Military Men

Military Men

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Military Men is an anthology series about the most risque encounters between men who wear green uniforms ...and everything underneath it.


Military Men is an anthology series about the most risque encounters between men who wear green uniforms ...and everything underneath it.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Wilfred

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2015



"Are many of them still waiting?" Nate asked as he removed the small pouch of toiletries from his locker.

The communal bathroom at the end of the corridor was shared by around fifty military recruits, all living on the same floor. Those assigned to the bunk right next to it often rushed in first to claim the showers before the others could.

"There wasn't anyone when I came out," his bunkmate James replied, scrubbing his hair from across the room.

Thank god. It was Nate's cue to head to the bathroom.

It has been another exhausting, sweaty day of military training. The sweat on Nate's lean body had dried off since the scorching afternoon, but he felt sticky and irritable.

Wearing nothing but his black boxers, Nate shoved his feet into the flip flops that sat at the corner under his bed. He headed out the door and past the two neighbouring bunks in quick pace, guessing that a line might have built up after James' bath.

He turned in and was relieved to see that it didn't happen. Instead of breathing a sigh of relief, Nate's heart jumped. Someone was standing right before him, his toiletries, towel and clothing hanging on one arm.

The eight shower cubicles, all lined up in a row deep inside the bathroom, were occupied. Two nearly naked soldiers were waiting in line: Ian, the dark-skinned introvert whom Nate has pretty much ignored since Day 1, and Wilfred, his personal eye candy.

Nate had been eyeing Wilfred guiltily for two whole months. Although shorter than the average soldier in their platoon, he was a handsome young man, with an adorable button nose and round eyes.

Nate loved looking at him. His heartwarming and boyish smile whenever he laughed with his friends. The groovy rhythm of his body whenever he jogged or ran (Nate sometimes jogged behind him for motivation). Wilfred seemed like a really cool dude.

Noticing Nate's arrival, Wilfred titled his head slightly and smiled weakly. Nate returned the same expression and quickly looked away, his nerves getting the better of him.

Interestingly enough, they never spoke much since enlisting in the army two months ago. They never clicked, probably since Nate fantasized about him too much to become a normal friend. They weren't going to start chatting just because they were in the same line in the bathroom.

The only clothing Wilfred was wearing were his blue briefs. Nate gazed at his body through the reflection of the mirror at the nearby sink. It was thrilling to seeing him show more skin. His chest would have looked better had it been thicker, but its modest size complemented his compact, lean body. His thighs were muscular, supporting his cute, round ass.

Nate eyed the guy from top to waist, stopping only at the pubes that unintentionally stuck out from his comrade's briefs. It was a thick bunch of black hair that made Nate's cock stiffen. How he wished he could just lick him there and then.

Unsuspectingly, Nate continued to admire Wilfred's pubes through the mirror. He was engrossed in a fantasy of the two of them. It caught him slightly off guard when Wilfred suddenly put his fingers in his briefs, appearing to adjust them.

His train of thought broken, Nate quickly looked away, afraid that his comrade had realized. He glanced back and saw that Wilfred's entire hand was now inside his briefs. He was scratching his crotch.

The fifth shower door opened with a creak and one of their fellow soldiers walked out, a towel wrapped around his waist. Oblivious, he passed Nate and Wilfred to exit the bathroom, Simultaneously, Ian claimed the cubicle, closing the door behind him.

Wilfred stepped forward in line, as did Nate behind him. His new position was now reflected in the mirror, although Nate didn't know that. He was too engrossed checking Wilfred out.

A moment later, Wilfred removed his hand from his briefs. Nate wondered what his fingers must smell like. Probably the musky, sweaty odour of a soldier's cock at the end of an exhausting day.

Nate looked down and gazed at Wilfred's ass next. It was right in front of his own crotch. Although completely covered by his briefs, it still looked delicious, screaming "use me". If only I could fuck you, Nate thought with a subtle, half-frustrated smirk.

From the corner of his eye, Nate noticed that Wilfred had put his hand back into his briefs. He looked into the reflection and saw that Wilfred was probably adjusting the position of his dick.

Blood rushed into Nate's own dick, enlarging it until his boxers began to bulge unabashedly. Nate observed as Wilfred tried to settle his tool in a more comfortable position. He clenched his fist and stretched lower, pulling his briefs downward and inadvertently revealing more of his pubes.

Nate gulped. His heart skipped a beat when he saw that Wilfred was looking back at him through the mirror.

Nate's eyes darted away. His heart rate was frantic. Fuck. Did he realize I was checking out his crotch?

Inch by inch, Nate's eyes turned back towards the mirror. Wilfred was still looking at him. His expression was that of amusement, with his smile crooked to one side.

Wilfred squinted at him, then winked.

Nate felt a heavy thump in his chest. The guy just winked.

