How to be a good boy.

How to be a good boy.

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Cleo is 17 year old. She's very shy and is practically the wall flower of the school. She thinks of herself as a fat and nervous wreck, whereas, Sebastian, the playboy of the school would love to cherish those curves and thinks of her as Cute miss Bridget Jones. Find out about how they get together...


Cleo is 17 year old. She's very shy and is practically the wall flower of the school. She thinks of herself as a fat and nervous wreck, whereas, Sebastian, the playboy of the school would love to cherish those curves and thinks of her as Cute miss Bridget Jones.
Find out about how they get together...

Chapter1 (v.1) - It's just the beginning

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 22, 2017



As soon as I reached my locker, I tripped, being myself. I don’t know but there seems a force of gravity in front of my locker or anywhere else. In simple words, I seem to trip and fall wherever I am and whatever I’m doing.

Hi, I’m Cleo. I’m 17 and very clumsy and as mentioned earlier, I’m dear friends with the ground. I study at Lynwood High School. To be honest, I barely survive High School, given that I’m extremely shy and I sometimes think that maybe I’ve got some problem because whenever someone tries to talk to me, my tongue doesn’t seem to move. Maybe it’s also the reason why people kind of think I’m rude or something, but I’m so shy that I don’t even try to correct them and say that the mere reason for me not talking to anyone is because I have Anthrophobia. Yes, I fear human company. And that seems to attract people more. More of the people I avoid. The popular people or just the bullies. I’m bullied almost every day. Scratch that, EVERYDAY. Those people don’t seem to get bored.

So anyways, apart from that the real twist in the story is that I’m friends with one of those popular people. Sarah. She is my only friend with whom I can let a few words slip but other than that in most of our conversations, only Sarah speaks and I just reply in monosyllables. During my whole day, only when I’m with Sarah, I’m safe. Other than that no. I’m always waiting for some to tease me and make some more efforts to make me trip. It has been so long, but they still don’t get that I don’t need any extra help to fall. Huff.

Now I was waiting for Sarah to join me. She came out of her history class, a huge grin flashed on her lips. Sarah was so beautiful, whenever she walked down the corridor, all the eyes were on her. Even all the girls stared at her. She has long blond hair that reaches her waist and her eyes are light brown. She has plump pink lips and rosy cheecks . She is a mixture of hotness with a hint of cuteness. Sometimes I envy her, I am double her size with thick dark hair which barely reaches my shoulders. I wear the thickest glasses without which I'm blind. Whereas Sarah doesn't even need glasses.As she reached me, she said, “ Guess what?!”

“ What?”

“ Sebastian just asked me out!” she said, as she flashed all of her teeth.

I smiled. Even if not tempted, given that she talked none other than the school’s bad boy. Sebastian Woodthorne, Lynwood High School’s king. He practically rules the school. I don’t see why other girls are mad for him. But, I can’t deny that he’s freaking hot! Yeah, well, I can see why people are so mad about him for. And when I say people , I mean it. Girls, boys and even the teachers are tempted by him. He is egoistic, short-tempered, ruthless and what not. Everybody is scared of him. When walks down the corridor, people have their knees shaking.To top that,his father practically owns this town.  So yeah, he is very rich, of what I hear. But I'm least interested. Actually, scared to even think of him. He always passes me those stares which freeze my bones. He has bedded almost all of the girls in this school. Juniors and seniors included. There seems only a few people left. Namely, me , Sarah and like ten people more? Just wait a week more and the names are going to short list to only me.

The school was over so It was just Sarah and me. We were about to head home from where she would go home and get ready for the date with Sebastian, most like straight to the bed. I don’t mean that Sarah is a slut but she is not very innocent. And girls don’t seem to control themselves around Sebastian. One hello and they start dripping. Arghh. But it’s true.

 On our way, Sarah talked nothing but about Sebastian.  His stares… oh God,It seriously freezes me and I don’t know where to look so I just become dear friends with the ground. All the way, I just kept nodding. Well, all the way to the exit, when Sebastian came and wrapped her from the back and placed sensual kiss on her shoulder. Sarah blushed, turning away, a huge grin on her face, she kissed him,passionately, wrapping her arms around his shoulder. Broad shoulder. While he cupped her cheek. I swear they looked like a real couple that have seen each other after a whole day but how wrong I am. Given that Sebastian doesn’t do dates and they had merely met 5 minutes ago and that they were to meet in the next couple of hours for their date.

As shy as I am, I looked away, feeling so uncomfortable. And to top it, that annoying noise that they made while exchanging saliva. Arghhh. I would have asked them to go get a room, if only I was not me, given my shyness and it were someone else other than Sebastian.I’ve never kissed in my life. Never. I don’t even think that am even gonna. Atleast not any time soon.

