Tamara Tamara

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tamara offers to sleep with her friends brother for his 27 Birthday.


Tamara offers to sleep with her friends brother for his 27 Birthday.


Submitted: June 23, 2015

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Submitted: June 23, 2015



Tamara closed the door behind herself, money clutched in her hand , £150.

"Morning", Ayesha smiled at her knowingly. Tamara ran her fingers through her hair exhaling.

" Bad night Tam?".

"Nah, it was fine, nice guy". Tamara, or Tam as people called her stood wearing a coffee/ gold coloured Negligee with white trim. She looked pretty, but very tired.

" You look knackered!" Ayesha laughed.

"Yeh, am."

"Hey....it's my Brother's Birthday tomorrow...I was wondering if maybe....you could... let him loose his Cherry to you."


Tamara was leaning on the door frame.

"Yeh, I trust you....just show him a few things" she smiled.

"How old's he gonna be?"

"27" said Ayesha.

"I have a pic"

Getting her purse out of her bag, she showed a picture of Ayesha and Neil together.

Cute..I'm sure he doesn't need his little Sis matchmaking for him "

"He told me himself he'd like to have sex"

"OK, I'll wear something nice, tell him he can spend the night, am gonna get some kip" she smiled.

"OK, thanks...oh, how much?"

Tam was half up the stairs so looked down them.

"Nothing, you're my mate"

"No, ... Anything, pick a price"

"I'm fine, really". She blew Ayesha a kiss and went to her room to sleep.


9pm next day came and Tam went to answer the door. " Hi" he said softly.

"Come in". She was wearing black Lingerie, he couldn't take his eyes off her curvaceous Ass.

" Neil, yeh?"

He just nodded accepting her hot delicate kiss on his lips.

"wow, nice greeting"

Circling him she smiled

"We are too believe you are a Virgin?"


Neil was Asian.

"Hmm... saving yourself or......."

Following her into the living room, he watched her stand hands on her hips, her breasts bursting to come out of her black bra.


"Don't you know my sister at all?" he laughed.

Tam and Ayesha had been friends for just under a year, she'd never met her brother before, he'd came from Leeds to Manchester especially to do this.

"How do you mean?"

Neil began to circle her, taking in her figure as he told her how, no neither of them was Religious.

He had just been busy with work.

Tamara didn't believe this.

Neil was at least 6ft 1, quite muscular. She knew for a fact, he wasn't a virgin, he was too sexy and bold to be a virgin. The way he was looking at her was.......

"So, what about you, you a hooker or what?"

"Paying my bills left to me by a boyfriend"

"So you shag anyone that asks?"

"Not just anyone, i'm selective......" she unknowingly pouted.

"Like rich men.. you `select` them?"

He'd stopped circling her now and was now taking off his jacket.

Her skin was kinda pale.

"Not at all, i'm doing this for free aren't i?"

Lifting off his tshirt, she watched him undress on the carpet.

There he stood naked. She just watched as his penis became erect, then he laughed.

"And you are a virgin?" she asked again. His stomach was toned, his little bits of hair on his chest and stomach, his sack hairy, his arms a little muscular.....

"Why do you keep asking?"

Neils fingers began to run up the length of his penis

"This is your job, but i'm having to do it myself, what kind of Birthday present is this?"

"You just want to fuck me?"

He was very cute looking, parting his lips he laughed.

"I want everything, all of you, i`m a bad man, it's all pent up inside of me" he teased laughing.

"You're weird... i like weird........"

"So what shitty boyfriend debts do you have?"

Walking to her he helped himself to unclasp her bra.

"It doesn't matter" she shrugged.

"I wanna know how long you have to fuck weird men for"

"I've only fucked 3 so far, don't worry yourself"

Helping himself to her lips he kissed deeply slamming her back to the wall.

"That thought of other men doing you......... it makes me hard, is that a bad thing?"

his eyes searched hers like it was an actual valid answerable question. His arms felt nice around her waist,

Swallowing she suddenly looked fragile to him.

He instantly appologised.

She obviously was putting this on for show. Right now she'd love nothing better than a bath and a little bit of tv, but here he was, pressing her to the wall like she was just a hooker. Probably a crap hooker at that.

"What debts?"

"My ass"

Neil burst out laughing.