Wilfred's eyes rolled downwards. He scanned Nate's nearly naked body. His eyes stopped at Nate's crotch, pleased with the fully erected dick hiding under his boxers. Wilfred smiled devilishly and subtly licked one side of his upper lip.

The cubicle door at the end of the row swung open loudly, breaking Nate and Wilfred's attention. It was most timely since Nate did not know what to do next.

The former occupant, whose identity Nate could not be bothered with, walked past the two as oblivious as the previous guy. After he turned out the bathroom door, Wilfred jerked his head at the vacated cubicle, his face still retaining that same naughty look.

He wants me to go in with him.

Nate followed behind as they both walked into the shower. Nate shut the door behind him, then turned around. He was alone in a cubicle with Wilfred. There was no way this was really happening.

"Hey," Wilfred said. It made Nate nervous; he was afraid someone in the other cubicles could hear them, even though he knew the raining showers were drowning out their voices.

"Hey," Nate replied. He tried to sound equally calm, but his voice would have shaken if he strung more syllables together.

Not saying another word, Wilfred looked down at Nate's briefs, retaining his naughty expression the entire time. He put his hand on it and caressed it gently. His fingers traced the shape of Nate's cock, each fingertip moving back and forth. He looked back up at Nate, whose eyes were now squinted and lips pursed.

Wilfred put his fingers inside Nate's underwear and pulled his dick out. He loved what he saw: an eight-inch thick dick perfect for this spontaneous bathroom hookup.

Instantly, he dove forward and wrapped his lips around the head of his dick. Wilfred started to suck on it and Nate felt an explosion of hormones. Is this really happening?

Wilfred bopped his head back and forward, his mouth making his way up and down Nate's shaft. He was a hungry cocksucker, his tongue sliding rapidly on the underside of Nate's dick as his lips made love to it. He only stopped once to remove Nate's boxers from his feet.

Nate put his hands on the back of Wilfred's head and brought it closer to his crotch. Wilfred took Nate's length entirely, his nose now pressed again Nate's pubes as his mouth enveloped his dick. Nate could feel his tip at the back of his talented cocksucker's mouth.

"Put your hands behind your head," Nate whispered.

The soldier did as he was ordered. Nate always loved Wilfred's armpits; peeking at the hair there always turned him on. With his armpits now exposed in all their glory, the view could not have been better from where Nate was standing.

For the next few minutes, Wilfred sucked Nate like a trooper, rapidly travelling up and down his length. Nate could feel loads of precum exit his dick and onto Wilfred's tongue. And his comrade didn't mind the taste. In fact, he loved it.

This quickly escalated chain of events was enough to climax, but Nate kept inhibiting his orgasm. He didn't want their hookup to end that quickly, although it didn't help that Wilfred had a surprisingly impressive skill at sucking dick. How many times had he done it before?

There were a few instances when Wilfred took Nate tremendously close to the edge. When Nate finally felt that his dick could hold it in no more, he backed away from Wilfred abruptly. Wilfred looked back and grinned, knowing he was that close to having more than just Nate's dick in his mouth.

"My turn," Nate whispered, half-panting. The raunchy blowjobs had accelerated Nate's heartbeat so much, he felt like he had been running this past couple of minutes.

Wilfred was squatting on the floor in his briefs, the head of his hard dick sticking out. The tip was shiny with precum. Wilfred rested his ass and leaned his body weight backwards, his palms resting behind him. He opened his legs as Nate laid on the wet floor and brought his head close to his crotch.

Nate stuck his tongue out and gently licked the precum off of Wilfred's tip. Wilfred closed his eyes as Nate's tongue lifted up a small drop of precum. The teasing felt sensational.

Nate put his hands behind his waist and bent lower, biting the waistband of Wilfred's briefs. He pulled on it with his teeth, something Wilfred found to be exhilaratingly kinky. He managed to bring his underwear down to his balls before coming up to whisper in Wilfred's ear.

"You know, this isn't the first time I've seen your dick."

Wilfred raised an eyebrow, snarling in surprise.

"I peeped at you once at the urinal," Nate continued.

Wilfred grinned widely. "I guess you've been checking me out as much," he replied.

Nate lifted Wilfred's left upper arm, revealing his armpit again. He stuck out his tongue again, then bent forward and licked the hair. His armpit was a bit sweaty and smelled musky. It was exactly how Nate wanted it.

Wilfred stretched his left forearm behind his back, allowing Nate to let go and concentrate solely on worshipping his underarm. His tongue played around with the long strands of hair as his nose went closer into his pit. Nate took one deep breath, inhaling the scent. It was so kinky that more precum started to build up on Wilfred's dick again.

Nate continued licking Wilfred's armpit aggressively. A part of him couldn't believe he was actually doing it. He had fantasized about doing that every time he stole glances at his armpit. He never thought he would actually do it.

When Nate had finally satisfied his fetish, he returned to Wilfred's crotch. He knew he had been neglecting his dick, now rock hard and shimmering with precum again.