After they were finished which looked like eons to me, Sebastian caught me watching him and just smirked , that smug smirk. Then turned to Sarah and asked if she needed a lift, to which she couldn’t possibly say no. Then for what reason I don’t know but crushed their lips onto each other again, making me feel so uncomfortable that literally had to step back and look away, which Sebastian noticed and ended the kiss.

When they left I turned to walk. Of course she invited me, even Sebastian was polite enough to ask me to join, but fearing the number of more kisses I had to encounter if I joined them, I simply said I’d go alone, which they were hardly able to hear, given my voice around people and their arousal while only looking at each other. People, especially ,like Sebastian. Only Sarah was able to hear part of it and nodded.

On my way back home, I stopped at a nearby bookstore and bought a book. I love reading books, now that Sarah was busy and I didn’t have any homework, I could read the book. Books seem to be the only friend to which I’m totally comfortable. It is my favourite escape. Even Sarah isn’t so close to me. I even like to write a lot. Half of the school knows my name because my articles are a common sight in the school magazine and also because Sarah is my friend. I'm the " Oh I heard Sarah is friends with this girl" girl. 

When I reached home, my mum greeted me with the smell of delicious cookies in the kitchen. She made my favourite choco-chip cookies and honey-glazed oat cookies. I swear, my mum makes the best cookies in the world.  But I don't seem to inherite the power of cooking. Still,I love cooking with her, more like only taste what she makes.We both love food. My mum loves making them and i love eating them. This seems to bring us closer.I share everything with my mum. She is my bestfriend. I don’t talk to many people but I am happy in my small circle. And the out of the number of people I talk to, everybody seems to like me. Being that only two people. Namely, Sarah and Mum.

So as I entered the kitchen, the smell filled my nostrils and I couldn’t help but taste some of those. These cookies seem to taste better every passing time. “ these are so good!” I spoke with the cookies still in my mouth. “these seem to get better every time. How do you do that?!”

She smiled. She face so warm, it keeps reminding me that I didn’t get my mum’s face except for her hazel eyes. My mother is really very beautiful and sometimes I doubt that if im her real daughter or not, but our eyes match perfectly, so people are able to understand that im her daughter. My father doesn't stay with us though. I don't meet him often. Hell, I've last seen him like 3 years ago. I miss him, can't deny that. But, 3 years is a long time. My parents divorced when i was 2 . My father was a dunkard and always used to hit mum when drunk. My mum loved him anyways. but then one night, when he got angry with some useless reason, he just proposed to divorce mum. Little did anyone knew that he wasn't going to take it back.Therefore, it was a huge blow to my mother. She had to work and look after me all by herself. My mum took full custody because she couldn't let him have me and he did't argue, moreover my mum won proving dad's habit of hitting when drunk. My parents were high school sweet hearts and when my mother was pregnant out of the blue, my dad tried his best but his drinking came in the way. My mother was really broken after the divorce but she says that she is not as angry at my dad as she was earlier. Because she could achieve even more than she ever could when tied up in the house hold. 

After dad, she worked her ass off with me being only a toddler and she had just started her bussiness. she worked day and night. Literally. and i can't explained how proud I am of her. She is the best role- model i could ever get. I sometimes feel bad for mum. An outsider would never understand her pain because she so nicely covers it. She is very successful now though. All made of hard work . And I’m so proud of my mother. Can't help saying twice.

“how was your day, honey?”


she smiled, "good."

“ and oh, by the way, remember when i told you about a woman who cooks so wonderfully? ” She was smiling, her million dollar smile.

" uh-huh "

her smiled widend “She took my card last time we met and asked me to join the group which she is in. Rebecca Woodthorne is leading this group, and it’s absolutely amazing I hear. It’s not any group, it’s very elite which contains very talented chefs.They all come together and talk about different types of food and make them.  they all share their secret recipes and stuff. last time Nicole and i met, when she took my card, we were at this place, where the cooking group is going to be held, apparently , the food was amazing and the proposal  sounded so interesting . So I was thinking I could maybe join it.what do you think. ”

I smile. “ yes of course! “

Then we got back to our usual tasting the cookies and talked about her day at work. She told me more about the group, not letting the smile seize from her lips. I’m so happy for her. It’s not like pity her or something. But whatever she has made till now is worth appreciation. It’s really very had, doing so much on your own.

After an hour of chatting and eating, I resided to my room. Took a quick shower and started reading the book. I don’t know how time passed but it was 8 already. So I decided to study a little and then I’d resume with reading the book.

When it was time for bed, I took another quick shower and made my bed. Then I was reading the book again and I don’t know when I fell asleep and was dreaming of Sebastian…

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