The italian guy

The italian guy The italian guy

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sally meets a cute Italian guy online. Even though he as a little bit of a smart ass, she finds herself drawn to him.


Sally meets a cute Italian guy online. Even though he as a little bit of a smart ass, she finds herself drawn to him.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The italian guy

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 17, 2015



Sally looked at his picture on her ipad. His tall dark features and cute face made her smile inside. At 26 she was old enough to know better then fall head over heels with a guy online.

Sally swipped her finger across the smooth glass screen to see his next picture. She never saw it before, how cute he was. It took her about 6 years before she wanted to turn this friendship into something more.

Their Skype 'sessions' had been informative to say the least.  She was a little naive in a way, having never really learning much from men, she had been busy with her life, with doing things and not really noticing that she was missing out on the whole subject of men. And there was a subject and a lesson to be had from men wasn't there.

We all know the basics. They eat, stereotypically like football beer and girls.

She guessed he like girls, that's for sure, football, mhh, maybe more like cricket or rugby, beer maybe. Men had shots these days didn't they. He wasn't the type to drink heavily.

What did she know though?, people can be anyone they chose to be online.

Her eyes cast down the next picture of him, he was nude from head too toe but with only a book covering his privates.  The smile on his face one of humour and knowledge in the fact that she'd love this pic.

Yeh, she loved this pic all right. His smooth chest and arms, his nipples where erect. She never knew men could even get erect nipples!.  Why was she deciding to fall deeply with a man so far away?. Wouldn't it be better for such a late beginner to find someone local?.

The next swipe of her finger said it all. There he was totally naked. Not only naked, but with an erection.  Sally wriggled her toes. She was laid on her bed in her pyjama shorts and camisole top. It's for certain that if he was here right now, she'd kiss his lips and make love to him.

It was about 6 inch's and normal girth. His balls shaven. The smattering of hairs on his chest.  Sally grinned.

The name of this guy making her crazy?. Rafael...

Italy wasn't that far away from Britain, that's what she kept telling herself at least.

It was her Birthday soon anyway, she'd be 27. She guessed it was time to let herself enjoy the things a man could offer her.


Brushing her fingers through her hair she pouted her lips unknowingly clicking on his "Hey" message on Skype.

Accepting his call, his face appeared on her screen. He instantly smiled.  "Hey" she waved. "Baby, you dressed for bed?".

" Ha, I called in sick today, not feeling well".

"Oh, what's happened?".

They used to only type on Skype, but she'd moved into a one bedroom apartment so could now talk to whoever, and as loud as she liked, within reason! Without upsetting others or disturbing their sleep.

Now they were voice chatting, and he's voice was just as sexy as he was.

" Maybe something I ate" she shrugged.   His eyes squinted always as his mouth grinned, letting out a laugh. "I don't want you running off to the toilet!".

Moving his phone down, she saw his chest was naked. Italy is one hour ahead of Britain, one hour ahead of her home town of Leeds in fact. The one hour was good for Skype and keeping in contact easily.

" What's with the chest?" She asked trying to keep things casual. It was 7pm her time, so 8pm his.

"I just had a shower". She watched as he brushed his hand through his hair, stopping at the back of his head, her eyes taking in his muscley biceps as he layed down.  Bringing the phone close to his lips, he began kissing the screen.   This had her laughing, of course, what else could she do.

"How was your day Raf?"

"Uhh...." pulling the phone away he shook his head. "My company are all idiots!".

He explained something about computers, which she didn't understand at all, but she smiled, nodded and laughed as he told her what happened.

"You?, you just layed alone in bed all day?" she could read his mind.

"I got up, made breakfast, i did do stuff,... just not much......"

Rafael took in her features, she had brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Her lips looked so soft and delicious.

She didn't know any of this, he'd never really told her how he felt, she assumed he wanted to keep it on a friend level.

"You wanna see me, i  got a new toy".

Sally looked down away from his face as he said this. Although they where friends, they'd exchanged intimacey online.

"Don't be shy, silly".

Leaning over to his bedside, she looked up to see a sight of his bedroom wall.  Coming back into sight, she saw him with what looked like a contraption. His eyes widened as he saw her look away embarresed.

"You not want to?"

His Italian accent sounded thick. "

it's just....." she sighed. He wanted to tell her she was beautiful but held it back.

"You make me stiff". Lowering the phone, he showed her the bump in his pyjama shorts. She guessed it was warm there too. Uk, was having rare warm weather at the moment, she'd never seen so many legs on show before.

"Tell me what too do". Rafaels hand smoothed across his bump, she was always speechless, he just carried on though.

Part of her was shy. the other part feeling so warm inside, she could feel her underwear get wet.

She watched as he pulled low his shorts, lifting his semi hard penis in his hand, he began to pump it.

"Take off your top".

She pursed her lips sighing, not impressed, feeling very odd and uncomfortable, but that just turned him on even more.

The look of her lips, she had on just a cherry lip balm, he wanted to suck her lips so much.

"What you thinking?"

Turning the camera back too his face, he pulled out his tongue playfully.

"We should stop....."

"Only if you take off that top...." his face serious before grinning.

"I'm naked underneath though"

"I'm naked too!"

Pulling the phone at arms length, she saw his whole naked body. He had muscles in all the right places. He was perfection. Plus his penis was now swollen and ready for action.

Lifting off her top, she pulled her ipad far, so he could take in the view of her chest.

Admiring each others bodies he let his hand go to his penis. wrapping his fingers around it he pumped once hard.

"put it on then, the toy".

She watched him put on the cock ring. It looked uncomfortable and tight around him.

Turning it on she watched his  face.

"Now what?"

"Now we talk about your day" he winked.

"You know it, I called in sick about 8, went back to bed, 11 I got up to shower".

" A lazy bum day".

"You could say that". Reaching for her glass of water she took a sip.

" You feeling alright now?".

"Hmm mm" Sally smiled.

"Would you ever wanna meet me?" Her mind let it slip out so easily, she didn't even know that it was top of her list too ask him. 

"You know, I can't..."

Who was she kidding. Sally was cute, but only slightly. Rafael was all man, any woman would love to be with him. A wave of sadness and self loathing washed over her, her chest felt silly been on display so easily and so bare. 

"Marie... Right?".

The way her eyes where looking at him right now, told him that she hoped he'd forgotten about her, that Sally was the one for him. It was plain too see how much she adored him.

Marie was a woman he worked with in his Office.  He'd mentioned her before. She was unsure if he'd did it on purpose, told her about the date they'd had. It had lead to sex, right there on the bed she was viewing him on.

She guessed she couldn't compare to an Italian lady, they where always so pretty and sophisticated.

" I may give her a chance, she's a real Doll"

A 'Doll?', what was this?, the 1920's!?"

"I should go" she said, feeling her tears coming to her eyes. He could see them redden, and her wipe the moisture away before it could form into a tear drop.

"You pissed at me Sal?"

Letting out a laugh she shook her head, tasting the salty tear that had quickly fallen from her eye, down her delicate pale skin, onto her eager to kiss him lips. 

"You are not here...what can I do?" he said leaning in to kiss his phone screen.  Sally closed the Skype down fast, her heart hurting, and her not wanting him too see her now as she let the tears flow. 





























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