Nate opened his mouth and went in, wrapping his lips around Wilfred's dickhead. He began to suck on it, causing Wilfred to tilt his head back and moan breathily. The moans scared Nate for a second. There were still others in the bathroom. They were sucking each other's dicks while another soldier was bathing next door.

Nate assured himself that no one had heard them. He put it at the back of his mind. All he wanted was to continue sucking his eye candy's cock.

It wasn't difficult for Nate to deepthroat Wilfred. His dick wasn't as long as his own. Each time his nose reached his pubes, Nate inhaled, taking in more of the beautiful boy's scent. The masculine muskiness turned him on, fuelling his desire to please him.

Nate plunged his mouth deep into the base of Wilfred's cock and kept his lips wrapped around it. He sucked tightly, causing a suction that squeezed Wilfred's cock hard. Wilfred grinned. Nate's cocksucking didn't disappoint either.

Nate continued blowing Wilfred for the next few minutes, inciting more and more precum in his mouth. If smelling the guy wasn't already enough, tasting him was. In that moment, the only thing that mattered to Nate was Wilfred's dick and how good he was making it feel.

He achieved what he intended, because Nate suddenly felt a shot of saltiness in his mouth. Wilfred's thighs spazzed gently as jets of white splattered over Nate's tongue. Nate took every drop of Wilfred's cum down his throat. He didn't particularly love the taste, but the idea that it was a load of Wilfred's sexual fluids made it worthwhile. He never thought he would be blowing the guy, let alone drinking his cum.

"Sorry," Wilfred said as he regained his composure. The orgasm had his entire upper body had leaning far backwards. He felt bad for the unannounced cumshots, but guessed that Nate didn't mind since he was taking in his load like a champ.

As Wilfred crouched forward again, Nate pushed his arm against the ground and got up quickly. He leaned forward and embraced Wilfred with a kiss, his mouth still wet from Wilfred's load.

It took Wilfred slightly aback. As Nate kissed him with a fury of passion, he could taste the salty, bitter tinge of his lips and tongue. He had never kissed anyone with his own cum in their mouth. This new experience was phenomenally kinky.

Nate could have kissed him forever, but his dick had yet to be settled. Wilfred remembered that and put his hands on his neck. He pulled away, prompting his passionate kisser to stop.

"Cum on me," he whispered, looking into his eyes.

"Where?" Nate asked, softly panting from an accelerated heartbeat.

"On my face," Wilfred replied, his tone assertive and serious.

Nate smirked. Wilfred released him from his arms and laid flat on the ground as Nate knelt above him, one knee on each side of Wilfred's body. He began to jerk rapidly, looking down on the beautiful guy that was now lying under him.

Wilfred looked into Nate's eyes again. He craved his orgasm, something Nate could tell from how intensely he stared at him.

Wilfred shifted his body downward, his nose now aligned to the base of Nate's cock. His tongue slittered out and found its way onto the underside of Nate's balls.

Nate shivered as Wilfred tickled him there with his tongue. He felt every nerve on his body tingle. Wilfred fluttered his talented tongue around, teasing him endlessly as he continued to stroke himself. Wilfred opened his mouth wider and Nate's scrotum fell perfectly into place. He let out a soft moan as he experienced the warmth of Wilfred's mouth, doubled with the tight grip of his hand on his throbbing dick.

"I'm gonna cum," Nate whispered. He had to lower his volume as he was usually loud if he had to share the news.

His lean body tightened up as he bent forward, directing his dickhead at Wilfred's mouth to ensure none of his cum would splatter elsewhere. Wilfred stuck his tongue out quickly. Shot after shot deposited onto it until a thick pool of white accumulated.

When the orgasm had ended, a breathless Nate looked down at Wilfred. He looked incredible with all that cum in his mouth. One of his earlier cumshots was strewn across the right side of his face.

Nate scooped the trail of cum with his tongue, then met Wilfred's mouth with his own. They kissed again, now with a thick load of Nate's cum in the mix. It felt equally kinky, although Nate wished the fluids were Wilfred's and not his own.

The two men continued kissing as they stood up. Wilfred's briefs were now dangling on his ankle. He picked it up and tossed it to the side, then turned the shower on. They did come here to take a bath.

Water rained down on Nate and Wilfred's steamy bodies as they began to wash and soap each other. Neither of them spoke. They only smiled naughtily at each other, amused at how their risky yet kinky tryst unfolded. It didn't take too long before they finished cleaning up. Besides, they had to compensate for the time lost.

There was no more sound of rushing water from the other cubicles. Wilfred placed an ear on the door. When he affirmed that no one else was in the bathroom, including anyone at the urinals, he turned around.

"That was hot, right?" He said, biting his lip.

"I wished we did more though," Nate said quietly.

Wilfred reached his hand out to slide the door lock open.

"Don't worry," he replied with a whisper, then brushed his upper lip on Nate's nearest earlobe.

"I'm saving the ass fucking for another day."

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