Childhood remenis

Childhood remenis Childhood remenis

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


abuse, fear, pain, anger, hurt


abuse, fear, pain, anger, hurt


Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



My Life, Here goes, yo,

I've got two bro's, lived in a bedroom house with my maw,

Daddy wasn't around much always working or drinking on his days off.

Hide and seek was our favourite game,

You can hide there but don't spill my cider daddy used to say, Eyes fixed on the tv even more.

We'd scream and shout, Daddy bouncing up..Shut the fuck up and go annoy maw.

Daddy would drink some more, The night went on..

Our tired eyes and great big yawns,

Time for bed mummy said, as daddy finished them all.

I'd lie awake waiting for someting to break,

Crash it's started, dad's just smashed the ashtray...

Lying in bed with my hands over my ears, crying, whispering, please no more, Please don't fight,

I felt like grabbing the kitchen knife.

Walking up the stairs, an innocent young girl who said her prayers.

Please mummy, daddy, Please don't shout.

Go back to bed darling, mummy said, Her eyes welling up and sore.

Oh wait it's too late here comes daddy with the belt.

Please daddy, please no more,

It hurt like hell, but still to this day don't understand what i did wrong.

I went to school one day with a bruise on my face,

Daddy hit me i said, He got away with it of course.

He lied to the police, social work, and the headteachers face.

Bruises fade, but the memmories live on.

You know what daddy?, you shut the fuck up,

I'll grab the belt and fuck you up.

As for maw she still loves you but were gone,

You've lost me and your two sons!

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