and eat it", while pulling the skin over his uncircumcised cock.

Meena knelt down and held the cock in front of her face and started hand jobbing. She just did it for fun coz it looked hot to see the head pop in and out of the shaft skin.

Raja felt pleasure ike never before. He pulled down Meenas shirt to see her boobs. He gently held his hands over Meenas mouth to open it. And slowly put his cock in her mouth and started sliding it in and out of her mouth. In a few strokes he could feel a cum moving towards his tip. Bu t he slowed down in time to not load it off yet completely. But Meena did feel a little salty with a few drops of hot cum in her mouth.

Her pussy was wet. She started rubbing her hand against her clit to stop the tickling sensation.But it only became more and more pleasurable. She sat back and pulled out her pants.

Raja could now see Meenas pussy. It looked like a flower, red and drippling wet.Raja held Meenas thighs and spread her legs. He muscled his way in and pushed his cock into her pussy.

Meena cried out in pain and pleasure. Her eyes rolled back. A few drops of blood oozed out. But then she was done. She felt pleasure like none before. Her thighs statred rocking on Rajas body. She forced Raa to lie back and rocked her pussy on his cock.

Raja couldnt control. He tried to stop Meena from pumping it further, but Meena was very aggressive. Finnaly it was over. Raja moaned in pleasure and cum inside Meena.

But still Meeena wouldnt stop..She kept rocking on Raja, but his dick became flacid and he was just lying there without moving enjoying the orgasm.

Meena was sweating and a drop of her sweat from her forehead fell on Rajas face. Raja pulled Meenas face towards him and kissed her lips.

Meena smiled at Raja and looked down at his cock. She moved back and held his cock. She could feel the cum drip down from her pussy and fall on Rajas thigh. She licked his cock played with his semi-boner. She licked the head moved her lips over it. The cock still in her mouth she laughed looking at Rajas tired face.

Raja smiled back and wiped his sweat with Ranis panties. Rani wiped off the cum and told Raja with a grin  "Tomorrow you'll be the one on top"

Submitted: April 13, 2021

© Copyright 2022 jimmy valentine. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

No time since I've seen anything from you. One area note is that the name changes from Meena to Rani. I am not sure if that was intentional. A hot premise of curiosity satisfied I suppose. Hope to see more from you. :)

Sun, May 2nd, 2021 5:41pm

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