Turning to show him, she had a peachy bottom. "God thats nice"


"You pimped yourself for £5 grand?"

His hands where now surveying the handwork, traving his fingers over her ass.

"I'm skint, what else could i do"

"A loan?"

"To pay back how?"

His hand was on her tummy, him prodding her vagina with his penis, just casually playing.

Her arched back was also driving him crazy. She was a wonder to behold. Just a bit of his lovingly and he knew she'd blossom into a beautiful woman.

"Sounds like you just date jerks"

"They come to me.. i......."

Turning her around she bumped into his chest. She felt like she'd just span into Supermans arms

Linking hands with her.

"How about i protect you?"


"I can pay off your bill for sure, i have lots in the bank, i don't smoke, or drink, my holiday once a year is from budget holidays dot com" he teased.

"And why would you do that?"

"Cos Ayesha never shuts up about you"

"Why would you pay off my debt?"

"I'm looking for someone to Marry, i'm tired of coming home to an empty place"

"So, what's that to do with my debt?"

"I pay your debt, you marry me....."

"Yeh right!"

Pulling away from him she bent to get his clothes, throwing them at him.

"No i'm not a Virgin" he admits finally.

"I just wanted to see you, the one my sister always talks about like she is besotted with you"

The clothes lie at his feet, and his erection is still stood out swollen.

"She's been talking about you all the time, how men treat you like jerks, I already know about your Ass, I made an excuse up. Ayesha thinks I'm a good Virgin guy. She hoped I would turn Muslim, like my Dad, he'd go crazy if he knew I'd slept with anyone"

"We just gonna waste this?" He indicated to his Penis.

"Why's Ayesha besotted with me?"

She'd forgotten her chest was bare, she was trying to understand this conversation.

"You're like a Sister to her".

They did go out once a week to the club, share a rented house. But 'like a Sister' she'd never thought about it like that before.

" Why would I Marry you?"

"Don't then" his face grinned laughing.

"But let me pay your Bill, you can pay me back, and no shagging for money"

"But, how am I gonna pay it back?"

"Get a job?!" He said sarcastically.

"I've tried!,"

Neil was now opening a condom, rolling it down his penis.

"Try harder"

"I'm gonna lay on your bed, and I want you to come climb over me and impale yourself onto me".

"Where's your bed?"

Tam looked at him strangely.

"So again it's sleep with you, and that'll pay off a little of my debt?"

"Good idea!, I didn't think of that!" Laughing again she knew that was their new arrangement.

"No marriage, no jobs, just shag me when I call you"

Walking to her he suddenly wasn't a wimp anymore, but her boss.


By the time she got into her bedroom, he was already in the bed, his eyes surveying the room. "Nice, i like it"

"Why have you never visited Ayesha before anyway?"

"I'm a lazy Bastard".

Pulling off her black thong she laughed, him finding it super cute.

"Must be, it's only a little under an Hour by Train"

There was a silence.


"Flick your hair about abit......"

Tam pouted her lips, plumping up her hair. She felt stupid each time she tried to be, or act sexual.

"How was your day anyway?"

"Come on man!, don't change the subject!"


"Why don't you come here?"

She had ample chest, that mischevious trouble causing ass, and.....

Yeh, he was right, lips like nectar

He'd instantly covered her body with his, taking her lips onto his own.

"My Birthday was fine, even better now"

She never liked to be on the bottom, the feeling of him pressing, covering her freaked her out. It was like the guy had the power. She needed to feel like she was the leader, even if she was weak.

Getting over him she smiled down at him. "What dya do today then?".

Her lips kissed over his toned tummy as he told her how he'd been shopping with his mates, had lunch then went home to pack a few things, got on the train......her mind half listened as she kissed around the small tattoo to the left of his Naval of an Eagle.

It was the tiniest eagle she'd ever seen before. " why's it need to be big?"

Moving her mouth down to his Penis, she stopped.

"You don't like blowjobs?"

His face said it all, the answer was no. No?. What!?.

Her face said it all too. "Why don't we stop messing about and you let me fuck your brains out?.

" I have to fuck your brains out, it's your Birthday". 

"By the time we fuck about with all this shit, it'll be Midnight!"

Tamara lifted herself onto him quickly, 


















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